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Women’s Health Issues: How Mammograms Can Cause Cancer It is an annual event that you don’t really look forward to. It is embarrassing and painful and yet you dutifully undergo a mammogram every year to ensure that you are not a victim of one of the most common women’s health issues we know – breast cancer. Did you know that your routine mammogram can give you cancer? The findings from a recent study from the Harvard School of Public Health are not something you are going to like. “Mammography might not be appropriate for use in breast cancer screening because it cannot distinguish between progressive and nonprogressive cancer,” says lead author Mette Kalager, a visiting scientist at HSPH and a researcher at the Telemark Hospital in Norway. “The present study adds to the increasing body of evidence that this practice has caused a problem for women—diagnosis of breast cancer that wouldn’t cause symptoms or death,” she adds. (Routine Mammograms…overdiagnosis) Mammograms can lead to Misdiagnoses of Cancer As a continuation to a mammogram, any spots that are seen are subject to biopsies. There is now research to show that such invasive methods can actually result in false positives. Such misdiagnoses can mean that you undergo the knife or radiation for no good reason and actually expose yourself to increased chances of contracting cancer. Mammograms result in Over-Diagnosis and Over-Treatment There is a chance of over-diagnosis and over-treatment, especially in case of women who are dense breasted. It makes it difficult to spot cancer cells and even diagnose it. This can lead to an unnecessary number of tests being conducted and damage to the breast leaving it prone to breast cancer. Don’t Stop with First Opinions when it comes to Cancer ... There are now several movements in place to force the FDA to recognize the fact that mammograms can actually be the cause of breast cancer. Should you be diagnosed with cancer Dr. Joseph Mercola says, “… always get a second opinion—and possibly a third and fourth. I cannot stress this enough, as false positive rates are just too high and the diagnostic criteria is too subjective.” “Before you make any decision about treatment, and definitely before you decide to have surgery or chemotherapy, make sure your biopsy results have been reviewed by a breast specialist who is knowledgeable and experienced in that field. The majority of breast cancer is preventable. But if you are hit with that diagnosis, don't lose hope! There is a great deal you can do to harness your body's own powerful healing abilities.” (My Researcher’s story)

Supercharge your immune system and keep cancer at bay It may sound clichÊd to you but a healthy lifestyle and exercise can really go a long way in prevention of cancer. Compromises in diet such as sugar-free foods and drinks have been clinically disproven with regards to how effective they are. Understanding your nutritional requirements and combining it with the right kind of exercise is essential. If you have been diagnosed with cancer and treatment is inevitable, getting yourself into a hospital that also offers you the services of naturopath and a nutritionist is ideal. A positive approach to a terrifying illness and being well informed on the subject of cancer will help you on your path to recovery. This article was written by Ruth D'Souza Prabhu a Content Writer for Adoley Odunton’s Wellness Revolution. For more healing breakthroughs for your body, mind, and spirit, please visit

Women’s Health Issues: How Mammograms Can Cause Cancer  
Women’s Health Issues: How Mammograms Can Cause Cancer  

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