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Reconnective Healing: Treat Depression Without Medicines We have become quite the pill popping nation. Between doctors, pharmaceutical companies and strong advertizing, we now believe that there is a tablet to cure every illness. Breaking free of this belief is no easy task, considering our dependency on medication. Reconnective healing can be a good first step to get out of this vicious cycle. According to studies by the CDC, an estimated one in 10 US adults suffer from depression. The scary part is that there is now research to show that most of the psychiatric advice doled out and the related medicinal treatments are nothing but a money making nexus between doctors and medicine makers. Then it was bloodletting, now it is psychiatric drugs! History tells us that bloodletting was the only recourse to curing illnesses from pneumonia to depression. This method of healing though trashed has been replaced with psychiatric drugs that cause more harm than good. Psychological trouble has been blamed on imbalance of serotonin and dopamine in the brain. But there is no evidence to back this. Yet, we have advertising screaming itself hoarse on how psychotropic drugs can help set this non-existent problem straight. Dr Joseph Mercola cites a 1983 NIMH Study that concluded "There is no evidence that there is anything wrong in the serotonergic system of depressed patients." The low serotonin theory arose because they understood how the drugs acted on the brain; it was a hypothesis that tried to explain how the drug might be fixing something. However, that hypothesis didn't hold up to further investigation. (Depression not a..) Siddhartha Mukherjee, Asst Professor of Medicine, Medical Oncology, Columbia University (Post Prozac Nation) says, “In some people, neurotransmitters other than serotonin may be involved; in yet others, there may be alterations in the brain caused by biological factors that are not neurotransmitters; in yet others, there may be no identifiable chemical or biological factors at all.â€? There are several research conclusions to show that by popping anti-depressants, you are placing yourself at risk for heart complications and even death. The New England journal found that the use of anti-psychotic drugs actually increased your chances of a fatal cardiac event. (Atypical antipsychotic drugs‌.sudden cardiac death) Say Goodbye to Depression with Reconnective Healing .. Adopting a healthier lifestyle together with reconnective healing can cure you of depression. This non-touch based system of healing involves channeling of frequencies in the body and restoring them to their original balances. This will bring down the stress on your neurological systems and bring down the triggers of depression.

Reconnective healing makes use of energies that you are familiar with as Qi or as part of Reiki therapies. You have an aura which, though not visible to the naked eye, reflects your emotions at any given time. With reconnective healing, your troubled energies will be cleansed and a sense of positivity will be infused into you, allowing you to gradually step out of the depths of depression and conquer it. The benefits of reconnective healing will soon be tangible and without an adverse effect on your physical wellbeing. Couple this with Dr. Mercola’s suggestions for a healthier lifestyle such as good exercise, meditation, a planned diet suitable to you, good nutritional supplementation and exposure to sunlight. With these measures, you can completely wean yourself off the use of all medication and be free of depression. This article was written by Ruth D'Souza Prabhu a Content Writer for Adoley Odunton’s Wellness Revolution. For more healing breakthroughs for your body, mind, and spirit, please visit

Reconnective Healing: Treat Depression Without Medicines  

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