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Firearms Shop Sparks Downtown Debate:



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What Businesses Are Right For Downtown Toms River? Eric San Juan TOMS RIVER—Joseph Hawk said he wanted nothing more than to do what he loves - be a business owner in his hometown - but doing what he loves has put him at the center of a debate over the kind of businesses that do and do not belong in downtown Toms River. At issue is what Mr. Hawk does: sell firearms. The issue is for the moment dead in the water, now that the township council abandoned a pair of ordinances that would have disallowed firearms shops in the downtown zoning area, but with the Toms River Business Improvement District

(BID) endorsing the move, the discussion will continue. Mr. Hawk and his wife, Michele, are the owners of Guns and Roses, a firearms and flowers shop at 298 West Water Street. After moving to Toms River in 1992, the Hawks went into the florist business in 1997, operating first at markets before opening a shop in 2002. Recently, the business added the firearms component that triggered the present controversy. Mr. Hawk, a retired New York City police officer, has had his NJ Retail Firearms Dealer License and Federal Firearms License since February 2012 and stated that he only sells weapons to law enforcement officers. The continued on page 24>>

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PINE BEACH: Alert Neighbor’s Call Prompts Burglary Arrest PLUS

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Jeri Morris Pine Beach Police Chief John M. Sgro reported that an unidentified alert neighbor’s actions on May 2nd in the neighborhood of Station Avenue led to the arrest of a Brick man for the burglary of a residence there. “At approximately 12:25 pm, an alert and concerned resident observed a suspicious male loitering around a residence,” he stated. “As he called the police to report the incident, he observed the subject, later identified as 33-year-old Timothy McCann of Huxley Drive, Brick, enter

the residence.” Sgt. Keith Brown was then dispatched to the location, with Chief Sgro responding as backup. “Upon our arrival, the subject apparently observed us as we were checking the residence and opened a second story window, exited it hanging from the sill and let go, dropping to the ground and attempting to flee,” Chief Sgro continued. “After a brief struggle, Sgt. Brown and myself took the subject into custody.” Mr. McCann was unable to take anything from the home due to the short period of time

from the neighbor watching him enter the home and his attempt to flee upon the arrival of borough police. “We believe that he had an accomplice possibly operating a black 2003 Jeep Liberty, which was his mode of transport to Pine Beach, but which more than likely left the area as it observed our arrival,” said the borough chief, adding that the Brick resident was charged with burglary and resisting arrest upon his capture, after which time he was transported to the Ocean County Jail on $15,000 continued on page 16>>

Redesign, Relaunch of Signal Following a nearly two month absence as a result of extensive restructuring within the Riverside Signal, we’re pleased to return with a new, contemporary format, dedicated bi-weekly print schedule and the addition of two new sections, one of which can be seen by flipping to the back page of this issue. The Ocean Signal is a new, exciting adventure out to the barrier “island” (it’s official names are either the Barnegat or Island Beach Peninsula, as it hasn’t been an island since the Cranberry Inlet closed for good in 1812, but hey, when in Rome) that will provide a solid resource and guidebook for visitors and residents to rely upon and keep them coming back for more plus offer a look at the culture, life and history there and offer a good beach read overall. Debuting in our first regular edition on June 8th will be the Signal Navigator, a special regional guide of selected places to go, things to do and performances to see beyond the river. While the edition you hold in your hands is comprised of material gathered during our absence and framed within our new design, readers can expect a return to the regular current coverage they came to know and love throughout 2011, from council and land use board meetings to police blotters, calendars, historical perspectives and photographic events coverage in each town in addition to detailed features, investigative articles and people profiles. Area businesses should also take a peek at our advertising-not only is the Riverside Signal the most affordable publication along the river, our fresh content and original photography is designed to make our clients shine! Until then, we’re glad to be back and wish you a safe, healthy and happy Summer 2012!

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