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Issue# 8

November 30, 2012

Global Forum on Migration and Development By: Merlita Velasquez, PNAA Executive Director Dear PNAA EB, Cabinet, AC and Family, President Vicki Navarro and I represented PNAA at Migration and Development (GFMD) at Mauritius (South Africa). Vicki left Maryland last Nov. 16 en route to Heathrow with a layover of 6 hours, then to Mauritius. I left Houston on the same date with lay-over of 8½ hours in Dubai. Each had 2223 hours total flying time (one way) and lost 2 days to finally reach Mauritius. Our President was registered with an ID tag as “Delegate” (there were 140 official delegates), while I had “Observer” ID tag (another 160 of us) for the Civil Society days. Another 100+ delegates came from different participating countries, delegates from United Nations, NGO’s, big corporations and companies. The venue was in Mauritius International Convention Center. I am cognizant that some questions will be asked upon our return, “what did you do at the Global forum?”, “How is Mauritius?”, “Do you have pictures?” As President Vicki will officially return on Dec. 9, 2012, this is just a preliminary report from my personal view, observations and experience. Attached are some pictures with our “kababayans” governmental official delegates from PI. We also had some NGO representatives who are active participants in this Global Forum. Included PI official delegates are honorable Ambassador Garcia (based in Geneva), Consul Foz, CFO Secretary Nicolas, OWWA Admin

Carmelita Dimzon and some other high ranking government Secretaries. I was privileged to meet delegates from different Nations around the world. There was a predominance of African countries, as this is the first time Global Forum is held in Africa. Plenary sessions have powerful speakers including UN secretary general on International Migration Peter Sutherland, World Bank managing Director Mahmond Mohielin, Mauritius Minister of Labor Shakeel Mohamed to name a few. We had interesting breakout sessions and panel discussions focused on “Diaspora Alliances”, “Protecting Vulnerable Migrant Workers”, “Labor Mobility and Skills Development”, “Human Rights and Trafficking”, “Child Labor and Migrants in Distress”, “Diaspora as Entrepreneurs, Social Investors and Policy Advocates”, Regulatory and Monitoring Recruitment, Placement and Employment Practices. I attended the last 2 group sessions using headphone with the help of the French-English interpreter. In summary, on the last day Nov. 21, the Civil Society Days delegates and representatives drafted three Statements to recommend to the Government Days (11/22 – 11/23) focused on: Operationalizing a right-based approach to labors mobility, markets and matching — conspicuous need to regulate and monitor recruitment, placement and employment practices. Operationalizing a right-based approach to human development in the international migration – expanding dynamism and Continued to page 2

WRC Nevada


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November 2012

From Page 1 diaspora in broader interactions of development with migration. Operationalizing the protection of migrants and their families – policies for protection of migrants especially the irregular migrants in binding national and international law. Finally, recommendations would be a priority for the UN High Level Dialogue and for ratification of UN and ILO Conventions. It is an eye opener for me to learn how intent the Global Communities are concerned regarding “serving” migrant workers all over the world. If there’s anything I learned from Global Forum is the need for PNAA to “connect” and participate in Social Actions to be “absorbed” as a “partner in action” in the Global Forum initiatives and activities.

MERLITA A. VELASQUEZ PNAA Executive Director 2012-2014


Inside PNAA Staff

Madelyn Yu Editor in Chief Ferdinand Luyun - Associate Editor Ruby Godier - Eastern Region Contributing Editor Mel Carillo - Contributing Editor, Western Region

To all our Colleagues in PNAA: Please be informed that we, the Editorial Staff, publish articles in our Inside PNAA newsletter accordingly as we receive them from chapters of the different PNAA Regions. If you want articles about your region/chapter activities published, we would be able to accommodate them only if you send them on time. Inside PNAA news is published bi-monthly on the 15th and 30th of every month, Submission deadline is 3 days prior to publication. Please send your articles to: Madelyn Yu (Chair) @ Ferdinand Luyun @ ferdinand.luyun@ Ruby Godier at Mel Carillo at

WRC Nevada


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November 2012

PNA Nevada Seminar at Gold Coast Hotel, Las Vegas

Understanding Common Hematologic Disorders: Multiple Myeloma & Anemia & General Assembly Meeting

Newly elected PNAN officers President Helen J. Miranda Ymson, RN Pres. - Elect Amelia Abello, RN

Speakers Dr. Delva Limayo - Multiple Myeloma, Mary Betita, MSN, FNP, APRN, BC, Pernicious & Iron Deficiency Anemias

Above: Newly Elected Officers for 2013-2015

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WRC San Diego, California


November 2012

PNA San Diego: Surviving the Crazy September and October Months of Community Engagement By: Erlinda L. Ortin | PNA San Diego September and October were crazy frenzied months. Right after the induction of officers on Sept. 15, PNAA Pres. Vicky Navarro and VP Lourdes Nisperos engaged the officers about PNAA directions during the ensuing dialogue the morning after. Then health fairs in succession came as the dedicated Chair Crisabel Ramos, Co-Chairs Jesse del Mundo and Emy Yabut and members of the Community Health and Advocacy group rolled their sleeves to hurdle what it took to do the job. Members of other committees were pulled in to help as the request for health services and first aid mounted one after another. The student nurses from United States University and Kaplan University made a lot of difference providing the added manpower with their refreshing and energizing outlook and presence. Our big thanks to them now and as future members! Sept. 29 – This community event is much awaited by the patrons of Seafood City . It boasted of the longest ever Karaoke competition of its kind for the Filipino community, the 20th Annual Fiesta Filipinia Mexicana Karaoke singing contest. PNA San Diego Health and First aid booth was well received by the community for the quality service they provided. Another of our student nurses won in one of the singing categories. In the pictures : Vivian Sanderlin, PRO and community health awardee 2012, and Carissa Nagtalon, Famela Ramos and a NHMC volunteer. October 6 is the 8th Filipino American Arts and Culture Festival . It featured a leap forward by connecting the youth with seasoned community organizations and its leaders. Participated by many Filipino organizations, it was a fun day for arts, dances, culinary delights, giveaways and many more. The enthusiasm was reflected on the faces of our nurses and student nurses who manned the PNASD Health and First aid booth and educated a lot

of walk-ins about high blood pressure, stroke and other related factors. Oct. 6 -- Emeline Yabut – Co –chair for Community health ( South) and USU students. October 21 – Making Strides of Breast Cancer Walk. PNASD members and student nurses weaved through the “ sea of pink” enjoying the 5 mile walk with 25,000 others in support of friends, family, members, and other breast cancer survivors. The association’s commitment to Cancer Network however extends beyond the yearly fun walk. It is a regular contributor to the cause, sponsors in-service on cancer topics and in the past produced instructional materials and story about breast cancer in Pilipino. (Picture) In the picture are 2 cancer survivors with PNASD Pres Erlinda Ortin and a sister of one of the survivors. October 27- Paradise Valley Hospital Health and Wellness Fair. Other than the regular Health and First Aid activities, students nurses got excited giving flu shots and after the many shots they did they finally got comfortable doing the skill. Finally October came to pass with a deep sigh of accomplishment! Until the 2nd quarter of 2013, not much is scheduled for health and first aid activities. But PNASD is once more visible and in the hub of community health activities in San Diego. It was tiring, crazy but fun and a work of love for the minority population we serve. Last November 18 was another challenging work day for us. But this time it was more cerebral. Officers and selected members disturbed the PNASD status quo by addressing its strength, weaknesses, action plans and timelines during a mind boggling four hour strategic planning workshop. “Thanks for the exquisite aroma of coffee and sumptuous food. We should do this again” many of the survivors quipped. But then this is another interesting story to tell.

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W R C Oregon / Washington

| November 2012

OCT. 6, 2012 – PNAOW Education Day: “Can Cancer Ever be Cured or Prevented?” By: Mercy Galicia, RN, BSN PNAOW VP, Education Committee Chair A lecture on “Can Cancer Ever be Cured or Prevented” was presented by Dr. Clifford Pukel, an oncologist and hematologist at Peace Health SW Medical Center in Vancouver, Washington, October 16, 2012. He discussed the current state of medical oncology, with emphasis on its pitfalls and deficiencies. He also identified future trends that will transform the way cancer is treated and prevented. “Prevention is the Cure to Cancer” was emphasized by two speakers from the Rachel’s Friends Breast Cancer Coalition, a non-profit advocacy group, focusing on prevention and the environmental causes of cancer. They reported that there is an increasing evidence that many types of cancer are linked to exposures to environmental causes. They also strongly promoted the “Precautionary Principle of Public Health”, i.e., getting to reduce our exposure to known suspected carcinogens, based on evidence indicating that they are harmful to our health. This seminar was held at the Auditorium of Peace Health SW Med. Center, Vancouver, Washington and was attended by many PNAOW members and the public as well.

W R C O r e g o n / Wa s h i n g t o n


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November 2012

PNAOR/WA 10th year anniversary celebration On September 29th, 2012, PNA OR/WA chapter celebrated its 10th year anniversary. As part of the celebration, a masquerade ball fundraiser was held at Red Lion at the Quay where most of the 250 guests arrived wearing their costumes and masks. The success of the money raised was owed mostly to the donors of our silent auction and roundtrip for two to Hawaii raffle drawing. The chapter gained a net profit of $5,263.79. This fundraiser will benefit the chapter's medical relief mission comes February 2013 in Nueva Ecija, Philippines. PNA OR/WA Executive Board and members were recognized for their continued engagement and dedication. As part of the event's program, "PNAA Shine" was sung by healthcare professionals in the audience. Behind the mask was a grateful face of the chapter's President. Grateful not only for the loving support of the Executive Board and dedicated members but also for the support of different affiliates of the Council of Filipino American Associations of Oregon and Southwest Washington.

Season’s Greetings from all of us at Inside PNAA

Madelyn Yu Editor in Chief

Ferdinand Luyun Associate Editor

Ruby Godier Eastern Region Contributing Editor

Mel Carillo Western Region Contributing Editor

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WRC Central California


November 2012

PNACC: 23 Years of Nursing Excellence By Maria Salvacion (Sally) Candaza Wee BSN, RN - PNACC Social Chair, Overall Co-Chair Nov.3, 2012 PNACC President- Elect 2012-2014 Wow! This is magnificent! Those were the first words that came out of everyone’s mouth that entered the venue of that November 3, 2012 event. I and the coordinators of the event were also amazed with the beauty around. It was like all of a sudden there was magic because to a lot of us we thought the creativity was unreal.All we could see were the beautiful things aroundus that were captivating and inspiring. It was a combination of all the presentations,the way the tables and chairs were set,the decorations, the beautiful live orchids on each table and head table and the people around with beautiful faces in evening gowns. The whole program, speakers, dancers, singers, emcees, scholars, awardees, guests, friends,families, DJ, video photographer, everything was impressive. It truly impressed the Deputy Consul General. It was like paradise. The dinner meal was yummy, too. It was a very enriching and rewarding experience because it was truly well cherished and treasured. The night was a big success because of the leadership of the overall chair, PNACC President 2010-2012 and PNAA Vice President

PNACC 2012-2014 Executive Board under the leadership of Nancy Hoff with Dr. Clarita Miraflor and Mrs. Araceli Antonio.

Western Region 2012-2014,Lourdes Nisperos. The love and unconditional support of another great leader,PNACC President 2012-2014, Nancy Hoff,and the tireless efforts of the overall Co-Chair Sally Wee and Co-Chair Mila Nino and all the unconditional support of all PNACC officers/Chair/ CoChair and members of different PNACC standing committees: (Reception, Reservation and Sitting, Awards and Recognition, Decorations, ADS, Scholarship, Registration, Hotel

PNACC 2010-2012 Executive Board under the leadership of Lourdes Nisperos, MSN, BSN, RN

Liaison, Souvenir Journal, Plaques, Media, Entertainment, Raffles, Music, Video, and Photography) We, PNACC, are committed to building team effort to achieve high productivity and this is a true manifestation of that evening wherein we all pulled our resources and talents together to deliver the best of the best. With the love, trust and generosity of PNACC officers and members, friends and family, guests and visitors, the event was well celebrated and attended. It is truly humbling to be a PNACC member and to be a Filipino, andto be a humble servant of God. Present were Deputy Consul General Jaime Ramon Ascalon, Dr. Clarita Miraflor, PNAA founding President, Araceli Antonio-PNAAF, physicians, PNACC officers/members, friends and families. We started with a cocktail and cash bar, then the singing of the Star Spangled Banner lead by Tessie Parayno BSN, RN -PNACC auditor and Lupang Hinirang lead by Adam Geraldo BSN,RN; PNAA theme song lead Mila NinoBSN,RN PNACC Nov.3,2012 overall Co-Chair and Maricon Estebar BSN,RN immediate Past President then invocation by Danny Baruela B.A., AND, RN, PNACC parliamentarian. Star Dancers were Cecil Utleg, Rizza Elep, Maricon Estebar, Mila Nino, Elsa San Pedro and Dianne Aruta. This was immediately followed with a message from Lourdes Nisperos, PNACC President 2010-2012 and PNAA Vice President Western Region 2012-2014; thenrecognition of 2010-2012 PNACC Executive Board by Continued to Page 13

WRC Sacramento, California | November 2012

Page 8

Introducing the 10th Chapter in the Western Region: PNAGSAC By: Al Espinas, MSN, RN | PNAA Board Member Past President , PNA-Greater Sacramento On May 15, 2010, the Philippine Nurses Association of Greater Sacramento Area Chapter (PNAGSAC) officially became the tenth chapter of the PNAA Western Region. Currently we have 43 chapters in the entire United States under the umbrella organization, PNAA (Philippine Nurses Association of America). This organization was conceived by a group of nurses from one of the area hospitals with the main goal of enhancing the image, professionalism and unity, and to foster the welfare of Filipino-American nurses in the greater Sacramento area. Today, our chapter has forty five members and is continuing to grow though at a slower pace but steady enough to set a stronger foundation. Just like other organizations we have had some ups and downs but overall we are doing an excellent job in recruiting new members from the area. We now have members from KaiserPermanenteHospitals as well as SutterHospitals in addition to a majority of members coming from MercySan JuanMedicalCenter in Carmichael. Last October 20, this year, we held our election of officers for the year 2013-2015 Executive Board. Our newly elected officers are as follows: President- Tricia dela Paz President-elect- Carol Gantuangco Vice President- Wilna Sobrepena Recording Secretary- Adora Sabocor Corresponding Secretary- Evangeline Anacleto Treasurer- Cupid Canonigo Assistant Treasurer- Fe Lyn Canada P.R.O.- Kathrina Lirio Auditor- Hilton Ambos Board of Directors; Lourdes Fernandez Oscar Fuentebella Roy Lirio Marc Tan Kate Morante Neil Alcomendaz. The induction ceremony will be held in CaliforniaAutoMuseum on December 9, 2012 (Sunday) at 5:00PM. Here is an overview of the benefits provided by the organization; Privilege of Representation: As a member of the Philippine Nurses Association of Amer-

ica, along with the 10,000 Filipino-American nurses in the United States, you are represented in various professional organizations, government agencies, community groups and other coalitions. Educational Opportunities: Discounted fees to educational programs at the chapter, regional, national and international levels. Leadership Development: Various opportunities to develop your leadership skills. Interactive Website: Gain access into members’ only sections of the PNAA website. Subscription to the Journal of the Philippine Nurses Association of America: As a paying member of the PNAA, you will receive updated information about PNAA activities. Serving Your Colleague: You will have the privilege of serving as a delegate, officer or committee member at the national level. You’ll vote on important issues, decisions and actions that affect Filipino-American nurses and the Asian community at large. Staying in Touch: Members are alumni of various schools and colleges of nursing in the Philippines. Activities are featured in the Website and in the Journal of Philippine Nurses Association of America. Detail information about the organization can be obtained by accessing the official website:

Happy Holidays!

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NCRC St. Louis

| November 2012

PNA Greater St. Louis 12th Induction Ball 2012 By Cynthia S Montejo, RN, BSN | PNAGSL President A beautiful autumn early evening greeted guests and PNA members to our 12th Induction Ball held last Saturday, November 10, 2012 at the Hilton Frontenac Ambassadeur Ballroom at 1335 S. Lindbergh Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63131. It was a night to remember and was well attended by our guests. Introduction of guest speaker was done by Erwin Arcaya, PNAGSL Vice President, 2012-2014. Bridget Whitson, Nurse Educator from Mercy Hospital St Louis, gave an inspirational talk on nursing excellence. The program was opened by Didi Calabio, past President, 1992-1993 and co-founder of PNAGSL. Welcome address was done by outgoing President 2010-2012 Jonel Maminta. Father Manny Cuizon gave the invocation before dinner. Cynthia Montejo, BSN, RN was inducted as president for 2012-2014. The outgoing President for 20102012 was commended for a job well done. There were around 110 guests who attended, and some guests represented FAAMO and PMA. There were guests who came all the way from California and North Carolina. Presentation of PNAGSL Special Awards was done by Jean Reyes, President 1994-1996, and Emy Tabayoyong, President 2006-2008. Cheri Nievera RN received the Barnes-Jewish Hospital St Louis Magazine Nurse Excellence Award in Clinical Nursing. Maria Therese Flores, RN, BSN was the PNAGSL Awardee for 2012. Jonel Maminta, President 2010-2012, was awarded for her accomplishments and dedication to the cause of PNAGSL. Special mention was given to our Honorary Members Jeannie Meyer RN, La Donnica Crosby RN, Janet Swartz , RN who joined the Philippine mission and who continue to assist and support our PNAGSL projects and events. Nurse Manager for Perioperative/ASU area Renee Pochurek gave a surprise speech. The closing remarks were delivered by Lily Cayabyab, President 1993-1994 and CoFounder of PNAGSL. Unfortunately PNAA President Vicky Navarro and PNAA NCR VP Beth Rosas were unable to attend due to prior commitments. PNAGSL nurses headed by our own Alice Torregosa, Business Man-

ager 2012-2014, Josie Veit, Business Manager, 2012-2014 and Jenjen Hazelbaker President -Elect 2012-2014 and master of ceremonies with co-host Regina Deguma showed their talents by presenting a cha-cha dance number and performing to the tune of “Last Dance”. There was non-stop dancing and group pictures were taken of the occasion. Photos: Top: L to R—Jonel Maminta,Rosa Williams,Josie Neil,Cynthia Montejo,Father Manny Cuizon - Invocation,and Guest Speaker Bridget Whitson from Mercy Hospital. Left: Oath Taking Ceremony of new officers 2012-2014. L –R: Bridget Whitson, Bong Umali, Alice Torregosa, Josie Veit, Joy Jaurigue, Kate Erce, Yvonne Bearden, Judy Ferrer, Teng Shrine, Noreen Tan, Erwin Arcaya, Pres Elect-Jenjen Hazelbaker, Pres-Cynthia S Montejo. Above: PNAGSL members;L to R-Dolly Musni,Rosa W,Alice T,on back Erwin Arcaya, Joy Jaurigue, Ces Arcaya, Nelia de Castro, Annabelle Cosas, Kate Erce, Mona Tabeta, Judy Ferrer, Jonel M, Lily Cayabyab, Cheri Nievera, Yvonne Bearden, seated-Betty Biasbas, Aurora Maminta, Didi Calabio, Cynthia Montejo, Josie Veit, on the floor-Jean Reyes, Regina Deguma, Gemma Flores, Noreen Tan,Teng Shrine, in front — Jenjen Hazelbaker and Erwin Arcaya.

N C R C N o r t h Te x a s

| November 2012

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SCRC Gulf Coast Florida


November 2012

PNAGF 2nd General Membership Meeting “Picnic in November” By: Cecile M. Santos- Medenilla PNAGF President 2012- 2013/SCR COP Forum Leader The Philippine Nurses Association of Gulf Coast Florida held its 2ND General Membership Meeting at Fred Howard Park in Tarpon Springs, Florida last November 17, 2012 with about 50 people in attendance. The day started with registration of members and followed by Meet and Greet by all. We followed a schedule of events for the day. President Cecile M. SantosMedenilla welcomed the members, families and friends to the celebration. Betty Miranda, PNAGF’s Advisor led a prayer before everyone shared the sumptuous foods on the table prepared by everyone. The General Membership Meeting commences after lunch and followed a written agenda by the President. The roll call was done by introducing the Executive Board then the introduction of all the members present in the assembly. The President reported about the PNAA Eastern Regional Conference held in Williamsburg, Virginia last November 9- 11. 2012. She mentioned about the PNAA Initiatives such as the Filipino Cancer Network, KEPF, Healthy Heart and the presentation of the PNAA Board of Directors regarding PNAA History and the proposed Membership dues increase. She also informed the group about the Inside PNAA Newsletter and the 2 PNAA Position Statements about the Filipino Surgical Medical Missions and English only rule. The proposed fund raising events for 2013 were also mentioned. The Treasurer’s report follows, then the different Committees. We focused on the Scholarship and C.A.R.E. Awards Committee since PNAGF have an upcoming event on December 7, 2012 with the theme “Celebrating Nursing Excellence 2012.” PNAGF is giving scholarship to 5 deserving nursing students pursuing their Bachelors and Masters in Nursing. We also have 4 C.A.R.E. Awardees this year for Clinical, Education, and Community

Service categories. One of the scholars was present during the meeting. The meeting lasted for one and a half hours. Then there were games, raffles for the members and families. Dancing, exchanging pleasantries, picture taking, and gracing of the food took place once again. It was a successful PNAGF General Membership Meeting, the last one for the year 2012.

Pennsylvania / New Jersey

| November 2012

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PNANJ November Activities

PNANJ Morris Subchapter represented by Arlin Fidellaga & Virginia Tan, part of the group that presented a play depicting “English Only Rule”.

PNANJ Ocean Subchapter, with Fe Eguaras joined the group that presented a play depicting “English Only Rule”.

By: Majuvy Sulse PNANJ delegates attended the Leadership Institute during the Eastern Regional Convention. PNAA President Vicky Navarro welcomed the group with “getting to know her” and her vision for PNAA. Highlight of the Leadership Conference was the presentation of different case studies using Consensus building, Hand off of Presidents and Treasures, use of PowerPoint and technology.

Day 2- November 10, 2012 Education Day Educational topics were interesting from Childhood obesity, Diabetes, Bariatric Surgery, Transitions in Health Care and ended with Lorraine Micheletti’s humorous version of Synergistic Social action. The PNAA EB & Cabinet Strategic Planning was concurrent with the Education day. It was exciting to see everyone and capture their strategic goals for PNAA.

Left: PNANJ President Majuvy Sulse with Bergen County Subchapter delegates. Below: PNANJ delegates attended the Eastern Regional Convention masquerade ball.

Pennsylvania / New Jersey

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| November 2012

PNAPA: Successful Flu Shot Clinics The PNAPA and collaborated with the Philippine Medical Society of Greater Philadelpia in two consecutive weekend Flu Shot Clinics conducted at the Social Hall of Olde St. Augustine’s in Olde City, Philadelphia. Some 500+ patients were given the shots. Photo shows: PNAPA Pres. Lynn Javier, Dr. Lita Manguba, Medy Arevalo, RN, Nida Imperial, RN, PNASNJP Pres. Lucy De Simone, and Lorelei Laurencio, RN.

PNACC: 23 Years of Nursing Excellence From Page 7 | PNACC President Lourdes Nisperos, Scholarship Award by Elnora Bugay, Ceri Biltz and Lourdes Nisperos, and a Presidential Special Service Award 2010-2012 again by Lourdes Nisperos. PNACC President 2012-2014 Nancy Hoff was inducted by Dr. Clarita Miraflor Ph.D., RN. Introduction of the 2012-2014 PNACC Executive Board was done by Maricon Estebar, Nomelec Chair. The PNACC Officers 2012-2014 were installed by Deputy Consul General Jaime Ramon Ascalon. Nurse Excellence Awards were presented by Leonor Baruela-Chair, Juliet Espejo, Fatima Estacio and Lourdes Nisperos. The new officers for PNACC 2012-2014 who were installed are: Nancy Hoff- MSN, BSN, RN as PNACC President; Lourdes Nisperos MSN, BSN, RN as Immediate Past President; Maria Salvacion Candaza Wee (AKA Sally Wee) BSN,RN as PNACC President-Elect; Rizza Elep BSN, RN as Vice President; Mila Nino BSN, RN as Secretary; Nelfa Reynon BSN, RN as Assistant Secretary; Elsie Baruela BSN, RN as Treasurer; Mary Grace Reyes BSN, RN as Assistant Treasurer; Ramon (Jun) Barcenilla BSN, RN as Auditor; Ceri Biltz BSN, RN as Parliamentarian; Maricon Estebar BSN, RN as Public Relations Officer; and Christy Wood BSN, RN as Past President Representative. PNACC Board of Directors inducted is the following: Cecil Utleg BSN, RN; Luz Newell MSN, BSN, RN, NP; Lorna Romero BSN, RN; Elnora Bugay MSN, BSN, RN; Victoria Balane BSN, RN; Analisa Rafanan BSN, RN;

PNACC Scholars with PNACC Scholarship Committee

Glenda Robles RN and Fermina Rivera BSN,RN The Recipients Of The PNACC Excellence Achievement Award Are: Nancy Nolasco Hoff, MSN, BSN, RN – For 2012 PNACC Nursing Administrator Excellence Award Elnora O. Bugay, MSN, BSN, RN- For 2012 PNACC Nurse Educator Excellence Achievement Award Victoria Balane Baxter, BSN, RN, CMT - For 2012 PNACC Entrepreneurship Nurse Excellence Award Teresita (Tita) Catangay Sagrado, BSN, RN- 2012 PNACC Nurse Excellence Award In Community Service Christeta (Christy) Wood, BSN, RN – For 2012 PNACC Clinical Nurse Excellence Achievement Award

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Eastern Regional Conference


November 2012

Williamsburg ERC is really worth Remembering . . . .


PNAA sisters

Networking Line Dancing

Education day attendees

Ruby Godier

Dr. and Perry Francisco

Dohl Tuason


Eastern Regional Conference |

The Jurados

Dance Troupe

Page15 Page

November 2012

Rollie Perea and Vicky Navarro

PNAA members Executive Board Pete Calixto

PNA Richmond Virginia

Last Dance


Mr. and Mrs. Rosas Masquerade Ball

Strategic Planning


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ERC New Jersey |

November 2012

UPAA-NJ Elects Madelyn Yu, President for 2013-2014 Majuvy Sulse, RN, MSN, CCRN | PNANJ President The University of the Philippines Alumni Association of New Jersey, Inc. elects new President and Executive Board On Sunday November 18, 2012 UP Alumni Association of New Jersey elected and inducted their new President and Executive Board for 2013-2014. The afternoon at Woodbridge Hilton was filled with excitement as everyone waited for the results to be announced. Meanwhile our very own Phoebe Andes (founder PNANJ and past president PNAA) introduced the guest speaker, Consul General Mario de Leon who talked about the many new business projects the Philippine government is undertaking and how organizations like UPAA-NJ can help in rebuilding the country. Presentation of Distinguished Alumni Awards was another highlight of the program. Dr. Gabriel Esteban, President of Seton Hall University was one of the recipients together with Consul Zaldy Patron and 3 others. And finally, the most awaited moment came-proclamation of new UPAA-NJ President 2013-2014, Madelyn Yu with Edmund Pajarillo as Vice President and the rest of the Executive Board. Congratulations Madelyn & Ed, who together with the new Executive Board were inducted by Consul Zaldy Patron (in lieu of Consul General Mario de Leon who had to leave early). Before her acceptance speech, Madelyn and the group gave a token of appreciation to current President Leonie Mariazeta (past President PNANY) whose term ends December 31, 2012.

Congratulations Madelyn Yu & Ed Pajarillo! PNANJ is proud of you! Madelyn is the current PNAA Chair of Public Relations while Ed is the Editor in Chief of the official Journal of PNAA.


| November 2012

Consul-General Mario De Leon’s update on Philippine Economy and Politics Summary of the Consul-General’s speech by Madelyn D. Yu, Chairperson | PNAA Public Relations/Cultural Affairs, Incoming President, UPAANJ 2013-2014 Consul General Mario de Leon was the guest speaker during the occasion of the University of the Philippines Alumni Association of New Jersey, Inc.’s general assembly and election of officers on November 18, 2012 at Woodbridge Hilton, New Jersey. He spoke about the Philippine economy, the activities undertaken by the Philippine consulate in New York such as the investment-led mission from the Philippines, the business forum in Philadelphia, the trade and tourism activities in Boston, New York, and Secaucus, New Jersey. He also discussed the mission to sell coconut products to Kosher markets here in the USA. Consul General De Leon reported that the International Community is bullish about the Philippine economy, considers Asia as a bright spot, labels the Philippines as the next economic tiger, and predicts that the Philippines will become the 16th largest economy from the current 40th place, in 2050. The Philippines has a growth rate of 5%, better than Europe, according to the IMF. All of these positive growth and predictions are due largely to political and economic reforms and good governance by President Aquino’s administration. The next step according to Consul-General De Leon is to engage the Filipino community in promoting investment and trade in the Philippines. One example that the Consul general gave was the BPO, outsourcing in medical coding which could provide employment for nurses in the Philippines. Another big growth is in the IT services. Another initiative that the Philippine Consulate has started is in the area of politics where meetings with senators and congressmen have been planned to include Filipinos who are constituents of these US senators and congressmen. Efforts are made to save the garment industries that have seen decline. The Philippines has signed agreement with the US Department of Labor which provides cooperation between the Philippines and the US in enforcing contracts. Other activities that the Philippine Consulate plans to undertake are establishing a network to help Filipinos who suffered during the recent hurricane Sandy that pummeled the Northeastern states, and identifying local emergency management situations. Another important activity planned by the consulate is centered on financial planning such as holding 501C3 leadership seminars for the different Filipino organizations.

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Executive Board


November 2012

Executive Board 2012-2014

Community Events | November 2012


PNACC 2012 Awardees | L-R: Nancy Hoff, Elnora Bugay, Christy Wood, Victoria Balane-Baxter, Tita Sagrado.

Advance Practioner Nurse Forum, Eastern Regional Conference, Williamsburg, VA By: Rebecca Graboso, DNP, RN | APNF Chair 2012- 2014 APNF members in attendance at the ERC were Rollie Perea (PNA-NE), Linda Ortin (PNA- Southern CA), Emma Cuenca (PNA- Southern CA), Becky Graboso (PNA-NJ) , the current APNF Chair, Leo Jurado (PNA-NJ), who envisioned formation of this group that started during his term as PNAA President, and Cherina Tinio, (PNA- Southern CA). Not pictured but in attendance were Jenny Aying (PNA-NE), Beatriz Sazon (PNA-VA), Gemma Rio (PNA-EF), Eden Gianan, (PNA-NE), Susan Gador (PNA-NY), Wilhelmina D’Dumo (PNA-DVI), and Carmina Bautista (PNA-VA). This committee has been busy making their contribution to the PNAA Regional, National and International Conferences by incorporating topics related to disease management

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Feedback How wonderful to see so much PROGRESS PNAA has accomplished through the pages of this outstanding PNAA Inside Edition since 1979!! Substantative, informative articles with accompanying historic pictures! I am very HAPPY, sentimental and emotional; can not help but think of PNAA's beginnings and where we are NOW! What a beautiful journey to behold and how bright the future is because of ALL of YOU WHO follow us!! During this Thanksgiving Day, I can not thank you ENOUGH for doing such a marvelous job every time the Inside PNAA Edition is published!! I am always in awe by the extensive news information received every two weeks especially this Edition inspite of Sandy and Ferdie's minor sideline. God bless all of you for your tenacity, committment and dedication!! PNAA is truly blessed!! My heartfelt appreciation and gratitude. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Loving hugs to all! Clarita Miraflor | 1st PNAA President Dear EB, AC, Advisory, Committee Chairs, Happy Thanksgiving to you all! In the spirit of gratefulness for all the wonderful things that you do as chronicled in the pages of Inside PNAA, we offer our gratitude and wish that you will all continue to be blessed with the gift of caring so our communities will continue to benefit from your talents. We are thankful for your patience as you waited for this issue when Ferdie Luyun, our Associate Editor, was sidelined for a little bit. With all your prayers and good wishes, he is back in fighting form. As you can see, the Eastern Regional Conference has revived your spirit and our pages illustrate what everybody has been doing. There are so much more that remains unwritten. Let's highlight all the good work that you have been doing so others may learn from your chapters. Sincerely, Madelyn Yu | Chair PNAA Public Relations/Cultural Affairs

Plan to attend this wonderful New York event if you are in the area. Donation $65: open bar and free parking.

Community Events | November 2012

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Upcoming Events March 19-20, 2013 — The 10th Annual National Conference Asian American Pacific Islander Nurses Association Theme: “Global Health: Nursing in the Future- Research, Education, and Practice” Venue will be: Hale Koa Hotel, 2055 Kalia Road, Honolulu, Hawaii 96815 Deadline for abstract submission: November 1st (Thursday) 2012, 5 p.m. (EST) More info, contact: Merle R. Kataoka-Yahiro, Dr.P.H., MS, APRN, Associate Professor, AACN Leadership for Academic Nursing Program Fellow, Asian American Pacific Islander Nurses Association, Secretary (2010-2012) University of Hawaii at Manoa School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene, 2528 McCarthy Mall, Webster 409, Honolulu, HI 96822 Ph: 808 956-5329 | Fax: 808 956-3257 Cell: 808 349-8309 | Email:

Community Events Dear Kababayans and Friends If you know anyone interested in reaching out and gaining experience teaching in the Philippines in 2013, kindly share with them this innovative new program launched by Young FilipinoAmerican leaders in the United States. Spearheaded in the East Coast by Mr. Michael Vea and Ms. Angela Lagdameo, both of whom were chosen among the first batch of 10 Filipino American Youth Leadership Program delegates by the Philippine Embassy in Washington D.C. The program aims to bring 10 Filipino-American teachers to the Philippines to teach in resource-challenged schools. More information may be secured from the attached press releases. Thank you for your time and cooperation. Philippine Consulate General, New York

2nd Collaborative International Conference The PNAAF is cordially inviting you all to join us for our exciting and educational 2nd Collaborative International Conference to be held in the beautiful and progressive City of Bacolod, Negros Oriental. This year’s Conference is co-Sponsored by the Association of Deans of Nursing Colleges & Universities, Region VI. Please disseminate the attached brochures ASAP to your Regional COP's and Chapter Presidents. Colleagues, come and join us and experience the hospitality of our people in Bacolod City, you will be up for a surprise. Ernie Rosas, RN BSN, President 2011-2013 , Philippine Nurses Association of America Foundation, Office: (816) 455-3400 <> Cell: (816) 213-4017

November 30_2012 Issue  

Inside PNAA Novemebr 30, 2012 Issue

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