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All You Need To Know About The Applications And Advantages of High Aspect Ratio Probes High aspect ratio probes are also known as CCHAR, which is an abbreviation for carbon core high-aspect ratio probes. These probes are used in complex applications like atomic force microscopy. These precision probes are designed and developed with a patented technology and are applicable in most of the complicated microscopy procedures. Another factor that makes them popular for complex microscopy procedures is their high resolution, stability and capability to perform extremely complicated imaging. Following are the three major application areas of CCHAR probes: •


Critical dimensional measurement

Force modulation microscopy

What Makes Them Advantageous? •

The dimensional accuracy of these probes makes them capable of delivering highly precise and consistent results. This factor makes high aspect ratio probes suitable for applications that require accuracy in dimensional measurements and imaging.

CCHAR probes have long functional life and are quite durable also. This makes them reasonably priced. These probes can serve their purpose for long time. This facilitates accurate comparison of results obtained through it over a period of time.

These probes have high resolution and the cantilevers are fabricated from high quality silicon. The silicon cantilever of CCHAR probes make them capable of delivering precise results.

Structures that have Z high dimensional variations and trenches which have critical dimensions can be conveniently measured and analyzed with the help of these probes. The imaging and scanning of these structures can be easily accomplished with the help of precise CCHAR probes.

The anti-wear CCHAR probes are resistant to breakage. This makes them maintenance free and also imparts them longer working life than counterparts available in market. The imaging lifetime or functional life of these probes is longer than most other counterparts available in market due to their robust construction.

They are made of pure multiwalled carbon nanotubes which make them extremely durable and strong. These nanotubes are mounted securely in a perfectly straight position above the imaging surface. This makes the imaging and dimensional analysis accomplished by these probes highly accurate.

They are also resistant to contamination, which makes them highly suitable for use in biological and medical microscopy procedures.

These probes can be customized according to the requirements of the applications in which they have to be used. Customization may involve size specifications and proprietary coating on the probe tips for contact and non-contact modes of atomic force microscopy.

The consistent accurate results obtained through these probes have immensely contributed in making the precise microscopy highly advanced and accurate.

All you need to know about the applications and advantages of high aspect ratio probes  

High aspect ratio probes are also known as CCHAR, which is an abbreviation for carbon core high-aspect ratio probes. These probes are used i...