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Getting Rid of Body Odor and Bad Breath with Better Health and Wellness Bad breath and body odor - two aspects of personal hygiene that can quite literally, make you a lonely person. Nothing can be worse than being physically close to someone who does not know they smell bad. A change in lifestyle, aiming at healthier mind body systems, can easily solve these two very common issues. Halitosis or chronic bad breath can be caused by several factors such as bad oral hygiene or the kind of food you eat. If you are on a low-carb diet, you run the chance of having ketone breath, one that has a fruity acetone note to it. This is a by-product, when the body burns fat and creates energy out of it. Certain strong foods like garlic, onions, heavy spices, particular types of cheese and even supplements like fish capsules can indirectly cause bad breath. When food is absorbed into the bloodstream, it goes into the lungs and can affect the breath that is exhaled. If you suffer from a dry mouth, which can be triggered from heavy medication or a problem with your salivary glands, then bad breath is a result. Similarly excessive smoking can degrade your teeth, gums and your tongue causing your breath to smell. Common ways of testing for bad breath is exhaling into cupped hands. This does not work for two reasons – you have a tendency of getting used to your smells and may actually miss bad breath. Secondly when you exhale, the air does not come from the back of your throat like when you talk. Bad breath originates from further into your mouth. Good oral hygiene includes cleaning your tongue as well. Since everything that passes into your mouth goes past the tongue, chances of particles lingering are higher. Choose a mouthwash that does not have an alcohol base as this can cause, rather than get rid of bad breath. An anti-bacterial or anti-microbial one will serve the purpose. Chew on sugarless gum to stimulate the production of saliva in your mouth and to clear away debris that accumulates. And for the foods you choose to eat remember that what smells bad going in, will definitely smell worse coming out. Regulate your intake of onions, cheese, processed foods and citrus based juices especially when you are in company.

Just like your mouth, your body can smell bad too. When perspiration comes in contact with bacteria, the result is quite unpleasant. Bad hygiene and unwashed clothes are a common cause of body odor. So is an unhealthy diet, however other reasons could be a hormonal imbalance or trouble with one’s kidneys, both of which need to be checked by a doctor.

Detoxifying yourself is a simple solution. Drink plenty of water to wash out toxins and try and keep your diet free from heavy spices, processed foods and excessive meats. Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. Opt for cotton in summer and remove body hair from areas prone to sweating. Try and steer clear of stress as this too promotes sweating and results in body odor. By following all these tips and the hygiene practices that were drilled into us as children, you can easily get rid of foul breath and body odor. This article was written by Ruth D'Souza Prabhu a Content Writer for Adoley Odunton’s Wellness Revolution. For more healing breakthroughs for your body, mind, and spirit, please visit

Getting Rid of Body Odor and Bad Breath with BetterHealth and Wellness  
Getting Rid of Body Odor and Bad Breath with BetterHealth and Wellness  

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