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Today's Canadians live their lives through their smartphones. A sunny day in Vancouver sees more that ³00,000 photos uploaded to Instagram. In an unfamiliar part of town, more than a million look to Yelp to tell them where their next meal is coming from. We are tech-savvy information sponges, constantly looking to our phone to tell us where the best movies are, the next sale, the closest party. Did you know that the average Canadian checks their phone twice in the morning before they even brush their teeth? Investing in Mobile is the the fastest and cheapest way to expand your reach and diversify your clientele. The smartphone industry will double in size over the next š8 months. To get a sharp edge over competition, it is crucial that you harness this wave now.

Benefits of FREE Advertising to upto

1.2 million

smartphone users

Advertising Free Advertising to upto 1.2 million smartphone users - And that number will only increase. Advertising though Axcess will put your event in the palms of a huge number of party-goers, and it is a matter of time before this translates to increased attendance and increased revenues.

Targeted & Socially powered invite system

Targeted Invites

Flexible & Customisable


At Axcess, we keep ourselves to a strict no-spam policy. We hate spam and will do everything to ensure that the notifications you receive through Axcess remain in-app, and come from a user's direct friend group.

With your event on Axcess, you’ll have the freedom to experience a new way of providing offers using dynamic discounts. You can have different types of discounts during various times throughout the night.

With these targeted invites, we look to achieve a level of user engagement that will yield direct and unequivocal results. Harness the power of Axcess and you are harnessing the power of an engaged and enthusiastic user base

In addition, our back-end system allows you to add a significant amount of detail of your event into our app so that your customers can see what you want to tell them.

AXCESS Lower Commission Rates

Increased Attendance Rates

No Losses only GAINS

Lower Rates



Axcess is committed to providing value for your money. We use lean mobile marketing strategies that have a huge potential reach when compared to regular promoters. If you weigh up costs and benefits, we're confident that Axcess can be a new, ne powerful supplement and support to your current marketing service

Axcess lets you reach out to a potential customer base of 1.2 million in Vancouver alone. We know that it's party-goers that drive your business. With our targeted notifications and easy-to-use interface, we hope to drive more people through your everyday. doors eve

We recognize that results are worth a thousand words. So rather than sweet-talk you into dropping your money on the table, we want you to try Axcess first, see the returns it can bring before you make any financial commitment.

As smartphones become a necessity for the average person it is in the best interest of the nightclub to complement this trend. We target those who plan their nights in advance as well as those who are intoxicated and fumbling to ďŹ nd the next party to attend. Our goal is to give nightclubs the client base and marketing exposure they need while giving our users the nightclubs they want to be in. Users of all types will be able to instantly see what is going on in Vancouver and be able to pick where they want to be through one of the easiest apps to use. We look forward to hearing from you and if you have any questions, or wish to have this service as a part of your night, our contact information is below. Bryan Nguyen 604 832 8688

Tim Chiang 778 235 0918



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