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MYOB Accountants Division

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MYOB practice solutions


MYOB Accountan Division

.02 MYOB practice solutions


.02 Connected, confident & the right choice

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Who we are

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MYOB Accountants Division

With a solid commitment to making business life easier, MYOB has over 20 years’ experience helping more than 10,000 accounting practices, and one million business owners throughout Australia and New Zealand. By constantly working to enhance our solutions, we enable accounting practices to get the things that are important to you done faster and easier. From client engagement to statutory reporting and tax lodgements, MYOB develops smarter ways to connect with your clients, their data and your practice. With 800 plus employees, we have the scale and capability to respond and create solutions in an ever changing environment. As market leader in practice solutions, our proven track record and expertise has enabled us to build strong relationships with the ATO and ASIC, as well as world leading businesses such as Microsoft and Google. We believe independent businesses with an entrepreneurial spirit are the engine room of our economy and accountants are central to the growth of these businesses. Through our experience, expertise and insight, we’ve built a respected and established presence in both accountancy practices and businesses. Our solutions are designed to help accountants provide unique opportunities to their clients.

Who we are

MYOB practice solutions


MYOB Accountan Division

.02 MYOB practice solutions




MYOB Practice Solutions let you make smarter

We invest over $25 million in research and development

We recognise that different accounting practices

connections with everyone you work with, so it’s easy

each year and over 70% of accounting practices in

have different needs, so we’ve designed our Practice

to connect with your clients, the ATO, ASIC, banks

Australia use MYOB Practice Solutions to streamline

Solutions accordingly. We understand the needs of a

and your own team:

processes. When you partner with MYOB, you can be

sole practitioner with 3 staff are quite different from

assured of a high standard of quality and service from

the industry’s largest multi-partner firms.

+ Connect with your clients through a concept we call the ‘common ledger’. This provides Client

a proven leader.

MYOB offers two unique suites of Practice Solutions –

Accounting tools that read and write directly from

Year in year out – tax doesn’t stop and neither does

Accountants Office and Accountants Enterprise. These

your client’s MYOB AccountRight Live data file

MYOB. For over 20 years, we have continued to invest

solutions can service and meet the challenges of any

– no more back and forth with USB sticks or copying

and deliver high quality reliable compliance upgrades to

practice no matter how big or small. Core to both suites

data to CDs.

thousands of accounting practices annually. MYOB Tax

are integration and personalisation – designed to help

solutions lodge more forms with the ATO than any other

you concentrate on your business, not on processes.

+ Connecting with industry regulators is quick and efficient. Lodgments with the ATO and ASIC are all managed with a click of a button. + Your team is always connected with MYOB Practice Solutions. Everything’s optimised to drive outcomes through the entire client lifecycle from engagement to completion, invoicing and

software provider, and have the highest acceptance rates within the industry.

With MYOB Practice Solutions it’s easy to find the right product combination that works for you.

As compliance and practice requirements continue to evolve, MYOB consistently delivers regular updates and new features to our Practice Solutions throughout the year, every year.

lodgment. Integrated document, job, task and budget management means work just flows. On screen dashboards, known as Homepages, mean less paper, as well as peace of mind with a clear picture of work in progress, what’s overdue and what needs to be billed.

MYOB Practice Solutions fit all shapes, sizes and specialities of accounting firms. All designed to help your practice be more efficient and profitable. They offer connectivity, confidence & choice.


Connected, confident & the right choice

.03 MYOB practice solutions

MYOB Accountants Division

MYOB Accountan Division

MYOB practice solutions



Practice solutions that meet your needs MYOB Practice Solutions gives you flexibility and scalability with both the Accountants Office (AO) and Accountants Enterprise (AE) suite of products. Core elements of both suites include:

+ Integration Through tight integration, key

+  Personalisation

Every member of your practice

information such as contacts,

has their own digital dashboard or

employees, security and reporting are

‘Homepage’ to provide the information

accessible across the suite. Enter data

that’s important to them. Updated

once and it’s automatically shared.

in real time, a single glance provides a quick overview of what needs attention, so nothing is missed.

.05 MYOB practice solutions

MYOB Accountants Division

MYOB Accountan Division

.06 MYOB practice solutions

Homepages are designed to deliver personalised information that is relevant to each team members’ role and responsibility.


Homepages deliver up to the minute insight from across the entire suite. Everything from WIP Days, to recently read emails, ASIC forms to be lodged, Tax returns out for signing and more.



The AE Suite extends the reach of the homepages with the ability to


customise the information delivered.



The homepage shown here displays key information from Practice Manager including 12 month fee trends, aged WIP/ Debt, team productivity and top ten outstanding debt.



MYOB Accountan Division MYOB practice solutions

MYOB Accountants Division



Sole practitioners

Multi - partner

Simplified + Optimised

Power + Control + Customised

Ideal for a sole practitioner or smaller practice, MYOB Accountants Office suite pulls

MYOB Accountants Enterprise is designed to meet the needs of today’s multi-partner

together the most common tools you need – from tax preparation all the way to electronic

accounting practice. The suite delivers extended functionality that can be customised to

connectivity with the ATO, financial institutions and your own clients – and links them

suit your unique workflows and reporting needs. Partners can further configure their digital

seamlessly. Standardised configuration, reporting and simplified workflows mean you can

dashboard or ‘Homepage’ to prioritise WIP, debtors and a list of bills or letters that require

spend more time focused on your clients. Accountants Office gets the job done – faster,

approval. While fee-earners focus on job deadlines or individual productivity, administrators

easier and smarter.

can ensure they have practice wide visibility to manage the tax returns or ASIC lodgments that are due that day.







































.08 MYOB practice solutions

Key products of Accountants Office & Accountants Enterprise Practice Manager


Practice Manager delivers total control over jobs, time, costs and processes, ensuring

As a market leader in tax return preparation and lodgment, more tax returns are lodged in

maximum productivity and profitability. Time is captured effortlessly and bills are

Australia with MYOB software than any other.*

processed fast. Practice Manager includes our market leading job tracking tool which lets you efficiently allocate jobs, manage milestones and ensure you deliver great client service every time. +  AE Practice Manager can be customised to allow practices to further define KPIs,

Tax is packed full of features to help your practice become more productive. It supports all major ATO forms and Activity Statements which are designed to be easily recognisable. Data is automatically shared between worksheets, forms and other returns to get you lodging faster. AE and AO Tax have a 99% acceptance rate with the ATO – the highest in

implement approval processes and collaborate on reports. Every member of your

the market*.

practice has unique information needs, so AE Practice Manager lets them customise

+  To assist with the tax planning needs of your clients, AE Tax includes features such

their own digital dashboards or “Homepages” to provide all the information that’s important to them.

Document Manager Built especially for accounting practices to move to a less paper practice, Document Manager deeply integrates with the entire suite. It captures all client communications including email and scanned documents into one organised, searchable and secure space. Embedded workflow management ensures you never lose sight of what’s important, and electronic approval processes mean you can be confident about quality and your professional image. +  The next release of AE Document Manager will provide even more functionality to give practices the ability to create bulk emails and archive historical documents.

as the ‘What If’ calculator and the Tax Optimiser.

Corporate Compliance Corporate Compliance steps users through the creation and lodgment of annual returns, ASIC forms, share certificates, minutes and reports. Avoid late fees thanks to Corporate Compliance’s tight integration with the rest of the suite –changing an address in Practice Manager or Tax can automatically trigger a notification to update the appropriate forms and lodge with ASIC. +  AE Corporate Compliance includes additional forms and extended functionality such as the creation and management of dividend statements and minutes. Multiple databases are supported for flexibility and control within your specific practice and you can download data from ASIC and automatically update contact details to save time and increase accuracy.

* Based on all electronic lodgments made in Australia between July 2011 and June 2012.


Client Accounting Client Accounting delivers the concept of the ‘common ledger’. This is where your practice and your clients can work simultaneously from the same ledger. Client Accounting delivers both Statutory Reporter and Workpaper modules that read and write directly from your clients’ MYOB AccountRight file. Plus, when your clients take up MYOB AccountRight Live, you’ll be able to access your client data directly from the suite – without leaving your office. As a progressive accountant, it means you no longer have to retrieve or rekey data. Integration between MYOB Document Manager and Workpapers mean you can work more efficiently than ever before – another step towards your paper-less practice. +  AE Client Accounting lets you set the standards you want. Customise a set of Workpapers that will work for your practice across MAS, Accounts and AccountRight ledgers, and have the confidence that all jobs will be completed with a high level of quality and consistency.

.09 MYOB practice solutions

MYOB Accountants Division

MYOB Accountan Division

MYOB practice solutions

Speciality products



To complement AE and AO suites, MYOB offers products that enable you to extend the capabilities and services you offer to your clients. ProfitOptimiser


PDF Manager

A powerful business advisory tool that lets you and your

Insolvency is the market leading application in Australia

A simple to use tool that allows you to produce

that delivers the highest quality insolvency workflow

PDF documents from files created in any software

management in an efficient and user friendly manner.

application. You can collate multiple documents from

Integration with AE Practice Manager lets you quickly

multiple sources, including tax returns, Word documents,

compare Practice Manager billing information against

spreadsheets, general ledgers and many others, into a

fee approvals and funds available from Insolvency. This

single secure and protected PDF file.

clients forecast the impact of every financial decision before it’s made. MYOB ProfitOptimiser gives you critical insights into your clients’ businesses – such as tax liability, annual/projected financial data and performance measures, giving you and your clients instant insight and understanding into what drives their business. ProfitOptimiser allows you to provide next level business coaching and mentoring to your clients.

means you reduce duplicate effort and risk of error, save time and money for your practice and improve potential returns for creditors.

.011 MYOB practice solutions

MYOB Accountants Division

MYOB Accountan Division

.012 MYOB practice solutions

Service & support MYOB is committed to providing accountants with best practice service, training and support. Your Client Manager

MYOB Live Advisor Team


MYOB is strongly committed to our clients. Our Client

Along with your Client Manager, you also have the

MYOB provides a variety of training options designed

Managers serve all clients regardless of size or location.

MYOB Live Advisor team. They’re experts on the MYOB

to meet the needs of busy professionals.

With a team of more than thirty Client Managers who

software your clients are using, such as LiveAccounts

speak to practices like yours every day, they are well

and the AccountRight range. They provide all the

equipped to help advise your practice.

support, knowledge and tools you need for your clients

Your Client Manager has a deep understanding of our new products and can explain MYOB’s product strategy, so you can make well informed decisions about future technology needs for your practice.

and your practice to get the most out of MYOB products.

Support MYOB provides extensive Support services for our clients including telephone, email and web-based

Consulting / Implementation services

support. Our Support website is available 24/7 and

MYOB Consulting services are designed to increase your

product updates and more. Access is available to all

practice productivity and profitability - and add value to

MYOB clients through a personalised and secure

your business. Consultants work with you to implement

login via the my.MYOB support website.

the most effective workflows and get the best from your software.

features a searchable knowledgebase, hints and tips,


.013 MYOB practice solutions

MYOB Accountants Division

MYOB Accountan Division

.014 MYOB practice solutions

Solutions for your clients

As Australia’s leading provider of business management solutions, we have choices suitable for all types of clients, no matter what size or industry. We’ve worked alongside Australian businesses for more than two decades through every change to business rules, including GST, BAS, superannuation and payroll. By investing over $25m annually in innovation and product development, we ensure our products keep pace with an ever changing world.


Our aim is to make business life easier for your clients so they can focus on the things they love – like growing their business. Many of our business solutions are designed to integrate with MYOB Practice Solutions so you can standardise practice workflows, increase quality control and save time. For clients needing quick, simple invoicing, GST & payroll: +  LiveAccounts is an easy to use online solution that brings your clients’ accounts and banking together. It’s ideal for startups and small businesses with simple processes who want to keep their accounting as fast and easy as possible. LiveAccounts enables clients to work on their accounts anywhere they can access the internet whether from a PC, Mac, tablet or iPhone. For clients seeking full visibility of their accounts and processes: +  AccountRight is Australia’s most popular accounting software. It’s ideal for businesses that want fully featured, flexible accounting solutions for managing GST requirements, job costing, time billing, inventory, payroll and more.

+ An AccountRight Live subscription gives

+ MYOB EXO Employer Services is a

business owners the choice of doing their

comprehensive payroll solution that ranges

accounting on the desktop, in the cloud, or both.

from basic payroll management to a fully

It’s cloud accounting without compromise.

integrated HR management solution.

They can download their software and access their accounts, inventory and payroll from any internet connected PC in any location and enjoy the added benefits of multi-user access and automated bankfeeds. As their accountant, you benefit from better access to more accurate data. For larger clients needing enterprise solutions: + MYOB EXO Business is a powerful, integrated solution that can be fully customised to suit individual business needs; it includes modules for finance (ERP), job costing, fixed assets, POS, CRM and intercompany reporting. The EXO Business Accountant’s Assistant

Because it’s so flexible, it’s easy for clients to

module, with a set of comprehensive yet

move up the range and add extra features as

customisable accounting process flows and

their business grows and changes.

corresponding checklists, is specifically designed for accountants to help you manage

For every client: +  MYOB Atlas - efficient and affordable website building and hosting software. Research shows that 67% of Australians check online before purchasing*, but only 38% of Australian small and medium businesses currently have their own website**, so it makes sense to help your clients get online now. MYOB Atlas is the website builder that anyone can use. It takes the hassle, time and cost out of creating a website – perfect for getting your business clients online. We also offer specialised products for your clients using MAC (AccountEdge) or running retail operations, and provide simple, affordable EFTPOS and Bpay services. Please visit for more details.

your clients’ accounts more efficiently.

* C  onsumer Commerce Barometer Centre 2010. ** MYOB Business Monitor July 2012.

.015 MYOB practice solutions

MYOB Accountants Division

MYOB Accountan Division

.016 MYOB practice solutions

Become an MYOB Connected Accounting Practice

Central to the program is a team of MYOB Live Advisors

The MYOB Connected Accounting Program has one goal – to make business life easier for accountants who have clients using MYOB business products.

Being an MYOB Connected Accounting Practice

+  Reseller status – once you’ve been approved to

in the field and on the phone. Along with a Client

become an MYOB Connected Accounting Practice,

Manager for accountants using Accountants Enterprise

you automatically qualify as an MYOB Reseller.

or Accountants Office, the MYOB Live Advisor team

You have the choice of purchasing products and

can provide expertise on the MYOB software your

on-selling them to your clients, or using our easy

clients are using, such as LiveAccounts and the

online Referral Portal so that your clients can

AccountRight range.

purchase directly from MYOB.

provides immediate and tangible benefits: + MYOB reference software worth over $9,000 – always have access to the latest version of the MYOB software your clients are using. +  Priority Technical Support during standard business hours and 24/7 Service and Support for all MYOB Live products – always have access to MYOB software experts to answer your queries on the phone and online. + Exclusive training and seminars – including free access to the online seminars MYOB run for your clients’ business solutions, and the AccountRight for Accountants online seminar series. + Exclusive partner communications – valuable technical, services and product information including software tips and techniques to keep you and your clients up to date.

+ Access to a dedicated team of field, phone and training staff, committed to making it easier for accountants to work with clients using MYOB business products. With more than 350,000 Australian businesses using MYOB business management software, becoming an MYOB Connected Accounting Practice is a must for any accountant in public practice, regardless of the practice management software they use. If you want to speak to your local MYOB Live Advisor and see how they can help your practice, or enquire about joining the program, just call 1300 555 117 or visit


.017 MYOB practice solutions

MYOB Accountants Division

MYOB Accountan Division

.018 MYOB practice solutions

MYOB Australia 1300 555 666

MYOB Practice Solutions

Connected Accounting Program 1300 555 117 AAD13906/0812

MYOB Practice Solutions - Australia  

MYOB Practice Solutions for accountants in practice in Australia - Connectivity, Confidence, Choice - Find out who we are!

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