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Health Questions for Women: Simple Ways to Prevent Weight Gain Between the ages of 40 and 60, women tend to find it difficult to stay slim. Worse, weight gain is more prominent as it coincides with the years leading to menopause. Because of the changes in hormone levels caused by menopause, women tend to gain a pound each year and fat tends to accumulate around the tummy and the hips. Let’s try to answer some of the most common health questions for women regarding weight gain related to age. Why do you gain weight when you age? When people age, it is a normal body reaction to replace muscles with fat. Fat, however, burns less calories compared to muscles making the metabolism of the person slow down. This results in additional 20 or more pounds over a period of ten years and this greatly impacts your physical appearance and your health. How can you maintain your weight (and health) as you age? Here are some tips and suggestions proven to be effective in maintaining your ideal weight as we age. Remember to not wait until you’ve already started gaining weight because it may be very difficult to control once weight gain has already set in. These tips are best followed until they become part of your lifestyle. Muscle loss is often the result of inactivity – too much sitting when watching TV or working in front of the computer. Being active will help develop muscles in our body and increase bone density and at the same time maintain our metabolism. When doing exercises, however, it is important to consult your physician especially if you’re on any form of medication or if you’re experiencing pain. Weight Lifting – Lifting weights will help you build muscles in the right parts of the body and at the same time provide needed workout to improve your balance and flexibility. These are the things that decline as we age. A basic total body workout with the help of a qualified fitness instructor can be a great help. Watch your diet – Watch out for the food that you prepare and eat. Make sure that you eat enough vegetables, fruit, and whole grains to control your calorie intake. Cardio Exercise – Choose an activity that you like to do like walking, dancing, swimming, or jogging. Start just a few hours each week and gradually increase the intensity of your workout. If your exercise program is difficult to begin with, it would be very difficult to motivate yourself to continue doing this. Make sure to start with realistic goals and work your way towards a more challenging objective. Remember that you’re doing this for your health and to make you look and feel better as you age.

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Health Questions for Women: Simple Ways to PreventWeight Gain  

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