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Hello! Firstly (and foremost) Merry Christmas! Yes it is that time of year already; time to fill up on mice pies, booze, turkey and sprouts. It is also time for AD Music’s first Issue of the Academic Year but last of 2010. I know it’s been a while, but we are back up and running and don’t we have a corker of an issue for you! This month we are taking a look back over 2010 at all of the lovely musical delights that Gloucestershire has had to offer. We have reviews from the Cheltenham Jazz Festival and all of Gloucestershire’s finest venues, including Young Guns at the Gloucester Guildhall (page 4) and Spunge at The Frog and Fiddle (page 9)! We also have your trusty Gig Listings for December which is jam-packed full of festive delights for you all to enjoy and a very special ‘Year in Pictures’ collage by the wonderful Miss Midwinter on page 10! Looking forward to 2011 Gloucestershire is already booking up some awesome bands for the New Year so keep your eyes peeled for the next issue of AD Music to keep you in the loop! Finally I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year! Amelia x (The new AD Music Editor)

We Need You! We are always looking for news and reviews for AD Music from lovely people like you! Being a non-profit initiative we don’t pay but can get you into gigs and publish your work. Please contact Amelia if you want to contribute anything to this fanzine here:

The Gloucestershire Music Scene

December obviously brings festivities in the shape of all things Christmassy, and this is no different in the Gloucestershire Music Scene! Cheltenham sees ‘The Suffolks Snowy Christmas Carols’ but most importantly Santa will be in The Brewery Cheltenham along with Rudolph and some more of his Reindeers. Elsewhere in Gloucestershire Gloucester’s ‘Christmas Showboat ‘ promises a night of musical delights! There are also some great events (nonChristmas related) that the county has to offer this month. Buster Bloodvessel will be storming into The Gloucester Guildhall with the rest of bad Manners on Wednesday 8th. Just 2 days later member of another legendary British ska band The Specials’ Neville Staple will be playing at the Gloucester Guildhall on Friday 10th. It’s not just Gloucester bringing some great talent to the county, Cheltenham race Course plays host to Jools Holland with special guests including Alison Moyet on Wednesday the 22nd. As always The 2pigs will be showcasing some of the county’s finest young talent with Too Far Fallen on Saturday 11th and Emmett Brown on Friday 17th. The Night Owl this month sees American hard rock band Enuff Z Nuff paying a visit to Cheltenham with support from the Night Owl’s old friends The Gypsy Pistoleros on Friday 10th. If all of this doesn’t keep you busy enough on these cold and snowy nights then head over to our listings pages and check out what else is going on in Gloucestershire. But remember wrap up warm!

AL Music Network Developer for Cheltenham Hello you. Probably worth me throwing in a few words now that I’ve been demoted (or promoted) to p3… My job is as a Music Network Developer for Cheltenham and this fanzine is one of the bits that I’m involved in. In this network we have over 250 contacts for everything from promoters and venues to artists and designers; if it’s got something to do with music in Gloucestershire, chances are we’ll know about – if we don’t then we’d love to! Over the next twelve months we’re really hoping to ramp things up and provide a better service and forum that ever before. We’re putting up a new website and with new staff and contacts, we’ve never been in a better position to help people involved in music around the fair old county of Gloucestershire. Check out the blog I keep in fair order:

BBC Gloucestershire Introducing… is the show for your new music. Every Saturday from 5:30pm on BBC Radio Gloucestershire, you can hear the tastiest new cuts of unsigned music from across the county. We might have only been on-air since the beginning of October, but the response has been fantastic with shed loads of you uploading your tracks at – keep em comin’! Every Saturday night from 5:30pm - tune in to BBC Radio Gloucestershire and turn it up LOUD. That's the time when we play your music - whatever the style or genre you're working in... We're eclectic like that. But there's more - we've just plugged in the last DI box, put up the microphone stands and grappled with a flashy rectangular box thingy and voila! We now have a digital, multi-track, non-linear, low-fat music recording space - our live sessions are going to sound better than ever and we're planning to do even more of them! Paul Moss presents ‘BBC Gloucestershire Introducing…’ every Saturday from 5:30pm on BBC Radio Gloucestershire 104.7, 95, 95.8 FM, 1413 AM and on the BBC iPlayer

The 2 Pigs Review of the Year – INSTILL, Nuk Chorris & Cars on Fire

looking microphone, which the faux-American front man used to see who wanted a free fudge bar. Free chocolate aside I expected a little something more from my first Instill experience

The Gloucester Guildhall review of the Year – Young Guns Words: Jack Higgins Pictures: Michelle Midwinter 22/10/2010 Friday night at the 2 pigs played host to Instill with support from Nuk Chorris and Cars on Fire From The off, front man Ali Ross took no prisoners launching himself at the crowd timidly positioned 10 meters back from the stage. The performance from Cars on Fire was solid and energetic as expected, playing tracks from their mini Album 'Dig Your Own Grave' plus a new from the eagerly awaited full length disc out in the New Year a manic performance, I strongly recommend catching them live! Next up to face the sea of empty space in front of the stage was 3 piece rock outfit Nuk Chorris (ahhh see what they did?!) A nice breather after the audio bloodbath from the Cars on Fire boys. Firm punky riffs gave them a vintage rock sound coupled with powerstances all round. A short performance but nonetheless a satisfying one! By this point it was clear that there must have been an invisible 'reserved' sign in the empty space noticeable to fans on Instill who swiftly moved forward as the band struck up! I can only describe Instill by comparing to them to baked beans...they both appear to be popular to a lot of people, but like their little orange counter-parts, I can’t stand them! Musically they were very tight and performed well to a crowd made up of solely their own fans, but the only thing I really enjoyed, was my inner geek being treated to the sight of a rather expensive

Words: Jenny Duffy Picture: Jenny Duffy Dedicated fans are something Young Guns can be proud to say is what they have. Even at 6pm, over an hour before the doors open for the venue, they are queuing in their masses, and it was clear they were there purely to see YG. The supports, SpyCatcher and Minutes fitted the line up really well, managed to fill up most of the venue and played their music very well to a new audience.

After a bit of a set time problem, Young Guns took to the stage. Walking on to cheesy intro music just made the fans become more in the moment. In my opinion, YG killed it. Playing their biggest songs with a taster of some new material in between was a perfect way of giving their fans something to look forward to. The biggest songs of the night had to be the more commercial ones, Weight of the World and Crystal Clear left the crowd cheering endlessly. They played perfectly and managed to keep the audience interested the whole time with a very thought out set list, and makes all the difference if you're still an upcoming band. One downside to the night was the lack of communication between the band and the audience, but with quite a short time to fit in all their 'hits', they compromised well.

Interview of the Year – The Divine Secret (RIP)

The 2010 Cheltenham Jazz Festival Review of the Year – Imelda May

The Band: Joe - Singer/Guitar Ben - drummer Barny – Bass One of Cheltenham’s much loved bands, earlier in the year AD Music spoke to The Divine Secret and here’s what happened . . . AD - So, take us back to the day it all began, when did you realize music/performing was the thing for you? Joe: For me it was when I was about eleven and did a perfomance at school and everyone went crazy the buzz was definately something I thought I could get used too Ben: When my dad used to tell me stories of when he was on the road touring europe sounded like something I`d definately want to do Barny: Probably at 14 when I realised being in a band was possible/plausable AD - What are your musical influences? Ben: Queens Of The Stoneage/Reuben/Glassjaw/ The Mars Volta Barny: Incubus/Cyprus Hill/Suicidal Tendencies/Deftones Joe: Skunk Anansie/Thisgirl/Incubus/Queens Of The Stoneage AD - What is your song writing process? DS - Its pretty organic we`ll just get together at rehearsals and build together a riff, hear a beat and this can usually be turned into a tune AD - Scholars and Gentleman Ep which contains the awesome `Wham Bam` track! How did the Ep come about? And how do you decide on the track listing for this release? DS - We`d just been signed to ravenblack and they wanted a release, we were desperate for some `industry level recordings` so we just went and did it really no real major thought process behind it we just put them in the order we thought sounded best ha! AD - Have you got plans for an album release in the near future? DS - Oh most definately, were gunna write more first (obviously, man can not live on big tings alone) so it maybe a while AD - Exposure Music Awards - The Divine Secrets won best Indie Track with Deacus, what did this mean for you? and were there any before the gig rituals? DS - Winning was cool cause its rare we win anything lol, but we don’t really have any rituals before we play just rehearsing lol its the best one we find AD - The Divine Secrets have great stage presence and recently I saw Joe playing on drums and was surprised to see they were still standing after the set, what is your favourite instrument and why? Joe: I love both drums and guitar equally, I think of them as my two children and I’m told your not allowed to love one child more than the other AD - How do you relax now and if money was no object, would it change you? DS -!!!lol lots of things Ben: Money changes everyone i.e your perspective Barny: Yeah course it would I think I`d lead a more comfortable life so I`d be a more comfortable person Joe: Yeah Id live in a massive converse all star shoe like that woman from the rhyme

Words: Amelia Scognamiglio Picture: 29/04/2010 The Cheltenham Jazz Festival has become internationally renowned and respected and is a must in the county’s musical calendar. This year’s festival saw Jamie Cullum as the festival’s Guest Director and Paloma Faith, but my personal highlight was the truly fantastic Imelda May! Imelda May’s recognition has boomed in recent years (and quite rightly so!) her second appearance at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival saw Imelda and her band play in the Cheltenham Jazz Arena for the 2010 Festival.

The show was sold out and in order to watch one of my favourite bands I was sneaked in through the back entrance and stood in the doorway for the entire set. But this did not deter me from enjoying a faultless performance by Imelda and the band. The set included old favourites from Imelda’s second, but first major album ‘Love Tattoo’ as well as previews from her up and coming album ‘Mayhem’ As you would expect from a Cheltenham Jazz Festival audience, not once did they rise from their seats until the encore, where some gentle prompting from the band finally caused them to get on their feet for a spectacular cover of Soft Cell’s Tainted Love. Highlights from the set included ‘Knock 123’ which is accompanied by a personal story from Imelda and her lively performances of ‘Johnny Got a Boom Boom’ and ‘Smotherin Me’. Imelda’s new album ‘Mayhem’ is out now and has just released a new single ‘Kentish Town Waltz’ from the album.

The Frog and Fiddle Review of the Year – [Spunge] Words: Jack Higgins When the legends [Spunge] came to headline at the frog and fiddle in Cheltenham, they seemed to have dragged the whole of Cheltenham out with them! The show kicked off with local ska band, I Call a Strike, who despite their obvious youth clearly knew what they were doing, they were very entertaining and got the first few skanking moves in the crowd going, great choice of band to open tonight’s show! Bridging the gap between I call a strike and [Spunge], were Swindon based Ska/Punk trio Slagerij, who laid on an onslaught of tracks from their debut, self titled album, plus a few tracks from their forth coming release. There is no denying that the Slagerij boys hold the crowd in the palm of their hands as their mix of belting tracks and onstage antics have the crowd thoroughly entertained. Finally, to a crowd that seemed to have tripled in size since the beginning, [Spunge] began. They played songs from their classic albums and had the crowd singing along to almost every word. During the set they also announced they are to be releasing some new material, which certainly generated a buzz of excitement between the crowd of their fans. The night ended with [Spunge] finishing on their biggest hits, which had the walls of The Barn sweating, which to anyone who’s been there will know is a pretty mean feat.

Playlist Of The Year – Charlie Baxter “I’m a one-man electro punky pop act from Cheltenham. Influenced by a variety of classic and contemporary electronic music, I mix rock guitars with 80s synths and dance floor beats to hopefully create a fresh sound and some catchy songs” - Charlie Charlie has recently started his own independent record label, Pink Shoe Records, through which he has released his debut album Girls, Guitars & Glowsticks. Don’t mess with Charlie - he’s James Madrox

The XX- Islands A perfect pop song, I can’t stop listening to it! Beautiful melodies, haunting vocals, great guitar sound. The simplest ideas work the best; it truly is a lesson in great song writing.

Duran Duran- Planet Earth A guilty pleasure but I love a bit of 80s synth pop. It might be cheesy but you can’t resist it! People (including me) are still ripping this stuff off for good reason!

Ellie Goulding- Under The Sheets (Jakwob remix) Absolutely huge dance floor track! This remix totally eclipses the original track. It takes the dub step blueprint and messes it up in a delightful way. This is definitely my club choice!

Explosions In The Sky- Your Hand In Mine. These guys craft incredible, emotional songs with perfectly simple and euphoric guitar melodies. Put the EP on whilst driving back from a gig or night out, it’s relaxing and uplifting at the same time.

Klaxons- Golden Skans. Klaxons started the keyboards in rock music thing for me. Their debut album has been a real influence. Dig this out to remember how amazing it is and be inspired to release a new record!

Want to contribute? Very much like this section states every month, we like listings, reviews, editorial, previews, pictures, art, cartoons and would like to fill these pages with things you care about. We‘d love to hear about anything to do with live music in the county really and can help with anything from promoting you here to getting you reviewed, played on student and local radio, putting you in touch with venues, musicians and artists across the county and just about anything else you can think of! Want to advertise? Put your gig posters in with the mag for distribution? Ask what our favourite kind of ham is? You can contact Amelia – AD Music Editor Amelia Scognamiglio | PR/Listings Amelia Scognamiglio | Cover Design Mr Robbie Pert | Listings Design Robbie Pert | Listings Contributor Ollie West | Staff Writer Jenny Duffy | Staff Writer Jack Higgins | Year in Pictures Courtesy of Michelle Midwinter | Thanks to all the people who contributed to issue five, special thanks (again) goes to Claire Leadbeater @ The University of Gloucestershire for organising the funding and production of this work. Produced in conjunction with AfterDark. AfterDark Editor Justin Box | All work remains property of the original owner, used with permission. Reproduction in whole or any part (especially the listings) of this fanzine would be awesome as it’s great to spread the word people, just make sure you credit the fanzine : )

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