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Fifteen Percent of our Student Body is from Canada There has never been a better time to pursue your education at UWS

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ality educati on - Canadian provincial lo ans available to UWS stude nts - Favorable exchange ra te - $500 inte rnational st udent grant per q uarter



- Portland, Oregon ran ked “greenest city in America” by Po pular Science - Ranked “6th fittest city in America” by Men’s Fitness - Biking, hiking, cultu ral events, beaches nearby, and lots more!

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esults Compone nt A American Colleges: 75%, UWS Compone : 100% nt B American Colleges: 75%, UWS Compone : 83% nt C American Colleges: 77%, UWS Canadian Chiroprac : 94% tic Examin ing Boar d 2009-201

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2900 NE 132nd Ave Portland, OR 97230

UWS - Canadian Postcard  

The Canadian postcard designed for the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon. The size is 6" x 11".