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Meditation Practices to Improve Health and Wellness Although meditation is considered a more spiritual practice, there’s no doubt that there are many health benefits as well. Meditation techniques are sometimes used in order to reverse the effects of many illnesses, in accelerated learning programs, in gaining better cognitive skills, and managing one’s lifestyle as well. There are studies and research that show a direct correlation between meditation and its ability to improve health and wellness of a person. Meditation is an excellent stress buster and it helps to maintain a healthy blood pressure and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Other benefits of meditation includes decreased respiratory rate, increased blood flow, increased tolerance to physical activities, reduced anxiety attacks, decreased muscle tension and headaches, and reduced pre-menstrual syndrome. The benefits of meditation stem from the following principles: 1. Spiritual healing is a product of communion of body, mind, and soul. 2. The body has incredible powers and the ability to repair itself and the mind has the capability to let an abundance of energy flow through the body. 3. We can learn how to be revitalized and rehydrate our body organs in order to improve their functions for a healthy and younger looking face and body. 4. Meditation can improve the long-term health of a person as well as his sense of wellbeing.

Scientific research has suggested that meditation can be of benefit in the following areas: ● Prevention of heart disease - proper meditation techniques can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and can help in lowering blood pressure as well. ● Pain management - studies have shown that meditation is very effective in enhancing pain management and can reduce one’s sensitivity to pain. Other research suggests that meditation can be an excellent natural approach for people who are suffering from pain-causing conditions like fibromyalgia and lower back pain. ● Memory - practicing meditation is also linked to improved memory and performance of tasks that require logical and mathematical skills. There are also studies that indicate the use of meditation techniques in treating Alzheimer’s disease. ● Treatment of depression - meditation is known to be an excellent method in improving one’s mood and can be used as a therapeutic technique in treating depression.

The human mind is a reservoir of energy that allows the body to heal naturally. All it takes is for both to make room and coexist with the spirit in order let that natural energy flow in abundance. Meditation allows the mind to focus and create that room and helps the mind, body, and spirit to commune with each other. Cultivating a spiritual life is important and you can reap the benefits of spiritual healing through meditation. The healing energy can touch not just the body but can also cleanse the spirit and create balance in your everyday life. This article was written by Oliver Ocampo a Content Writer for Adoley Odunton’s Wellness Revolution. For more healing breakthroughs for your body, mind, and spirit, please visit

Meditation Practices to Improve Health and Wellness  
Meditation Practices to Improve Health and Wellness  

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