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Company Introduction…………………………………………………………………………. 01 CIAS………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 02 Microwave Barrier & Security System

Videx……………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 04 Intelligent Access Control & Lock

PCS………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 07 Access Control & Time Attendance System

IDTECK……………………………………………………………………………………………………. 12

Access Control & Time Attendance System

Smarter Security Systems…………………………………………………………………… 22 Turnstile Gates & Access Control

COSHIP…………………………………………………………………………………………………… 24 Video Surveillance System & CCTV

RKI Instruments…………………………………………………………………………………… 32 Gas Detection for Life

Comet Systems……………………………………………………………………………………… 37 Measurement Instruments-Temperature, Humidity, Barometric Pressure Transmitters and Loggers

Power boss…………………………………………………………………………………………….. 40 Intelligent Motor Controller & Energy Saver

Xemtec…………………………………………………………………………………………………… 42 Non-Invasive AMR Systems

KRIZIK……………………………………………………………………………………………………. 43 Electricity Meters

EDMI……………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 44 Static Measurement

Company Introduction   


is a novel and yet rapidly developing organization in the various industrial related fields. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of innovative , cost efficient

industrial products, solutions and services.

Catering the entire value chain related to light and

heavy commercial and industrial applications, our roots lay in some of the world's renowned manufacturers. It is matter of great honor to us that we are the exclusive representatives/agents in the Kingdom. Designed to meet the diverse industrial requirements we offer a full suit of IEC, ANSI, OSHA, ITUT standards complaint products.

Portfolio of Services:

Our experience in various industrial projects and products gives us the edge in term of professional man power and huge cliental. Our strong base in the potential market for such a long time makes the ground for believing in our success. In today's market better services and quality products are the major issues. Companies and organization at all levels are interested in all such technologies which can help them to do so. We at EME are pleased to offer such products and services to our potential customers in the following areas. Our Industrial Controls & Automaton division is able to provide various types of products, systems and solutions to different type of industries. Below are some of the major areas the division mainly focuses on: •

Process automation

Electrical and Electronics Equipment

Telemetry and data acquisition

Security Systems

Alarm Management Systems

Building Management Systems

Environment friendly products

Industrial Control Applications


Access Control System (Smart Cards, biometric sensors)

Time and Attendance Systems

Inventory Control (intelligent tagging, RF based, Smart labeling)



Microwave Barrier & Security System 

CIAS has been operating in the security market since 1974, in the field of research, development and manufacture of security equipment and systems. CIAS is renowned worldwide for its outdoor perimeter protection systems, especially for the intelligent microwave barrier


ARMIDOR 20 m Digital microwave doppler for protection of corners and balconies.

Ermo 482X Pro, based on “Fuzzy Logic” analysis of the signal, since 1997 a unique product and generally accepted as the top of the security and technology market. The CIAS products are currently used to protect nuclear power plants, highsecurity prisons, military and civil airports, banks, large factories, but also detached houses, apartments, shopping malls, etc.


MINERMO 15 m Microwave barrier for wall protection of windows and skylights.

The CIAS headquarters are situated in Milan, Italy’s economic and commercial hub. The Milan headquarters also include the sales, administration, as well as the Research and Development lab, where our engineers design and develop all the CIAS products. The CIAS factory is situated in the north of Milan, where all our products are manufactured, tested and stored. In 30 years of activity, CIAS has become a cornerstone in the security market, distinguishing itself by continuous technological innovation.

DARWIN Active miniinfrared barrier for protection of windows and doors.

CORAL 100-220 m Microwave barrier for perimeter protection. High aesthetic and functionality.

Microwave Barrier & Security System 

MMD System Portable rapid deployment system for temporary protection of aircraft or goods

NEWTON 50-100-200 m

Active infrared barrier for roof perimeter protection.


Digital barrier for surveillance and guidance of the ground movements. control system.


Digital microwave doppler for protection of corners and lead zones. 3

Intelligent Access Control & Lock 

Videx is built on the cornerstones of innovative engineering, quality manufactur-

key system, including rekeying and recoring, are tasks relegated to the past.

ing, and outstanding customer support. Our commitment to these principles is best represented by the price/performance of Videx products, extended product life, and unmatched support provided to each customer.


PROBLEM: PROTECTING AFC’S WATER The Atlanta-Fulton County Water Treatment Facility in Georgia is one of the

PROBLEM: CONTROLLING ACCESS AT SCHOOL The security of children in our schools is a

largest in the state. Water treatment facili-

growing concern. Ken Donovan, Assistant Di-

ties have diverse access control require-

rector of Maintenance at Stonington Public

ments, such as securing office doors, con-

Schools, had been researching security prod-

trolling access at remote gated areas, and

ucts, CyberLock in particular. When the princi-

keeping tight control on who has access to

pal asked for a solution to the school’s security

chemical storage facilities. After 9/11, the

concerns, Ken had the answer.

Atlanta-Fulton County Water Treatment


Facility became more concerned with knowing who had access to vital parts of their infrastructure.

Stonington Schools decided to install CyberLock in the high school first. Other access control systems were not financially feasible; how-

SOLUTION: CYBERLOCK The facility selected CyberLock for its

ever, the CyberLock system was affordable

versatility, increased security features, and

because no wiring was needed to the doors. The

ease of installation. Terry Jones, assistant

system is designed to fit into most existing lock

project manager, says, “CyberLock has

hardware. Ken says, “I don’t see how you can

done everything that I was told it could do,

go wrong. You can have access control for un-

and more.” With the addition of CyberLock,

der $300 per door.” Stonington Schools pur-

security has vastly improved. The inherent

chased the CyberLocks in small batches to

problems of maintaining a mechanical

work within their budget, with the goal of installing in all of the buildings at the facility.

Intelligent Access Control & Lock 

PROBLEM: INDUSTRIAL ESPIONAGE Gene Tools LLC develops and produces molecules of redesigned genetic material. This material is being used by researchers to help identify the functions of human genes to fight viruses that cause diseases such as AIDS and cancer. Dr. James Summerton, president of the company, needed a flexible system that would carefully control which employees had access to specific locks. SOLUTION: CYBERLOCK Gene Tools installed CyberLocks in padlocks, interior doorways, and the containers where the lab notebooks are stored. “The system allows me to program an employee’s access to particular rooms and labs,” says Summerton, “as well as what days and hours the person may access those rooms. It also allows me to track the activity of a particular lock, such as which keys were used in it during which days and hours.” PROBLEM: SECURING FARE BOXES The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority had a problem with lost and stolen keys to the fare boxes on their buses. A significant amount of money was not making its way from the boxes to the bank. The absence of these keys provided a hole in the loss prevention efforts. Rekeying efforts would provide a temporary fix, but only until the next key was misplaced or stolen.

They needed to determine if lost keys were resulting in lost funds. SOLUTION: CYBERLOCK CAM LOCK A taskforce was formed to look at fare box security, and their primary concern was the ease with which a conventional key could be duplicated. The taskforce investigated the Videx CyberLock system, and found it addressed all of their concerns. The key and lock remembered what locks had been opened, and when. Also, the system provided the ability to regulate when the lock could be accessed, and by whom. If a key was lost or stolen, the locks could be told to refuse access to the key. The immediate benefits were readily apparent. There was a marked improvement in the bill-to-coin collection ratio. Employee accountability has improved, as supervisors can now track how much time is being spent on each repair. No incidences of unauthorized access have been found with the Videx system.


Intelligent Access Control & Lock 

CYBERLOCK OVERVIEW   CyberLock is an innovative lock system that easily converts existing mechanical locks into an access control system. With electronic lock cylinders, programmable CyberKeys, and CyberAudit software, you can create a powerful system to track and control access to every lock in your facility.

HOW DOES IT WORK? CyberLock electronic cylinders replace standard mechanical cylinders. Each CyberLock cylinder is an electronic version of a standard mechanical lock cylinder. Installing the cylinder into the lock hardware is as simple as removing the existing mechanical cylinder and replacing it with the CyberLock cylinder. No wiring or battery is required at the lock. The lock installs without wiring of any kind, and does not contain a battery. The power required to open a lock comes from the battery in the key. CyberKeys use a 3-volt lithium battery, easily replaceable in the field. CyberLocks cannot be picked. 6

CyberLocks have no keyway, and cannot be picked like a mechanical lock. CyberLocks resist forced rotation, and are designed to remain in the locked position if tampered with. CyberKeys® cannot be duplicated. It’s not possible to create a duplicate of a CyberKey. Passwords in the software and hardware are unique to each installation, and protect against creation of unauthorized keys. And, although two keys in the system can be programmed alike, each one will make its own unique record of events in the software. Keys can be assigned a begin date and an expiration date. This means keys can be issued before they begin working, and can be set to expire at a particular time in the future. Setting short-term expiration dates on keys is an excellent way to minimize risk due to lost or stolen keys. Each key contains a list of locks it can open, with days and times. The CyberKeys are programmed with access privileges for each user. A standard key holds a list of up to 3300 locks the user can open, with the schedule of days and times they are allowed in. A record of all events is stored in both the locks and the keys. Each time a key is used at a lock, a record of the lock ID, date, and time is stored in the key, and a record of the key ID, date, and time is stored in the lock. The key stores up to 3900 of the most recent access events, and the lock stores the most recent 1100 access events. Locks and keys also record when an unauthorized person attempted to open the lock with a CyberKey. One key opens doorways, padlocks, cabinets, safes, vending machines, and more! The complete line of cylinders allows controlling access to much more than just doorways. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the durable CyberLock tracks and controls access to padlocked gates, safes, cash drawers, server cabinets, fare boxes, freight trucks, and vending machines . . .

Access Control & Time Attendance System 

PCS Systemtechnik GmbH is a leading producer of information technology products and solutions for time management, production data acquisition and access control including communications software for standard computer systems and LAN's. Our solution partners are specialized software and systems houses offering professional customer solutions in all areas of time management and security technology. Customers from industry, banking, insurance companies, commerce and the service and public sectors appreciate the software independence offered by PCS data acquisition solutions-a highly effective protection for their investment. PCS is a certified SAP software partner and offers SAP customers a successful data acquisition solution-all from one hand. More than 128,000 PCS data terminals are currently installed in Europe with standard solutions from PCS and our software house partners. PCS products are distinguished by innovation, design, and reliability in day-to-day use. The quality standard is ISO 9001. The standard for our employees is customer satisfaction.

RFID Card & Contactless Smart Card Readers


Numeric Access Controller

Iris Scanner

Access Control & Time Attendance System 

INTUS 5300 Design that fits. Time & attendance recording with optimized compact ergonomics. Featuring an innovative operation concept – no manual required. Discreet but distinctive in design. That's INTUS 5300, the youngest member of the INTUS family. The INTUS 5300 is extraordinarily informative and powerful in spite of the compact dimensions of its front panel and housing. And its design blends in with any environment: in front of the executive suite, in the bank lobby, outside the laboratory or at the factory gate. From idea to innovation.


Customer requests and new ideas have resulted in innovations that truly make sense. There's the unique MagicEye for accelerated data collection. The dimmable graphic display and scroll keys for comfortable scrolling of vacation times or absence reasons. Power over Ethernet for cost-efficient installation in the shortest time. And a single cable for power and data, protected against tampering inside the device. This is the state of the art in installation.

Access Control & Time Attendance System 

INTUS Fingerprint. Biometric verification and identification. ID cards generally offer only limited protection against abuse because it is very easy to give a card to someone else – including the PIN that may be required. INTUS Fingerprint Terminals protect against such fraud by verifying a unique feature: your fingerprint.

Verification Verification means that the validity of a card is checked by comparing the fingerprint data (templates) stored on the card or in a central host computer with the data scanned by the fingerprint reader.

Identification Identification does not require a card. The scanned fingerprint is directly matched with all the fingerprint data stored in the terminal. INTUS Fingerprint terminals are available both as time & attendance terminals with Ethernet connectivity and as access control readers connected to an INTUS Access Control Manager.

Fingerprint sensor •

CMOS sensor with 256 x 360 pixels

Resolution: 508 dpi

Sensor area: 12.8 x 18 mm

Ergonomic finger-rest

Verification mode • •

Verification against templates in INTUS FP for up to 2,000 employees (2 fingers and PinCode each)

Verification against templates on the RFID card. Requirements: proximity cards must be

• • •

initialized for INTUS FP. Legic-MIM1024 card with approx. 700 bytes free memory Mifare card with min. 7 free sectors Up to 10 fingers for each person inclusive duress finger

Identification mode • •

Identification against templates in the terminal for up to 2,000 employees (2 fingers each) Up to 10 fingers for each person inclusive duress finger


Access Control & Time Attendance System 

The identification of people in security-critical applications requires methods which must be easy to use but as fraud-resistant as possible. Common biometric technologies are either simple, but not secure enough when used by themselves (such as fingerprint identification), or they are highly secure, but very complicated to use (such as iris recognition. Palm vein authentication is a technology that ideally combines simplicity with high security requirements. The human palm vein pattern is extremely complex, and it is located inside the body, well protected from abuse or manipulation. The layout of the veins remains unchanged throughout a lifetime, and it is different in each individual. Soiled skin, impure skin, or superficial injuries have no effect. In the training phase, an individual’s palm vein pattern is recorded, converted to a template and then saved. To identify a person, the INTUS PalmSecure terminal compares


the recorded vein pattern with all the saved templates. Manipulation is virtually impossible. A person is verified in less than two seconds.

Highest Security The palm vein pattern is extremely complex and unique for each person. Perfectly protected inside the hand, it practically eliminates any way of manipulating the recognition process.

Ease of use ensures high user acceptance Palm vein authentication is a user-friendly and robust process. Complexion, soiled skin, impurities, or superficial injuries have no effect on the authentication result. Nor do thin gloves as worn by medical professionals impair authentication in any way. The palm vein pattern remains the same whether it’s warm or cold. And the contactless identification process ensures maximum hygiene. Integration with INTUS The INTUS PalmSecure System can be completely integrated into INTUS access solutions. The INTUS PalmSecure reader behaves just like an INTUS FP fingerprint terminal or any other RFID reader towards the Access Control Manager. Ethernet or The sensor camera creates an image of the vein pattern and converts it to a template with a file size of approx. 0.8 kB. The template is then saved to

RS485 ports are provided for connectivity to host systems.

Access Control & Time Attendance System 

INTUS 3450 Family Data acquisition terminal for time and attendance recording, access control, and for use as an employee information station. The INTUS 3450 is not only a repeated design-award winner. The integrated security package ensures highest data integrity with embedded firewall, data encryption to the host and the connected access readers, and a three-tier hierarchical password concept. Excellent functional ergonomics is provided by the MagicEye which allows swift and secure optical signaling to passing users. Technical Data •

Modern ARM-RISC architecture

2 MB Flash Eprom


Programming Languages •

Freely programmable in TCL6 from PCS

Parametrizable in TPI from PCS

Computer interfaces •

10/100BaseT, Ethernet TCP/IP

Integrated readers •

RFID reader (Mifare, Hitag, iCLASS, Legic)

Chipcard reader

Magnetic card swipe

Barcode infrared

Combination reader (RFID and barcode)

Power supply • •

Integrated interference-proof power supply 230 V/AC, 50Hz 20VA/42VA (with heating)

Dimensions/weight •

Dimension 120 x 222 x 295 mm (D xWx H)

Weight 2.6 kg

Color Front: white aluminium Bottom unit: RAL 7016 anthracite


Access Control & Time Attendance System 

IDTECK is a diversified technology and manufacturing leader of security products for buildings, homes, industry, etc. such as:

• • • • • •

Biometrics products (fingerprint, facial recognition and multi-modal technology) RFID products (125 KHz, 2.45GHz and 900MHz) Smart Card products (13.56MHz/MIFARE) Access Control panels (8/16/32bit, embedded operating system_Linux and Windows CE) Application software (COM-based, NET-based and WEB-based) Other security products We have been providing our cutting-edge technologies for approximately 200 distributors in over 70 countries. Our quality products, integrated system solutions and services make life safer, more comfortable, more secure, and more

productive in every corner of our world. IDTECK products touch your everyday life whether you're driving a car, accessing a home or office, taking medications or catering meals.


Access Control & Time Attendance System


• • • • • • • • • •

Dual function for Access Control and Time & Attendance

720 Fingerprints holders / 26,000 Memory Event buffers (2,000 / 4,500 Fingerprints optional)

Standalone/Network communication via RS232/RS422 (max. 32ch), TCP/IP available with LAN Converter Dual Fingerprint Registration Fingerprint Automatch Identification - By Key Entry (Default) - By Touch Sensor (Optional)

Read Range

32bit Strong ARM and Dual 8bit Microprocessor

Finger Module

Program Memory: 8KByte ROM Data Memory: 128KByte/256KByte/512K Byte Flash Memory 


Program Memory: 64 K Byte Flash Data Memory: 512KByte SRAM (Battery back up) 

IDK50 : 2 inch (5cm), IMC125 : 2 inch (5cm), IDC170: 4 inch (10cm), IDC80 : 4 inch (10cm),  IDA150 : 12 inch (30cm), IDA200 : 15 inch (40cm) 

Independent 4 inputs /4 output including 2 FORM-C Relay outputs External reader port for anti-pass back operation Dual Tamper switches High Protection from Scratch and ESD (Electro Static Discharge) High Quality Optical Sensor

Comparison Table



Dual function for access control and time & attendance Built in 125KHz RF reader (10cm) back lighting on keypad. RF Only/ RF + Fingerprint/RF+PIN 94 digit)+Fingerprint.

Fingerprint Users  / Event Buffers 


500 dpi


356 x 292 pixel


High Quality Optical Sensor

FAR (False Acceptance Ratio)


FRR (False Reject Ratio)


ESP (Electro Static Discharge)


Verification Time

<1 sec

Identification Time

<3 sec

720/2,000/4,500 Fingerprint plates/26,000 event buffers 


Template Size

800Bytes for Dual Fingerprint Template

Reading Time / Verification time

Card(30ms), Fingerprint (less Than 1 sec, 3 sec for Identification) 

RF Reader

Built-in 4”125 KHz RF reader(10Cm)

External Reader Port

1 Reader port (26bit Wiegand, 8bit Burst) for anti-pass back

Input/Output Ports

Input: 4 (Isolation)

Output: 2 Form-C Relay(COM, NO, NC) Rating Max. 2A, 2

TTL Outputs

LCD Display

1 x LCD Module, 2 lines x 16ch, 65.5 x 13.8mm screen


16 key numeric keypad with back lighting


RS232/RS422(Up to 32 ch.), TCP/IP available with LAN Converter

Baud Rate : 4800bps, 9600bps (Default), 19200bps and 38400bps Software programmable 

LED Indicator/ Beeper

3 LED (Red/Green/Yellow), Piezo buzzer


DC12V, Max. 300mA

Operation Environment

LCD : 0°C~ +50°C, 10% ~90% RH (NonCondensing) Fingerprint module & Controller : -15°C~ +40°C,  10% ~90% RH(Non-Condensing)  RF-Reader : -35°C~ +65°C, 10% ~90% RH (Non-Condensing) 

Color / Weight

Dark pearl gray / 547g (1.20 lbs)

Dual function for access control and time & attendance. PIN (4-8 digit) + Fingerprint.

Finger Module Specifications



Access Control & Time Attendance System


Specifications RFL200/RFL100C/RFL2002

• • • • • • •

RFL 100C

RFL 200/200C

Controller + RF Reader (125KHz, 10cm read range) 512 Card holders including one master card (RFL200)

Interface Controller

Standalone (RFL200) or Network Communication (Max.255) via RS485 (RFL100C/RFL200C) Power Fail Safe or Power Fail Secure locks Selectable Solid Epoxy potted (Weather proof) Reading Time Interface controller required to control more than 16 units Card Holders (RFL100C/200C) Direct control of door lock

Interface Controller Interface controller for communication Max 8,000 event (RFL100C/RFL200C connection) Network Communication via RS422/RS485 (Max255) Event data safety mode Once Power Failure Required to control more than 16 units (RFL100C, RFL200C) • Direct control of door lock

• • • • • 14

Read Range

Comparison Table



Dual function for access control and time & attendance Built in 125KHz RF reader (10cm) back lighting on keypad. RF Only/ RF + Fingerprint/RF+PIN 94 digit) +Fingerprint. Dual function for access control and time & attendance. PIN (4-8 digit) + Fingerprint.

Comparison Table RFL 100C/200C

RS485 (3 types of systems available: Refer configuration on right side)

RFL 200


IDK50/IMC 125

2 inch (5cm)

IDC 170

4 inch (10 cm)

IDC 80

4 inch (10 cm)

IDA 150

12 inch (30 cm)


15 inch (40 cm) 30ms

RFL 100 C/200C

RS485 (Max. 255 address)

RFL 200

Max 512 including Master

COM port (RFL 100C/200C)

RS485 (Max 255 address)

Door Open Time

5 sec (RFL 200), User Adjustable (RFL 100C/200C)

Lock Select Input

Power Fail Safe or Power Fail Secure Locks

Exit Button Input

Exit input 1 each

Proximity Reader

125KHz, 10cm Reader including


2 color LED (Red & Green), Piezo Buzzer


DC 12V, 150mA

Operating Environment

-35oC-65oC (-31oF-149oF), 10-90% RH


Watch-dog timer & Power on Reset

Baud Rate: 9600bps (fixed

Color Weight

Dark pearl gray RFL 100C

160g (0.35lbs)

RFL 200/200C

80g (0.18lbs)

Interface Controller CPU

8bit Microprocessor


DC 12V, Max. 350mA


RS232/RS485/RS422 Selectable 4800, 9600 (Default), 19200bps Baud Rate, Max. 255 addressable

Event Buffer

1Mbit SRAM (Backup), 8000 events

Operating Environment

-35oC-65oC (-31oF-149oF), 10-90% RH


Watch-dog timer & Power on Reset


100g (0.22 lbs)

Access Control & Time Attendance System


• • • 100R

• • • • • • • • •


PIN & Proximity Single Door Access Controller Basic Time & Attendance Function 512 card holders • Built-in 4˝ (10cm) RF reader

RF only, PIN(4~6 digit) only, RF and PIN (4 digit), RF or PIN (4~6 digit) operation modes External reader port for exit • Communication via RS232 Independent 5 inputs and 4 outputs including 2 output relays All I/Os and operating times user keypad programmable Try-out error alarm • Optional 4ch Voice Auto-dialer 3 LEDs for system operation status Back lighting on keypad Toggle mode for door opening/closing Function for Lock control by door contact switch

PIN120 • PINPAD Single Door Access Controller • 512 PIN numbers • User defined 4~6 digit PIN numbers • 1 exit input and 2 Relay outputs • Chime bell output • User keypad programmable • Try-out error alarm and keypad lock • 3 LEDs for system operation status

Specifications 100R


Dual 8bit microprocessors

8bit microprocessor

Program memory: 20KByte ROM

Program memory: 8KByte ROM

Data memory: 2KByte EEPROM

Data memory:2KByte EEPROM

PIN numbers

512 PIN numbers

512 PIN numbers

Read Range IDK50

2 inch (5cm)


4 inch (10cm)


4 inch (10cm)


2 inch (5cm)


12 inch (30cm)


16 inch (40cm)

CPU Memory

PIN only


Reading Time


Card Holders

512 Card holders


Input: 5ea Relay Output: 2ea (COM, NO, NC) TTL Output: 1ea Chime bell output: 1ea

Input: Exit Relay Output: 2ea (COM, NO, NC) Chime bell output: 1ea

Input / Output ports


Reader Port

1 External reader port (26 bit Wiegand format)



RS232, Baud rate: 9600 bps



12 key numeric keypad with lighting/12 key numeric keypad

Self Diagnostic


LED indicators 3 LEDs Power Operating Environment Reset Color Weight

(Red, Green, yellow) DC 12 V, Max. 200mA o



DC 12V, Max. 160mAA o

-35 C-65 C (-31 F-149 F), 10-90% RH (NonCondensing) Watch-dog timer & power on reset

Power on Reset

Dark pearl gray 210g (0.464 lbs)

162g (0.36 lbs)


Access Control & Time Attendance System

Access Control & Time Attendance System


Access Control & Time Attendance System


• • • • • • • • • • •


Reader Range: IDC80(125KHz)-Up to 18 inch (45cm) Specifications IDA150(125KHz)-Up to 5 feet (1.5m) Read Range  IDK50  12 inch (30 cm)  IDA200(125KHz)-Up to 7 feet (2.1m) User format available. IDC 170  18 inch (45 cm)     


IDA 150 5 feet (1.5 m) 

IDA200 7 feet (2.1 m) 

Reading Time


Reverse power polarity protection

Input voltage / Current

DC 12V, Max. 500mA

The best solution for Access Control and Vehicle Access

Output format

26 bit Wiegand, RS232 and ABA track II magnetic stripe format, RS232

External Buzzer control Input

Low active, DC0-5V, Max. 50mA, Impedance 10k ohm

External LED control Input

Low active, DC0-5V, Max. 50mA, Impedance 10k ohm

LED / Buzzer

2 color LED (red and green), Piezo Buzzer

Operation Environment

35°C - +65°C (-31°F - 149°F)


Black, Beige

Wiegand, RS232, ABA Track II magnetic stripe format available PSK Modulation 100% Weather proof Dual Reading tech reader / Active and Passive

Integration with One card system. Indoor / Outdoor Operation No interference with windshield tint


18 inch (45 cm)

1.4 Kg (3lbs)

Access Control & Time Attendance System


In-Gate controls by IDA500 tag and Out-Gate only controls by loop sensor Usage : Residential Area, Apartment. Recommended Setting : - RF500: Reader Address set to #1 - IDA500: Sleep Timer set to 30sec. Toggle-mode set to ON.

In-Gate controls by IDA500 tag and Out-Gate also controls by IDA500 tag Usage : Parking Lot with casher Recommended Setting : - RF500: In-Reader Address set to #1 Out-Reader Address set to #2 - IDA500: Sleep Timer set to 30sec. Toggle-mode set to OFF.

Multiple In-Gates control by IDA500 tag and multiple Out-Gates also control by IDA500 tag Usage : Big Parking Lots, Complex Buildings. Recommended Setting : - RF500: In-Readers Address set to #1, #2, #3 Out-Readers Address set to #5, #6, #7 - IDA500: Sleep Timer set to 30sec. Toggle-mode set to OFF.





Access Control & Time Attendance System

Access Control & Time Attendance System


Proximity/PIN Operation wake up by pressing Ent. key for 3 sec


Built-In Proximity Reader

Door Lock

Deadbolt Type

Infra-Red Sensor for Contact-less Operation

Door Handle


512 Card Holders

Card Holders

512 Card Holders / 1 PIN

Card Data retains without Battery

Card Format

IDTECK 26bit Wiegand

Proximity Reader

Built-in Proximity Reader

Two Color LED and Melody Sound


Up/Down/Enter key

Mechanical keys for Emergency Unlock

PIN Operation

4 digit PIN

Deadbolt Door Lock

Operation Mode

Automatic/Manual Mode Selectable


2K bytes Flash Memory

Data Retention

10 years without Battery

Door Open Time

7 sec. Fixed

• • • • • • • • • •

Manual/Automatic Mode Selectable (Lock Control) Battery Operation and Low Battery Alarm

3-key Input (up/down/enter) External Battery Connector, 9V Battery, type 6F22 (Any polarity)

Infra Red Sensor Built-in IR Sensor (Wake up for 0.5 sec. interval)  Melody Sound 

Built-in Melody Sound

LED Indicator

2 Color LED


4 x AA size Battery

Door Opening

>20,000 Times Opening

Operating Envi- -20oC - +65oC (-4oF - 149oF), 10% ronment 90%RH (Non condensing) Color

Silver color

Weight External Input

3.5 lbs (1.6 kg) power 9V, Type 6F22

Battery Life

Approx. One Year (10 Openings per day


Turnstile Gates & Access Control 

KEY BENEFITS MORESECURE … unsurpassed tailgate detection and deterrence - Programmed to detect tailgaters following as close as ¼” behind authorized personnel - Breakaway glass barriers act as an added visual and physical deterrent UNSURPASSED ACCURACY. . . intelligence virtually eliminates false alarms - Programmed to differentiate body mass


from smaller objects, such as umbrellas or empty wheelchairs - Increases user and guard acceptance, avoiding “tune out” FASTEST THROUGHPUT … greater return on investment


-Unsurpassed speed often means fewer lanes required and less wasted time in lines - ‘Door-like’ motion ensures quick user


acceptance IMPECCABLEAESTHETICS … architect inspired solution -Transparent glass barriers provide real security within an open, welcoming entry -Streamlined 6.4” wide pedestals are 66% narrower than others, even for disabled access lanes





Fastlane Door Detective

Fastlane®, the world’s leading line of optical turnstiles, has successfully attacked one of the greatest threats to security… the opened access controlled door. Door Detective is designed to alarm when tailgaters attempt to enter, and when


intruders attempt to pass in the wrong direction.

MORESECURE … Unsurpassed doorway tailgate detection and directional control. In fact, these enclosures of several inch diameter are more effective at detecting tailgating than competitors’ five foot long optical turnstiles!

Door Detective sets the new standard in doorway entrance control, featuring microprocessors programmed with Neural Network software. This translates to a more intelligent system than other door detection devices, with highly accurate detection, faster throughput speed and fewer false alarms. It is like having a guard at the door checking badges 24/7. By raising the access control’s security level, Door Detective better protects employees and valuable assets. Door Detective should be considered in any area where an intruder could cause more than a few thousand dollars in damage. FUNCTION With patented door control technology, Door Detective acts as the link between the access control and door lock system. Its active infrared beams monitor, for each valid authorization, how many people pass and in which direction for each valid authorization. Few people are comfortable shutting the door on people following behind them, yet we burden our employees and tenants with that decision every day. Door Detective removes that anxiety, placing security enforcement back where it belongs … with your access control system and security personnel.

-Integrates with local or remote alarm outputs, CCTV and other security systems UNSURPASSED ACCURACY... virtually eliminates false alarms - Programmed to discriminate between people and many nuisance obstructions, (e.g. some briefcases/legs/umbrellas etc.), a key advantage over competitors - Increases user and guard acceptance, avoiding guard “tune out” FASTEST THROUGHPUT... greater return on investment - Can process one person/second once door is opened. Unlike others, it controls the door lock with optimized speed and security. STREAMLINED AND VERSAETILE … multiple style and installation options - Three aesthetically different indoor models - An outdoor functioning unit

USER FRIENDLY Clients and employees alike pass through Door Detective entries with speed

- Mullion or corridor style mounting

and confidence, enhancing user and guard acceptance. One person per second

GREATER RETURN ON INVESTMENT … further protecting your most valuable assets

throughput capability keeps entry and exit flowing smoothly.

- Population counting unit available

- Relatively inexpensive to install and own DISABLED ACCESS Since Door Detective doesn’t obstruct the doorway, ADA and other international standards are upheld. Audio/Visual feedback is standard. OTHER ACCESS CONTROLLED APPLICATIONS • Mantraps- Door Detective can be added to a mantrap to ensure only one person enters the holding area at a time. •

Elevator control – Protects elevators that are access-control.

NON-ACCESS CONTROLLED APPLICATIONS Door Detective can be used in a number of ways to assist management, including: •

Population counting – Format available to provide: real-time population counts for single or multiple areas, totals for a time period, and maximum population warnings for an area.

Directional control – Protects prohibited entry areas, i.e. fire exits or exit/entry only doors

Time & Attendance – Helps detect fraudulent attempts to “clock-in.”

THE DOOR DETECTIVE CHALLENGE When comparatively tested by clients with other door mounted detection units in the marketplace, Door Detective has been the decided winner. Door Detective has replaced other door detection units that have been unsatisfactory to end-users due primarily to a frequency of unwarranted nuisance alarms. By choosing Door Detective, you won’t make that same costly mistake.


Video Surveillance System & CCTV 

COSHIP Electronics Co., Ltd, founded in 1994, is a well-known Hi-tech company with registered capital of RMB 86,896,405. In June of 2006, COSHIP Electronics successfully listed its name on Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code: 002052). At present, COSHIP Electronics 40,000 square meters production base sitting in the 90,000 square meters of modern industry park is under construction. With 3,000 employees, 1,000 of which are R&D engineers, Coship own highly productive man power. Post-doctorial workstation has recently been established to ensure continuous technology advancement. COSHIP Electronics apply itself in development, production and sales of digital, network, and video surveillance system. Products are among Digital Video Recorders, Network Video servers, Network Cameras, High Speed Dome, CCD Camera, Dome Cameras, and integrated network surveillance management software. COSHIP Electronics has been honored the ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificate. Utilizing advanced information management system such as SAP, OA, CMMI and with push high-point strategy, ability of


continuous innovation, Coship Electronics is able to pursue fastest response to the market requirement. At Coship Security, we never stopped or even hesitated in pursuing superior quality. We firmly believe in providing our customers with innovative, superior quality products that are competitively priced and always timely delivered. Coship Security excellencies not confined to the quality of products but also all its services. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction Based on the confidence on its quality Coship Security provide longer warranty than most competitors In the mean time Coship Security will endeavor to localize all its product service. COSHIP Electronics is in the stage of high-speed development. With current annual sales of 1 billon RMB Coship provides customer with best digital video product and service. Coship carries the mission of improvement of human civilization. With its double V strategy COSHIP Electronics enjoys the perspective and fabulous future together with you.

Video Surveillance System & CCTV 



Digital WDR Camera CF66-50C




Super High Quality Picture


1/3” WDR Digital Picture Sensor

Patent Digital Picture Sensor

Scan System

PAL or NTSC Color System

Dynamic Range up to 120dB


PAL: 720 (H) x 540(V): NTSC: 720 (H) x 540(V)

Powerful Software Function


Horizontal: 504 TVL Vertical: 400 TVL

OSD Program Setup

Mini Illumination

High Cost-Effective Graceful Shape

0.6 Lux/F1.2 0.08Lux/F1.2 (Slow Shutter)


Super High Quality Picture

Patent Digital Picture Sensor

Day &Night Function

Dynamic Range up to 120dB

Powerful Software Function

0.6Lux/F1.2 0.08Lux/F1.2 (Slow Shutter) 0Lux(LED On)



Dynamic Range

101dB Normal, 120dB Max.


OSD Control AWB/ATW/ATW Limitation/ATW Manual / Auto Optional


2000K to 11,000K



Video Output


25 Yes, movable IR filter

Yes, movable IR filter

1.0-1.2Vp-p/75 Ohm, composite video output, BNC interface

1.0-1.2V9-p/75 Ohm, composite video output, BNC interface, digital

Motion Detect




Digital PTZ




Alarm IN/OUT




Remote Control




OSD Program Setup

High Cost-Effective Graceful Shape






Super Digital WDR Camera CF66-60CF Lens Chassis


Super High Quality Picture

Auto Iris


Patent Digital Picture Sensor



Dynamic Range up to 120dB

Power Consump-

4.5W (Max)

Powerful Software Function


-10oC — +50oC

Motion Detection, Alarm input/output function Special Digital Zoom function


62 (W) x 52 (H) x 120 (D) mm

Remote Control Function

Multi Video Output Interfaces

OSD Program Setup

High Cost-Effective Graceful Shape design

0.6Lux/F1.2 0.08Lux/F1.2 (Slow Shutter)

White Balance

Day & Night

Day& Night Digital WDR Camera CF66-50CM


Video Surveillance System & CCTV 


Digital WDR Dome Camera CS66-50C •

Super High Quality Picture

Patent Digital Picture Sensor

Dynamic Range up to 120dB

Powerful Software Function

OSD Program Setup

High Cost-Effective Graceful Shape design

Three-dimensional Shooting Angle Adjustable

26 Day& Night Digital WDR Camera CS66-50CM •

Super High Quality Picture

Patent Digital Picture Sensor

Dynamic Range up to 120dB

Powerful Software Function

OSD Program Setup

Day & night Function, with moveable IR filter.

Three-dimensional Shooting Angle Adjustable

Video Surveillance System & CCTV 


Super 530TVL Day & Night Color CCD Camera CF65-60CM • • • • • • • • •

1/3" Exview CCD and DSP, High Resolution up to 530TVL Auto switch color into B&W, with movable IR filter Mini Illumination 0.3Lux/F1.2 (Color) 0.01Lux/F1.2 (B&W) OSD Menu S/N Ratio >50dB 5 Zones Back Light Compensation Electronic Shutter Auto AGC , Auto White Balance Video/DC Auto Iris Lens

Day & Night 530TVL High Resolution Color CCD Camera CF65-60CD • 1/3" Exview CCD and DSP, High Resolution up to 530TVL • Auto switch Color to Black • Mini Illumination 0.08 Lux/F1.2 IR 0 Lux • Auto Switch Color to B&W 2 3Lux • S/N Ratio >50dB • Back Light Compensation Electronic Shutter Auto • White Balance Auto Tracking White Balance Anti• Color Rolling • Video/DC Auto Iris Lens

Super Day & Night High Resolution Color CCD Camera CF65-50CM • • • • • • • • • •

SUPER HIGH RESOLUTION CCD CAMERA 100M Super High Resolution Color IR Camera CR65-68C • • • • • • • •

1/3 Super HAD CCD, Color 530TVL Built-in high efficiency ,high power LED group Night viewing up to 100 M Auto detect light to control LED switch, auto fan S/N Ratio > 50 dB Auto AGC Auto White Balance Back Light Compensation Outdoor solar-shield Long night viewing, ideal option for perimeter, warehouse etc. large scopes surveillance

100M High Resolution Color IR Camera CR65-58C • • • • • • • •

1/3 Super HAD CCD, Color 480TVL Built-in high efficiency ,high power LED group Night viewing up to 100 M Auto detect light to control LED switch, auto fan S/N Ratio > 50 dB Auto AGC Auto White Balance Back Light Compensation Outdoor solar-shield Long night viewing, ideal option for perimeter, warehouse etc. large scopes surveillance

1/3 EXview HAD CCD and DSP High Resolution up to 480TVL Auto switch color into B&W/Movable IR filter (Optional) Mini Illumination 0.3Lux/F1.2(Color) 0.01Lux/F1.2(Color) OSD Menu S/N Ratio > 50 dB 5 Zooms Back Light Compensation Electronic Shutter Auto AGC Auto White Balance Video/DC Auto Iris Lens


Video Surveillance System & CCTV 


Description IP Camera, decent and elegant, appearance small and acute housing, applies in many applications. Embedded web server, open SDK and high stability base on industrial level standard, make the network transmission more secure, fast and easy surveillance. It integrates sound and picture together, send the information to the remote client in real time. No need extra software, client view picture through standard network browser, such as Microsoft IE or Netscape. Features •

Easy Installation one line connect RJ45 with communication devices (such as: switch, router, HUB)


High Quality Image adopt international standard compression technology, high quality image, D1 resolution, speed can reach to 30fps (NTSC) or 25 fps (PAL) on 10M/100M Network

Support wire/wireless network protocol Support TCP/IP,ARP, TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, DDNS, DNS, DHCP, PPPoE network protocol and DDNS Support wireless network protocol 802.11b/g Transmission speed: 11M-54Mbps,Valid distance: 100 meters

Expansibility Support P/T/Z multi-protocol GPIO connection alarm terminal and control home devices

Motion Detection red block display when target moves

Baud rate adaptability baud rate adapt accord to the network, display at the left simultaneously

Management Model IE real time remote view and remote configuration

Safety Protection administrator and user, different authorization security data transmission, media flow with digital water mark

Broad Application School, institute, enterprise, army, park, financial, transportation, mine, oil field and safety city.

Video Surveillance System & CCTV 


TCP/IP Network Remote Image Transmission D1 High Resolution real-time Image Adjustable Brightness contrast saturation Acutance and hue available Embedded Operation System Embedded WEB Auto-adaptation Streaming Remote sensor alarm control Digital Water mark Motion Detection Support Wire/Wireless LAN Support image snapshot pre-alarm or post-alarm Password protection Two-way Voice Support P/T/Z multi-protocols Support PPPoE, DDNS, SMTP Integration Surveillance Software Adopt manifold view management front-end

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •



CRM-8000 series mobile DVR are advanced mobile digital surveillance products, which are applied in various kinds of field.CRM-8000 can supply users the best picture quality with clearness and much details, 4 channel DVD video resolution (704x576) and MP3 audio quality.CRM-8000 series are small and acute, with multi-level anti-shock design, embedded system prevent virus, with 10V-36V wide power supply. CRM-8000 series remote network function provides infinite expansibility. User can remote view through broadband, narrow band, wireless network and get clear picture with the advance technology of dual stream. Supporting standard 10/100BaseT port, CRM-8000 series support remote surveillance and data quick backup simultaneously through wireless broad band network. CRM-8000 is widely used in police wagon, ambulance, army vehicles, trucks, school bus, aeronautic devices and trains.

Features • •

• •

• •

Support 4 Channel D1, capture each detail, 16-25 fps/ PAL, 16-30 fps/NTSC Adopt dual streaming technology, to be independent between record baud rate and network baud rate, to enhance the effect of narrow band and mobile network transmission, to adjust baud rate according to network speed automatically Support vehicle number, time, GPS, channel as well as tagline overlap Support continuous record rotate record time record alarm record motion detection record; Support the function to lock the record segment, to save the record without electricity, to resume automatically with electricity Support 2 channels playback, each channel can be controlled independently, which provide powerful tool for video analysis and evidence collection Adopt three level hardware anti-shock and one level software anti-shock for vehicle application Focus on power supply design, DC6-36V wide power supply; over voltage protection, over current protection, to enhance system stability with the time-lapse

• • •

function to turn off after monitor cease fire. (0~360 Minutes Optional) With 12VDC power supply output can supply the power for vehicle equipment such as camera GPS and annunciator Support remote searches playback download the data from the vehicle equipment Support two-way voice talk, talk between Driver and surveillance control center Provide open SDK, which is convenient for system provider to integrate, construct large network surveillance system Support optional way such as network, local hard disc, USB port and CF card to backup and to save the important record data

Video Surveillance System & CCTV 

CRS-8000 EMBEDDED DVR Description CRS8000 DVR meets the security development trend, adopting the low consumption advanced DSP and embedded processor as well as real time operating system. Independent from the PC platform, enhance system stability, prevent virus invasion, quick start, system parameter and program solidify in the flash memory. Combine Dual stream, high performance, multiplex and playback together. CRS-8000 DVR not only have the perfect local surveillance function, but high network function, which is convenient to integrate powerful surveillance system.



Adopt embedded system design, high stability

Adopt powerful embedded processor and DSP, low consumption, high stability Running embedded real time operating system, high efficient of system execution. Restart after abnormal, watch dog highly reduce human interference

• •

Multiplex for "Recording", "Playback", "Network", "Monitoring" and "Backup", without any interferences Advanced hard disc storage technology, enhanced data reliability, extended life cycle of hard disc, no limit on hard disc storage, effectively increase keeping time. Adopt idle disc sleep, minimize hard disc usage, reduce maintenance cost

Super network function and high practicability Support multicast, DDNS, TCP, UDP network transmission protocol selectable, Support LAN ADSL PSTN GPRS; Support transmission simultaneously, without interfere record, playback, preview function; Adopt dual-stream technology, support record baud rate and network baud rate independent; improve the effect of narrow band and mobile network transmission

Multi-channel playback, useful for video analysis and collection evidence Support 4 channel playback, each channel recording can be controlled independently, which provide powerful tool for video analysis and evidence collection

Provide open SDK, which is convenient for system provider to integrate, construct large network surveillance system

Support backup optional mode such as network, local hard disc USB and CDRW to save the important record data

Support controller keyboard remote computer control, easy use and flexible

Operation Menu elegant, friendly use. User can easily control and operate system through controller, front board, remote client software or control center

Video Surveillance System & CCTV 


Features •

High Strength Double Aluminum Alloy Housing, Heatresistant, Corrosion-proof

Imported Acryl Dome Cover High Transparency without Image Infidelity

360 Continuous Rotation at the high speed up to 300 /s

128 presets, 6 cruises , 4 patterns Real-time clock, power on auto restore function

Auto-flip, Focus/speed auto match

Adopt IP66 weatherproof shield Built-in thermautostat

Support RS485/422, AD BI-PHASE and Coaxial, Built-in multi-protocols

Pole Mount Bracket

Built-in TVS 1500V lighting proof and surge-proof

Indoor Wall Mount Bracket

Out door Wall Mount Bracket

Camera Parameters










1/4” Super HAD

1/4” Super HAD

1/4”EXview HAD

1/4” Super HAD

1/4”EXview HAD

1/4”EXview HAD

1/4”EXview HAD

Available Pixel

440K (PAL) 380K (NTSC)

440K (PAL) 380K (NTSC)

420K (PAL) 380K (NTSC)

440K (PAL) 380K (NTSC)

440K (PAL) 380K (NTSC)

440K (PAL) 380K (NTSC)

440K (PAL) 380K (NTSC)


470TV Line

470TV Line

470/520TV Line

470TV Line

470TV Line

480TV Line

480TV Line


22X f=4~88mm

22X f=4~88mm

23X f=3.6~82.8mm f 1.6~F3.7

18X f=4.1~73.8mm f 1.4~F3.0

18X f=4.1~73.8mm

26X f=3.5~91mm

36X f=3.4~112.4mm

Digital Zoom








Zoom Speed








View Angle

47o ~ 2.2o

47o ~ 2.2o

54o ~ 2.5o

48o ~ 2.7o

48o ~ 2.7o

54.2o ~ 2.2o

57.8o ~ 1.7o


Interior/Exterior 0.02Lux


















White Balance


Gain Control


AE Control


Backlight On/Off Compensation

Privacy Mask




Video Output

1.0 ± 0.2Vp-p


Gas Detection for Life

RKI Instruments, Inc. is an innovative gas detection company located in Union City,


California. RKI was established in 1994 by


Sandra Gallagher and myself. We both believe that customers and distributors deserve a reliable source for advanced gas detection equipment as well as solutions to specific gas monitoring applications. RKI is partnered with Riken Keiki Co. Ltd., the world leader in gas detection and sensor technologies. In business for over 65 years, 32

Built around our own high-quality microsensors, the GX-2003 is a unique combination of instruments including a confined space monitor, leak detector, and bar hole sampler all pack aged into one rugged and compact design. While the GX-2003 is predominantly used as a confined space monitor, it can also be equipped

Riken has sold over 600,000 portable and fixed

with three operating

gas monitors worldwide with annual sales ex-


ceeding $180 million. They have over 700 em-

mode monitors con-

ployees, a large number of which are engineers


and scientists. RKI is the exclusive North

(LEL combustibles,

American supplier of Riken products.

oxygen content, car-




Every year, RKI has continued to

bon monoxide, and

achieve a high level of growth which is attrib-

hydrogen sulfide), and it can also measure

uted to our sales and support of Riken products

100% volume methane and dynamically display

and the ability to develop our own line of prod-

either % LEL or % volume with the appropriate

ucts around Riken’s long lasting sensors. This

unit of measure. The second operating mode is

capability of sales, support, and development is

Bar Hole mode, which utilizes a unique sam-

made possible by our seasoned professionals.

pling method to facilitate locating underground

Each RKI employee has an average of 11 years

gas leaks. The third operating mode is Leak

of gas detection experience, and the top 6 ex-

Check mode, which provides a highly sensitive

ecutives combined industry experience totals

ppm level of detection of methane. A special

over 130 years.

variable frequency alarm helps to pinpoint gas

This combination of quality products

leaks without looking at the instrument display.

and knowledgeable supportive people provides

Calibration intervals and reminders are user

you with the ability and opportunity to confi-

adjustable and can be set to either go into alarm

dently face almost any gas monitoring applica-

or to lock the user out of normal measurement

tion, with equipment built to last. When you

mode once a calibration period has expired.

call RKI, you will get solutions and answers to

your gas detection needs.

Gas Detection for Life

GX-2001 SMALLEST FOUR GAS PERSONAL MONITOR The GX-2001 is the smallest 4 gas monitor in the world. Weighing only 6 ounces and about the size of a pager (2.8”H x 2.2”W x 1.1”D), the GX-2001 simultaneously monitors combustibles,


gen, carbon monoxide,



sulfide. All controls and features are operated through 3 simple

hours of continuous operation on alkaline batteries, and methane elimination switch for environmental applications. Each channel has 2 programmable alarm levels plus TWA and STEL for toxic gas sensors. The Eagle is also available with IR sensors for CO2 detection up to 60% volume, methane detection up to 100% volume, and isobutene detection up

glow in the dark buttons. The GX-2001 is de-

to 30% volume. CSA and UL Classified as in-

signed around the same micro sensor technol-

trinsically safe for configurations.

ogy used in the GX-2003, GasWatch 2 and 01Series utilizing catalytic combustion, electro-


chemical and galvanic sensor technologies.

Individuals need personal protection

Data Cal 2000 compatible for automated cali-

in hazardous areas at all times without adding

bration and data downloading.

extra bulky equipment, and the 01 Series can

1 TO 6 (EAGLE)




With over 250 versions available, the Eagle is considered to be the most versatile, rugged, and reliable portable gas monitor on the market. This field proven portable instrument does more than offer standard confined space protection. The EAGLE has a simultaneous read out of up to 6 different gases, a capability never before offered in a portable gas detector. Includes the widest range of detectable toxic gases such as PH3, Cl2, NH3, HCl, HF, O3 and any others. Standard features on the EAGLE include PPM and LEL hydrocarbon detection, auto calibration, an industrial strength internal sampling pump with a 125’

range and automatic low flow pump shut off, 30

provide that kind of protection



affordable price. The GP-01,


CO-01, HS-01 and HS-01S models are single gas monitors designed for personal protection from combustible hydrocarbons, oxygen deficiency, hydrogen sulfide, or carbon monoxide. Each model is controlled by a microprocessor for reliability and advanced capabilities. The 01 models have 2 preset alarms that are user adjustable and each version is also equipped with visual, audible, and vibration alarms as standard. The replacement sensors are inexpensive, easily field replaceable, have a life


Gas Detection for Life


tone sounds and a LED lamp flashes. The tone

Equipped with a watch band, op-

tion. For example, a low gas concentration is

tional belt clip, hard hat clip, or alligator clip,

signaled by a slow beep and a higher gas con-

the GasWatch 2 can be worn either on the

centration by a faster beep. All versions feature a highly sensitive metal oxide semiconductor

or clipped to protec-

(MOS) with a built-in sample drawing pump.

tive wear. The Gas-

The model SP-210 is designed for checking for

Watch 2 is a con-

natural gas or propane leaks around valves or


fittings. It provides an LED bar graph readout



method of gas monitoring for personal protection of oxygen deficiency, carbon monoxide or hydrogen sulfide. The built in vibrator, audible, and visual alarms immediately alert the user of

of gas levels, and it includes a vibration alarm and flow check function.

RI-85 INFRARED CO2 MONITOR The model RI-85 is a compact, light weight portable CO2 monitor with a non-

a dangerous gas condition. GasWatch 2 is con-


trolled by a microprocessor for reliability and

(NDIR) method of

advanced capabilities and will operate for over

detection. This infra-

3,000 hours on one battery (about 1 year nor-

red type of sensor

mal use). And yes, the GasWatch 2 even tells


the time!

accu-rate detection





of CO2 levels from 0 to 10,000 PPM. An inter-

The SP-200 series

tinuous sampling, and the unit operates for 12



hours from one set of batteries. Microprocessor

models for leak de-

controlled, the RI-85 provides average readings

tection of combusti-

over a selected time period and can also display



the peak value detected. This unit is ideal for

gases. The model SP

indoor air quality CO2 breathing levels in



plants or factories and leak checking for CO2

against the leaks of

fire extinguishing equipment. It also provides a

semiconductor proc-

reassuring check after the use of a CO2 fire



ess gases such as PH3, AsH3, B2H6, SiH4 and H2. If a gas leak is detected, an intermittent

frequency is proportional to the gas concentra-

wrist, belt, hard hat,



nal sample drawing pump is utilized for con-



Gas Detection for Life



mitter (2 or 3 wire, 24

The Model RI-413A utilizes non-

VDC). Sensors can be

dispersive infrared absorption (NDIR) technol-

mounted directly at

ogy as a con-venient and inexpensive solution

the Beacon 110 hous-

to the problem of

ing, or can be wired

measuring for halo-

remote from the controller. Housed in a NEMA

carbon vapors like

4X rated case for a weather tight seal, this case

R-11, R-12, R-22,

design complies with most lock out/tag out



standards and can be fully secured. An external

R-502, and R-134A.

reset switch allows the alarm to be silenced

By combining the versatility of a micro-

from outside of the controller housing.

processor and the selectivity of a non-


dispersive infrared analyzer, RKI provides a compact and inexpensive halocarbon monitor for daily use in industrial safety and atmos-

Each halocarbon is characterized by the amount of infrared energy the gas can absorb. Inside the Model RI-413A, a small pump continuously draws a sample of the atmosphere to be tested, through a length of hose and into an infrared chamber. As a result, the halogenated hydrocarbon vapor content is continuously monitored and digitally displayed directly in PPM units, to the nearest 25 PPM.


The RM-580 system is available with up to 12 channels in a wall mount housing making it easy to fit custom space requirements. It

pheric control applications.


is also available as a single channel panel mount version. The brilliant three color bar graph display is from long distances. The RM-580’s display quick and easy to read even changes colors, from green to orange to red, when the alarm set points are activated. For system flexibility, a built-in output signal of 4-20 mA can be used to interface with your existing Programmable

The Beacon 110 is a powerful, low cost fixed

Logic Controllers, (PLC). The RM-580 is com-

system controller for one point of gas detection.

patible with the widest range of detector heads.

It is microprocessor controlled, versatile, sim-

Detector heads can be either diffusion or sam-

ple to install and operate. It is capable of ac-

ple drawing style which will ensure the most

cepting RKI sensors directly for LEL level

accurate delivery of samples given your par-

combustibles, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide or car-

ticular facility or application.

bon monoxide. The Beacon 110 can also accept

any 4-20 mA trans-


Gas Detection for Life


the hinged housing makes it easy to maintain.

drawing gas monitor, including digital readout

The sensor requires only two wires to operate

and alarm relays. A new gas sensor technology

and is quick responding to gas concentrations.

using an intelligent

It can also be installed with any RKI controller,

sensor for remote

or any PLC or system utilizing a 24VDC, 4-20

location calibration

mA, 2 wire loop. A battery is built into the

and setup is used.

housing to ensure that the sensor receives a

The new GD-K77D

constant voltage in the event that power failures

sensors are designed

occur. This eliminates any sensor warm up

to provide a longer


time period between calibrations. Calibration intervals can be up to 12 months of on-line



service which equates to reduced maintenance


cost. In addition, the sensors can be calibrated


example in a service area or offsite. This elimi-


nates the inconvenience of bringing calibration

readout or where a relay control is needed. Lon



GD-K8A sensor head is a diffusion style head that is ideally suited to meet your gas detection needs. With over 20 detectable gases to choose from, each long lasting sensor has a life expectancy of 2-6 years. These sensors cover a wide variety of applications. The complete sensor housing is only one and a half inches thick, so it can be installed in areas with tight space requirements. Its easy to install and




PPB and PPM levels of a wide variety of gases. Each model is equipped with easily replaceable tapes that are specific to the gas being monitored. Each model is equipped with a digital

works and Device-Net versions available.



free detection at low

gases into the fab or monitoring location. GD-

tem and is ideal for applications needing a local


highly sensitive col-

away from the gas detector installation, for

K77D easily connects to an existing PLC sys-


display showing the type of gas and concentration in either PPM or PPB. Each model also displays a tape remainder as well as an end of tape alarm.

Measurement Instruments‐Temperature, Humidity, Barometric  Pressure  Transmitters and Loggers



Measurement Instruments‐Temperature, Humidity, Barometric  Pressure  Transmitters and Loggers 

APPLICATIONS • Transport of food or pharmaceuticals • Food and beverages industry (HACCP) • Pharmaceutical industry, blood stations, pharmacies • HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, cooling) • Building and energy management • Research and development, Laboratories (GLP) • Warehouses • Technological processes • Museums, archives, galleries Loggers are designed for record of temperature or in combination with signal from a contact. Values are stored to a nonVolatile memory. Data transfer to the PC is performed via serial interface RS232, USB or Ethernet by means of a proper adapter or GSM modem.

TEMPERATURE LOGGERS Loggers are designed for record of temperature or in combination with signal from a contact. Values are stored to a non volatile memory. Data transfer to the PC is performed via serial interface RS232, USB or Ethernet by means of a proper adapter or GSM modem.

Logger S0141 (S0841) with USB adapter


USB Interface

Serial Interface

S3120 Logger

Loggers for Current 0-20mA, voltage 0-5Vdc and binary signal

Temperature Data loggers with Built-In Printer

Temperature Data loggers with Built-In Printer

Start/Stop Magnet

Thermo-hygrometer S3121 Commeter Thermometers, Hygrometers, Barometers for Direct Measurement and Logging

Thermo-hygrometer C/D3121, Thermo-hygro-barometer C/ D4141


Measurement Instruments‐Temperature, Humidity, Barometric  Pressure  Transmitters and Loggers




Logger S0141 (S0841) with USB adapter


Fast response surface probe for flat surface type CP 500 -65 to 500°C`

Fast penetration needle probe for soft materials type CZ 550 -65 to 550°C

Penetration needle probe for soft materials type CZ 900 -65 to 1000°C

Insertion probe for fluids and gases type GT1150 -50 to 1150°C

SNP03 extension cable type "K" with connectors up to 200°C, duplex insulated. SNP03/0 extension cable type "K" with one female connector up to 200°C, duplex insulated. For monitoring system MS5. Subminiature connector up to +200°C for thermocouples J, K, S (please specify thermocouple type) male, female

Intelligent Motor Controller & Energy Saver

INTELLIGENT MOTOR CONTROL WHO IS IT FOR? Any company that operates AC induction motor driven systems can benefit from Powerboss. In reality, many motors are working significantly below their design capacity resulting in high levels of inefficiency.

respond – supplying full power to the motor if required in 1/100th of a second. Motor speed and full torque potential are not adversely affected in any way. Soft start and soft stop is incorporated on all 3 phase Powerboss units. The robust soft start, capable of over 250 starts per day,

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monitor and reduce

boss can do just that! Successful Powerboss installations can be found within factories, offices, hospitals, airports, convenience stores and supermarkets – from the smallest corner shop – to the largest industrial complex. Substantial improvements can be made to air conditioning, refrigeration, escalators, presses, compressors, hydraulics, saws, injection moulding, pumps, conveyors and crushers…to name but a few.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Utilizing a powerful micro processor embedded with unique control software, Powerboss provides a simple and effective control solution to most fixed speed applications. By constantly monitoring the ‘efficiency’ of the motor Powerboss ensures that the input power to the motor is matched exactly to the load as it changes. Even the slightest variations in demand will be sensed and Powerboss will



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enormous energy savings opportunity. Power-


cally reduces stress

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variable load conditions, you would open up an



transmissions. By eliminating high inrush currents, maximum demand can be reduced. Power factor will also be improved. Furthermore, Somar have also developed a revolutionary ‘Dynamic Software Optimizer’ which enables an engineer, on commissioning a unit, to choose from an extensive library of tried and tested application specific software solutions. These include Kick Star t, Plug Braking, Timed Cutoff, Stored Energy, Signal Optimization and Belt Breakage Protection to name but a few... These unique performance enhancing features have, in many cases, doubled the expected energy savings, and further increased equipment reliability, safety and efficacy. In short - Powerboss will give the motor the exact amount of power it needs at any instant in time – no more, no less.

WHAT DOES IT COST? From the very first moment of installation Powerboss will be paying for itself entirely out

Intelligent Motor Controller & Energy Saver

increasing profits! Furthermore, where a spe-

electrical energy, accounting for 70% of all

cific soft-start need has been identified, Power-

industrial electricity used. Not surprisingly they

boss will provide a comprehensive turn-key

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unique energy saving software it will ultimately

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est abuser of energy. Many forward think-

Motors are unable to intelligently match the



power they consume to the job of work they do.

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In many applications much of the energy

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consumed is unnecessarily wasted in the form

benefits of Powerboss

of excess heat, vibration and noise. These

often resulting in board decisions in favour of

‘losses’ then compound to create still further

large installation programs.

problems, which can be time consuming and


Powerboss is suitable for a wide variety of

expensive to rectify.

applications and in many instances savings

Now at last, by using Powerboss, you can

have been exceptionally high. Naturally, results

dramatically improve overall efficiency provid-

will vary depending on several factors, but

ing a safer and more reliable operation with

even a smaller saving will still provide a 100%

substantial reductions in both energy consump-

guaranteed return on investment.

tion and maintenance costs.

Substantial reductions in kilowatt-hours and maximum demand charges, as well as reduced maintenance costs, have combined to guarantee customer satisfaction – with a speedy payback – often less than two years.

INTELLEGENT ENERGY SAVING Controlling the cost of energy is without doubt one of the greatest challenges facing industry today as companies come under increasing pressure to remain competitive in the new global economy.



Less Downtime – Increased Production… Reduced Maintenance – Less Costs… Reduced Energy – Increased Profit!

Powerboss is the mature solution – Profit through intelligence.


Non‐Invasive AMR Systems

Xemtec has developed its breakthrough Retina






performance, cost-effective scanners, automated meter reading systems (AMR) and other applications. The company offers the technology as ready-to-install modules to utilities and meter reading service providers, as well as to OEM partners. Xemtec is a spin-off of the Swiss Center for Electron-ics and Microtechnology (CSEM), and has a strategic technology partnership with this world-renowned high-tech research and development center.


COMET – OPTICAL SENSING AMR MODULE The most cost effective way to convert your mechani-cal meters for AMR (Automated Meter Reading) has finally arrived, and the conversion takes just seconds! At last it is now possible to introduce AMR infra-structure without having to jettison current, proven mechanical technology. Just snap the installation-ready Xemtec Comet module onto any electricity, gas or water meter, and you have a smart communi-cating device offer-


ing a variety of system interfaces (e.g. low-

Comet XPS-60 Module with pulse output and a serial interface Comet XR-60 Module with low-power RF Comet XCEL-60 Module with GSM/GPRS Comet XMB-60 Module with M-BUS interface

power RF, GSM/GPRS, M-Bus). This has been made possible through Xemtec‘s unique OCR Retina technology, the only solution on the market able to achieve this breakthrough.

Electricity Meters

Company KRIZIK GBI, a.s. follows traditions of its founders in the area of measuring technology. Roots of these traditions have started in 1947. On 1997 pro-


duction of components and parts in the field of light mechanical engineering began as well. POLYPHASE ELECTROMECHANICAL ELECTRICITY METERS

The type series ET 32 and ET 42 polyphase electricity meters are designed for electric energy measurement in threephase systems in house services, industrial premises as well as

in distribution net-

works with frequency of 50 or 60 Hz, reference voltage up to 500V and balanced or unbalanced loading. The meters are available for both direct and indirect ways of connection, and both watthour (active energy measurement) and varhour (reactive energy measurement) versions. The meters are of the induction type and of accuracy classes 2 or 1 according to STN EN 6205211, STN EN 62053-11 Standard Specification (watthour-meters), accuracy class 3 according to IEC 60145 (varhourmeters) and meet also the requirements of other standards derived from IEC. Current and voltage ranges and the meter case’s types are delivered in accordance with demands of the customer.


Static Measurement

EDMI has established itself in the metering industry as a premium designer and manufacturer of innovative and technologically advanced electronic energy meters and metering systems. EDMI has an extensive range of products for use across all sectors of the electricity market and for use in submetering and energy management applications. EDMI is accredited to the latest quality standards and is committed to supplying products of the highest standard and providing outstanding customer service. EDMI has offices and customer service centres in Singapore, Australia, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and has appointed sales agents in Europe, ASEAN, the Middle East and Africa. EDMI continues to grow on the back of its innovative product development and high quality service and support. EDMI is well placed to provide the industry with feature rich, future proof metering solutions that ensure the customer is getting great value out of their metering asset purchase.




Accuracy • Class 0.2S & 0.5S (IEC 60687) Voltage • Nominal - 57 to 240V (phase to neutral) • Burden - <10VA / phase @ Vn (3 phase), as per IEC 62053-61, 1998 • Frequency 45-55 Hz Current • C.T. Range - 1/4A and 5/20A • Short time over-current - 20 times the Imax for 0.5 seconds • Starting current - <0.10% of In • Burden - <0.5VA/phase Auxiliary Supply Options • 240V, 110V (others available on special order)

Measurement Modes • 3 phase 3 wire • 3 phase 4 wire Measured Energy Values • 3 element, 4 quadrant • Import/Export Wh, varh and VAh • Absolute Wh, varh and VAh Other Measured and Displayed Values • Power: W, var, VA • True RMS Voltage (3 phase) • True RMS Current (3 phase) • Power factor • Frequency • Phasor angles

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