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REVIEWERS AND VENUES NEEDED! Following a very successful first 12 months we’re looking to expand AD Music both in content and distribution. Despite the numerous people who already help produce this lovely fanzine (just over forty, in case you were wondering) we are still lacking in a couple of places and really want to encourage you to get involved.

This is what my lounge looks like AL Music Network Developer for Cheltenham & Fanzine Monkey It’s June and we’re about to hit halfway through the year. That means it’s festival season! What does that mean for the county? Well, we’ve got Wychwood Festival starting this month, the Cheltenham Music Festival, Gloucester Park Festival, 2000 Trees, Angelfest in Coleford, numerous Fringe Festivals as well as a whole host of gigs happening from Westonbirt up to Tewkesbury. Basically, a lot.

CIRENCESTER We’re looking for contributors to provide us with coverage of gigs in the area and any opportunities there are for musicians and bands. We’re also looking to distribute the magazine in the area once we have some Ciren-based content and listings, so any suggestions would be very welcome! FOREST OF DEAN We are lucky enough to have distribution and listings already in the Forest but we want more reviews and opinions about what’s going on from you. Feature/review writers would especially be welcome. TEWKESBURY Again, we are looking for contributors and distribution in the area. If you want to review gigs, write articles or know somewhere you’d like to see AD Music – get in touch.

We’ve also had a bit of a sporadic time in getting AD Music about recently. Supporting the festivals means we’ve had odd print runs and we’ll only be doing two issues over summer (June & August), with normal service resuming in September. Don’t worry though – all extra bits and pieces (reviews/listings) will be going out via all the normal systems and we’ll even bang up an online copy in between to keep you all happy.

Being a non-profit initiative we don’t pay but can get you into gigs and publish your work. Please contact Amelia if you want to contribute anything to this fanzine here:

If you feel like sending us anything in between now and then, just send us a message at the usual addresses. Alternatively email me directly and I promise to reply on

BBC Gloucestershire Introducing… is the show for your new music. Every Saturday from 5:30pm on BBC Radio Gloucestershire, you can hear the tastiest new cuts of unsigned music from across the county. We might have only been on-air since the beginning of October, but the response has been fantastic with shed loads of you uploading your tracks at – keep em comin’! Every Saturday night from 5:30pm - tune in to BBC Radio Gloucestershire and turn it up LOUD. That's the time when we play your music - whatever the style or genre you're working in... We're eclectic like that. But there's more - we've just plugged in the last DI box, put up the microphone stands and grappled with a flashy rectangular box thingy and voila! We now have a digital, multi-track, non-linear, low-fat music recording space - our live sessions are going to sound better than ever and we're planning to do even more of them! Get in touch if you've got what it takes: Rob Champion presents ‘BBC Gloucestershire Introducing…’ every Saturday from 5:30pm on BBC Radio Gloucestershire 104.7, 95, 95.8 FM, 1413 AM and on the BBC iPlayer

The Cotswold Inn Good Shoes at Gloucester Guildhall April 23rd Words: Modesty Blaise

Good Shoes, if I were to describe them as a pair of shoes it would probably be a coloured Brogue, devilishly stylish at first sight and tyrannically individual. However after not too long it becomes more and more apparent that, as the shiny veneer fades and the colour becomes slightly more worn, that these shoes were in fact not all they were cracked up to be in the first place. Their constantly paced Pop never fails to keep you up on your feet though, like a cooler Uncle to The Hives, slowing things up but still keeping that energy. Rhys’ voice has a nonchalant quality that feels frustrated with being bored and these feelings are portrayed in the lyrics as well. Certainly the crowd is neither bored nor frustrated as I can feel the floor bouncing violently underneath my feet yet it seems they get not a lot back from their enthusiasm. Perhaps it is I who does not understand that this is now what cool looks like, an almost vain level of pretence before absolute adoring hysteria but come on, it can’t just be me, where is the appeal in that? All bemusement and disappointment with the lack of that live excitement you normally feel aside, if you close your eyes, the tunes do speak for themselves. Maybe this is where the excitement comes from, a sheer love for some intelligently crafted Pop songs that have an edge of integrity over most, it certainly instils a sense of happiness in me. So here is my tip – buy Good Shoes new album, then the old one, (in order to avoid disappointment in their progression) but live I would say it was more Clarks than Russell & Bromley. More info?

Portland Street, Cheltenham Otis Mack & The Tubby Bluesters at The Cotswold Inn 17th April Words: Katherine Bayly With his back turned to the audience, Otis Mack seemed to be much more interested in the volume of his mic than the people he was meant to be entertaining. Fiddling with the deck throughout the first song, Elvis’ All Shook Up, Otis Mack showed that his front man and entertainment abilities were a bit of a shambles. I would like you to now picture your dad (or grandad) doing karaoke after a few pints. This was what watching Otis Mack perform was like. His singing wasn’t exactly top notch for what’s needed to sing the blues. His attempt to put power and emotion into his voice ended up sounding like your dad after a few pints in the local, singing and swaying, when he thinks he can be the next Elvis... The front man’s lack of talent luckily didn’t spoil the fantastic musicianship of the others, The Tubby Bluesters. The guitarist was outstanding at playing the blues and showed off his flair for soloing. The drummer, who was a stand in for the usual one, was mesmerising to watch. His timing was perfect and held the rest of the band together excellently. Unfortunately, you found your attention being taken away from the band and placed on Otis who was at the front jumping and jiggling which supposedly was meant to be him dancing. They performed covers such as Fleetwood Mac’s version of Need Your Love So Bad and Howlin Wolf’s Red Rooster. The only thing this band should do is invest in a new front man and it would be nowhere but up from there.

Kim Cypher 20th April Words: Katherine Bayly The dim lighting, dark red walls and candles on the dainty tables set the scene for The Kim Cypher Band. It was like walking in to an old American jazz bar and I wasn’t disappointed. The band’s sound echoed around the room with the type of jazz that instantly chills you out after a hectic day. With a great mix of smooth and soft jazz leading to the more classic funky songs such as Grover Washington’s, ‘Just the Two of Us’, this band really knows how to put on a capturing performance. Their performance was about as tight as you can get. The saxophone, played by Kim Cypher herself, added an immense texture to the songs. Her ability to play both soft and strong notes was perfect. Adding a twist to the night, they played songs without vocals allowing every note from every musician on the stage to shine. It did slip into the type of music you hear in a posh elevator at one point and I couldn’t help wondering when the singer would make her next appearance. It felt like all the songs merged into one without the lyrics there to distinguish the change. Neverthelees, the singer, Angie, had a powerful and soulful voice which could have set alight the songs if she didn’t hold back some of the forcefulness in her vocals. It felt like she was restraining herself so as to not take the attention away from the musicians. But being a huge fan of jazz music, I can only say that this band brought a smile to my face. As soon as I entered the room and heard the first few notes, I knew they would be great and I wasn’t let down. Another fantastic band from the local area.

Promenade, Cheltenham

Kissy Sellout 27th March Words: Milly Chowles I can remember the first time I heard Kissy Sellout on the radio and thinking “wow!” His style is truly innovative and blends an insane mix of every kind of music I’ve ever been into; rock, rave, grunge, grime, happy hardcore, wonky, drum and bass, acid house, indie, electro... I could go on listing almost every genre from the last thirty years, but you get the idea. I’ve listened to his late night shows for years but never seen him live. To say I was a bit excited about seeing him DJ at Subtone would be an understatement. I arrived unfashionably early and the resident Cool Cut C is already playing a stonking set of crowd pleasing floor fillers. The sound system tonight is turned up to LOUD. The sub bass is so powerful it shudders your bones and reverberates deep in to your guts, just how it should. I was expecting an army of hi-top wearing flouro kids but the crowd at Subtone are an unpretentious, mixed bunch. When Kissy arrives and takes to the decks it really starts to go off. Everyone surges forward and the dance-floor begins to resemble a moshpit. If you know Kissy’s style you know to expect a seemingly random selection of tunes seamlessly chopped up and thrown in to the neon coloured mix. Kissy’s influences know no boundaries and tonight is no different, from early nineties grunge (L7), glam rock (T-Rex), even some commercial house (Benny Bennassi’s -Satisfaction) makes an appearance. It seems he has no time for genre barriers or musical snobbery, if it rocks (or raves) he’s playing it. His persona is exuberant, high energy and good humoured which shines through in the music he plays. It’s easy to see the skill and passion that got him noticed by Radio One, this man loves what he does and it’s infectious. The filthy electro and jacking beats keep me dancing till I ache. The A-trak remix of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s he drops is simply awesome and yet another hands in the air moment ensues. My one thought tonight is the same as when I first heard him and that is simply –“wow!” More?

New Cheltenham Label gets busy… Cheltenham based record label Kiss My Face Records have announced the first signings to their brand new label. The acts that have been officially announced last month are local bands covering a wide range of musical genres. The first artists to be signed to Kiss My Face Records are:Indie Ska fusion 6 piece Coxon’s Riot. Stroud based Indie rockers The Crowd, alternative folk singer/songwriter Ed Donavon. The roster also include acoustic songstress Amy Spencer as well as folk talent Ryan Martin. All of the artists will feature on Kiss My Face Record’s first release, which will be a showcase EP of all the local bands. The EP will be launched at the end of April and will be accompanied by artwork from students at The University of Gloucestershire. Label Manager Stefan Edwards said “It’s a really exciting time for us. We have spent a lot of time getting to grips with the running of a record label but we are really looking forward to this first release. All of the acts are completely different, but it just goes to show how much talent we have right on our doorstep.” The CD will be available to buy online through iTunes and other online retailers, as well as local Gloucestershire record shops. The official launch of the EP will be at the end of April and will be celebrated with a launch party held at The Frog and Fiddle, Cheltenham. Kiss My Face Records are still looking for local bands to add to their roster, but are also looking to expand and sign acts from all over the country. They also have plans to release full length EPs from some of their new signings who already have the material ready to do this.

Find out more about KMF Records at

ON MY PLAYLIST – Rob Champion In a final salute to a man who has done so much for us here at AD Music, we finally pinned down BBC Introducing Gloucestershire DJ, Rob Champion who has managed to (after much deliberation!) chose five of his most memorable plays on our local radio show. “It’s not easy choosing just five! But these are my favourite tracks from BBC Gloucestershire Introducing...” WTF - Love and Lies This reminds me of many a long blurry night in capital during my student days. Audiophobe - Wells Run Dry I love this guy's voice and the way he manages to fuse so many different genres together in one track, resulting in a chaotic, hectic, busy sound. Head bobbing, foot tapping and the occasional finger click are mandatory when listening to this one! Sam Holmes - Fool For Love The first track I ever played on BBC Introducing, so it will always have a special something about it. I remember how nervous I was waiting to do my first link after it finished! Aspen Sails - So Pretty The simplicity and raw naked emotion in this one always get me going. Harmonies that cut right though you. Just pure class. The Divine Secret – Deacus You've got to have one to get a bit crazy to! Heavy riffage and angst never sounded so effortless.

Tune in to BBC Radio Gloucestershire (104.7FM) On Saturday at 5:30 to hear the latest and greatest from our scene.

DO YOU WANT TO ADVERTISE HERE? If you have anything to do with music/art/promotions and you are based in Gloucestershire we’ll happily carry any advertisement you wish to make. We are ridiculously cheap and some cases you might even get it free if it’s for charity or is of great benefit to many!

For more information, get in touch with Amelia at the email address below.

Want to contribute? Very much like this section states every month, we like listings, reviews, editorial, previews, pictures, art, cartoons and would like to fill these pages with things you care about. We‘d love to hear about anything to do with live music in the county really and can help with anything from promoting you here to getting you reviewed, played on student and local radio, putting you in touch with venues, musicians and artists across the county and just about anything else you can think of! Want to advertise? Put your gig posters in with the mag for distribution? Ask what our favourite kind of cheese is? You can contact Amelia – our lovely PR girl on AD Music Editor Andrew Lansley | PR/Listings Amelia Scognamiglio | Cover Design Dan Cooper | Listings Design Robbie Pert | Listings Contributor Ollie West | Staff Writer Lotte Lawrence | Staff Writer Rose Churchill | Comic Strip Courtesy of K-Bomb Comics | Thanks to all the people who contributed to issue five, special thanks (again) goes to Claire Leadbeater @ The University of Gloucestershire for organising the funding and production of this work. Produced in conjunction with AfterDark. AfterDark Editor Justin Box | All work remains property of the original owner, used with permission. Reproduction in whole or any part (especially the listings) of this fanzine would be awesome as it’s great to spread the word people, just make sure you credit the fanzine : )

The se p eo ple l ove an d su pp ort li v e loca l musi c in Glouce st ershir e, we hop e you do too !

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