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AlexaRanking of a Website Revealing Practical Secrets

By: ADMEC Multimedia Institute

It is a tool from Amazon to measure popularity of a website.  In case of website, the daily number of traffic visitors and page views decides the Alexa ranking on websites.  More traffic meaning increase in Alexaranking.  So, importantly the most important part of Alexa ranking is to give more value to search traffic that comes through a website.

Best Tips to Improve a Website’s AlexaRanking

1. Write Quality Content The most and very important technique to improve traffic on your website is to have something unique and rare on your website. Meaning! write unique content and post on your website. Unique Content = Search Engine Ranking (Improved) = Alexa Ranking Improved

All the Search Engines roam for the unique content all the time, so write something that search engines like and get your keywords on top in just few days.

2. Install Alexa Toolbar

There is no direct way with Alexa to know how many visitors and who visited your website, it can be known only if you have installed its toolbar in your browser. This toolbar includes pop blocker, search engine entry box, a link to and information about current Alexaranking.

3. Use Alexa Rank Widget

This is one of the most essentialAlexa widgets for your website. When you use this widget then Alexa ranking will be improved at high rate.

4. Content Posting The most beneficial and important part is to post quality content on other websites too so that you will get more and more search traffic which helps you to improve Alexa rankingof your website efforlessly. Here, good back links = Do Follow back links Dofollow links (increasing) = PR (increasing) PR (increasing) = Website is capable enough for sponsorship, affiliate marketing etc

5. Social Networking It is again a new and modern method to promote your visibility of your website among the people those have same or similar interest. In result it brings traffic to your website and helps like a charm to maintain Alexa ranking.

6. Submit Websites and Blogs

Blog and website indexing helps in brining inbound links and this is essential for good authority and reputation of a website.

7. Claim/ verify your Website

You should verify your website on so that you will be trusted in terms of There are various plug-in which enables you to verify your website easily. Some of them are as follows:  Claim Alexa  Alexa Claim & Verify

8. Create Custom Alexa Toolbar Create a custom Alexa toolbar and encourage your visitors and viewers to install it. It will help in recognizing your website’s visitors by Alexa service.

Non SEO Tips  Try Consistent Blogging  Encourage Visitors to Share Your Website  GuestBlogging

 Directory Listing of Your Website

SEO Tips  Use proper keywords. Use keywords in each of your web

page title, description, domain name (on page SEO)  Use ALT tags in images and links  Use proper Anchor tags  Use strategic keywords in meta title  Do a proper on-site and off-site optimization

 Good backlinks that can shoot your site at high rank in

search engines. Uses do follow links mostly.  Get paid traffic with the help of Google Ad words or

Microsoft Ad Centre.

9. Most Important Tips at Last I am writing this point as per my experience that I had with few websites once. I recommend you to install Alexa Widget and Toolbar on all of your browsers in all the computers (incase if you have multiple) and set your website as a default website in all the browsers in all the computers. In result, when someone will open the browser then your website will be opened up automatically and installed Alexa toolbar will give you a plus.

Share your content on social network as much as u can and see the change in Alexa ranking week by week.

Conclusion At least let me put all the points here in brief. You need to concentrate on the below given points primarily to boost your Alexa ranking. 1.

Share quality content on the network


Put unique content on your websites too


Focus on Social Media Optimization


Install Alexa toolbar and widgets


Hope for the best. Good Luck.

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Alexa ranking of a websites  

With the help of our presentation, you can understand about how to improve Alexa ranking of a website. For more tips visit https://www.adme...

Alexa ranking of a websites  

With the help of our presentation, you can understand about how to improve Alexa ranking of a website. For more tips visit https://www.adme...