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“Milky Boy” animated feature reveals the pleasures and perils of advertising work Words Karl De Mesa Images courtesy of the artist

The products of Arnold Arre’s imagination have informed pop culture for almost a decade now. Best known for the award-winning fantasy comics series Mythology Class and the breakthrough noir-fantasy graphic novel Ang Mundo ni Andong Agimat, Arre has since added animated filmmaker to his many hats as visual artist with a mid-length film titled Milky Boy. Milky Boy revolves around the titular character. He was once a child star made famous as the face of a brand of milk, but eventually ended up as an advertising copywriter. From the looks of it, in the establishing shots of their office, this company must be one of the most unkempt and rubbish-filled agencies to ever mushroom from Philippine soil. Of course, people still recognize him as The Milky Boy and badger him for photos, to say the famous line from the TVC, and just to give him heck about why he hasn’t achieved so much more than being an ad flunky – which seems to prove that the claims of the brand he endorsed were bogus since he clearly didn’t rise far, hey? He hates his past, no doubt, but can’t get away from it. This 20-minute featurette isn’t just about the intrinsic pleasures and perils of working in advertising (endless all-nighters, midnight client presentations, leaning towers of pizza and instant ramen) though, it’s also a sweet tale of infatuation and friendship, and about how we surprise ourselves with the courage we didn’t know we possessed.


arnol d ar r e

ARNOL ARRE For now Milky Boy will not be released or screened publicly since Arre is submitting for consideration to festivals abroad. He does it fervently hope that, after it does the festival rounds, a local series of public screenings will be possible. ANDONG AGIMAT (SHORT)


September-October 2013

ADOBO sat down with Arre to find out more about the film, how it was made, and his motivations for making it. ADOBO Why set Milky Boy’s story in the local advertising world? ARNOLD ARRE Milky Boy was supposed to be the second chapter of a graphic novel I was working on when I was still in advertising. I wrote it in 1993. Back then I was working at Satchi and Saatchi as a fresh grad. It was anthology of three different stories of various characters working in advertising. The first story was about a writer and an art director.

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adobo magazine | September - October 2013  

adobo magazine | September - October 2013