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WHAT MAKES THE HW400A UNIQUE? SEMI-AUTOMATIC WELDING Ability to perform semi-automatic welding such as MIG, MAG, SS, etc. Excellent welding characteristics From professional end user´s input Designed for long life Follow up research with end users Easy maintenance


Listening to customers needs


Market-oriented development

Displays is

Designed from the customer´s point of view

easy-to-read and use

APPLICATION: One Hipower HW400A welder allows to operators to weld at the same time. The secret is in the unique 10 pole rotor/split winding stator that creates a higher frequency output (300Hz), resulting in a superior weld. This split design permits two workers to operate at the same time with minimal mutual interference. Similar to have two welders in one; consuming less fuel, lower machine cost and reduced emissions per man-hour. The welder maintains a narrower current range generated by the higher no-load voltage, similar to having an onboard load bank. That means consistently advance quality welds. Meantime the winding generates AC current that can be used as 480V 3Ø and 120/240V 1Ø, allowing the operators to use power tools to grind, cut and drill at the same time it welds. When you choose the ECO operating mode, welding is accomplished at a lower operating speed (2100rpm), extending the service life of the engine. 30% less fuel consumption can extend the run time of the equipment to 18 hours on one full tank of fuel. industrial & military base camps. Each panel is carefully assembled to meet and exceed the highest safety standards in North America and other countries

CONVENIENCE RECEPTACLES AND SAFETY SWITCH 3-phase 480V, single-phase 120/240V and one 120V duplex receptacle.

LARGE SIZE DOOR For ease access, quicker service and inspection



Rated Current


Rated Voltage

35.6 Volts

Current Adjustment Range

Single: 90-380/110-400 Amps Dual: 50-190/55-210 Amps ECO: 40-220 Amps

Welding Mode


CC: Side A and Side B CV: Side A only



Rated Frequency


Phase Options


60 Hz Single Phase

3 - Phase

Rated Output


15 kVA

Rated Voltage

240/120 Volts

480 Volts

15A x 3

20A x 1


ENGINE Model Engine Type

MAIN FEATURES 1. Capability to use 5/32 (4.0mm) rods in dual operator mode. • High efficiency alternator makes it possible to perform 5/32 (4.0mm) rods in dual use. • There is almost no mutual interference (current fluctuation) between A and B. 2. Multi-process welding from stick welding to semi-automatic welding. By combining wire feeder, you can perform: • CV/CC

5. Remote control for constant voltage (CV) or constant current (CC) welding is available.


• You can adjust welding voltage or current easily by remote control with connecting a cord reel plug into a receptacle on the front panel. • You can connect 3 reels(90 meters max) to control remotely. 6. Micro-computers installed in the equipment can be used with the generating output.

• SS • Flux Cored • Air Carbon Arc • (CO2) • Flux-Cored welding besides stick welding. 3. Eco welding is achieved at lower RPM for reduced noise and fuel consumption. • When the output selector switch positions at Eco, the speed gets down to 2100min-1 but you can weld at 240A (Max).

WHAT IS ECO? The feature to reduce speed down to a half from regular speed is called Slow-Down feature for the purpose of low noise and low fuel consumption, when welding is not performed. Eco welding is the feature to perforM welding in good quality at Slow-Down speed. • In comparison with regular speed, fuel consumption decreased it by 30% at (60Hz). • Ultra Super Low Sound Level 4. Digital meters improve operation monitoring.


• Independent digital meters for welding voltage and current at both A and B sides are incorporated in the equipment. They prevent from welding fluctuation out of the setting values. • In addition to them, AC output voltage(3-Phase) and frequency meter in digital display strengthen monitoring feature.

ASTM No.2 diesel fuel or equivalent 9.8 gallons/37 Liters

Lubricating Oil Requirement

API Class CC or higher

Oil Capacity

1.35 gallons/5.1 Liters

Coolant Capacity

1.14 gallons/4.2 Liters

Storage Battery


Starting Method

DC electric

Automatic Idle Control, Hour Meter, AC Voltage, Adjusting Dial Digital Meters 59.8

Breakers: 1-phase and 3-phase

7.- Dual welding capability

Welding Remote Control

• High efficiency alternator allows dual operator welding with minimal current fluctuation for either operator. • Able to use up to 5/32 (4 mm) rod in the dual operation mode



Included Welding: Voltage x 2, Amps x 2 AC Output: Voltage x 1, Hertz x 1 Earth Leakage and Circuit Optional (side A only)

Monitor Lamps

Coolant temperature, Battery charging, Oil pressure, Rectifier Hertz/Overheat

Eco Function* (economic operation)

2100 rpm, 40-220 Amp, reduced fuel consumption, up to 3/16" electrode

Low Noise Level

• Engine slow-down feature • Fuel meter with a lamp • Welding over load protector • Starter-motor burn out protector • 2 sets laden available • Fuel inlet rain influent protecting structure • Automatic air extractor

3000 RPM 62dB(A), 2100 RPM 58dB(A)


Consumption (Gal-L/Hr)

Continous Operation (Hr)

60Hz Rated Output 390A Duty Cycle 60%

4.3 Liter / 1.13 Gal


60Hz Output 220A Duty Cycle 40%

2.8 Liter / 0.7 Gal


Eco Welding Max 22 0A Duty Cycle 40%

1.9 Liter / 0.5 Gal


WEIGHT Unit dry weight:


972 lbs (441kg)

High efficiency welder. Low noise. Versatile, durable and compact. Environmentally friendly.

HW400A design employs a 10 pole rotor and split stator windings, This unique design produces a higher frequency output (300 Hz) for superior quality welding. The split windings allow two welders to operate at the same time with minimal mutual interference



• Model D1005 diesel engine • 3 cylinder, liquid cooled, 4 cycle. • Rated 26 HP @ 3600 rpm. • EPA certified, Tier 2 TPEM • Single-side serviceability

16.5kW@3000 rpm/19.1kW@3600 rpm


• 15kVA generating output can be used at ease for micro-computers installed equipment. • Even in Eco mode (low speed), you can use AC loads (3-Phase and 1-Phase). Please note that welding output is blocked.


1.001 Liter

Rated Output Fuel Tank Capacity


• Stick • MIG/MAG

Displacement Fuel Requirement


Kubota D1005 - Tier 2 TPEM Vertical, liquid-cooled, 4-cycle diesel


• Exceptionally quiet thanks to advanced sound-absorbing technology. • Superior welding performance thanks to a unique current control system. • Automatic engine idle means longer engine life, less. • Dual operator capability. • Digital meters. • CV, CC, MIG, TIG, Stick, Gouging (air arc gouging; 1/4-inch capability). • Super-quiet; at 58dB(A). • Compact and lightweight. • Water-proof construction; easily accessible external drain plugs. • Automatic safety output reduction and engine shut-down features. • Fuel gauge illuminated for night visibility. • Complies with EPA-2 TPEM emission standards. • Optional remote control capability.

*Operation in eco mode reduces engine emissions, extends engine life, consumes 30% less fuel, produces 10% less noiseñand is still capable of 220 amp output!

Custom Cable & Power Solutions


At HIPOWER® we are committed to offer only the best welding products. If you are searching for more than what is out there or just looking to improve the quality of your current equipment, we can help. From flexible welding cable to custom power panels for welding equipment. Our cable assemblies sets are manufacture with top name brand connectors using only made in USA cable, extremely flexible at cold temperature. If a standard cable won’t work for your application, we can design a cable customized to match your specifications. Custom color and company name printing also available upon request. HIMOINSA POWER SYSTEMS, INC. 16002 West 110th Street - Lenexa, KS 66219-1312 - Tel: 913-495-5557 | Fax: 913-495-5575 - Call us (toll free) at:1 866 710-2988 - HIMOINSA POWER SYSTEMS INC. reserves the right to modify any characteristic prior notifice. The illustrations may include optional equipment and/or accessories. Not contractual images. The technical indications described in this brochure correspond to the information available at the moment of printing. ©HIMOINSA POWER SYSTEMS, INC.

Hipower 400A welding Generators  

SEMI-AUTOMATIC WELDINGAbility to perform semi-automatic weldingsuch as MIG, MAG, SS, etc.