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Program ~ Guest of Honor ~

Rabbi Zev Klein ‫שליט”א‬ Dedication of the Sara Klein ‫ע”ה‬ Chesed Fund ~ Hakoras Hatov Award ~

R’ Zelig Valis ‫שליט”א‬

Siyum HaShas

‫לע”נ שיינא בת משה הלוי ע”ה‬ And dedicated to the Memory of the Major Torah Centers of Yesteryear

Keynote Address:

Rabbi Moshe Meiselman ‫שליט”א‬ Rosh HaYeshiva

Niggunim: Boruch Levine and the Yochi Briskman Orchestra

“Stay Connected” A Premiere Video Presentation

November 7, 2010• ‫ל‘ חשון תשע”א‬ Ateres Avrohom Hall


1428 36th Street, Suite 219 Brooklyn, NY 11218 T: 718-854-4450 EXT. 101 WWW.LUBICOM.COM


We wish to express our heartfelt ‫הטוב‬ ‫הכרת‬ to the esteemed ‫הישיבה‬ ‫ ראש‬Rabbi Moshe Meiselman ‫שליט ''א‬, the ‫משגיח‬, Rabbi Elchonon Meir Fishman ‫שליט ''א‬, as well as to Rabbi Yehuda Abramowitz and Rabbi Moshe Twersky for their dedication and devotion  to their ‫תלמידים‬, inspiration, and ‫נפש‬ ‫מסירת‬  which our dear son Eli, has been privileged  to receive. May Yeshiva Toras Moshe, a  unique and outstanding ‫תורה‬ ‫מקום‬ continue  to flourish for many years to come ‫בע ''ה‬  and may '‫ה‬ continue to provide the Rosh  HaYeshiva, Mashgiach, and the wonderful  Rebbeim with ‫כח‬ and ‫בריאות‬, ‫עמו"ש‬ so they  may continue their crucial task of ‫הרבצת‬  ‫ תורה‬.

L’ilui Nishmas Sara a"h bas R R’’ Zev shlit"a and Sheyna bas Moshe Halevi a"h To Rabbi Meiselman Meiselman  and the Honorees The Talmid might leave the Yeshiva, but the Yeshiva doesn’t leave the Talmid

‫כח‬ ‫יישר‬ and congratulations to Rabbi Zelig  Valis on a well deserved honor.

Thank you for the welcome that your Mikdash Mi’at gave to Dovid & his family


The Charnowitz Mishpocha

In honour of

In honor of

Rabbi Klein May the hatzlacha of the Sara Klein Chesed Fund be a nechama to your family and community In honour of Rav Zelig Valis For your dedication and inspiration to the bochurim of the Yeshiva Yehuda and Hennie Zolty

the the Rosh Rosh HaYeshiva the the Mashgiach Mashgiach Rabbi Zev Klein and

Reb Zelig Valis

Daniel and Shira Grohman

Dinner Chairman:

Benjamin Hoch 28th Anniversary Tribute Dinner Committee Mitch Aeder Ezra Birnbaum Morris Chrem Shlomo Dancykier Leon Goldenberg Joseph Hoch Dr. Shimon Kalatsky Rabbi Mark Karasick

Dr. Reuven Lampert Sender Liebhard Rudolph Lowy Yaron Reich Rabbi Dr. Zecharia Senter Benzion Westreich Herb Zakarin Jonathan Zelinger


Alumni Siyum Hashas Tribute Committee Chairman

Rabbi Zev Karasick Dr. Akiva Bergman Yitzchok Fuchs Chayim Herskowitz Elisha Tzvi Hisiger Ari Hoch Rabbi Chuli Kalish Michoel Katz

Rabbi Naftali Katz Shlomo Mayer Yossi Newman Rabbi Dovid Oldak Rabbi Binyamin Plotzker Chaim Rosenberg Chaim Schulhof

Campaign Director: Rabbi Heshy Augenbaum

Mazel Tov to

‫לכבוד‬ ‫שליט״א‬ ‫הישיבה‬ ‫ראש‬

Rabbi Zev Klein

   ‫ולכבוד‬  ‫הש״ס‬ ‫סיום‬

for a well-deserved honor


Yossi and Raizy Golombeck

‫ לכבוד‬my Rebbe, the Rosh HaYeshiva  ‫שליט"א‬  My ‫ ברכה‬is that the Yeshiva should continue to grow and have much success and Rebbe should always have lots of nachas from all of us.

Yonason Bressel

‫ע''ה‬ ‫הלױ‬ ‫משה‬ ‫בת‬ ‫שײנא‬   ‫גרינעבױם‬ ‫מיכא׳‬

In honor of Rav M. Meiselman Shlit"a and the Hanhala

I would like to express my tremendous gratitude towards the Rosh Yeshiva and the entire hanhala for their outstanding dedication towards me and all of their talmidim.  Their understanding and guidance was felt and greatly appreciated. I wish continued hatzlacha to Rav Meiselman Shlit"a and the hanhala. Thank you very much. Your talmid, Michoel Akda

‫‪In honor of‬‬


‫יישר‪ ‬כח‬ ‫‪to‬‬ ‫‪ ‬הרב‪ ‬משה‪ ‬מייזלמן‪ ‬שליט''א‬


‫‪and all the‬‬

‫‪for your dedication to all‬‬ ‫‪ ‬תלמידים ‪your‬‬

‫& ‪Ayala Abramoff‬‬ ‫‪Family‬‬

‫‪Thank you for all that you‬‬ ‫‪and your family have done‬‬ ‫‪for the Yeshiva and for us‬‬ ‫‪Your kindness, guidance‬‬ ‫‪and friendship has been‬‬ ‫‪and continues to be‬‬ ‫‪invaluable‬‬ ‫‪Ari Goldberg‬‬ ‫‪Avi Schachter‬‬ ‫‪and‬‬ ‫‪Levi Zaslow‬‬ ‫‪ ‬לזכר‪ ‬ולעילוי‪ ‬נשמתה‪ ‬הטהורה‪ ‬של‬ ‫‪ ‬הילדה‪ ‬היקרה‬ ‫‪ ‬שרה‪ ‬קליין‪ ‬ע''ה‬ ‫‪ ‬בתה‪ ‬של‪ ‬ידידינו‪ ‬הדגולים‪ ‬מרבבה‬ ‫‪ ‬והנחמדים‪ ‬מפז‬ ‫‪ ‬הר'‪ ‬אפרים‪ ‬זאב‪ ‬קליין‪ ‬ונו''ב‪ ‬רחל‬ ‫‪ ‬שיחיו‬ ‫‪ ‬המקום‪ ‬ינחם‪ ‬אתכם‪ ‬להתחזק‬ ‫‪  ‬ולהמשיך‪ ‬בעבודתכם‪ ‬בקודש‬ ‫‪ ‬ביתר‪ ‬שאת‪ ‬וביתר‪ ‬עז‪  .‬מתוך‪ ‬מנוחת‬ ‫‪ ‬הנפש‪ ‬והרחבת‪ ‬הדעת‪ ‬ושמחה‬ ‫‪ ‬תמידית‪ ‬ונחת‪ ‬בקדושה‪ ‬מכל‪ ‬יוצ''ח‬ ‫‪  ‬היקרים‪ ‬עד‪ ‬שיבא‪ ‬לציון‪ ‬גואל‬ ‫‪ ‬ונזכה‪ ‬לבנין‪ ‬בית‪ ‬המקדש‪ ‬ולתחיית‪ ‬‬ ‫‪ ‬המתים‬ ‫‪ ‬כעתירת‪ ‬ידידכם‪ ‬עוז‪ ‬‬ ‫ישראל‪ ‬וצפורה‪ ‬ווייסבערגער‪ ‬‬

~ Message From The Rosh Hayeshiva ~

Rabbi Moshe Meiselman ‫שליט”א‬ ‫בכל מקום אשר אזכיר את שמי אבא אליך וברכתיך‬

‫ אשר אתן לך רשות‬- ‫ אזכיר את שמי‬- ‫רש”י‬

Twenty eight years ago, the Ribbono Shel Olom gave me the rshus and zchus to be ‫ מזכיר שמו‬in Yerushalayim and I was able to found Yeshivas Toras Moshe, named for my sainted grandfather Rav Moshe Soloveichik ‫זצ”ל‬. During the years we have been zocheh to be maamid talmidim harbeh with over one thousand talmidim have passed through our doors. A formal gathering of parents, alumni and friends forces us to be introspective and to reflect on the past and what this tells us about the future. Our goal with our talmidim has been multiple. First, to instill in them ahavas Torah ve’yiras shomayim that will accompany them throughout their lives, whether they remain within the walls of the bais medrash or not. During the day to day trials of life, one is continually confronted with nisyonos that force a person to think about his priorities. He is always forced to decide what is ikar in his life and what is tofel. It is at these instances that those years in yeshiva come to the fore. Especially when one leaves the koslay bais hamedrash the ahavas Torah and yiras shomayim that one has absorbed in yeshiva is drawn upon and utilized daily so that one can maintain the same standards that one had when one was within the koslay bais hamedrash. Second, we have tried to train our talmidim to understand Torah in a deep and sophisticated manner, so that limud haTorah will be an integral part of their lives forever. Ongoing limud haTorah connects someone to the Torah daily and enables one to focus on shivisi haShem lenegdi tomid. Furthermore, a deep havonas haTorah enables a person to establish his priorities in a world of confused values and priorities. The most important lessons one takes out of yeshiva are the ones mentioned. These are the lessons that enable one to remain a ben Torah throughout his life, wherever that may take him. The entire staff of Toras Moshe is continually available to its talmidim and alumni whenever they may be needed. Our concern does not end when our talmidim leave the yeshiva. It is a lifelong commitment on our part. We view the Toras Moshe community as an extended family. We are there to help you and hope that you are there to help us.

In honor of Rabbi Klein Your weekly shiurim are greatly appreciated and with ‫הטוב‬ ‫הכרת‬ to R' Zelig Valis for opening up your home Murray and Ruthie Rosenbaum Dovid and Shira Rosenbaum

Hakoras Hatov to the Rosh Yeshiva Harav Klein and Harav Valis for giving us the strong foundation of limud haTorah and ruchniyos

Mazal Tov to Rabbi Klein To Rebbi, I owe everything from day 1, from first coming to Yeshiva and having the privilege to have Rebbi as my first maggid shiur. It does not stop though, 10 years later and Rebbi is still dedicated as ever to us talmidim. Thank you, and may we have the zchus of greeting mashiach together bimhera biyomenu.

Abi Goldenberg

L'ilui Nishmas

Sara Klein Klein, a"h and Sheyna bas Moshe Halevi a"h

May their inspiration continue to shine. And with appreciation to Rabbi Zev Klein shlit"a and Reb Zelig Valis shlit"a

Wishing the Yeshiva many years of continued hatzlocha

We would not be who we are today without your influences

Dov, Yossi and Eli Seidenfeld

B'ahava, Eli and Yehudis Polsky and Family

In recognition of all the honorees Special thanks to the Rosh Yeshiva Mashgiach and all the Rabbeim David & Baila Katz

In honor of Rabbi Meiselman ‫שליט''א‬   and the entire staff of Yeshivas Toras Moshe

In honor of Rabbi Moshe Meiselman Rabbi Zev Klein Reb Zelig Valis and the entire Hanhalla of Yeshivas Toras Moshe

‫טוב‬ ‫מזל‬ ‫והצליחו‬ ‫עלו‬ Yigal & Susan Yaari

In honor of

and in honor of Rabbi Zev Klein Klein ‫שליט''א‬  and Reb Zelig Valis ‫שליט''א‬ 

Rabbi Meiselman

Thank you for guiding our  sons to become Bnei Torah

Grateful mother of one of his talmidim, Rabbi Avrohom Green

Mr. and Mrs. Newton Feld Ashdod, Israel

Alice Green

~ The Rosh Hayeshiva’s Message Continued ~

The posuk in Ki Sovoh says: ‫ארור אשר לא יקים את דברי התורה הזאת לעשות אותם ואמר כל העם אמן‬ The Ramban comments: rncwwi: uchruaknh cxuyv rth,hw tar kt hehow ufh ha ,urv bupk,w rch angui ci heho tunr zv vjziwrch angui ci jkp,t tunr zv ch, shi ak nyiw snr rc hvusv urc vubt cao anutk gk vscr vzverg htahvu utnr gkh kvehow tnr rch txh cao rch ,bjuo cr jhht kns ukhns uanr ugav uvhvxpe chsu kvjzhe ukt vjzhe vrh zv cfkk trur/ hsrau cvenv vzt,w ch, vnkl uvbahtu, achsokveho t, v,urv chs vncykho tu,vw utphku vhv vut mshe dnur cngahu uvhv hfuk kvjzhe v,urvchs vragho vncykho tu,v vrh zu trurw uzv eruc kgbhi aphrabu/ utnru gk srl tdsvw zv vjziwathbu neho xprh v,urv kvgnhsi f,ebi akt hpku/ ukh brtvw gk vjzi athbu neho xpr ,urv gkvmhcur kvrtu, pbh f,hc,u kfkw fnu anpura cnxf, xuprho andchvhi tu,u unrtv pbh f,hc,ukgo vgunsho khnhbu ukantku unjzhru kpbhu uktjrhuw anmuv kfk tbaho uvbaho krtu, vf,ucukfrug ukunr uzt, v,urv tar ao nav uduwufi buvdhi The Ramban tells us that besides the obligation to fulfill the Torah, to learn and to teach, everyone has an obligation to strengthen the Torah. Furthermore, even someone who has fulfilled the Torah, learned the Torah, taught the Torah and had the opportunity tobe mechazek the Torah, and did not, is to be orur. Hachzokas haTorah is an absolute requirement for every Jew. We have no option. This is not for a select few. Every Jew has to use every one of his abilities to be mechazek the Torah. We are required to make a difference. This is a message that we have taught all of our talmidim. Build yourself, keep growing in Torah your entire life and be mechazek the Torah wherever you can. Different people do this in different ways. Our alumni have entered many different areas of life. Some have stayed within the koslay bais hamedrash. Some have become klay kodesh, involved in harbotzasTorah throughout the world. Some have become lay leaders throughout the world. During their time in yeshiva, we have taught our talmidim that when they enter the world they must be sure to make a difference. Our talmidim are spread throughout the world. They are making a difference as klay kodesh throughout the world. They have built communities or strengthened communities throughout the world. They have taken leadership positions as baal habatim throughout the world. We salute all of our talmidim and urge every one to become involved. We are living in tumultuous times. The world is changing. It is by the collective efforts of all of us that it can change to make Torah strong. Iy”h through our collective efforts of making Torah strong, we will be zocheh to see the coming of Moshiach bimehairoh biyomainu.

In honor of

In honor of

Reb Zev shlita

Rabbi Zev Klein and the Hanhala of Yeshivas Toras Moshe

‫תורה‬ ‫להגדיל‬ ‫שתזכה‬ ‫יה"ר‬  ‫ולהאדירה‬

With much gratitude and appreciation for nurturing a sense of ‫תורה‬ ‫אהבת‬ in our son, Tzvi, that continues to grow and provides much ‫נחת‬ to the entire family


Shmuel Weiner

Our deepest hakaras hatov to the Rosh HaYeshiva HaYeshiva, Shlit"a, the Rebbeim and the honorees for all their Avodas Hakodesh on behalf of our children and Klal Yisroel Shaya and Vivian Ostrov

Chaim & Ellen Cohen

‫נעורי‬ ‫ידיד‬ ‫לכבוד‬ ‫שליט''א‬, ‫זאב‬ '‫ר‬ ‫הרב‬  ‫פעלים‬ ‫להרבות‬ ‫יזכה‬ ‫ולתעודה‬ ‫לתורה‬ ‫טובות‬ ‫ושנים‬ ‫ימים‬ ‫לאורח‬ ‫והרוחה‬ ‫הרחבה‬ ‫מתוך‬ ‫קליינקויפמאן‬ ‫דוד‬

‫‪May HASHEM bless‬‬ ‫‪Yossi Menora‬‬ ‫‪with a refuah shleimah‬‬ ‫‪and bring menucha‬‬ ‫‪and peace to the‬‬ ‫‪Klein and Menora Families‬‬

‫מזל‪ ‬טוב‬ ‫‪Shlomo Einhorn‬‬

‫& ‪Avis Lee‬‬ ‫‪Abraham Neiman‬‬

‫הרב‪ ‬זליג‪ ‬שליט"א‬

‫‪ ‬לעילוי‪ ‬נשמת‪ ‬ר'‪ ‬זאב‪ ‬בן‪ ‬יוסף‪ ‬ע"ה‬ ‫לעילוי‪ ‬נשמת‪ ‬רחל‪ ‬בת‪ ‬יצחק‪ ‬ע"ה‬

‫כוס‪ ‬מלא‪ ‬ברכת‪ ‬ה'‬ ‫לעילוי‪ ‬נשמת‪ ‬צבי‪ ‬בן‪ ‬אריה‪ ‬ע"ה‬

‫בשורות‪ ‬טובות‪   ‬‬ ‫ישועות‪ ‬ונחמות‬

‫‪  ‬לעילוי‪ ‬נשמת‪ ‬אסתר‪ ‬בת‬ ‫דוב‪ ‬בעריש‪ ‬ע"ה‬

‫‪  ‬‬

‫שמואל‪ ‬ווינער‬

‫‪ ‬‬

‫‪Berish and Sarah‬‬ ‫‪Newman‬‬

Yeshivas Toras Moshe: At A Glance Among the dozens of American yeshivos in Eretz Yisroel, Toras Moshe has long maintained its own unique identity and reputation. With a total of 140 talmidim, including those in both the Bais Medrash and the Kollel, Toras Moshe is far from the largest American yeshiva in Eretz Yisroel, but that is by design. Its size helps to make possible the highly personalized, intense learning environment in which no talmid is ever allowed to “slip between the cracks.” Before any boy is admitted to Toras Moshe, he must first establish both his abilities and motivations to become an outstanding Ben Torah, and is then made aware that the yeshiva will expect his very best effort and performance at all times. The results speak for themselves. Toras Moshe products are in demand by the leading yeshivos in Eretz Yisroel and the United States. Most American students coming to Toras Moshe after graduating yeshiva high school stay for at least two years, and quickly become part of a tightly knit community in which they are constantly interacting with chavrusos, roommates, older bochurim and kollel members as well as the rabbeim on the faculty. As Rabbi Chuli Kalish, who attended Toras Moshe from 1999-2004, explains, Toras Moshe is not a “buffet style” yeshiva, where an American student is expected to pick his own shiur, find his own chavrusa and largely fend for himself. One of the distinguishing features of Toras Moshe is its hands-on guidance for every Talmid, not just in shiurim and the bais medrash, but also in every other aspect of their life in yeshiva, and in their personal development as Bnei Torah. One notable departure from the practice in most yeshivos is the assignment of a number of Toras Moshe’s older avreichim to serve as assistant mashgichim, helping to give mussar and to supervise the younger students. Their encouragement and personal guidance is particularly important to newly arrived students, helping them to adjust to Toras Moshe’s more intensive learning environment. As Rabbi Jay Kosowsky, who learned at Toras Moshe for over ten years, described, while many yeshivos have an intensive learning environment in the bais medrash and in shiur, at Toras Moshe, the learning never stops. Spreading beyond the bais medrash, permeating the dining room at mealtime and in the dormitory rooms after hour, the discussions in learning continue at full intensity, with talmidim from different shiurim exchanging the insights of their rabbeim and chavrusos into the sugya being learned. This creates an atmosphere of intellectual exploration and discovery which raises the learning to a higher level. It is the start of what, for almost all of Toras Moshe’s talmidim, will be a life-long love affair with the learning of a blatt gemora. The talmidim are encouraged to diversify their Torah studies and to explore their specific interests in order to acquire both a broad-based and comprehensive Torah perspective that a true Ben Torah needs.

Thank you Rabbi Klein for all of your ‫ושיעורים‬ ‫תורה‬ ‫ דברי‬Your Friday ‫ שיעורים‬especially give me a ‘bren’ through the week! Thank you for everything,                                            ‫שרמן‬ ‫משה‬ ‫אליהו‬  ‫שזכיתי‬ ‫טובות‬ ‫ההשפעות‬ ‫כל‬ ‫על‬ ‫זליג‬ '‫ר‬ ‫תודה‬   !‫בגשמיות‬ ‫ההשפעות‬ ‫וגם‬ .‫ממך‬ ‫לקבל‬  .‫שלך‬ "‫וה"ווארמקייט‬ ‫חיים‬ ‫השמחת‬ ‫על‬ ‫ובפרט‬   ,:‫קיא‬ ‫בכתובות‬ ‫וכדאיתא‬  ".'‫וכו‬ ‫לחברו‬ ‫שינים‬ ‫המלבין‬ ‫טוב‬ ‫יוחנן‬ '‫ר‬ ‫"דאמר‬

In honor of the Rosh HaYeshiva,


‫ שליט"א‬ ‫מייזלמן‬ ‫משה‬ ‫הרה"ג‬  and to Yeshivas Toras Moshe in appreciation for its generous hospitality.

,‫גמולך‬ ‫ימלא‬ '‫וה‬ ‫הכל‬ ‫על‬ ‫תודה‬ ‫שרמן‬ ‫משה‬ ‫אליהו‬

To the ‫הישיבה‬ ‫ ראש‬and his dedicated staff,

‫כים‬ ‫שירה‬ ‫מלא‬ ‫פינו‬ ‫אילו‬... ... No words can express our appreciation for everything you have done for us. Wishing you continued ‫הצלחה‬ in furthering ‫ תורה‬in the world and shaping the future of our people.

Eliyahu Yaari and Family

Kollel Ateres Elimelech

We pay tribute to Rav Moshe Meiselman and Yeshivas Toras Moshe on their 28th Anniversary With continued gratitude and appreciation to Rav Zev Klein for his personal devotion to the chinuch of our son Baruch Levine Michoel & Esther Levine Toronto

In honor of Harav Moshe Meiselman Meiselman, ‫שליט''א‬ and all the Rebbeim

In honor of Yossi Newman

and Talmidim Daniel and Sima Jacoby

Rabbi Reuven & Debbie Becker

‫נשמת‬ ‫לעילוי‬

Thank you to the ‫שליט"א‬ ‫הישיבה‬ ‫ראש‬

‫ע''ה‬ ‫קליין‬ ‫שרה‬  

and to the ‫שליט"א‬ ‫משגיח‬

‫שיק‬ ‫ויוני‬ ‫מלכה‬

for all that you have done for us Yudi & Tali Greenberg

The Vilna Gaon & Torah in America The late 1700s was almost two centuries before the introduction of mass media communication. Thus, each of the world’s various regions focused on its own particular affairs: Catherine the Great was placed on the throne in Russia after a palace revolt. Frederick the Great became a patron of artists and philosophers in Prussia, and Chienlung emerged as the greatest of the Manchus. The item claiming the most attention at the time was a nascent republic in the west. A country mostly inhabited by Indians, its capital at the time, in New York, would some day become the port and haven for millions of immigrants and refugees. One place where none of the attention of the world was directed was a humble beis midrash in Vilna. In this bare study hall, graced, by narrow wooden benches and rickety tables, sat the master with several devoted disciples at his feet. “My dear students,” began the Gaon of Vilna, “we must reach out to our brethren, wherever they may be. Yeshivos must be established to nourish the Torah-starved masses.” He then added, “Only when Torah as been disseminated throughout the world can it return to the Holy Land. This is a prerequisite for the arrival ofthe Moshiach.” Rav Chaim of Volozhin had never left the company of the Gaon, yet he had never heard his master speak in this manner. Was his rebbi revealing anexample of his clairvoyancy? His curiosity was piqued. “What,” asked Rav Chaim, “will be the last place that Torah will have to reach before it returns to Eretz Yisroel?” The Gaon remained silent for a brief moment. Apparently, he understood global events far better and deeper than all the contemporary political scientists and news watchers. He breathed awistful sigh and responded, “America will have to become a makom Torah before Torah returns to Eretz Yisroel and the Moshiach will come.” Rav Chaim Volozhiner would never forget his rebbi’s words. Decades later, in a beis midrash in Volozhin, he repeated the incident to a large crowd during a seudah shlishis. Rav Chaim’s audience was comprised of young scholars, men never privileged to see the Gaon in their lifetime.

With deepest hakaras hatov to the

In memory of

Rosh HaYeshiva

Sara Klein a"h

for all that he has done and continues to do for our family

and the dedication of the Sara Klein Chesed Fund

Rabbi David and Sharon Levine

Ariel and Rachel Rosenberg

In Appreciation

‫לכבוד‬ ‫הגאון‬ ‫הרב‬ ‫קליין‬ ‫זאב‬ ‫הר'ר‬  ‫ובעלה‬ ‫גולדה‬ ‫אחותי‬ ‫בן‬  ‫האהוב‬ ‫גיסי‬ ‫קליין‬ ‫צבי‬ '‫ר‬ ‫הרב‬ 

of the Rosh Yeshiva and the entire Yeshiva

Mr. & Mrs. Yosef Kanner

‫מרובה‬ ‫הצלחה‬ ‫מברכים‬ ‫אנו‬ ‫ולהאדירה‬ ‫תורה‬ ‫להרביץ‬ ‫ושימשיך‬ ‫תמיד‬ ‫ושמחה‬ ‫בריאות‬ ‫מתוך‬

‫הולנדר‬ ‫צבי‬ ‫חיים‬  ‫עה''ק‬ ‫בירושלים‬

The attentive students sat at the very edge of their benches as the story was told. They were amazed and visibly moved by what they heard, and even more astounded by their rebbi’s reaction. Rav Chaim appeared physically pained. In seconds, he entered a fit of uncontrolled crying. Rav Chaim’s son, Reb Yitzalla sat dumbfounded at his father’s unrestrained outburst of emotion. Reb David Tevel, one day to be known as the author of Nachlas David, stammered, “Why, why is the rebbi reacting in such a manner to the Gaon’s prediction?” “Do you have any idea whatsoever,” explained Rav Chaim to his concerned audience, “how much self-sacrifice and deprivation it will take to turn America into a makom Torah? Do you have any idea of how many korbonos the Jewish people will have to suffer to achieve this? At this somber prospect I weep.” The students were deeply touched by what they had heard and seen. Clearly the Gaon and his students had a profound appreciation of what would transpire inthe New World. One hundred years later, the Gaon’s forecast of America as the one-before-the-final venue seemed no more fulfilled than it had in 1790. It was a particularly cold Shabbos morning in the town of Volozhin. Strong gusts of frigid wind rattled the shutters, as if to confirm that the conditions outside had not changed. Inside the crowded beis midrash, however, there was warmth and joy, coziness and celebration. The very sight of so many outstanding Torah scholars couldhave melted the iciest heart. Rav Chaim Soloveichik was obviously proud of his son Moshe, on this, his bar mitzvah day. So too were the great-grandfather, the Netziv and grandfather, the Bais Halevi, who had graced the celebration with their presence. Moshe’s entry into the realm of mitzvos added another firm link into one of Jewry’s most illustrious chains and the alter-zeide, the Netziv, felt a need to express his emotions. “Many years ago,” he began, “I heard a story from my father-in-law and rebbi, Reb Yitzalla, the son of Rav Chaim Volozhiner. At the time, I didn’t understand the special significance of what he was saying, and in fact, neither did Reb Yitzalla, when he first heard the story. But, I am older and wiser now.” “Everyone present knows how we are suffering and what lies ahead of us….” No doubt the Netziv was referring to the plot incited by the so-called“Enlightenists” to introduce secular subjects into the Yeshiva of Volozhin. So far he had delayed, in fact ignored, implementing the reforms that the governmenthad ordered. There was a limit, however, to how long the Russian officials could look the other way. Less than one year later, the gates of the famed Yeshivas Etz Chaim, the Volozhiner Yeshiva, would be sealed under police edict.

In honor of

In Memory of

‫משה‬ ‫בת‬ ‫שיינא‬ ‫ע''ה‬ ‫הלוי‬ 

Rabbi Zev Klein whose enthusiasm in giving over his shiur remains with his talmidim and in appreciation of

R' Zelig Valis Rabbi & Rebbetzin  Avraham Halbfinger Boston, MA

With tremendous admiration, we join Yeshivas Toras Moshe in honoring Rabbi and Mrs. Zev Klein this evening. May all the hard work that you pour into the Yeshiva each day continue to inspire those around you the way it so evidently has been until now. Sara Klein's precious neshama was taken tragically and our hearts are broken without her. May the Sara Klein Chesed Fund be an Aliyah for her beautiful pure neshama in assisting those in need the way Sara would have.

Shuly and Bracha Lieber

who makes his home everyone's home away from home Rephoel and Tzipora Lieder

In honor of Harav Zev Klein and in memory of Sara Klein a"h and in dedication to the Sara Sara Klein Chesed Fund Marilyn & Joseph Statfeld & Family

And so my dear Moshe’le,” the Netziv continued, his nachas now giving way to melancholy,” I wish to tell you a story….” The Netziv proceeded to relate the prediction that the Vilna Gaon had made one hundred years earlier and how Rav Chaim of Volozhin had reacted to his master’s words. Only when Torah has been disseminated throughout the world, and America becomes a makom Torah, can it return to Eretz Yisroel—and then Moshiach will come. Four decades later, when the bar mitzvah boy, Rav Moshe Soloveichik was already an accomplished Torah giant, he had to make the most important decision of his life. It was clear that he had to leave Europe, but the question was to where. The more Rav Moshe thought about the decision, the clearer it became. The tears of Rav Chaim Volozhiner penetrated his very soul and convinced him ofthe need to head west to a country whose capital had moved to Washington but whose center of Jewry remained in New York. The disciple of the Gaon had foreseen the tremendous self-sacrifice which would be involved in transforming America into a makom Torah, but the young scholar would not absolve himself of his responsibility. This was the legacy which he had inherited from his great-grandfather, and the one which he would pass on tohis children. He prayed that his grandchildren would merit the denouement that the Gaon had assured; that they would be privileged to be part of the return of Torah to the land of Israel, and hasten the arrival of the Moshiach. Yeshivas Toras Moshe, named for Rav Moshe Soloveichik, was founded in 1982 by his grandson, Rav Moshe Meiselman. Imbued by the twin ideals oftransforming America into a makom Torah and the return of Torah to Eretz Yisroel, he founded a yeshiva for the highly motivated America talmid, who aspires to achieve unprecedented Torah heights in Eretz Yisroel. Already, hundreds of talmidim have passed through its doors, many returning toAmerica to continue the process of turning America into a makom Torah. Many have remained in Eretz Yisroel to be part of the return of Torah to its home. All are fulfillments of the Vilna Gaon’s prediction that America will be transformed into a makom Torah and that ultimately Torah would return to Eretz Yisroel. ’’‫’’כי מציון תצא תורה ודבר ה‘ מירושלים‬

To the dedicated Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Moshe Meiselman shlit”a, Guest of Honor, Rabbi Zev Klein & Hakaras HaTov Awardee, R’ Zelig Valis

May you continue m’chayil el chayil to bring Toras Moshe to Am Yisroel. Yasher Koach!

Rabbi Micha & Bracha Peled

In honor of

In honor of

Rabbi Meiselman and

Rabbi Valis with continued Hakaras Hatov for their Mesiras Nefesh and Hadracha to our sons Mordachai & Surie Soroka

Mazal Tov

Rabbi Zev Klein

to the

to a Rebbi dedicated to his talmidim and their growth as ‫תורה‬ ‫בני‬


Shlomo & Aviva Mostofsky

Dr. & Mrs. Jonathan Schiff

In honor of

Rabbi Zev Klein Thank you for inspiring our son, Tzvi

We wish

‫ מזל‬and ‫ברכה‬ to


,‫קליין‬ ‫זאב‬ ‫הרה''ג‬ 

for this well-deserved


We wish to your entire family

‫ונחת‬ ‫הצלחה‬, ‫שמחה‬, ‫ברכה‬  May we share only together



Dr. David and Leah Ungar

Shragie & Leebie Bomzer

We wish the ‫ישיבה שליט''א‬ ‫ראש‬ and his Rebbetzin



and the ‫משגיח שליט''א‬ and his Rebbetzin

‫והצלחה‬ ‫ נחת‬,‫ שמחה‬,‫ברכה‬   May we share many ‫שמחות‬   together in the future   Thank you for everything  Sincerely,

Shragie, Leebie & Yael Bomzer

‫מזל‬ ‫ברכה‬ ‫והצלחה‬ Rabbi Shlomo & Adina Tenenbaum

~ Guest of Honor ~

Rabbi Zev Klein ‫שליט”א‬ Rabbi Zev Klein, longtime rebbi at Yeshivas Toras Moshe, is Guest of Honor at this year’s 28th Anniversary Tribute Dinner. Rabbi Klein is a favorite of many of the talmidim at the Yeshiva, and is known for his warm personality and the close bonds that he is able to form with so many of his students. Talmidim highlighted Rabbi Klein’s dedication to setting up sedorim between him and his talmidim during lunch hour, after night seder, and on Shabbos, and the devotion he has to each and every talmid, making himself totally available for them at any time. He is able form extraordinary connections with so many of his students, and maintains relationships with them long after they have left the Yeshiva’s physical building. To give just one example, Rabbi Klein gives a weekly shiur at the Yeshiva on Fridays on halacha focusing on the week’s parsha, and makes sure to e-mail it to Toras Moshe alumni and anyone else who is interested. So inspired were several talmidim that they brought their copious notes on the shiurim to Rabbi Klein, who then turned it into a sefer for even more people to learn from. That sefer, “Nachlas Tzvi,” has been well received throughout the Torah world.

In honor of all the Honorees

Hatzlacha in your new building Dr. & Mrs. Moshe Bacharach and Dovid

May they continue to support Torah In honor of the Rosh HaYeshiva HaRav Moshe Meiselman, Shlita For the wonderful work for Klal Yisroel and the Yeshiva Sharon & Sol Herskowitz

Mazal Tov Rabbi & Mrs. Klein on this well-deserved honor,   with tremendous ‫הטוב‬ ‫ הכרת‬for my many years of learning in

‫משה‬ ‫תורת‬   May '‫ ה‬bless you & your whole family with endless and


‫ הצלחה‬always

Sincerely, Mr. & Mrs. Menachem Brickman

‫ויקרא‬ ‫רבא‬ ‫גברא‬ ‫האי‬ ‫לכבוד‬ ,‫שליט''א‬ ,‫זלג‬ '‫הר‬ ‫הטוב‬ ‫הכרת‬ ‫לאות‬  ‫כימים‬ ‫לילות‬ ‫שם‬ ‫הוא‬ ‫באשר‬  ‫החול‬ ‫כימות‬ ‫ושבתות‬  ‫להדריכני‬ , ‫לפצץ‬,‫אותי‬ ‫להחזיק‬  ‫האמת‬ ‫דרך‬ ‫על‬ ‫ולהעמידיני‬  ‫ולחזות‬ '‫ה‬ ‫בבית‬ ‫לשבת‬ ‫להגיעני‬  ‫ועבודתו‬ ‫תורתו‬ ‫בנועם‬  ‫הקודש‬ ‫בעבודתך‬ ‫שתמשיך‬ ‫רצון‬ ‫יהי‬  ‫אביהם‬ ‫אל‬ ‫קרובים‬ ‫ולקרב‬ ‫להשפיע‬  ‫שבשמים‬ 

,‫ונפש‬ ‫לב‬ ‫מקרב‬ ‫תודה‬ ‫ברגשי‬ ‫ומשפחתו‬ ‫ברקוביץ‬ ‫זאב‬

‫‪In appreciation to‬‬

‫‪Rabbi Klein‬‬ ‫‪and the Rabbeim‬‬ ‫ישיבה ‪ allow the‬הקב''ה‪May ‬‬ ‫‪to succeed‬‬ ‫בני‪ ‬תורה ‪in developing‬‬ ‫‪  ‬ויהי‪ ‬נועם‪ ‬ה'‪ ... ‬יהי‪ ‬רצון‪ ‬שתשרה‬ ‫‪ ‬שכינה‪ ‬במעשה‪ ‬ידיכם‬ ‫‪Yosef & Esther Polinsky‬‬

‫הרבה‪ ‬מילות‪ ‬תודה‪ ‬והוכרה‬ ‫‪  ‬לראש‪ ‬הישיבה‪ ,‬שליט''א‬ ‫‪ ‬ולמה''ר‪ ‬ר'‪ ‬זאב‪ ‬קליין‪ ,‬שליט''א‬ ‫‪  ‬ולכל‪ ‬רבותי‪ ‬מהישיבה‪ ‬הקדושה‬ ‫‪  ‬אשר‪ ‬הדרכתם‪ ‬אותי‪ ‬בדרכי‪ ‬התורה‬ ‫‪ ‬ולכבוד‪ ‬מהור'‪ ‬ר'‪ ‬זליג‪ ‬ולס‪ ,‬שליט''א‬ ‫‪ ‬אשר‪ ‬הדרכתי‪ ‬אותי‪ ‬בדרכי‪ ‬העבודה‬ ‫‪  ‬יה''ר‪ ‬מלפני‪ ‬אבינו‪ ‬שבשמים‬ ‫‪ ‬שתמשיכו‪ ‬להדריך‪ ‬תלמידים‪ ‬הרבה‬ ‫‪ ‬מתוך‪ ‬בריאות‪ ‬הנפש‪ ‬והגוף‬ ‫‪ ‬עם‪ ‬ביאת‪ ‬גואל‪ ‬צדק‪ ‬בב''א‬

‫‪ ‬ממני‪ ‬המבקש‪ ‬שלומכם‪ ‬תמיד‪,‬‬ ‫‪ ‬יצחק‪ ‬י‪ .‬קובלסקי‪ ‬וב''ב‬

‫‪With much‬‬ ‫‪appreciation to‬‬ ‫‪Rabbi Meiselman,‬‬ ‫‪Rabbi Twersky‬‬ ‫‪and Rabbi‬‬ ‫‪Abramowitz‬‬ ‫‪Moshe & Bracha Tova‬‬ ‫‪Greene‬‬ ‫‪Dovid Simcha & Rivky‬‬ ‫‪Greene‬‬


~ Hakoras Hatov Award ~

Reb Zelig Valis ‫שליט”א‬ Reb Zelig Valis, fondly known as “Wallace” by the talmidim of Yeshivas Toras Moshe, will be recognized and shown hakoras hatov by the Yeshiva at its 28th Anniversary Tribute Dinner for creating a home away from home for so many bochurim. The “Wallace” home was right next door to the Yeshiva’s former building, and Reb Valis quickly became much more than a good neighbor who instituted an open-door policy for the students at the Yeshiva on “off” Shabbosim, but a close friend to many who spend time learning at Toras Moshe. Reb Valis’s home is filled with warmth and laughter, and permeated with Torah, attributes that basically describe his character as well. A tremendous masmid, Reb Valis can often be found learning by himself for the entire day. Despite his devotion to learning, Reb Valis has transitioned into a “big brother” and mentor of many talmidim and always has time to talk with them or counsel them on issues of concern. Many of them look forward to his famous “Wallace” cake and chulent on their Shabbosim at the Valis home, where lively Torah discussions take place.

An authentic Yerushalmi, Reb Valis will visit the United States for the first time in his life when he will attend the 28th Anniversary Tribute Dinner.

Mazel Tov to

Zevy & Kelly Klein They are both truly devoted to Torah and Chesed. Toras Moshe Moshe has chosen a well-deserving honoree

Congratulations to tonight's well-deserved honorees, and to the Rosh Yeshiva Yeshiva, Mashgiach Mashgiach, and all the wonderful Rebbeim at Toras Moshe Moshe! With a deep Hakaras Hatov for all you do

Aunt Chana & Uncle Philip Kovalsky Chicago, Illionois

In appreciation of my Rebbi Rabbi Michel Shurkin Shurkin,,


Azriel Zakheim and Family

Rabbi and Mrs. Shraga Rothbart

‫נשמת‬ ‫לעילוי‬ ‫ע''ה‬ ‫שרה‬ ‫הגאון‬ ‫הרב‬ ‫בת‬ ‫שליט''א‬ ,‫זאב‬ ‫אפרים‬ '‫ר‬  Yitschak & Ava Miedzinski


‫הישיבה‬ ‫הראש‬ ‫המשגיח‬ ‫הרבי''ם‬ ‫וכל‬  ‫תלמידיהם‬ ‫בעד‬ ‫נפשם‬ ‫שמסרו‬

‫זליג‬ '‫לר‬ ‫וגם‬  ‫לכבות‬ ‫יכלו‬ ‫לא‬ ‫רבים‬ ‫ש''מים‬   ''‫אהבה‬ ‫את‬ 

‫קויפמן‬ ‫זאב‬ ‫משה‬  ‫ומשפחתו‬ 

Dedicated in memory of



We feel that the influence that she accomplished in her short life continues to inspire all of us

Boruch Yaakov & Lea Gestetner


‫ע''ה‬ ‫שרה‬ In honor of 

‫הגאון‬ ‫הרב‬ ‫בת‬

Akiva Bergman

‫שליט''א‬,‫זאב‬ ‫אפרים‬ '‫ר‬  May the work of this fund bring  peace and joy to Sara's family.

Dr. Reuven and Ruchie Grossman

In honor of Rabbi Tsvi and Goldie Klein who graciously open their home to all guests. Beverly & Bernard Kornell

Mazel Tov to all of the honorees

Yehuda Richman

‫הטוב‬ ‫הכרת‬ ‫מביא‬ ‫הריני‬ '‫הק‬ ‫לישיבה‬ ‫משה‬ ‫תורת‬ ‫ישיבת‬ ,‫הישיבה‬ ‫ראש‬ ‫ולמרן‬ ‫שליט''א‬

In honor of R' Zelig Valis Hakoras Hatov Awardee

Eluzer Kowalsky

In honor of the ‫שליט''א‬ ‫הישיבה‬ ‫ראש‬  and

Rav Shurkin May the

‫ ישיבה‬continue to grow

‫חיל‬ ‫אל‬ ‫מחיל‬ ‫בוילן‬ ‫הלוי‬ ‫דוד‬ ‫משה‬ Tzvi & Ilana Tuchman

Toras Moshe Legacy Experience May 1st- 8th 2011

Last year, the Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Moshe Meiselman, shlit”a, returned from a historic trip to Eastern Europe in a personal journey to connect to his illustrious Torah roots, which date back to Reb Chaim Volozhiner, the founder of the Volozhin Yeshiva, and his great-grandfather, Rav Chaim Brisker. A group of talmidim, parents, and friends joined Rav Meiselman and Harav Michel Shurkin on the trip, witnessing the remnants of illustrious Torah study and grandeur in the major Torah centers that were torn apart and left desolate by the Holocaust. It was at the site of the famed Volozhin Yeshiva – the “Mother of all Yeshivas” – where the hascholas Hashas took place in preparation for the Siyum Hashas that is now being celebrated at the 28th Anniversary Tribute Dinner. Once again, Rav Meiselman plans to take along a group of alumni, parents and layleaders from South Africa, along with alumni and families from the U.S. and Europe, to revisit the Eastern European cities that once thrived with

‫לכבוד‬ ‫שליט"א‬ ‫זליג‬ ‫הרב‬  ‫הנפש‬ ‫המסירת‬ ‫כל‬ ‫על‬ ‫כח‬ ‫יישר‬ ‫והגוף‬ ‫הישיבה‬ ‫תלמידי‬ ‫עבור‬ ‫ויזכו‬ ‫זכו‬ ‫תלמידים‬ ‫מאות‬ ‫בזכותך‬ ‫מסביבה‬ ‫ולהנות‬ ‫להסתופף‬ ‫בעז"ה‬   !‫שמים‬ ‫ויראת‬ ‫תורה‬ ‫בשמחת‬ ‫משולב‬ 

‫וולגלרנטר‬ ‫דוד‬ ‫ישראל‬

In honor of the Rosh HaYeshiva, ‫שליט''א‬ Mashgiach, ‫שליט''א‬  and  Rabbeim, '' With Much Hakoras Hatov and Bracha  Mechayil Elchayil Rabbi Yerachmiel and Miriam Fried Dallas, TX

In honor of Rav Zelig Valis May you continue in your Avodas Hashem Ira and Sari Cooper Yaacov and Shanie Cooper

‫נשמת‬ ‫לעילוי‬ ‫ע''ה‬ ‫שרה‬  ‫הגאון‬ ‫הרב‬ ‫בת‬  ‫זאב‬ ‫אפרים‬ '‫הר‬   Klein

Chaim & Blumy

yidden and Torah learning, in the coming year. This rare opportunity to join the Rosh Yeshiva – a direct descendent of Torah giants – and learn from him directly at the emotional and memorable sites themselves in Poland, Belarus, and Lithuania, will take place May 1-8. The tour includes visiting the Jewish quarter of Krakow; visiting Auschwitz, Birkenau, and Lizensk; a visit to the Yeshiva of Lublin; a visit to Warsaw to witness the remains of the ghetto and the Warsaw cemetery; and visits to Radin, Volozhin, Kovno, and Vilna.

Itinerary: Sunday May 1st Land in Krakow Tour Jewish quarter of Krakow Sleep in Krakow

Thursday, May 5th Volohzin, Radin, Cross the border to Kovno Sleep in Kovno

Monday, May 2nd Auschwitz- Birkenau- Lizensk Sleep in Lublin

Friday, May 6th Tour Kovno, ninth fort, Slobodka, travel to Vilna Prepare for Shabbos Sleep in Vilna

Tuesday, May 3rd Majdanek, Yeshiva of Lublin, cemetery. Travel to Warsaw see Ghetto remains. Sleep in Warsaw Wednesday, May 4th Warsaw Cemetery, shul. Cross the border to Grodno, Baronovich, Mir Sleep in Minsk

Shabbos, May 7th in Vilna Walking tour in Jewish quarter on Shabbos afternoon Sleep in Vilna Sunday May 8th Tour Vilna, kever of the Vilna Gaon Return Home

In honor of the Rosh Yeshiva, shlit"a and Rabbi Klein, shlit"a with tremendous gratitude for all the time and effort they have put into their talmidim throughout all the years. In honor of the chashuv Rav Valis, shlit"a ‫הבחורים‬ ‫כל‬ ‫ובשביל‬ ‫בשבילי‬ ‫שעשית‬ ‫מה‬ ‫כל‬ ‫בשביל‬ ‫משה‬ ‫תורת‬ ‫בישיבת‬ ‫להמשיך‬ ‫כח‬ ‫לך‬ ‫יתן‬ ‫שהקב''ה‬ ‫תפילתי‬    ‫צדק‬ ‫גואל‬ ‫ביאת‬ ‫עד‬ ‫רבות‬ ‫לשנים‬ ‫שלך‬ ‫אורחים‬ ‫בהכנסת‬  Itzik & Nechama Sonnenschine

From a grateful alumnus Shira & Naphtali Buchwald Aidel & Ephraim Buchwald

We would like to express our ‫הטוב‬ ‫ הכרת‬to Rabbi Zev Klein and his family Wishing you continued  ‫הצלחה‬ and ‫ברכה‬ Mr. and Mrs. Yair Stern

Brisker Legacy Experience - 2009

With tremendous gratitude to the whole Yeshiva, particularly Rabbi Klein ‫טוב‬ ‫מזל‬  on your well-earned award Zevi and Shani Hammelburger

In honor of

Rabbi Zev Klein Your unique and profound Ahavas HaTorah and Ahavas Yisroel is remarkable We daven that you and your wife should have a nechama With admiration, Moshe and Shifi Lieberman

In honor of

Rabbi Klein


I would like to express my ‫הטוב‬ ‫ הכרת‬to Rebbi for instilling within us what it means to be a true ‫תורה‬ ‫בן‬. You truly personify the Rebbi/Talmid relationship. A special thanks for giving me the ‫ זכות‬of being your ‫חברותא‬. You should be ‫ זוכה‬to be ‫תורה‬ ‫ מרביץ‬for many years to come.   Avi Katz

Brisker Legacy Experience - 2009

With much Hakoras Hatov to RABBI ZEV KLEIN and L'ilui Nishmas SARA KLEIN


Michelle & David Sitzer and Family

In honor of R' Klein and Reb Valis My years in Yeshiva would not have been the same without you Thank you, Avrumi Friedman

With tremendous gratitude to my Rebbi, Harav Zev Klein Shlit"a, and Harav Zelig Valis Shlit"a for embracing me so warmly, for your effort and devotion towards me, and for providing a nurturing and compassionate environment of limud HaTorah Yitzie and Hindy Newman

‫תשית לראשם עטרת פז‬ ‫לידידי ורעי‪ ,‬הגאון הגדול העומד‪ ,‬לימיני בעבודת הקדש במסירות אין קץ;‬ ‫הגאון הגדול ר‘ אפרים זאב קליין שליט”א‬ ‫הניצב על משמרתו לילות כימים להעמיד את תלמידים האהובים‬ ‫בקרן אורה בלימוד סוגיות הש”ס לעומקם‪ ,‬על אמיתתם‪.‬‬ ‫להבעיר בלבם חשקת התורה והתמדתה צרופה‪ ,‬אש תמיד‬ ‫תוקד ‪ -‬לא תכבה‪ .‬מתוך יראת שמים טהורה עומדת לעד‪,‬‬ ‫המשיך את שושלת מסירת התורה בטהרתה‬ ‫מרבותינו זיע”א מדור דור‪.‬‬ ‫והכל נעשה באהבה ובמסירות נאמנה באופן מופלג‬ ‫ביותר כמאמרם ז”ל ”ושננתם לבניך ‪ -‬אלו תלמידים”‪.‬‬ ‫תהילות לקל עליון לראות את תלמידינו היקרים דורות‬ ‫של בני תורה הניכרים ועומדים בכל הליכות חייהם‬ ‫בכל מקומות מושבותיהם‪ .‬לגיונות של ”לומדים“‬ ‫המצליחים ועושים פרי‪ ,‬תלמידי חכמים אמיתיים‪,‬‬ ‫חוט של חסד משוך עליהם‪ ,‬המוצאים חן ושכל טוב בעיני‬ ‫אלוקים ואדם לתפארת עולם הישיבות וכל בית ישראל‪.‬‬ ‫ברכתי ותפילתי‪ ,‬שנזכה עוד רבות בשנים לרוות נחת דקדושה‬ ‫להמשיך בעבודת הקדש ביתר שאת וביתר עוז מתוך נחת והרחבת‬ ‫דעת עד ביאת גואל צדק במהרה בימינו אמן‪.‬‬ ‫בברכת התורה והמצוה‬ ‫משה הלוי מייזלמן‬

In honor of R' Zev and his Rebbetzin A sincere wish of Hakaras Hatov for the many Shabbosim spent across the hall. Only nachas from the entire Mishpacha!

To R' Zelig and his Rebbetzin "Ain Cmo R' Zelig!" I will always remember those "heiliga" Friday night meals. Thank you! Only nachas from the entire Mishpacha.

Shlomo & Rena Mayer




Mazel Tov to Rabbi Zev Klein and Rabbi Zelig Valis Bruce, Julie and Yehuda Fried

The ‫ הנהלה‬and ‫ תלמידים‬of Yeshivas Toras Moshe express a deep feeling of ‫ הכרת הטוב‬to our Dinner Chairman

Benjamin Hoch For all of the efforts that he has expended on behalf of the success of this evening

‫שליט"א‬ ‫ולס‬ ‫זעליג‬ '‫ר‬ ‫לכבוד‬  ‫בחסד‬ ‫מדרגות‬ ,‫להיות‬ ‫אמור‬ ‫שבת‬ ‫מה‬ ,‫אמיתי‬ ‫יהודי‬ ‫מהו‬ ‫לי‬ ‫הראת‬  ,‫צדיקים‬ ‫וקברי‬ ‫לתהלים‬ ‫יהודי‬ ‫כל‬ ‫של‬ ‫השייכות‬ ,‫כדוגמתה‬ ‫שאין‬ .‫ועוד‬ ‫ועוד‬ ‫ועוד‬ ‫הלב‬ ‫וכוונת‬ ‫בדביקות‬ ‫וזמרה‬ ‫שירה‬ ‫מה‬ ‫כל‬ (!‫אמא‬ '‫אפי‬ ‫)ולפעמים‬ ,‫חבר‬ ,‫אבא‬ ,‫תלמיד‬ ,‫רבי‬ ‫לי‬ ‫היית‬   ‫ולהשפיע‬ ‫להצליח‬ ‫תמיד‬ ‫שתזכה‬ ‫ויה"ר‬ ‫היא‬ ‫שלך‬ ‫ושאזכה‬ ‫שזכיתי‬  .‫בב"א‬ ‫צדק‬ ‫גואל‬ ‫ביאת‬ ‫עד‬ ‫ויותר‬ ‫יותר‬ ‫עוד‬ '‫ומשפ‬ ‫יערי‬ ‫אליהו‬ 

In honor of my dear Rebbe, Rabbi Klein Klein, ‫שליט"א‬ From the first day, you have made Yeshiva ‘geshmak’ for me. Always with a smile, a good word to greet us and ‫‘ חנוכה‬gelt’ to “sweeten” our day. Your vast ‫ בקיאות‬and incredible ‫שיעורים‬ continuously heighten my goals in ‫תורה‬. Opening your home to me ‫שבת‬ after ‫ שבת‬exposed me to ‫ תורה‬far beyond the ‫מדרש‬ ‫בית‬. May you be ‫ זוכה‬to continue growing and inspiring ‫תלמידים‬. Your ‫תלמיד‬,  Eliyahu Yaari and family                             (looking forward to '‫ה‬ ‫)!חלק‬

By appointment to Her Majesty, The Queen of England, Her Royal Subjects wish to applaud Yeshivas Toras Moshe for its efforts in providing tea to the Jewish leaders of TOMOrrow. It has greatly enhanced our (and the colonists’) appreciation of Malchus. Signed, The Great Britons

The ‫ הנהלה‬and ‫ תלמידים‬of Yeshivas Toras Moshe express their ‫ תנחומים‬to ‫הגאון הגדול ר‘ אפרים זאב קליין שליט”א‬ on the recent petirah of his daughter



‫ברוב‪ ‬הכרת‪ ‬הטוב‬ ‫‪to Rabbi Klein for being‬‬ ‫‪an amazing Rebbe and role model‬‬ ‫&‬ ‫‪to R’ Zelig Valis for his warmth,‬‬ ‫הכנסת‪ ‬אורחים‪ ‬‬ ‫‪and for giving us a taste of‬‬ ‫”‪genuine “Yerushalminess‬‬ ‫‪                    ‬‬

‫‪Daniel & Aviva Cohen & Families‬‬

‫‪  ‬‬

‫לכבוד‪ ‬הרב‪ ‬זליג‪ ‬ולס‪ ‬שליט"א‪,‬‬ ‫‪ ‬באתי‪ ‬בזה‪ ‬להכיר‪ ‬לך‪ ‬טובה‪ ‬מעומק‪ ‬הלב‪ ‬על‪ ‬כל‪ ‬ההדרכה‪ ‬והדברי‬ ‫‪ ‬חיזוק‪ ‬שמסרת‪ ‬לי‪ ,‬שהיו‪ ‬ממש‪ ‬כבחינת‪ ‬דברים‪ ‬היוצאים‪ ‬מן‪ ‬הלב‬ ‫נכנסים‪ ‬אל‪ ‬הלב‪ .‬וכמו‪ ‬כן‪ ‬על‪ ‬אשר‪ ‬זכיתי‪ ‬להיות‪ ‬‬ ‫חלק‪ ‬מביתך‪ ‬כאחד‪ ‬ממשפחתך‪.‬‬ ‫יהי‪ ‬רצון‪ ‬שתמשיך‪ ‬לגדל‪ ‬פירות‪ ‬מתוקים‬ ‫‪ ‬ולראות‪ ‬נחת‪ ‬מעבודתך‪ ‬הקדושה‪,‬‬ ‫יצחק‪ ‬לוונשפיל‪ ‬ומשפחתו‬

‫חבורה‪ ‬עמוד‪ ‬יומי‪ ‬‬ ‫לע"נ‪ ‬שרה‪ ‬בת‪ ‬הר'‪ ‬אפרים‪ ‬זאב‪,‬‬


‫ומשה‪ ‬בן‪ ‬שלמה‪ ‬יוסף‬ ‫’‪The Night Chabura would like to express its heartfelt appreciation to R‬‬ ‫‪ for his tremendous devotion and dedication, enabling ‬שליט"א ‪Zev Klein,‬‬ ‫מס'‪ ‬גיטין‪us to complete all of ‬‬ ‫‪   ‬זכות‪ should truly be a ‬לימוד‪ ‬התורה‪The ‬‬ ‫‪ ‬נפטרת‪ ‬ע"ה‪for the ‬‬

A special note of appreciation to the

28th Anniversary Tribute Committee for their devotion and commitment to the

Mitch Aeder Ezra Birnbaum Morris Chrem Shlomo Dancykier Leon Goldenberg Joseph Hoch Dr. Shimon Kalatsky Rabbi Mark Karasick Dr. Reuven Lampert Sender Liebhard Rudolph Lowy Yaron Reich Rabbi Dr. Zecharia Senter Benzion Westreich Herb Zakarin Jonathan Zelinger


We would like to thank

Rabbi Zev Klein ‫שליט"א‬ for so many years of inspiration by enabling us to see


'‫וכו‬ ‫הרבה‬ ‫לדברים‬ ‫זוכה‬ ‫לשמה‬ ‫בתורה‬ ‫העוסק‬ ‫כל‬ '‫וכו‬ ‫הבריאות‬ ‫את‬ ‫ משמח‬,‫המקום‬ ‫את‬ ‫משמח‬ '‫וכו‬ ‫פוסק‬ ‫שאינו‬ ‫וכנהר‬ ‫המתגבר‬ ‫כמעיין‬ ‫ונעשה‬  ‫הקודש‬ ‫עבודתו‬ ‫ה' שימשיך‬ ‫יתן‬ ‫בב"א‬ ‫ביג"צ‬ ‫עד‬ ‫הנפש‬ ‫ומנוחת‬ ‫הגוף‬ ‫בריאות‬ ‫בתוך‬ ‫פעלד‬ ‫מתתיהו‬ ‫פעלד‬ ‫מיכל‬

In Honor of our esteemed nephew

Harav Zev Klein, Shlita We want to extend our very best wishes to an individual who has devoted his entire life to Lilmod U U’’lelamed. He is a most successful Marbitz Torah who has a profound influence on all his Talmidim. May Hashem Yisborach grant him, his devoted wife Kelly and family, good health with Hatzlacha in all their endeavors on behalf of Klal Yisroel. May the “Sarah Sarah Klein Chesed Fund Fund” be a nechamah for the entire family. Uncle Moshe and Tante Rivkah Neuman

With great affection and appreciation to Rav Meiselman Thank you for your continued support, encouragement and guidance Chaya and Nachum Duchin Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel

A special note of appreciation to the

Alumni Siyum HaShas Tribute Commitee for their devotion and commitment to the

Rabbi Zev Karasick Chairman

Dr. Akiva Bergman Yitzchok Fuchs Chayim Herskowitz Elisha Tzvi Hisiger Ari Hoch Rabbi Chuli Kalish Michoel Katz Rabbi Naftali Katz Shlomo Mayer Yossi Newman Rabbi Dovid Oldak Rabbi Binyamin Plotzker Chaim Rosenberg Chaim Schulhof



‫‪Mazal Tov‬‬ ‫‪to the Honorees‬‬ ‫‪Aaron and Sheera‬‬ ‫‪Gershonowitz‬‬ ‫‪ ‬‬

‫הודו‪ ‬לה' כי‪ ‬טוב‪ ‬כי‪ ‬לעולם‪ ‬חסדו‬ ‫הננו‪ ‬להודות‪ ‬מעומק‪ ‬הלב‪ ‬להר' זליג‪ ‬ולס‪, ‬שליט"א‬ ‫על‪ ‬שנים‪ ‬מרובים‪ ‬שדאג‪ ‬וטרח‪ ‬לשפר‪ ‬ולהדר‪ ‬מצבינו‪ ‬בישיבה‬ ‫ימים‪ ‬כלולות‪ ‬שבת‪ ‬ומועד‬ ‫והוסיף‪ ‬הרבה‪ ‬רוח‪ ‬הקודש‪ ‬להופיע‪ ‬בבית‪ ‬מדרשינו‬ ‫יתן‪ ‬ה' שימשיך‪ ‬עבודתו‪ ‬הקודש‬ ‫בתוך‪ ‬בריאות‪ ‬הגוף‪ ‬ומנוחת‪ ‬הנפש‪ ‬עד‪ ‬ביג"צ‪ ‬בב"א‪  .‬‬ ‫מתתיהו‪ ‬פעלד‬ ‫מיכאל‪ ‬פעלד‬

The ‫ הנהלה‬and the entire staff of Yeshivas Toras Moshe want to express their Hakoras Hatov to

Rabbi Heshy Augenbaum For all his effort expended towards the success of this evening

To our Dear Cousins

Rabbi and Mrs. Zev Klein Mazal Tov on this special honor which we know is well-deserved May you have only simchas and nachas

‫שנה‬ ‫ועשרים‬ ‫מאה‬ ‫עד‬ Uncle Sammy and Tante Feigy Beryl and Mirel Broyde Sarah Shoenig

Thank you Rabbi Klein For the endless effort you put into your talmidim Mr. & Mrs. Elchanan Weinstein

In honor of the

, ‫ראש ישיבה‬


and all the dedicated ‫רביים‬   May you continue to have much ‫הצלחה‬ in being ‫תורה‬ ‫מרביץ‬ to future generations of ‫תורה‬ ‫בני‬ Eliezer & Brocha Weitman

The ‫ הנהלה‬and ‫ תלמידים‬of Yeshivas Toras Moshe express a deep feeling of ‫ הכרת הטוב‬to

Cheryl Auerbach Chaya Moskowitz David Heskiel For all of the efforts that they have expended on behalf of the success of this evening

In honor of

Rabbi Meiselman and the Siyum Hashas l’ilui nishmat Sheyna bat Moshe HaLevi a”h. We wish you ongoing hatzlacha in your chizuk limud torah b’Eretz haKodesh. We look forward to many more years of working together. Joe, Aliza, Steve and the entire staff of Suite Solutions

In tribute to all the honorees and with hakaras hatov to Yeshivas its Rosh Yeshiva,

Toras Moshe,

HaRav Moshe Meiselman, ‫שליט"א‬ along with the other Rebbeim who have created an outstanding ‫תורה‬ ‫מקום‬ Rabbi Moshe and Chashie Krupka

In honor of the Rosh HaYeshiva, shlita and with much appreciation Yitzchok & Malky Adler Avigdor & Faige Adler

Yeshivas Toras Moshe would like to thank our alumnus

Rabbi Boruch Levine For providing his musical talent at the Dinner for our listening enjoyment

In honor of Rabbi Michel Shurkin Josh & Simone Broide Boca Raton Raton,, FL

With great ‫הטוב‬ ‫הכרת‬  for this wonderful ‫מוסד‬  Judy and Moishe Weiser

Yeshivas Toras Moshe would like to thank

Rabbi Binyomin Plotzker and

Rabbi Jay Kosowsky For their efforts in coordinating the Siyum HaShas

‫לאות‪ ‬הכרת‪ ‬הטוב‪ ‬להאי‪ ‬גברא‪ ‬רבא‬ ‫הר''ר‪ ‬זליג‪ ‬ולס‪ ,‬שליט''א‬ ‫על‪ ‬התמסרותו‪ ‬ואדיבות‪ ‬לבו‪ ‬לכבוד‪ ‬עטרת‪ ‬ראשינו‪ ‬ראש‪ ‬המשפחה‬

‫הרה''ג‪ ‬ר' חיים‪ ‬שמואל‪ ‬לאפיאן‪,‬‬


‫בעמ''ח‪'' ‬רווחא‪ ‬שמעתתא''‬ ‫ד' יתב' יצליח‪ ‬דרכו‪ ‬ויהי‪ ‬משכורתו‪ ‬כפולה‪ ‬מן‪ ‬השמים‪ ‬לרוות‪ ‬רוב‪ ‬עונג‪ ‬ונחת‬ ‫הוא‪ ‬ונאות‪ ‬ביתו‪ ‬שתחי' מכל‪ ‬משפחתו‬ ‫מברכים‪ ‬בכל‪ ‬לב‬ ‫בני‪ ‬הגאון‪ ‬ז''ל‬ ‫משפחות‪ ‬ציילנגולד‪ ,‬שפירא‪ ,‬סטפנסקי‪ ,‬לאפיאן‪ ,‬קריימר‬

‫‪The Staff at‬‬ ‫‪LUBICOM Marketing Consulting‬‬ ‫‪Would like to thank‬‬

‫‪Mrs. Chaya Moskowitz‬‬ ‫‪for her utmost dedication, patience and devotion‬‬ ‫‪to the success of the Yeshiva's 28th Anniversary Tribute Dinner‬‬

Greetings From Our Donors Rabbi and Mrs Meir Yaakov Ackerman

Rabbi and Mrs Binyomin Lehrfield

Mr and Mrs Yona Adler

Mr and Mrs Yehuda Levine


Mr and Mrs Yitschak Miedzinski

Rabbi and Mrs Yaakov Beker

Rabbi and Mrs Bernard Neuman

Rabbi and Mrs Zeev Wolf Berkovits

Mr Mayer Shimon Pessin

Mr and Mrs Eliezer Broder

Mr Tzadok Picker

Mr Avraham Choueka

Mr and Mrs Yosef Polinsky

Rabbi and Mrs Mayer Dudovitz

Mr and Mrs Jonathan Quinn

Mr and Mrs Avi Francis

Mr Yehuda Richman

Rabbi and Mrs Yitzchok Furst

Mr and Mrs Jonathan Rimberg

Mr and Mrs Marvin Gale

Mr and Mrs Joel Rosansky

Mr and Mrs Avi Genack

Mr and Mrs Herbert Schuster

Mr and Mrs Irving Golombeck

Mr and Mrs Daniel Sofer

Rabbi and Mrs Moshe Greene

Rabbi and Mrs Daniel Staum

Dr Shoshana Grossbard

Dr and Mrs Edward Steinberg

Rabbi and Mrs Abraham I Halbfinger

Mr and Mrs Chaim Strenger

Dr and Mrs Shalom Herzig

Rabbi and Dr Avrohom Teichman

Dr. and Mrs Moshe Horwitz

Rabbi and Mrs Shlomo Tenenbaum

Mr and Mrs Yossi Huttler

Mr and Mrs David Twersky

Mr and Mrs Yerachmiel Karr

Mr and Mrs Yehuda Weinstein

Rabbi and Mrs Sholom Kaver

Mr and Mrs Azriel Zakheim

Mr and Mrs Bernard Kornell

Rabbi Dr and Mrs Philip Zimmerman

Rabbi and Mrs Barry Kosowsky

Continued success in guiding the next generation on the right path

Julius Shea Klein, CPA and Associates


‫ולס‬ ‫ר' זליג‬ ‫על‬ ‫תודות‬ ‫רוב‬  ‫המיוחדת‬ ‫החברותיות‬  ‫אורחים‬ ‫ההכנסת‬ ‫הרוחניות‬ ‫וההשפעה‬   '‫ומשפ‬ ‫הרציג‬ ‫יהודה‬

In Honor Of

Cheryl Auerbach Chaya Moskowitz David Heskiel As dinner chairman, I am in awe of your

incredible dedication and unyeilding devotion.

The long hours you put in, and the care with

which you carry out this great work truly go above and beyond the call of duty.

The success of tonight’s dinner

is a direct result of your efforts.

Tizke Limitzvos, may Hashem grant you many years of health, happiness and continuous hatzlocha

Benjamin Hoch Dinner Chairman

In honor of the honorees and the RoshYeshiva Cheskie and Myriam Stern

With much ‫הטוב‬ ‫הכרת‬ to the ‫שליט''א‬ ‫הישיבה‬ ‫ראש‬ and to

‫משה‬ ‫תורת‬ ‫ישיבת‬ Chuli and Liba Kalish

I would like to thank the members of the Alumni Committee Rabbi Zev Karasick Dr. Akiva Bergman Yitzchok Fuchs Chayim Herskowitz Elisha Tzvi Hisiger Ari Hoch Rabbi Chuli Kalish Michoel Katz Rabbi Naftali Katz Shlomo Mayer Yossi Newman Rabbi Dovid Oldak Rabbi Binyamin Plotzker Chaim Rosenberg Chaim Schulhof for their assistance in helping to

assure the success of this year’s dinner

!‫יישר כחכם‬ Benjamin Hoch Dinner Chairman

‫שליט''א‬ ‫הישיבה‬ ‫ראש‬ ‫ורבי‬ ‫מורי‬ ‫לכבוד‬  ‫ודר‬ ‫דר‬  ‫כמו‬ ‫שנותיו‬ ‫תוסיף‬ ‫מלך‬ ‫ימי‬ ‫על‬ ‫ימים‬  How I wish can be there to participate in this   wonderful ‫התורה‬ ‫כבוד‬ ‫של‬ ‫מעמד‬. I have tremendous ‫הטוב‬ ‫הכרת‬ to the ‫שליט''א‬ ‫ישיבה‬ ‫ראש‬ and I wish I could be there   personally to express it. ‫שליט''א‬ ‫קליין‬ ‫הרב‬ ‫לכבוד‬  Thank you for always answering my questions in Yeshiva.  I always knew that even though I was never ‫ זוכה‬to be a talmid in the shiur,  ‫ רבי‬would have patience for me and answer ‫יפות‬ ‫פנים‬ ‫בסבר‬    . Thank you for continuing to teach me through the weekly email shiurim. ‫שליט''א‬ ‫ולס‬ ‫הרב‬ ‫לכבוד‬  ‫יה''ר‬ ‫היום‬ ‫באותו‬ ‫לי‬ ‫שהפריע‬ ‫מה‬ ‫ולכל‬ ‫לי‬ ‫שמעת‬ ‫ובחכמה‬ ‫בסבלנות‬ .‫האמת‬ ‫דרך‬ ‫על‬ ‫אותי‬ ‫להדריך‬ ‫אתי‬ ‫עבדת‬ ‫איך‬  ‫הרבה‬ ‫תלמידים‬ ‫ויעמידו‬ ‫הקדש‬ ‫בעבודתם‬ ‫ !ימשיכו‬ ‫שכולם‬ '‫ה‬ ‫שיתן‬  ,‫הטוב‬ ‫הכרת‬ ‫מלא‬ ‫בלב‬ ‫רבינוביץ‬ ‫מאיר‬   Jacksonville, FL

Best wishes to Yeshivas Toras Moshe Shlomo & Deborah Fink Scranton, PA

Much ‫ הכרת הטוב‬to the ‫ראש ישיבה שליט״א‬ and the ‫שליט''א‬ ‫ משגיח‬for their leadership and guidance. A special ‫ יישר כחכם‬to Rabbi Abramowitz and Rabbi Jager for their inspirational and motivating shiurim. Many thanks to Rabbi Neuman, Rabbi A. Meiselman, Rabbi Sinowitz, Rabbi Jacobowitz and Rabbi Lowenstein for rounding out the talmidim’s chinuch. May the ‫ רבש״ע‬grant you ‫ ברכה והצלחה‬to continue in your ‫עבודת הקודש‬, and shep much ‫נחת‬ from your families and talmidim. Dr. and Mrs. Hillel Flamer

With much Hakoras Hatov to Harav Zev Klein ‫שליט''א‬ and Reb Zelig Valis Wishing you much brocha and hatzlocha in all your future endeavors Elisha and Devorah Hisiger

Heartfelt appreciation to Rabbi Zev Klein and R' Zelig Valis

Yair and Milka Keilson

With Hakaras Hatov to

Rabbi Meiselman

shlit shlit””a


Rabbi Klein

shlit shlit””a

For all their kochos and hashpa hashpa’’ os

Yosef & Shari Goldman & family

‫לכבוד‬ ‫שליט"א‬ ‫קליין‬ '‫ר‬ ‫הרה"ג‬ ‫מו"ר‬     :‫הטוב‬ ‫בהכרת‬   ‫לי‬ ‫שנתת‬ ‫התורה‬ ‫על‬ ‫לי‬ ‫שפתחת‬ ‫ביתך‬ ‫על‬ ‫לי‬ ‫ששדכת‬ ‫ביתי‬ ‫על‬ ‫שליט"א‬ ‫ולס‬ ‫הר'ר‬ ‫לכבוד‬    ‫ביתך‬ ‫פתיחת‬ ‫על‬ ‫הטוב‬ ‫בהכרת‬ ‫הנפלאה‬ ‫ודוגמתך‬

We express our Hakoros Hatov to the Rosh Yeshiva for the dedication to the growth of Yehuda Leib and all the talmidim. Mazel Tov to Rabbi Klein on this well deserved honor. Thank you to R' Zelig Valis for your gracious and warm hospitalitywe appreciate Yehuda Leib feeling so welcome! Mazel Tov on the Siyum Hashas l'ilui nishmas Sheyna bas Moshe HaLevi, a"h She had a special impact on our family! May Hashem reward all your efforts and may you continue to be a source of nachas to Hashem!             Bernhard and Varda Birnbaum

There are no words to express our Hakaras Hatov to the Rosh Yeshiva the Mashgiach and all the Rabbeim of Yeshivas Toras Moshe They have guided us through every step of our lives We are truly humbled to say we are a Toras Moshe family Thank you so much for all that you have done The Leipnik Family

Wishing Reb Zelig Valis  and the entire ToMo Hanhalah much continued  success enriching the lives and learning of their  talmidim. Jeffrey Yitzchok Hirth, Esq., CCE, EnCE, MCSE ­ (516) 726­7901 ­ Evidensics Technology LLC is a leader in digital forensics and legal technology.  Evidensics offers a full range of forensic examination, Ediscovery, litigation  support, and information security services.

To HaRav Moshe Meiselman ... Yasher Kokhakha! Mazal Tov to all the honorees Esther and Myron Kirschbaum

Mazal Tov to the

Rosh Yeshiva and the

Honorees May you have much hatzlacha for many years to come

Yossi, Esti and Uri Nath

L'ilui Nishmas

Sara Klein,



R' Zev Klein,


and the

Rosh Yeshiva, shlit"a and all of the Hanhala and Rebbeim With a special Hakoras Hatov to R' Zelig "VALIS", shlit"a Elie & Chana Ciment and Family

In Honor of the Rosh HaYeshiva and the entire Hanhala with much Hakoras HaTov Yaakov and Chavi Wealcatch

We feel fortunate that through Yosef, we have all become part of the Toras Moshe Family for the past 25 plus years. We are grateful to once again be able to express our ‫הטוב‬ ‫הכרת‬ to the Rosh Yeshiva for being our guiding light and for all he has done for us. With many thanks, Rabbi Yaakov and Judy Goldberg Rabbi Jay and Esther Kosowsky

. ‫ולס‬ ‫זליג‬ ‫רב‬ ‫לכבוד‬ ‫אתי‬ ‫שעשית‬ ‫החסד‬ ‫כל‬ ‫על‬ ‫אתנו‬ ‫חסד‬ ‫לעשות‬, ‫הישיבה‬ ‫בני‬ ‫כל‬ ‫ועם‬ ,‫שלך‬ ‫חסד‬ ‫האהבת‬ ‫את‬ ‫לנו‬ ‫להראות‬ ‫ובעיקר‬   ‫ואת‬ ‫הוורמקייט‬ ‫ואת‬ ‫הזיסקייט‬ ‫את‬ ‫לנו‬ ‫ולהראות‬ ‫של‬  ‫הפרייליכקייט‬ ‫יידיישקייט‬ ‫גולדשמיט‬ ‫יצחק‬

There is no sufficient amount of words to express the ‫הטוב‬ ‫ הכרת‬we have for the ‫הישיבה‬ ‫ ראש‬Rabbi Meiselman ‫שליט''א‬   Reb Reb Zelig Valis ‫שליט''א‬     Rabbi Rabbi Zev Klein ‫שליט''א‬   and the entire ‫הנהלה‬  for the caring and devotion that they have for all their ‫תלמידים‬     ‫שכרם‬ ‫ישלם‬ ‫הקב''ה‬ ‫באמונה‬ ‫צבור‬ ‫בצרכי‬ ‫שעוסקים‬ ‫מי‬ ‫כל‬  May ‫ הקב''ה‬grant you and your family good health ‫ נחת‬and the ‫ כח‬to continue your ‫הקודש‬ ‫עבודת‬      Alexander Alexander Moshe & Ita Borensztejn and Mordechai Yonasan

In honor of Rabbi Zev Klein and Reb Zelig Valis Shoshana & Solly (Nesanel) Seif

In memory of Jack & Ethel Perlstein, Alan Seif, a"h Golda Seif, a"h Shelly Seif, a"h Chaim Selmar, a"h Abraham Seif, a"h Yossi Heber, a"h ‫תנצב''ה‬


In honor of Rabbi Klein and Reb Valis and the Siyum HaShas and with continued Hakaras Hatov to the Rosh Yeshiva and Rebbeim for all they have taught and continue to impart to the past and present Talmidei HaYeshiva Eli & Shevi Rosner & Family

Mazal Tov to the honorees Hatzlocha to the Hanhalla of Yeshivas Toras Moshe for a job well done Dr. & Mrs. George Jager

‫שליט"א‬, ‫קליין‬ ‫הרב‬ ‫לכבוד‬ We appreciate your giving us of your time and effort in learning with us, helping us advance as ‫תורה‬ ‫בני‬, ‫במעשה‬ ‫ובין‬ ‫בלימוד‬ ‫בין‬ and for all of your patience along the way. ‫רצון‬ ‫ יהי‬that your ‫התורה‬ ‫הרבצת‬ and ‫טובה‬ ‫ השפעה‬continue ‫וארוכים‬ ‫טובים‬ ‫לימים‬ ,‫בחברותא‬ ‫עמך‬ ‫ללמוד‬ ‫שזוכים‬ ‫היקרים‬ ‫תלמידך‬ ‫דלבא‬ ‫מעומקא‬

‫מנדלוביץ‬ ‫דוד‬ ‫גולדמן וחיים‬ ‫ יצחק‬, ‫לרנר‬ ‫ישראל‬

We wish to express our sincerest ‫הטוב‬ ‫הכרת‬ to Rabbi Meisleman Meisleman, Shlit"a the Mashgiach Mashgiach, Shlit"a and Rebbeim Rebbeim, Shlit"a and to the entire staff of  Yeshivas Toras Moshe It is due to your great efforts that our son, Daniel, was ‫ מצליח‬there Dr. & Mrs. Ben Tzion Brody

‫לכבוד‪ ‬מרן‪ ‬ראש‪ ‬הישיבה‪ ,‬שליט"א‬ ‫על‪ ‬כל‪ ‬החסד‪ ‬שעשית‪ ‬אתי‪ ‬ועם‪ ‬כל‪ ‬בני‪ ‬הישיבה‪,‬‬

‫לדאוג‪ ‬ולטפל‪ ‬עם‪ ‬כל‪ ‬אחד‪,‬לעזור‪ ‬לנו‪ ‬בין‪ ‬בגשמיות‪ ‬בין‪   ‬‬ ‫ברוחניות‪ ‬כדי‪ ‬שנוכל‪ ‬לעלות‪ ‬ולגדול‪ ‬בתורה‪ ‬‬ ‫ויראת‪ ‬שמים‪, ‬בלי‪ ‬לבקש‪ ‬תמורת‪ ‬כל‪ ‬עמלך‪ ‬כבוד‪,‬‬

‫אלא‪ ‬רק‪ ‬כדי‪ ‬לעשות‪ ‬את‪ ‬רצון‪ ‬הבורא‪.‬‬ ‫‪ ‬‬ ‫‪ ‬יצחק‪ ‬גולדשמיט‬

‫אין‪ ‬אנחנו‪ ‬מספיקים‪ ‬להודות‪ ‬לך‪... ‬‬ ‫לאות‪ ‬הכרת‪ ‬הטוב‪ ‬להרב‪ ‬ר'‪ ‬זעליג‪ ‬ולס‬ ‫על‪ ‬אשר‪ ‬מסרתה‪ ‬את‪ ‬עצמך‪ ‬כבחינת‪ ‬אב‪ ‬על‪ ‬בן‬ ‫‪ ‬והשרשת‪ ‬בקרבי‪ ‬הרבה‪ ‬יסודות‪ ‬בתורה‪ ‬ויראת‪ ‬שמים‬

‫מאיר‪ ‬רוזענבלום‬

Thank you Toras Moshe for all you did for our son, Adam Marks He had a wonderful experience Congratulations to all of the honorees, and in memory of Sara Klein Klein, a"h Matt and Diane Marks

In honor of Rabbi Zev Klein for his dedication to ‫התורה‬ ‫הרבצת‬ and R' Zelig Valis for his ‫אורחים‬ ‫הכנסת‬ and for providing for the ‫בחורים‬ a home away from home With much appreciation, The Mendelovitz Family

In honor of Mr. Benjamin Hoch Hoch, Esq. Mr. & Mrs. Pinchas Katz and Family

‫טוב‬ ‫ מזל‬to the

‫הישיבה‬ ‫ראש‬


‫שליט''א‬ and best wishes to Zev Klein and Reb Zelig on this most special honor


We thank them for the many years of endless sacrifice to their Talmidim, Alumni, and their families We wish the ‫הישיבה‬ ‫ ראש‬and the honorees much ‫הצלחה‬ and many years of good health to them and their families as they continue their pursuit of ‫התורה‬ ‫הרבצת‬ and the spread of Yiddishkeit around the world

Rabbi & Mrs. Aivadia Rosenberg

We would like to express our deepest Hakaras Hatov to

Rabbi Zev Klein, Shlita for learning with our son Ari, and to the entire Klein family for providing Ari with a home away from home and treating him like a ben bayis Special Hakaras Hatov to the Rosh Yeshiva Yeshiva, Shlit"a and the Mashgiach Mashgiach, Shlit"a for creating the Makom Torah that allowed Ari to grow in his Limud Hatorah and Avodas Hashem

Ruby and Mindy Ginsberg

With much Hakoras Hatov to

The Rosh Yeshiva, shlit"a and

The Rebbeim, shlit"a for all that you have done for our son. Wishing you much continued Hatzlocha, Shmuel and Shirley Rosenberg

‫‪ ‬‬ ‫‪ ‬‬



‫‪Brooklyn‬‬ ‫‪Brooklyn,, NY 11210‬‬ ‫‪(718) 338‬‬ ‫‪338--3232‬‬

‫הננו‪ ‬בזה‪ ‬לשגר‪ ‬ברכתינו‪ ‬‬

‫למורי‪ ‬ורבי‪ ‬‬ ‫מרן‪ ‬ראש‪ ‬הישיבה‪ ‬שליט"א‬

‫שיזכה‪ ‬להמשיך‪ ‬בעבודתו‪ ‬הקדושה‪ ‬לחנך‪ ‬ליראת‪ ‬ה'‪ ‬טהורה‪ ‬‬ ‫ולהעביר‪ ‬מסורת‪ ‬התורה‪ ‬לדורינו‪ ‬‬ ‫ואין‪ ‬די‪ ‬מילים‪ ‬להביע‪ ‬רגשי‪ ‬תודתנו‪ ‬על‪ ‬כל‪ ‬מה‪ ‬שעשה‪ ‬ועושה‪ ‬לנו‪ ‬תמיד‪ ‬‬ ‫ובפרט‪ ‬לבננו‪ ‬וחתננו‪ ‬שיחיו‪  .‬‬ ‫וכן‪ ‬תודתנו‪ ‬נתונה‪   ‬‬

‫להרב‪ ‬זליג‪ ‬ולס‪ ‬שליט"א‪ ‬‬ ‫‪ ‬על‪ ‬שפתח‪ ‬דלתי‪ ‬ביתו‪ ‬להם‪ ‬והי'‪ ‬להם‪ ‬לעזר‪ ‬ולאחיסמך‪ ‬‬ ‫הכל‪ ‬בשמחה‪ ‬ובסבר‪ ‬פנים‪ ‬יפות‬ ‫‪Ephraim and Zehava Niehaus‬‬

‫‪... ‬לכ'‪ ‬ר'‪ ‬זאב‪ ‬ולמשפחתו‬ ‫אין‪ ‬מילת‪ ‬נחמה‪ ‬מפני‪ ‬האסון‪ ‬הנורא‪,‬‬ ‫רק‪ ‬אדון‪ ‬התנחומים‪ ‬יפתח‪ ‬לו‪ ‬אוצר‪ ‬נחמתו‪,‬‬ ‫וירעיף‪ ‬טלי‪ ‬התנחומים‪ ‬לתוך‪ ‬פצעי‪ ‬לבבכם‪.‬‬ ‫ויחזך‪ ‬השם‪ ‬כחו‪ ‬של‪ ‬כבודו‪ ‬להמשיך‪ ‬עבודתו‪,‬‬ ‫בהיית‪ ‬כלי‪ ‬מוכשר‪ ‬לריבוי‪ ‬כבוד‪ ‬שמים‪ ‬בעולם‪.‬‬ ‫בהוקרה‪,‬‬ ‫‪ ‬ישראל‪ ‬ומירל‪ ‬ונתן‪ ‬נטע‪ ‬זובר‬

‫לכבוד‪ ‬הרב‪ ‬זליג‪ ‬ולס‪ ‬שליט"א‪ ‬‬ ‫‪  ‬‬ ‫על‪ ‬שהיה‪ ‬ביתו‪ ‬פתוח‪ ‬לנו‪ ‬לרווחה‪ ‬‬ ‫‪ ‬ונתן‪ ‬לנו‪ ‬מבט‪ ‬אחר‪ ‬בחיים ‪ ‬‬ ‫‪                  ‬מאיר‪ ‬לוי‪  ‬‬

In gratitude to the Rosh Yeshiva who continues to guide us in the most important decisions in our lives, helping us to stay true to Torah and its ideals We would also like to express our Hakaras Hatov to Rabbi Valis and Rav Klein for their Mesiras Nefesh on behalf of the Yeshiva

Yekusiel and Aviel Brodkin

With tremendous ‫הטוב‬ ‫ הכרת‬to Rabbi Klein ‫שליט''א‬  whose shiur and personal attention brought out the best in myself and many others. The growth and excitement that we had  in preparations for, during and while reviewing  the ‫שיעור‬ has built us up.  So too, the ‫ זכות‬of talking in learning with Rebbe, who made us feel so comfortable doing so.

‫ולס‬ '‫לר‬  ‫אחד‬ ‫באדם‬ ‫הכל‬ ‫וכאמא‬ ‫כאבא‬, ‫כרבי‬ ‫לי‬ ‫שהיה‬  ‫ומשפחתו‬ ‫סמבר‬ ‫מאיר‬ ‫אהרן‬

With deepest appreciation to the Rosh HaYeshiva for over 30 years of connection from Los Angeles to Jerusalem Thank you for all that you do for my children, grandchildren and all of Klal Yisroel Herbert S. Abrams Northridge, California

Thanks to the

Rosh HaYeshiva, Mashgiach, and all the Rabbeim for providing me and my brothers with a makom Torah as great as

Toras Moshe to grow in Limud haTorah, middos tovos and yiras shamayim. May The Ribono Shel Olam bless the Yeshiva with continued success in ruchniyus and gashmius l'tov! With great love and appreciation,

Asher and Yael Rosen

In honor of the esteemed

Rosh HaYeshiva and the dedicated

Rebbeim of

‫משה‬ ‫תורת‬ ‫ישיבת‬ for their tireless dedication to their ‫ תלמידים‬and the ‫כלל‬ May ‫הקב''ה‬ grant you continued ‫הצלחה‬ in your ‫הקדש‬ ‫עבודת‬ Zeesha and Shulamis Mayer Tuvia and Claire Salzberg

In Honor of our Chashuvah Cousin Harav Zev Klein Klein Shlit"a While we’ve known you since… We cannot help but be in awe of your kochos and abilities to connect with each and every Bachur  and have a profound influence in their lives. Your singular devotion to all talmidim, even after they’ve left the Yeshiva, is world-renowned. Your dedication and commitment to harbotzas haTorah is something all who know you can only hope to emulate. May you and your Eishes Chayil Kelly shetichyeh be blessed with gezunt, hatzlocha and arichas yomim ve'shanim tovim with abundant yiddeshe nachas from your beautiful mishpacha. May the chesed fund be a zechus for both of you and Ganz Klal Yisroel.

With deep admiration, your cousins, Shloimie and Brocha Neuman, Yossie Neuman, Nosson and Lisa Neuman, Avi and Perel Cohen, Avromie and Brochie Kramer

I would like to express my hakaras hatov to the Rosh Yeshiva for guiding me for 5 years, at one of the most decisive stages in my life I would also like to express my hakaras hatov to R' Zelig Valis for accepting me along with all the other bochurim into his home for Shabbos, with a warm smile and an open heart I would also like to thank Rabbi Klein for always being available in Yeshiva to talk to in learning

Natan Gershonowitz

 In honor of

Rabbi Zev Klein and

Reb Zelig Valis Meir and Devorie Perlow

In honor of the Roshei Yeshiva Rebbeim and all the honorees Esther & Herby Friedman and Michal & Dovie Friedman

With much Hakoras Hatov to

Rav Valis and

Rabbi Klein Steven & Shari Weiss Ephraim & Shmuel

In honor of the

‫שליט''א‬,‫ישיבה‬ ‫ראש‬ ‫שליט''א‬,‫משגיח‬ and

Harav Michel Shurkin, ‫שליט"א‬ for their tireless dedication to their ‫ תלמידים‬and to the ‫כלל‬. The bond they form with their ‫תלמידים‬ through their fervent ‫תורה‬ ‫ אהבת‬and enthusiasm to teach endures forever. ‫והצלחה‬ ‫ברכה‬ '‫ה‬ ‫שישלח‬ ‫רצון‬ ‫יהי‬ ‫חיל‬ ‫אל‬ ‫מחיל‬ ‫וילכו‬ ‫ידיהם‬ ‫מעשי‬ ‫בכל‬ ‫הנפש‬ ‫וכוחות‬ ‫הגוף‬ ‫בבריאות‬ ‫הקודש‬ ‫בעבודת‬ ‫ובהוקרה‬ ‫בידידות‬ Daniel & Lauren Roth

In honor of our granddaughter Tikvah Tikvah Esther Pollack Kathy and Paul Pollack

‫‪ ‬רגשי‪ ‬הודאה‪ ‬וברכה‪ ‬להאי‪ ‬גברא‪ ‬רבא‪ ,‬מופלג‪ ‬בתורה‪ ‬ויראת‪ ‬שמים‪ .‬שוקד‬ ‫‪ ‬דלתות‪ ‬ביהמ"ד‪ ‬תמיד‪ ,‬ומרביץ‪ ‬תורה‪ ‬לרבים‬

‫‪ ‬מו'ר‪ ‬הרב‪ ‬זאב‪ ‬קליין‪ ,‬שליט''א‬ ‫‪ ‬אשר‪ ‬מסור‪ ‬נפשו‪ ‬עלי‪ ‬ללמוד‪ ‬עמי‪ ‬וללמד‪ ‬אותי‬ ‫‪ ‬ולהדריכני‪ ‬בנתיבות‪ ‬התורה‪ ‬הקדושה‪ ,‬ואשר‪ ‬הוא‪ ‬ונאמן‪ ‬ביתו‪ ‬שתחי'‪ ‬פתחו‪ ‬‬ ‫‪  ‬ביתם‪ ‬לי‪, ‬והכניסוני‪ ‬כאחד‪ ‬מבני‪ ‬ביתם‬ ‫‪ ‬כל‪ ‬ימי‪ ‬מגורי‪ ‬בארץ‪ ‬ישראל‪.‬‬ ‫‪ ‬יהי‪ ‬רצון‪ ‬מלפני‪ ‬אבינו‪ ‬שבשמים‬ ‫‪ ‬שיזכה‪ ‬להמשיך‪ ‬ולהרביץ‪ ‬תורה‪ ‬על‪ ‬ידי‪ ‬שיעוריו‪ ‬וספריו‪ ‬הנפלאים‬ ‫‪ ‬ולהעמיד‪ ‬תלמידים‪ ‬הרבה‪ ‬שיתקיימו‪ ‬בהם‬ ‫‪'' ‬וכל‪ ‬נטיעות‪ ‬שנוטעין‪ ‬ממך‪ ‬יהיו‪ ‬כמותך''‬

‫הלל‪ ‬ותמר‪ ‬פלדמן‬

‫‪I can't thank‬‬ ‫‪the Rosh Yeshiva and Mashgiach‬‬ ‫‪enough‬‬ ‫‪for continuing to be there for me‬‬ ‫‪and my family.‬‬ ‫‪Hashem should continue to grant‬‬ ‫‪them the Siyata D'shmaya they need‬‬ ‫‪Mazel tov‬‬ ‫‪to all the honorees,‬‬ ‫‪Avrohom Green and Family‬‬

We would like to express our appreciation to

The Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Zev Klein Rabbi Zelig Valis and the entire staff of Yeshivas Toras Moshe for all of the Torah and middos tovos they have taught us and our children

Tiberio & Ellyse Schwartz Ruvi & Riki Schwartz Eli & Chana Bayla Shulman

In honor of Rosh HaYeshiva

HaRav Moshe Meiselman Meiselman,


In tribute to

HaRav Zev Klein, ‫שליט''א‬ and

Reb Zelig Valis, ‫שליט''א‬ In memory of Sara Klein, ‫ע''ה‬   ‫ ע''ה‬,‫הלוי‬ ‫משה‬ ‫בת‬ ‫שיינא‬ ‫לע''נ‬  Dr. & Mrs. Jacob Walfish

In honor of

Rabbi Moshe Meiselman Rabbi Zev Klein and

Rabbi Zelig Valis Our deepest ‫הטוב‬ ‫ הכרת‬and appreciation for all that you have done for our son, Dovid, in helping him develop into a fine ‫תורה‬ ‫בן‬

Rabbi Tzvi & Fayge Oldak

Mazel Tov & Hatzlacha to Yeshivas Toras Moshe

Young Israel of Coram Coram, Long Island, NY

In honor of the Siyum Hashas l'ilui nishmas Sheyna bas Moshe HaLevi a"h, mother of Rav Moshe Meiselman, shlit"a Laurie & Milt Wakschlag

In honor of Chuli and Liba Kalish Sariel and Rachel Kalish

Rabbi Dr. Reuven & Leah Bulka

I would like to express my deepest ‫הטוב‬ ‫הכרת‬ to the ‫שליט''א‬ ‫הישיבה‬ ‫ראש‬    for everything that he does for his ‫תלמידים‬ and for truly being available to them  when they need him.   I really feel, as do all the ‫הישיבה‬ ‫תלמידי‬, that we are treated as the ‫הישיבה‬ ‫’ראש‬s  own children.   I want to wish the ‫הישיבה‬ ‫ראש‬ and his Rebbetzin much ‫ הצלחה‬and ‫ ברכה‬in their continuous efforts of “raising” their “children” into true ‫תורה‬ ‫בני‬   Chili Birnbaum

Tonight I join my fellow ‫הישיבה‬ ‫תלמידי‬ in paying tribute to three individuals who have given of themselves to enhance the stature of  ‫הקדושה‬ ‫ישיבתינו‬ ‫שליט''א‬ ‫קליין‬ ‫זאב‬ '‫הר‬ whose shiurim continue to inspire his ‫ תלמידים‬in America on a weekly basis ‫שליט''א‬ ‫ולס‬ ‫זליג‬ '‫הר‬ ‫בגשמי‬ ‫בין‬ ‫ברוחני‬ ‫בין‬ ‫הישיבה‬ ‫בני‬ ‫כל‬ ‫על‬ ‫שמשפיע‬ ‫שנים‬ ‫כמה‬ ‫לאחר‬ '‫אפי‬ ‫והולך‬ ‫מוסיף‬ ‫והשפעתו‬  ‫אישי‬ ‫באופן‬ ‫ממנו‬ ‫להנות‬ ‫זכינו‬ ‫לא‬ ‫שעוד‬  My dear uncle, Mr. Benji Hoch whose leadership as tonight's dinner chairman,  and ongoing commitment to our ‫ישיבה‬ is an inspiration to us all ‫חלקיכם‬ ‫אשרי‬ 

‫ומשפחתו‬ ‫האך‬ '‫נחמי‬  

‫לכבוד‬ ‫ולס‬ ‫זליג‬ ‫הרב‬ ‫בשבילי‬ ‫שעשית‬ ‫מה‬ ‫כל‬ ‫על‬ ‫לב‬ ‫מקרב‬ ‫תודה‬ ‫לכבודו‬ ‫להביע‬ ‫רציתי‬ ‫מהשבתות‬ ‫נהניתי‬ ‫במיוחד‬ .‫השנים‬ ‫כל‬ ‫לאורך‬ ‫בישיבה‬ ‫שהיתי‬ ‫בזמן‬  ‫תודתי‬  .‫בביתי‬ ‫כמו‬ ‫והרגשתי‬ ‫בפני‬ ‫ביתך‬ ‫פתחת‬ ,‫בביתך‬ ‫שעשינו‬  ‫התחומים‬ ‫בכל‬ ‫לי‬ ‫שהגדשת‬ ‫הלב‬ ‫תשומת‬ ‫על‬    ‫חי‬ ‫ויהודי‬ ‫אמיתי‬ ‫ירושלמי‬ ‫איך‬ ‫אותי‬ ‫לימדת‬    Special ‫הטוב‬ ‫הכרת‬ to   Harav Harav Avrahom Meiselman ‫שליט"א‬ ‫יבין‬ ‫המבין‬......   To Rabbi Zev Klein,  Mazal tov on this well deserved honor. I gained a tremendous amount from your shiur. May your daughter's ‫נשמה‬   have an aliyah from the Chesed fund created in her name.    Your Talmid, Yishai Kadish Thanks to the entire Toras Moshe Family  from my parents, Drs. Steven & Elisa Kadish

‫מורינו‬ ‫לכבוד‬ ‫ שליט''א‬,‫קליין‬ ‫זאב‬ ‫הרב‬ Over our years in Rebbi's shiur and in Yeshiva we all feel we gained a tremendous amount from Rebbi. From Rebbi's Gemarah shiur, in which Rebbi would masterfuly weave together all the ideas of the Rishonim and Acharonim, to Rebbi's expansive Friday Halacha shiur, the amount of Torah knowledge given over by Rebbi to us was astounding. However, Rebbi's devotion to his talmidim was most impressive.  Whether it meant staying until late at night learning ‫ בחברותא‬or simply lending a talmid a helping hand, Rebbi always made sure to take out time for his talmidim.  It is our bracha to Rebbi that he should be able to continue to be ‫ מקיים‬the ‫חזל‬ ‫ מאמר‬of   ‫הרבה‬ ‫תלמידים‬ ‫ העמידו‬for many years to come. Mazal Tov Tov! Dovid Tribuch          Yisrael Lerner          Yoni Elbaz Yishai Kadish            Effy Taubenblat       Tal Sher  Binyamin Agular      Yehuda Fried           Yaakov Davis  Uri Krakauer            Zaki Westreich         Adam Marks Yosef Segal              Avramy Krupka         Yisrael Geizhals Dani Zuckerbrod      David Sutton            Gavriel Hirsch Yoni Lazarus            Yosef Segal              Eitan Zeffren                                Yehuda Leib Birnbaum 

‫זכות‪ ‬גדול‪ ‬לי‪ ‬להביע‪ ‬רגשי‪ ‬תודתי‪ ‬למורי‪ ‬ורבותי‬ ‫מרן‪ ‬ראש‪ ‬הישיבה‪ ‬שליט"א‬ ‫ויחד‪ ‬איתו‪ ‬מרן‪ ‬המשגיח‪ ‬שליט"א‬ ‫וגם‪ ‬לשאר‪ ‬רבותי‪ ‬שלמדתי‪ ‬מהם‪ ‬למשך‪ ‬השנים‪ ‬שזכיתי‪ ‬‬ ‫להסתופף‪ ‬בכותלי‪ ‬ישיבתנו‪ ‬הקדושה‪ ,‬‬ ‫על‪ ‬שהעמידו‪ ‬אותי‪ ‬בדרך‪ ‬אמת‪ ‬אשר‪ ‬ילכו‪ ‬בה‪ ,‬הן‪ ‬בתורה‪ ,‬הן‪ ‬‬ ‫ביראה‪ ,‬ועל‪ ‬כולם‪ ‬אשר‪ ‬הם‪ ‬עדיין‪ ‬עומדים‪   ‬‬ ‫לימיני‪ ‬לסמכני‪ ,‬ולהנאותי‪ ‬מזמנם‪ ‬ומחכמתם‪ ‬בעצה‪ ‬ותושי'‪ .‬‬ ‫ועתה‪ ‬רחש‪ ‬ליבם‪ ‬דבר‪ ‬טוב‪ ‬לכבד‪ ‬את‬ ‫הגר"ז‪ ‬קליין‪ ‬שליט"א‬

‫‪ ‬‬

‫אשר‪ ‬זכיתי‪ ‬למשך‪ ‬כמה‪ ‬שנים‪ ‬ללבן‪ ‬איתו‪ ‬ה"הלכה‪ ‬יומית"‪ ‬‬ ‫שתלינו‪ ‬בכותלי‪ ‬הישיבה‪ ,‬‬ ‫ולמדתי‪ ‬ממנו‪ ‬דיוק‪ ‬בכתיבת‪ ‬הלכה‪ ‬ביחד‪ ‬עם‪ ‬הבנת‪ ‬הפוסקים‪.‬‬ ‫ועוד‪ ‬נתנו‪ ‬לנו‪ ‬האפשרות‪ ‬להכיר‪ ‬טובה‪ ‬להאי‪ ‬גברא‪ ‬מן‪ ‬שופרא‪ ‬‬ ‫דיקירי‪ ‬ירושלים‪ ‬עיר‪ ‬הקודש‬ ‫הגר"ז‪ ‬ולס‪ ‬שליט"א‬

‫‪ ‬‬

‫שעדיין‪ ‬עומד‪ ‬לפני‪ ,‬השמחה‪ ‬והרגש‪ ‬וה"ברען"‪ ‬שהכניס‪ ‬בי‪ ‬בקיום‪ ‬‬ ‫מצוות‪ ‬הבורא‪ ‬ית'‪   .‬‬ ‫יתן‪ ‬ה'‪ ‬וימלא‪ ‬כל‪ ‬משאלותיהם‪ ‬לטובה‪ ‬ויזכו‪ ‬להמשיך‪ ‬בעבודתם‪ ‬‬ ‫הקד'‪ ‬מתוך‪ ‬מנוחת‪ ‬הנפש‪ ‬ובריות‪ ‬גופא‪ ‬‬ ‫‪ ‬כעתירת‬ ‫אליעזר‪ ‬מנחם‪ ‬ניהאוס‪ ‬ורעיתו‪ ‬‬ ‫‪  ‬‬

In Honor and Appreciation of my Rebbeim Rabbi Elchanan Meir Fishman Rabbi Zev Klein  Rabbi Rabbi Avrohom Samber Rabbi Moshe Meiselman & all the Rebbeim of the Yeshiva For their guidance and direction and for imbuing in us the highest ideals of Torah and Chesed. May Hashem grant them and their families Nachas, good health,and strength to continue in their Avodas Hakodesh. A special Mazal Tov to Rabbi Klein and Rabbi Valis on their well deserved honors.

‫נשמת‬ ‫לעילוי‬ ‫ע''ה‬ ‫שרה‬  ‫הגאון‬ ‫הרב‬ ‫בת‬   ‫שליט''א‬ ‫זאב‬ ‫אפרים‬ '‫ר‬  Mr. & Mrs. David N. Wieder, Esq.

In loving memory of our dear grandmother and great-grandmother ‫ע "ה‬ ‫הלוי‬ ‫משה‬ ‫רב‬ ‫בת‬ ‫שיינא‬

whose legacy of commitment to Torah and ma’asim tovim continues to inspire us   Menachem, Liz, Yitzchak, Yosef, Rina, Gila, Tehila, Heshy, Eli and Hadassah Lazaroff

In loving memory of our dear sister Sara ‫ע"ה‬ '‫ה‬ ‫פני‬ ‫נוכח‬ ‫לבה‬ ‫כמים‬ ‫שפכה‬ ‫הימנה‬ ‫נוחה‬ ‫הבריות‬ ‫רוח‬ ‫דרכיה‬ ‫בכל‬ ‫לכת‬ ‫הצניעה‬   

‫ובמותה‬ ‫בחייה‬ '‫ה‬ ‫באמונת‬ ‫לחיזוק‬ ‫הביאה‬

You will be in our hearts forever.

Chanannel, Esther Malka, Yossi, Tovi, Nachum, Pnina,Yehuda, Avi, Meir, Leah & Eli

In honor of our dear father

Rabbi Zev Klei Klein n

‫תורה‬ ‫שדברי‬ ‫חכמים‬ ‫תלמידי‬ ‫אשריכם‬ (‫ א‬,‫י"ח‬ ‫)מנחות‬ ‫ביותר‬ ‫עליכם‬ ‫חביבים‬ May we be zocheh to always follow in your path and emulate your ways. May you and Mommy always have ‫ נחת‬from all of us. Love, your children Chanannel, Esther Malka & Yoni Rottenberg Yossi & Tovi Berzon Nachum & Pnina Levi Yehuda, Avi, Meir, Leah & Eli

In honor


all the honorees

Zev and Zipporah Farkas

‫לכבוד‬ ‫‪ ‬הרב‪ ‬זליג‪ ‬ולס‪ ,‬שליט''א‬ ‫‪ ‬כבר‪ ‬כמה‪ ‬שנים‪ ‬עברו‪ ‬מזמן‪ ‬שזכיתי‪ ‬להנות‬ ‫‪ ‬משלחן‪ ‬הקודש‪ ‬של‪ ‬משפ'‪ ‬ולס‪  .‬אבל‪ ‬אני‬ ‫‪ ‬עדיין‪ ‬יכול‪ ‬לטעום‪ ‬את‪ ‬המאכלים‪ ,‬לשמוע‪ ‬את‬ ‫‪  ‬דברי‪ ‬התורה‪ ‬והדרכת‪ ‬החיים‪ ‬ולהרגיש‬ ‫‪ ‬ה''געשמאק''‪ ‬של‪ ‬ולס‪.‬‬ ‫‪ ‬יהי‪ ‬רצון‪ ‬שתזכה‪ ‬להמשיך‪ ‬בדרך‪ ‬התורה‬ ‫‪ ‬וחסד‪ ‬מתוך‪ ‬בריאות‪ ‬ונחת‬ ‫‪ ‬עד‪ ‬מאה‪ ‬ועשרים‪ ‬שנה‪.‬‬ ‫‪ ‬‬ ‫‪ ‬באהבה‬ ‫ארי‪ ‬האך‪ ‬ומשפחתו‬

In honor of Rav Zev Klein,


a Rebbe whose unique approach to limud haTorah and its practical halachic applications continue to serve as a guide for me on an ongoing basis May he be zoche to many years of continued harbotzas haTorah

Ari & Devorah Hoch

Mazal Tov to Rabbi Zev Klein Klein, ‫שליט''א‬ with appreciation for the spiritual and intellectual nourishment and warmth which he provides for his ‫ תלמידים‬and the Yeshiva Mazal Tov to R' Zelig Valis Valis, ‫שליט''א‬  with appreciation for the physical nourishment and warmth which he provides for the ‫ תלמידים‬and the Yeshiva May the ‫רבש''ע‬ provide them with good health and sustenance, ‫עמו''ש‬,  to continue their ‫הקודש‬ ‫עבודת‬   on behalf of this holy institution Dr. & Mrs. Gary Abberbock

In honor of the Rosh HaYeshiva R' Moshe Meiselman Meiselman, shlit"a

May you continue to be marbeh talmidim for many years to come

Tzvi and Perri Keilson and Family

With much Hakoras Hatov and in honor of the Rosh HaYeshiva Harav Moshe Meiselman Meiselman, ‫שליט''א‬ and Harav Zev Klein Klein, ‫שליט''א‬  Harav Zelig Valis, ‫שליט''א‬  May you continue to be a source of  inspiration to all of your talmidim Jerry & Rivky Katz Naftali & Sharona Katz

In honor of Rabbi Klein Klein, ‫שליט"א‬   May you continue to have ‫ השפעה‬on the bochurim of Yeshivas Toras Moshe through your special gift of  ‫החיים‬ ‫ושמחת‬ ‫תורה‬ ‫אהבת‬   The Office Staff  

‫‪In honor of‬‬ ‫‪the‬‬ ‫‪Rosh Yeshiva‬‬

‫‪ ‬הרב‪ ‬הגאון‪ ‬ר'‪ ‬משה‪ ‬מייזלמן‪ ‬שליט''א‬ ‫‪and‬‬

‫הרב‪ ‬הגאון‪ ‬זאב‪ ‬קליין‪ ‬שליט''א‬ ‫הרב‪ ‬זליג‪ ‬ולס‪ ‬שליט''א‬ ‫***************************‬ ‫‪ ‬לע''נ‬ ‫‪ ‬שרה‪ ‬ע''ה‬ ‫‪ ‬בת‬ ‫‪ ‬ר'‪ ‬אפרים‪ ‬זאב‪ ‬שליט''א‪ ‬‬

‫‪Yossi & Ettie Glatstein‬‬ ‫‪and Eliyahu‬‬

Mazal Tov to all the Honorees I can't wait to join in this annual event A special mazal tov and thank you to the The Rosh Yeshiva for all the help and individual attention provided over the years Chayim and Zahava Herskowitz Jewel Land Abstract, LLC

‫‪  ‬‬

‫לכבוד‪ ‬הרב‪ ‬ז‪ .‬קליין‪, ‬שליט"א‬

‫‪ ‬‬

‫‪  ‬‬

‫‪May you continue to raise generations ‬‬ ‫‪ and ‬חיות‪  with your ‬תלמידים‪of ‬‬ ‫‪in learning,‬געשמאק‪  ‬‬ ‫וישפיע‪ ‬ה'‪ ‬יתברך‪ ‬שפע‪ ‬ברכה‪   ‬‬ ‫ושמחה‪ ‬לך‪ ‬וכל‪ ‬משפחתך ‪ ‬‬ ‫********************************* ‪ ‬‬ ‫לכבוד‪ ‬הרב‪ ‬ז‪ .‬וליס‪ , ‬שליט"א‬ ‫‪ ‬‬ ‫בהוקרה‪ ‬רבה‪ ‬על‪ ‬כל‪ ‬מה‪ ‬שעשית‪ ‬עבורי‪ ‬ועל‪ ‬‬ ‫הלימודים‪ ‬והעידוד‪ ‬שמסרת‪ ‬לי‪.‬‬ ‫ותזכה‪ ‬שיפוצו‪ ‬מעיינותיך ‪ ‬‬ ‫‪ ‬חוצה‪ ‬וישפיע‪ ‬ה'‪ ‬יתברך ‪ ‬‬ ‫‪ ‬שפע‪ ‬ברכה‪ ‬והצלחה‪ ‬בכל‪ ‬מעשה‪ ‬ידיך‪.‬‬ ‫‪ ‬‬ ‫בידידות‬ ‫זאב‪ ‬פלומנהפט‪ ‬וב"ב‬ ‫‪ ‬‬

‫‪ ‬‬

‫‪ ‬‬

‫‪ ‬‬

‫‪ ‬‬

‫‪ ‬‬

‫‪  ‬‬ ‫‪  ‬‬

Mazel Tov to Rabbi Klein on your much-deserved honor The warmth, care and devotion to your talmidim is truly an inspiration for all of us May you be zoche to many more years of Harbotzas Torah

Mickey and Faigie Katz & Family

Rav Meiselman, shlit"a, has devoted the essence of his being to providing the "American guy" with the unique opportunity to develop into a true Ben Torah We wish to express our gratitude for the contribution which Toras Moshe has made to the lives of our sons

Yoel & Brocha Lipsett

‫באנו‪ ‬בזה‪ ‬להכיר‪ ‬טובה‪ ‬להאיש‪ ‬המחנך‬ ‫בחסד‪ ‬עליון‬ ‫‪ ‬הר'‪ ‬זליג‪ ‬ולס‪ ,‬שליט''א‬ ‫‪ ‬שואל‪ ‬ומשיב‪ ‬מקשיב‪ ‬ומאזין‬ ‫‪  ‬ומקרב‪ ‬בשתי‪ ‬ידיו‪ ‬בחורי‪ ‬הישיבה‬ ‫‪ ‬שבנינו‪ ‬נמנו‪ ‬ביניהם‬ ‫‪  ‬ונהנו‪ ‬מדרכיו‪ ‬והושפעו‪ ‬מאורחותיו‪ ‬‬ ‫‪ ‬וקבלו‪ ‬תורותיו‪ ‬ונתפעלו‪ ‬ממעשיו‬ ‫‪  ‬והננו‪ ‬אומרים‪ ‬יישר‪ ‬כחו‪ ‬וחילו‪ ‬לאו‪ ‬רייתא‬ ‫‪  ‬ובכל‪ ‬אשר‪ ‬יפנה‪ ‬ישכיל‬ ‫‪ ‬להגדיל‪ ‬תורה‪ ‬ולהאדירה‬ ‫‪ ‬ברגשי‪ ‬תודה‬ ‫יואל‪ ‬וברכה‪ ‬ליפסעט‬

I would like to express my deepest ‫הטוב‬ ‫הכרת‬ to my ‫רבי‬, Rabbi Klein, ‫שליט"א‬  for being a true Rebbe to me and more Words cannot properly express my appreciation for the years of learning ‫ ;בחברותה‬for being a role model to look up to and turn to for advice and ‫ ;הדרכה‬for showing me what it means to have a ‘geshmak’ in learning and what it means to be a true ‫תורה‬ ‫בן‬ And to the entire Klein family for providing  me with a home away from home and treating me like a ‫בית‬ ‫בן‬

Ari, Chana Aidel and Shira Ginsberg

In honor of Rav Zev Klein ‫שליט"א‬ With tremendous feelings of admiration and gratitude, may you continue to inspire all those around you and may you have much nachas from your children and talmidim

Chaim Zvi Senter and family

‫לכבוד‪ ‬הרב‪ ‬זליג‪ ‬ולס‪ ‬ומשפחתו‬

‫‪ ‬‬ ‫בהערכה‪ ‬והוקרה‪ ‬על‪ ‬שנים‪ ‬של‪ ‬מסירות‪ ‬‬ ‫ואהבה‪ ‬נפלאה‪ ‬שהענקתם‪ ‬לבחורי‪ ‬הישיבה‪ ‬הק'‪ ‬‬ ‫יתן‪ ‬ד'‪ ‬שתזכו‪ ‬שישרה‪ ‬שכינה‪ ‬בביתכם‪ ‬תמיד‬ ‫ושמחה‪ ‬ונחת‪ ‬והרחבת‪ ‬הדעת‪ ‬תהא‬ ‫‪ ‬מנת‪ ‬חלקכם‪ ‬כל‪ ‬הימים‪.‬‬

‫‪ ‬‬ ‫צוות‪ ‬המשרד‬

‫לכבוד‪ ‬ידידנו‪ ‬הר'‪ ‬זעליג‪ ‬ולס‪,‬שליט"א‬

‫ברוב‪ ‬אהבה‪,‬‬ ‫‪ ‬אנחנו‪ ‬רוצים‪ ‬לתת‪ ‬הודאה‪ ‬‬ ‫על‪ ‬כל‪ ‬הטובות‪ ‬שעשית‪ ‬עמנו‪ ‬להכלל‪ ‬ולפרט‪.‬‬ ‫‪ ‬יהי‪ ‬רצון‪ ‬שתזכה‪ ‬אתה‪ ‬ומשפחתך‪ ‬לאריכות‪ ‬ימים‪ ‬‬


‫בכל‪ ‬טוב ‪ ‬וימלא‪ ‬ה'‪ ‬כל‪ ‬משאלות‪ ‬לבכם‪ ‬לטובה‪.‬‬ ‫‪ ‬‬

‫ברוב‪ ‬אהבה‪ ‬וחיבה‪,‬‬ ‫‪ ‬‬

‫הבחורים של ישיבת תורת משה‬

With profound appreciation and ‫הטוב‬ ‫הכרת‬ to the Rosh Yeshiva

Rav Meiselman, ‫שליט''א‬ the ‫ משגיח‬ Rav Fishman, ‫שליט''א‬ ‫ומורי‬ ‫רבי‬ Rav Twersky, ‫שליט''א‬ Rav Klein Klein,, ‫שליט''א‬ Rav Valis, ‫שליט''א‬ and

the entire ‫& רביים‬ ‫ הנהלה‬of the Yeshiva who are tirelessly devoted to developing and inspiring each ‫ תלמיד‬to reach his fullest potential in ‫שמים‬ ‫ויראת‬ ‫תורה‬ (‫ח‬:‫לב‬ ‫"תהלים‬ ‫תלך‬ ‫זו‬ ‫בדרך‬ ‫ואורך‬ ‫)"אשכילך‬ Thank you for the tremendous impact that continues to guide my life ZEV & SHOSHANA KARASICK

We wish to express our heartfelt hakoras hatov to Rabbi Zev Klein for his boundless love and support May the memory of his beloved daughter ‫ ע''ה‬be elevated through his continued Limud Torah, Harbotzas Torah and Avodas Hashem With great affection, Dov, Tziona and Eitan Zeffren

In appreciation of the honorees Rabbi Zev Klein and Rabbi Zelig Valis as well as the Rosh Yeshiva the Mashgiach and all the Rebbeim for all they have done for the Yeshiva and our son, Dani Sharon and David Zuckerbrod

‫לכבוד‪ ‬האי‪ ‬גברא‪ ‬רבה‬ ‫פה‪ ‬מפיק‪ ‬מרגליות‬ ‫מיקירי‪ ‬דירושלים‬ ‫‪ ‬מורינו‪ ‬הרב‪ ‬זליג‪, ‬שליט''א‬ ‫‪ ‬אוהב‪ ‬את‪ ‬הכל‪ ‬ואהוב‪ ‬לכל‬ ‫‪ ‬לבו‪ ‬כביתו‪ ‬פתוח‪ ‬לכל‪ ‬נצרך‬ ‫‪ ‬לבו‪ ‬כביתו‪ ‬מחזק‪ ‬כל‪ ‬נכנס‬ ‫‪ ‬לבו‪ ‬כביתו‪ ‬תמיד‪'' ‬יש‪ ‬מקום''‪ ‬לעוד‪ ‬אחד‬ ‫‪ ‬לבו‪ ‬כביתו‪ ‬גדוש‪ ‬בשמחה‪ ‬בכל‪ ‬עת‬ ‫‪ ‬לבו‪ ‬כביתו‪ ‬מעון‪ ‬לשכינה‬ ‫‪ ‬במשך‪ ‬ארבע‪ ‬שנים‪ ‬זכינו‪ ‬לחיות‪ ‬עם‪ ‬יהודי‪ ‬אמיתי‪ ‬ולשמוע‪ ‬מכבודו‬ ‫‪ ‬דברים‪ ‬חביבים‪ ‬ונחמדים‪ ‬יסודות‪ ‬החיים‪ ‬ויסודי‪ ‬הדת‪ ‬והם‪ ‬טמונים‬ ‫‪ ‬באוצרותינו‬ ‫‪ ‬שמורים‪ ‬בקבה‪ ‬חומטין‪ ‬של‪ ‬נותנן‪ ‬ותמיד‪ ‬מאירים‪ ‬דרכינו‬ ‫‪  ‬בכל‪ ‬שלב‪ ‬של‪ ‬חיינו‪ .‬ופלא‪ ‬הוא‪ ‬גם‪ ‬לנו‪ ‬כמה‪ ‬אנחנו‬ ‫‪  ‬נשפים‪ ‬מהם‪ ‬וחיים‪ ‬עמהם‪ .‬אשרינו‪ ‬שזכינו‪ ‬לכך !‬ ‫‪  ‬יה''ר‪ ‬מלפני‪ ‬אבינו‪ ‬שבשמים‪ ‬שתמשיך‪ ‬לקדש‬ ‫‪ ‬שם‪ ‬שמים‪ ‬בכל‪ ‬מעשיך‪ ,‬ברוב‪ ‬מנוחת‪ ‬הנפש‬ ‫‪ ‬והרחבת‪ ‬הדעת‪ ‬בבריות‪ ‬הגוף‪ ‬והנפש‬ ‫‪ ‬עד‪ ‬ביאת‪ ‬גו''צ‪ ‬בב''א‪.‬‬

‫נפתלי‪ ‬צבי‪ ‬הכהן‪ ‬כ''ץ‬ ‫יהודה‪ ‬יוסף‪ ‬אייזענשטיין‪)  ‬איזי(‬

In honor of Rabbi and Mrs. Klein You have taught us so much with your derech halimud and even more so in your derech hachaim. Your dedication and devotion that you showed me b'ruchniyus u'vgashmiyus will always be remembered. May your lives be filled with only nachas, nechama, and simcha, and you should know of no more sorrow. With much admiration and appreciation,

Baruch and Chanala Levine

In honor of

Rav Klein, ‫שליט"א‬ For a Rebbe who is always there for his talmidim. Thank you being a true model of inspiration. May you continue giving over the "bren" of every sugya to all of your talmidim.  

Yehoshua Garfinkel Michoel Goodman Meir Kahane Dovid Ostrov Pinny Marcus Dov Teitz    

In honor of the Rosh HaYeshiva Harav Moshe Meiselman, ‫שליט''א‬

Harav Zev Klein Klein, ‫שליט''א‬ Harav Zelig Valis Valis,, ‫שליט''א‬ and Yeshivas Toras Moshe

Judy & Ralph Silverman and Family

‫בכבוד‬ the  ‫ישיבה‬ ‫ראש‬, the ‫משגיח‬     and the ‫רביים‬,‫שליט"א‬ With heartfelt ‫הטוב‬ ‫ הכרת‬to the    ‫הישיבה‬ ‫הנהלת‬  and specifically to the ‫הישיבה‬ ‫ראש‬ R' M Meiselman eiselman, ‫שליט''א‬  ‫הטוב‬ ‫הכרת‬ ‫לאות‬ ,‫שליט''א‬,‫ולס‬ ‫רב‬ ‫ובפרט‬   ‫הישיבה‬ ‫בני‬ ‫כל‬ ‫ובשביל‬ ‫בשבילי‬ ‫שעשית‬ ‫מה‬ ‫כל‬ ‫על‬ We would also like to extend a ‫כח‬ ‫יישר‬ to Rabbi Klein for this well deserved honor. May the ‫ישיבה‬ be ‫זוכה‬ to continue to be  ‫תורה‬ ‫ מרביץ‬and to inspire many more generations of ‫תורה‬ ‫ בני‬and their families.  

‫כח‬ ‫יישר‬   Mr. and Mrs. Joe Yarmak and Family Mr. and Mrs. Shimmy Yarmak and Family

‫חלקנו‬ ‫טוב‬ ‫מה‬ ‫אשרנו‬ With tremendous gratitude to the ‫שליט"א‬, ‫הישיבה‬ ‫ראש‬ for his unparalleled ‫נפש‬ ‫מסירת‬    on behalf of his ‫תלמידים‬ and for sharing his ‫שמים‬ ‫ויראת‬ ‫תורה‬ ‫אהבת‬ both in ‫ שיעור‬and out and to Rav Naftoli Meiselman, ‫שליט"א‬ for his selfless efforts on behalf of the Yeshiva and Kollel Moshe Chaim Jacobowitz and Family    

Mazal Tov to our Brother-in-law Harav Hagaon Rav Zev Klein, shlit"a

 An incomparable Marbitz Torah and Baal Midos May you continue to disseminate Torah to future doros May you and Kelly have a nechama for Sara, a"h and may we only share in Simchas Gary and Miriam Schreiber & Family

In honor of Rav Valis, shlit"a I will never forget the smile on your face when you greeted us all... the same smile that has never left

With much hakaras hatov, Baruch and Chanala Levine

With sincere gratitude to the Rosh Yeshiva

and the entire Hanhalla

David Yaacov & Esti Fertel

‫‪We would like to take this opportunity to express‬‬ ‫‪our‬‬ ‫הכרת‪ ‬הטוב‬ ‫‪to‬‬ ‫הרה"ג‪ ‬ר' זאב‪ ‬קליין‪ ,‬שליט"א‬ ‫‪for giving such a‬‬ ‫'געשמאק'‬ ‫‪when talking in learning and to express our‬‬ ‫‪admiration for his vast‬‬ ‫‪ knowledge and‬תורה‬ ‫‪ in learning. ‬התמדה‪ ‬‬ ‫‪    ‬‬ ‫ועוד‪ ,‬להודות‪ ‬להרב‪ ‬זליג‪ ‬ולס‪ ‬שליט''א‬

‫שהשפיע‪ ‬להישיבה‪ ‬הק'‪ ‬ביראת‬ ‫‪ ‬שמים‪ ‬וברוחניות‪ .‬‬ ‫מהרב‪ ‬שלמה‪ ‬רוזן‪ ‬ומשפחתו‬ ‫‪  ‬ובניו‪ :‬חיים‪ ‬מאיר‪ ‬רוזן‪ ‬ומשפחתו‬ ‫נועם‪ ‬רפאל‪ ‬רוזן‪ ‬ומשפחתו‬ ‫ואשר‪ ‬ישראל‪ ‬רוזן‪ ‬ומשפחתו‬

‫לכבוד‬ ‫‪ ‬מו"ר‪ ‬מרן‪ ‬ראש‪ ‬הישיבה‪ ‬שליט"א‬ ‫‪In appreciation of your harbotzas Torah‬‬ ‫‪and mesiras nefesh for us talmidim‬‬ ‫‪It is through your guidance and hadracha‬‬ ‫‪that we have developed into Bnei Torah‬‬ ‫‪May the Yeshivah continue to grow‬‬ ‫‪ ‬מחיל‪ ‬אל‪ ‬חיל‬ ‫‪  ‬‬ ‫‪ ‬הרה"ג‪ ‬רב‪ ‬זליג‪ ‬ולס‪ ‬שליט"א‬ ‫‪ ‬מיום‪ ‬הראשון‪ ‬שנכנסתי‪ ‬להיכל‪ ‬הישיבה‪ ‬קרבת‪ ‬לי‬ ‫‪ ‬ועזרת‪ ‬לי‪ ‬ברוחניות‪ ‬ובגשמיות‪ .‬אני‪ ‬מכיר‪ ‬טוב‪ ‬לך‪ ‬על‬ ‫‪ ‬כל‪ ‬השבתות‪ ‬שאכלתי‪ ‬בביתך‪ ,‬על‪ ‬הזכות‪ ‬שלי‪ ‬שלמדנו‬ ‫‪ ‬בחברותא‪ ,‬ועל‪ ‬כל‪ ‬ההשקפות‪ ‬שקבלתי‪ ‬ממך‪ .‬יה"ר‬ ‫‪  ‬שהקב"ה‪ ‬יתן‪ ‬לך‪ ‬את‪ ‬היכולת‪ ‬להמשיך‪ ‬בעבודתך‪ ‬הקדושה‬ ‫‪ ‬וימלא‪ ‬כל‪ ‬משאלות‪ ‬לבך‪ ‬לטובה‬

‫צבי‪ ‬וריזי‪ ‬זאמבעק‬ ‫ומשפחתו‬

In recognition of the enormous effort expended to each and every ‫ תלמיד‬of the Yeshiva by the ‫הישיבה‬ ‫ראש‬ and the entire staff of Yeshivas Toras Moshe Norman & Esther (Feuer) Fertel

“Truth of the matter is… ” We all appreciate Rebbe very much and thank you for helping us grow in our ‫התורה‬ ‫ אהבת‬and our ‫התורה‬ ‫לימוד‬   ‫מארגען‬ ‫ביז‬ ‫היינט‬ ‫פון‬

from your ‫בחורים‬ ‫שיינע‬ ‫תשע"א‬ – ‫תש"ע‬ ‫שיעור‬

Dovid Eskenazi Rephael Wealcatch Isaac Levine Benjy Blau Michael Wassner Simcha Kraines Netanel Amar Rari Lahasky Nisan Zaghi Menachem Hoch Shmuel Dovid Rosansky Aryeh Dauber Tuvya Green Tzvi Ungar Tzvi Abberbock Yehuda Sitzer Yaacov Heigh Yosef Silverman Zalman Pollack Yonaton Danesh Chaim Dovid Mendelovitz

In honor of

‫שליט''א‬ ,‫קליין‬ ‫זאב‬ ‫הרה"ג‬ ‫מו"ר‬ Thank you for all you have taught me, and for always being there for me whenever I have a question

Aryeh Liebhard

‫לכבוד‪ ‬ידיד‪ ‬נפשנו‬ ‫מו"ר‪ ‬הגאון‬ ‫הרב‪ ‬זאב‪ ‬קליין‪ ,‬שליט"א‬ ‫‪  ‬‬ ‫תלמיד‪ ‬חכם‪ ‬מופלג‪ ,‬תוכו‪ ‬כברו‪ ,‬‬ ‫מחנך‪ ‬למופת‪ ,‬מרביץ‪ ‬תורה‪ ‬אמיתי‪ ‬‬ ‫המקרין‪ ‬שמחת‪ ‬תורה‪ ‬ואהבתה‪ ,‬‬ ‫לכל‪ ‬שומעי‪ ‬לקחו‪ ,‬‬ ‫‪  ‬‬ ‫יהי‪ ‬רצון‪ ‬שתמשיך‪ ‬להרביץ‪ ‬תורה‪ ‬‬ ‫עוד‪ ‬ועוד‪ ,‬לשנים‪ ‬ארוכות‪ ‬‬ ‫כעתירת‪ ‬העומדים‪ ‬לימינו‪ ‬‬ ‫בעבודת‪ ‬הקודש‪ ‬‬ ‫‪  ‬‬ ‫‪  ‬‬ ‫המשגיח‪ ‬וצוות‪ ‬הרמי"ם‪ ‬‬

On this occasion we wish to express our deepest ‫הטוב‬ ‫הכרת‬ to two people who have made a big impact our our lives We would like to thank you, Rabbi Klein, for being the 'masmid' of the ‫מדרש‬ ‫ ;בית‬always exuding your ‫התורה‬ ‫שמחת‬ - you are always our address for ‫הלכה‬ ‫פלפול‬ ‫זליג‬ '‫ר‬ ‫לך‬ ‫להודות‬ ‫רוצים‬ ‫ואנו‬ ‫ביתך‬ ‫בתוך‬ ‫קבלנו‬ ‫תמיד‬   ‫וגשמיות‬ ‫ברוחניות‬ ‫וגדוש‬ ‫מלא‬ ‫שבת‬ ‫סעודת‬   ‫הציור‬ ‫ואתה‬   ‫בתמימות‬ ‫קונו‬ ‫שעובד‬ ‫אמת‬ ‫איש‬ ‫של‬ Of course, no ‫הטוב‬ ‫הכרת‬ would be complete without thanking the Rosh HaYeshiva for his endless efforts and ‫נפש‬ ‫מסירת‬ for the Yeshiva and his  ‫תלמידים‬  – Thank you, Rebbe May you all have much ‫הצלחה‬ and continue being  ‫רבים‬ ‫תלמידים‬ ‫מעמד‬ ,‫בחביבות‬ ‫קלאץ‬ ‫אברהם‬  ‫ברודי‬ ‫דניאל‬

‫‪ ‬‬ ‫‪In honor of‬‬ ‫מו"ר‪ ‬הרה"ג‪ ‬זאב‪ ‬קליין‪ ,‬שליט"א‬ ‫‪who introduced me to‬‬ ‫‪ ‬‬ ‫גמרא‪ ‬בעיון‬ ‫‪ ‬‬ ‫‪and‬‬ ‫‪ ‬‬ ‫דיקדוק‪ ‬במצוות‪ ‬‬

‫‪Meir Levy‬‬

‫‪To‬‬ ‫‪Rabbi Klein‬‬ ‫‪ of‬שמחה‪for showing us the true ‬‬ ‫‪ ‬לימוד‪ ‬התורה‪ ‬‬ ‫לרב‪ ‬ולס‬ ‫שהיית‪ ‬לנו‪ ‬דוגמא‪ ‬של‪ ‬‬ ‫'הארציגע‪ ‬ייד'‬ ‫‪To the Rosh Yeshiva,‬‬ ‫‪Mashgiach, Rebbeim and Staff‬‬ ‫‪for creating and maintaining a‬‬ ‫‪ ‬מקום‪ ‬‬ ‫תורה‪ ‬וחינוך ‪of‬‬

‫אריאל‪ ‬כ"ץ‪ ‬ומשפחתו‬ ‫אברהם‪ ‬לוינשטיין‪ ‬ומשפחתו‬ ‫יהודה‪ ‬לייב‪ ‬בראון‪ ‬ומשפחתו‬

In honor of the

Rosh HaYeshiva HaYeshiva, ‫שליט''א‬ the Mashgiach Mashgiach, ‫שליט''א‬ Harav Klein Klein, ‫שליט''א‬  Harav Valis Valis, ‫שליט''א‬  and the whole ‫הנהלה‬ of Yeshivas Toras Moshe for all their ‫נפש‬ ‫מסירת‬ for the  ‫תלמידים‬ of the Yeshiva

‫הטוב‬ ‫ הכרת‬to Rav Zelig Valis Valis, ‫שליט''א‬ for opening his home every Shabbos to all of us ‫תלמידים‬ of the Yeshiva ‫הטוב‬ ‫ הכרת‬to Harav Zev Klein Klein, ‫שליט''א‬ and his ‫משפחה‬, for allowing me that special Friday night ‫חברותא‬ as well as welcoming me into your home for all of those Friday night ‫שבת‬ ‫סעודות‬ ‫נשמת‬ ‫לעילוי‬ 

Sara Klein Klein,


Yanky and Tzipori Weitman

In honor of

Rabbi Zev Klein

Judah & Shifrah Wassner

‫נשמת‬ ‫לעילוי‬

‫ע''ה‬ ‫שרה‬ 

‫הגאון‬ ‫הרב‬ ‫בת‬ ‫שליט''א‬, ‫זאב‬ ‫אפרים‬ '‫ר‬ 

Moshe & Suri Chomsky Yossy Hollander Eli Meir & Ruthie Hollander Shani Wassser Kiki & Danny Rothenberg Ari & Shaindy Hollander Yehoshua Hollander

With Hakoras Hatov and wishes of continued success in building Torah generations

Dr. and Mrs. Melvin Sinowitz

Mazel tov to all the honorees We are grateful to the Yeshiva for providing such an outstanding makom Torah for our son In memory of our dear father and grandfather, Martin Klotzman Mordechai ben Yaakov Yaakov, a"h He was a devoted supporter of Torah values and learning We are inspired daily by his commitment to his family and community May his soul be bound in the Bond of Life with the souls of Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov

Netanel & Ina Schwob

With much Hakoras Hatov to the Rosh Yeshiva and all the Rebbeim Mazal Tov to the Honorees

Mr. and Mrs. Chaim Wielgus

In honor of Rabbi Meiselman Meiselman,


and In memory of Sara Klein ‫ע''ה‬

Rabbi & Mrs. Chaim Zvi Senter Rabbi Rabbi & Mrs. Zecharia Senter

In honor of the ‫הישיבה‬ ‫ראש‬ Rabbi Moshe Meiselman ‫שליט''א‬ and Rabbi Heshy Augenbaum It was a pleasure working with you on the 28th Anniversary Tribute Dinner video production "Stay Connected Connected”” ARYEH GELBARD Studio 7 Productions Inc 718-252-2933

Hakoras Hatov to

Rosh Yeshiva the Mashgiach


and the

Entire Hanholoh Hanholoh for all the years of ‫הדרכה‬ Very special indebtedness to

Harav Klein for the friendship and to R' Zelig for entering our lives via our children's hearts

Marty & Tammy Lovy

‫לכבוד‬ ‫ר'‪ ‬זליג‪ ‬ולס‪ ,‬שליט''א‬ ‫שמסר‪ ‬מעצמו‬ ‫ופתח‪ ‬ביתו‪ ‬לבנינו‬ ‫‪ ‬ברוך‪ ‬שמואל‬ ‫‪ ‬ודוד‪ ‬יעקב‬

‫נתן‪ ‬שבתי‪ ‬הלוי‪ ‬ואסתר‪ ‬גיטל‪ ‬פרטל‬

In honor of

Rabbi Klein Klein,


for being the life of the ‫מדרש‬ ‫בית‬

Thank you Rafi & Chedva Cohn and

Daniel & Chani Heyman

‫לכבוד‬ and with great ‫טוב‬ ‫הכרת‬ to the Rosh

Hayeshiva, ‫שליט''א‬ Harav Shurkin, ‫שליט''א‬ Harav Klein, ‫שליט''א‬  and Reb Zelig   Continued ‫הצלחה‬  in all your endeavors 

May we all see tremendous ‫נחת‬    from our children whose growth in ‫התורה‬ ‫למוד‬, ‫רוחניות‬ and  "Mentsclichkeit"  the Yeshiva has helped to foster

Rubin, Judy and Meir Silverman


‫‪ ‬‬ ‫לידיד‪ ‬נפשינו‪ ‬העוסק‪ ‬במלאכת‪ ‬ד' נאמנה‬ ‫הרה"ג‪ ‬ר' זליג‪ ‬ולס ‪,‬שליט''א‬ ‫לאות‪ ‬הכרה‪ ‬והוקרה‪ ‬עבור‪ ‬מסירותו‪ ‬‬ ‫ורוב‪ ‬דאגתו‪ ‬לבני‪ ‬הישיבה‪ ‬ורוב‪ ‬השפעתו‪ ‬עליהם‬

‫אורך‪ ‬ימים‪ ‬ושנות‪ ‬חיים‪ ‬יוסיפו‪ ‬לך‪ ‬‬ ‫משמיא‪ ,‬ויפוצו‪ ‬מעינותיך‪ ‬חוצה‪ ‬‬ ‫בהרבצת‪ ‬התורה‪ ‬והפצת‪ ‬היראה‪ ‬כיד‪ ‬ד'‬ ‫הטובה‪ ‬עליך‬

‫כעתירת‪,‬‬ ‫משגיח‪ ‬הישיבה‪ ‬וצוות‪ ‬הרמי"ם‬

Mazal Tov to the esteemed honorees May Hashem give you continued hatzlocha in all that you do A tremendous Yashar Koach and appreciation to the Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Moshe Meiselman Meiselman, shlita for his continuing efforts on behalf of our son, Shimon The first successful year of his Kollel would not have come to fruition were it not for the Rosh Yeshiva's guiding force and encouragement Hashem should give the Rosh Yeshiva strength to continue in his Avodas Hakodesh

Chaim and Shulamit Gartenhaus

‫לכבוד‬ ‫‪ ‬הראש‪ ‬הישיבה‪ ‬שליט''א‬

‫והמשפיע‪ ‬החשוב‬ ‫הרב‪ ‬ראובן‪ ‬זליג‪ ‬ולס‪ ‬שליט''א‬

‫‪  ‬תמשיכו‪ ‬להרביץ‪ ‬תורה‬ ‫‪ ‬ותעמדו‪ ‬תלמידים‪ ‬הרבה‬


In memory of my beloved husband

Moshe Menora, z"l and my three granddaughters

Sara Klein Klein, Rikki Menora and Racheli Menora Menora, a"h whose lives were suddenly and tragically taken from our midst I will remember them always, and may we all continue to pray for a complete refuah for

Netanel Yosef ben Simcha Sima

Sema Chaimovitz Menora

In memory of my beloved granddaughter,

Sa Sara ra Klein Klein,,


whose life of chesed was already entrenched by the age of 17 While she was alive, and even after her passing, Sara had a special strength that enabled her to bring others closer to Hashem May her midos and maasim tovim be perpetuated through the Sara Klein Chesed Fund at Toras Moshe

Sema Chaimovitz Menora

In honor of my very special son-in-law

Rabbi Zev Klein on this well-deserved tribute from Toras Moshe for his years of outstanding service as a rebbe, often over and above the call of duty Our whole family takes great pride in the accomplishments of Zev and his wife, Kelly Kelly, and their children May they continue to teach Torah and perform maasim tovim for many years to come

Sema Chaimovitz Menora

‫לעילוי‪ ‬נשמת‬ ‫‪Moshe Menora‬‬ ‫‪ ‬משה‪ ‬בן‪ ‬שלמה‪ ‬יוסף‪ ‬ז''ל‬ ‫‪Rikki Menora‬‬ ‫‪  ‬צירל‪ ‬רבקה‪ ‬ע''ה‪ ‬בת‪ ‬שלום‪ ‬ירחמיאל‪ ‬הי''ו‬ ‫‪Racheli Menora‬‬ ‫‪ ‬רחל‪ ‬ע''ה‪ ‬בת‪ ‬שלום‪ ‬ירחמיאל‪ ‬הי''ו‬ ‫‪  ‬‬ ‫‪Rabbi Zev and Kelly Klein‬‬

‫נשמת‬ ‫ולעילוי‬ ‫עולם‬ ‫לזכר‬ ‫ע''ה‬ ‫קליין‬ ‫שרה‬ Our beloved daughter who was tragically torn from us at the tender age of 17. Sara's love of Hashem fueled her unconditional love and genuine friendship to all she knew. She exuded joy and had a special pleasure in giving, and her love of life was contagious Sara's wholesome trust and unwavering belief in Hashem and His goodness inspired all who knew her. Sara's tefillos were timeless opportunities to ask with innocence and truth from a pure heart, and with ever-present awareness before Whom she stood. She walked humbly with Hashem May we be privileged to carry her memory in our lives and to be a blessing to all we touch.

We would like to express our most sincere condolences to R' Klein and family I want to express my hakoras hatov to R' Zelig Valis for everything he has done for the bochurim I would like to express my deepest hakoras hatov to the Rosh HaYeshiva for everything he's given me and enabling me to become who I am today

Menachem Wiederman

We thank

Rabbi Moshe Meiselman, shlit"a and his staff for the wonderful job they are doing in chinuch We entrusted our most precious possession, our son,

Moishe Dov to his care

‫שבשמים‬ ‫אבינו‬ ‫מלפני‬ ‫רצון‬ ‫יהי‬ that under Rabbi Meiselman's tutelage, he should become a big ‫חכם‬ ‫תלמיד‬ and a ‫שמים‬ ‫ירא‬

Mr. and Mrs. Aryeh Frenkel

In honor of

Rabbi Zev Klein and

Reb Zelig Valis from a family that has benefitted in many aspects from the great work of all the

Hanhalla, Rebbeim and staff of

Yeshivas Toras Moshe In appreciation,

Sam & Beckie Handwerger Daniel & Michele Yoni & Sarah

‫קינה‪ ‬לכבוד‪ ‬הרב‪ ‬קליין‬ ‫‪  ‬‬

‫לגברא‪ ‬רבה‪ . ‬משיב‪ ‬מלחמה‪ ‬שערה‪. ‬‬

‫‪ ‬‬

‫לתלמידים‪ ‬צמאים‪ . ‬יזל‪ ‬שיעורים‪ . ‬כסדרן‪ ‬תמידים‪. ‬‬

‫‪ ‬‬

‫‪  ‬‬

‫‪    ‬קול‪ ‬צוחה‪ ‬בעיר‪ . ‬רגע‪ ‬פניך‪ ‬תסתיר‪. ‬‬

‫‪ ‬‬

‫‪    ‬נעכר‪ ‬כאבי‪ . ‬חם‪ ‬לבי‪ ‬בקרבי‪ . ‬תבער‪ ‬אש‪ ‬בהגיגי‪. ‬‬ ‫‪  ‬‬

‫אלה‪ ‬דברי‪ ‬הברית‪ . ‬יליף‪ ‬ממלח‪ ‬לא‪ ‬תשבית‪. ‬‬

‫‪ ‬‬

‫תלה‪ ‬ולא‪ ‬מצא‪ . ‬בידוע‪ ‬שיסורין‪ ‬של‪ ‬אהבה‪. ‬‬

‫‪ ‬‬

‫‪  ‬‬

‫‪    ‬ברגע‪ ‬קטן‪ ‬עזבתיך‪ . ‬וברחמים‪ ‬גדולים‪ ‬אקבצך‪. ‬‬

‫‪ ‬‬

‫‪    ‬לא‪ ‬ימוש‪ ‬חסדי‪ ‬מאתך‪ . ‬אמר‪ ‬ד'‪ ‬מרחמך‪. ‬‬

‫‪ ‬‬

‫‪  ‬‬

‫זאת‪ ‬נחלת‪ ‬עבדי‪ ‬ד'‪ ‬וצדקתם‪ . ‬יצו‪ ‬ד'‪ ‬הברכה‪ ‬אתם‪. ‬‬

‫‪ ‬‬

‫לששון‪ ‬ולשמחה‪ . ‬ישועה‪ ‬ונחמה‪ . ‬בעיר‪ ‬ד'‪ ‬שמה‪. ‬‬

‫‪ ‬‬

‫‪  ‬‬

‫‪                  ‬מאת‪ ‬יעקב‪ ‬ושיינדל‪ ‬שור‬

‫‪ ‬‬

‫‪ ‬‬

‫לכבוד‬ ‫מוה''ר‪ ‬זליג‪ ‬ראובן‪ ‬הלוי‪ ,‬שליט''א‬ ‫‪ ‬ישלם‪ ‬ה'‪ ‬פעלך‪ ...‬על‪ ‬עבודתכם‬ ‫‪ ‬למען‪ ‬התלמידים‬ ‫‪ ‬ובזכות‪ ‬זה‬ ‫‪ ‬תברך‪ ‬בכל‪ ‬מילי‪ ‬דמיטב‬ ‫‪ ‬ולראות‪ ‬רוב‪ ‬נחת‪ ‬מכל‪ ‬יוצ''ח‬

‫‪ ‬‬

‫‪ ‬ברוך‪ ‬שמואל‪ ‬הלוי‪ ‬פרטל‪ ‬ומשפ'‬

In honor of a very special rabbi, who graciously gave of his own time to learn with me during bein hazmanim and bein hasedorim

Rabbi Zev Klein, ‫שליט''א‬ May your Limud & Harbotzas HaTorah serve as a merit for your daughter

Sara, ‫ע''ה‬ And may you have continued nachas from your family and talmidim

With heartfelt gratitude,

Dr. & Mrs. Baruch Fertel and Family

Rabbi & Mrs. Meiselman

Thank you for all you you've done for K'lal Yisroel

Gary & Rochel Barron


‫לעילוי‪ ‬נשמת‬ ‫‪ ‬שרה‪ ‬ע''ה‬

‫בת‬ ‫הרב‪ ‬הגאון‬

‫ר'‪ ‬אפרים‪ ‬זאב‪ ,‬שליט''א‬

‫‪Yossi & Aviva Hoch‬‬

In honor of two people who greatly deserve our honor and respect

Rabbi Zev Klein, shlit"a and

Rav Zelig Valis, shlit"a A tremendous yasher koach to you for all you have done for me personally, and for all of the bnei haYeshiva

Wishing you continued success in your Avodas Hakodesh

Ari & Rochel Saltz

In honor of

Rabbi Ephraim Zev Klein Klein, ‫שליט''א‬ With a heart full of gratitude to '‫ה‬, we pay tribute to our devoted son and brother,

Reb Zev, ‫שליט''א‬ May  ‫השי''ת‬ continue to grant him ‫דשמיא‬ ‫סייתא‬,, both in his personal growth and in ‫תורה‬ ‫הרבצת‬ May he merit to reach the level of Torah greatness, and to be a leader of Torah for ‫ישראל‬ ‫כלל‬ Tatty & Mommy Eliahu & Cynthia Moshe & Shaindy Yanky & Rechuma Sora Avrohom & Fayge Chaim & Mindy Menachem & Etty Sholey & Chana

In memory of our beloved ‫ע''ה‬ ‫שרה‬

We carry our love for her in our hearts We remember her ‫מדות‬, modesty, kindness towards her friends, and her sincerity in davening to ‫השי''ת‬ May her memory inspire us towards acts of ‫חסד‬ and may these be a merit for her ‫נשמה‬  in ‫הבא‬ ‫עולם‬ May the "SARA KLEIN CHESED FUND FUND" perpetuate her memory

Zaydie & Bubby Uncle Eliahu & Tante Cynthia Uncle Moshe & Tante Shaindy Uncle Yanky & Tante Rechuma Sora Uncle Avrohom & Tante Fayge Uncle Chaim & Tante Mindy Uncle Menachem & Tante Etty Uncle Sholey & Tante Chana

‫לכבוד‪ ‬ר'‪ ‬זליג‪ ‬ולס‬ ‫שמצוין‪ ‬במצב‬

‫''הוי‪ ‬מקבל‪ ‬את‪ ‬כל‪ ‬אדם‪ ‬בשמחה''‬ ‫שלום‪ ‬רוטמן‪ ‬ומשפחתו‬

‫טוב‬ ‫הכרת‬ ‫לאות‬

Mr. & Mrs. Eliezer J. Zelman

In honor of a special Rebbe,

Rabbi Zev Klein, from whom I have gained so much

In Honor of a Special Mentor & Friend,

R' Zelig Valis, who made his home my home

In Memory of

Sara Klein a"h In Memory of

Sheyna Bas Moshe Halevi a"h

Sora Rochel & Chaim Rosenberg

TTI congratulates Rabbi Moshe Meiselman on the occasion of the 28th Anniversary of his unique approach to Harbotzas HaTorah His ‫ תלמידים‬have gained immensely from his gifted leadership, wise counsel and warm pedagogical approach We wish him, his Rebbetzin, his family and the entire Toras Moshe greater family ‫רבה‬ ‫ הצלחה‬in years ahead May '‫ ה‬continue to shower upon him the blessings of

‫הזאת‬ ‫התורה‬ ‫דברי‬ ‫את‬ ‫יקום‬ ‫אשר‬ ‫ברוך‬ DR. YEHUDA SORSCHER President, TTI



Best Wishes

Yossi and Esther Newman

In Memory of Mrs. Ida Katz Our Revered Aunt **************** In Deepest Gratitude to the Rosh HaYeshiva, Harav Moshe Meiselman for all that he has done for our dear son, Rabbi Dovid Kornreich, and his family over the past 20 years Yaakov and Rivka Kornreich

With tremendous ‫הטוב‬ ‫הכרת‬ to Rabbi Meiselman Meiselman, ‫שליט''א‬ The Rebbeim and Hanhala ***************

In honor of Rabbi Zev Klein, ‫שליט''א‬ ‫ע''ה‬ ‫קליין‬ ‫שרה‬ ‫נשמת‬ ‫לזכר‬  ********** ‫לכבוד‬  ‫שליט''א‬ ,‫ולס‬ ‫זליג‬ '‫ר‬  Dovid & Shani Oldak

We would like to extend a Hakoras Hatov to the exceptional role models at Yeshiva Toras Moshe On behalf of our sons, we would like to thank you for your exemplary efforts in building them to be true Bnai Torah.

Mordechai and Debbie Berger Eliyahu and Rebecca Berger Moshe and Ephraim Berger

In honor of the Rosh Yeshiva


Rav Zev Klein Shlita Rav Zelig Valis Shlita

and the entire Hanhala

Ephraim and Rivka Sinowitz

‫לכבוד‬ ‫‪ ‬הגאון‪ ‬ר'‪ ‬משה‪ ‬מייזלמן‪ ,‬שליט"א‪ ‬‬ ‫‪ ‬ראש‪ ‬הישיבה‬ ‫‪ ‬‬ ‫שעמל‪ ‬ללא‪ ‬הגבלה‪ ‬עם‪ ‬הקרבה‪ ‬עצמית‪ ‬‬ ‫ומסירת‪ ‬נפש‪ ‬למען‪  ‬הישיבה ‪ ‬‬ ‫‪ ‬אילן‪ ‬אילן‪ ‬במה‪ ‬אברכך‬ ‫‪ ‬אם‪ ‬אומר‪ ‬לך‪ ‬שיהו‪ ‬פירותיך‪ ‬מתוקין‪ ,‬הרי‬ ‫‪ ‬פירותיך‪ ‬מתוקין‪ .‬שיהא‪ ‬צילך‪ ‬נאה‪ ,‬הרי‪ ‬צילך‬ ‫‪ ‬נאה‪ .‬שתהא‪ ‬אמת‪ ‬המים‪ ‬עוברת‪ ‬תחתיך‪,‬‬ ‫‪ ‬הרי‪ ‬אמת‪ ‬המים‪ ‬עוברת‪ ‬תחתיך‪ .‬אלא‪ ‬יהי‬ ‫‪ ‬רצון‪ ‬שכל‪ ‬נטיעות‪ ‬שנוטעין‪ ‬ממך‪ ‬יהיו‪ ‬כמותך‪.‬‬ ‫‪ ‬משפחת‪ ‬וואן‬

‫לכבוד‬ ‫הרה"ג‪ ‬זאב‪ ‬קליין‪ ‬שליט"א‬ ‫שמידי‪ ‬שנה‪ ‬בשנה‪ ‬מוסר‪ ‬את‪ ‬זמנו‪ ‬ואת‪ ‬נפשו‪ ‬‬ ‫למען‪ ‬התלמידים‪ ‬‬ ‫ע"י‪ ‬שיעוריו‪ ‬הנפלאים‪ ‬‬ ‫‪ ‬וע"י‪ ‬הלימוד‪ ‬בחברותות‬ ‫‪ ‬משפחת‪ ‬וואן‬

‫לכבוד‬ ‫‪  ‬הרב‪ ‬זעליג‪ ‬ולס‪ ‬שליט"א‬

‫‪ ‬דמות‪ ‬אמיתית‪ ‬של‬ ‫‪  ‬אהבת‪ ‬השם‪ ,‬אהבת‪ ‬ישראל‪ ,‬ואמונה‬ ‫‪  ‬חושית‪ ,‬אני‪ ‬רוצה‪ ‬לבטאות‪ ‬ברבים‬ ‫‪  ‬הכרת‪ ‬הטוב‪ ‬על‪ ‬הרבה‪ ‬סעודות‪ ‬שבת‪ ... ‬‬ ‫‪ ‬ועל‪ ‬כך‪ ‬שפתחת‪ ‬לב‪ ‬אמריקאי‪ ‬לרגש‪ ‬יהודי‪.‬‬

‫מאת‬ ‫ברוך‪ ‬וואן‬

With great pleasure we join in honoring ‫הגאון‬ ‫הרב‬ ‫שליט''א‬ ‫קליין‬ ‫זאב‬  ‫ספר‬ ‫מחבר‬ ‫בעל‬ ''‫התורה‬ ‫על‬ ‫צבי‬ ‫''נחלת‬  Words cannot describe the ‫הטוב‬ ‫ הכרת‬we have for all that you have instilled in our son Chanoch and the ‫ זכות‬of being partners in the publishing of ''‫צבי‬ ‫''נחלת‬   May ‫ הקב''ה‬give you the strength to continue all your ‫הקדש‬ ‫עבודת‬

Dr. & Mrs. Reuven Lampert and Family

In recognition of the Guest of Honor

Harav Zev Klein Klein, ‫שליט''א‬ We feel fortunate to have had the ‫ זכות‬and honor to have had HaRav Klein be our son Yosef's Rebbe the past two years May his daughter be a

‫ישרה‬ ‫מליצה‬

for the Rebbe's family and may they only see much ‫שמחה‬ Hakoras Hatov


R' Zelig Valis whose ‫אורחים‬ ‫ הכנסת‬knows no bounds ‫הישיבה‬ ‫ראש‬ HaRav Moshe Meiselman, ‫שליט''א‬ who continues to make a ‫רושם‬ in the Yeshiva world In addition to his outstanding ‫למדות‬ and ‫התורה‬ ‫הרבצת‬ the ‫הישיבה‬ ‫ ראש‬constantly displays a warmth and compassion not just for his  ‫ תלמידים‬but also for the families of his ‫תלמידים‬ In honor of the

Marc and Karen Silverman Eliezer and Chanie, Sara and Yitzy, Yosef, Devora, Dovid, Shlomo, and Yaakov ~~~~ MARC M. SILVERMAN, M.D., P.C ORTHOPAEDIC SURGERY & SPORTS MEDICINE


108 108--12 72ND AVE., 2ND FL FOREST HILLS, NY 11375

NEW YORK, N.Y. 10003

TEL: (718) 575 575--9896

Tel: (212) 598 598--6660

FAX: (718) 575 575--1253

In honor of

Rav Meiselman Meiselman,,


Rav Fishman Fishman,,


Rav Twersky Twersky,,


Rav Klein Klein,,


Rav Valis Valis,,


and the entire ‫הנהלה‬ of Yeshivas Toras Moshe May you continue to go ‫בע"ה‬ ‫לחיל‬ ‫מחיל‬  


To Rabbi Klein

We appreciate the warmth and caring you show to all of your ‫תלמידים‬

Herbie and Chanie Zakarin

‫לעילוי‪ ‬נשמת‬ ‫‪ ‬שרה‪ ‬ע''ה‬ ‫‪ ‬בת‪ ‬הרב‪ ‬הגאון‬ ‫‪ ‬ר'‪ ‬אפרים‪ ‬זאב‪ ‬שליט''א‬

‫‪Herbie and Chanie Zakarin‬‬

In honor of Netanel's recent marriage and his return to Eretz Yisroel to join the Toras Moshe Kollel We pay tribute to the Rosh Yeshiva

Rabbi Meiselman the Mashgiach

Rabbi Fishman the Guest of Honor

Rabbi Zev Klein the Hakoras Hatov Awardee

Reb Zelig Valis and all Rebbeim, chavrei Kollel and bochurim who are Mekadesh Shem Shamayim each and every day at the Yeshiva Leonardo and Dena Dancykier Jonathan and Gila Zelinger

In honor of

Rabbi Zev Klein ~~~ L'zecher nishmas



~~~ Yasher Koach to

Rabbi Valis ~~~ With much hakoras hatov to the Rosh Yeshiva ‫ שליט''א‬,

‫מייזלמן‬ ‫משה‬ ‫הרב‬

whose wisdom, guidance and understanding of each talmid is greatly appreciated. Dr. Joshua and Shiffy Fox Moshe Dov and Shalva Fox

In recognition of

Rabbi Meiselman for the wonderful work he does

Mordechai & Rivka Golombeck

With Best Wishes

Shlomo & Faygie Zakheim

‫שליט"א‬ ‫ולס‬ ‫זליג‬ '‫הר‬ ‫לכבוד‬  You taught us through teaching You taught us through listening You taught us through learning

Thank you for nearly a decade of inspiration

‫תלמידך‬ ‫אייכען‬ ‫נפתלי‬

In appreciation of

Harav Zev Klein R' Zelig Valis and the entire Toras Moshe Hanhalah

Dovid & Tamar Charnowitz

Mazel Tov to the Honorees the Rosh Yeshiva and the entire Hanhala May the Yeshiva continue to have much success in the future

Eli & Esti Schiffmiller

With tremendous hakoras hatov to Harav Moshe Meiselman, ‫שליט''א‬ for your outstanding devotion to our children Mendy Blau and Abi Goldenberg and for bringing out the best in them May your talmidim continue to follow in the path you have set for them and be a source of much nachas to you and to all of Klal Yisroel Leon and Aggie Goldenberg and Family

With heartfelt appreciation to the

‫הישיבה‬ ‫ראש‬ and

Rebbeim for their selfless dedication to ‫התורה‬ ‫הרבצת‬ We are delighted to participate in honoring  

Rabbi Klein and

Rabbi Valis each of whom in his own special way helps make the Yeshiva such a nurturing and warm environment Yaron and Lisa Reich

Mazel Tov To

Rabbi Meiselman and the entire Yeshiva on this special occasion. We feel so lucky to have been part of the Toras Moshe family for so many years. Although Mordechai attended the Yeshiva 14 years ago, we feel as though the bond we have shared all this time is strengthened with each passing year. We wish the Rosh Yeshiva much hatzlocha this year. May you continue to be mekadesh shem shamayim in everything you do.

Dr. Shimon and Judi Kalatsky

In honor of the Rosh Yeshiva, ‫שליט''א‬      and the  Choshuva ‫ הנהלה‬of Yeshivas Toras Moshe Thank you for your continued warmth and extraordinary nurturing efforts and allowing us to be Shutfim to this wonderful and world renowned institution May you continue in your ‫חיל‬ ‫אל‬ ‫מחיל‬ ‫הקודש‬ ‫עבודת‬ developing new generations of Bnei Torah, and inspiring them to devote their talents and to service Hakodosh Boruch Hu and Klal Yisroel Joyce & Benzion Westreich ,

Mazel Tov

to the Honorees

Shira & Binny Hahn and Family

‫לכבוד‬ The

Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Klein, R' Valis and

the entire Hanhala for the Torah, Avodah, Chesed and Maasim Tovim they instill in Menachem and all of their Talmidim

Benjamin and Rena Hoch

In honor of the Rosh Yeshiva Rav Moshe Meiselman shlit"a and the Hanhala May they continue to be ‫מצליח‬ in elevating the next generation of ‫תורה‬ ‫בני‬ May they continue to go ‫חיל‬ ‫אל‬ ‫מחיל‬

Herbie and Chanie Zakarin

In recognition of the

‫הישיבה‬ ‫ראש‬ and all the Rabbeim  

Dr. and Mrs. David Diamond

Mazal Tov to my Rebbe and Chavrusa Rabbi Klein and

Reb Zelig Valis

Chaim Chaim and and Bracha Schulhof

‫לכבוד‬ the ‫הישיבה‬ ‫ראש‬

Rabbi Moshe Meiselman, ‫שליט"א‬ ‫לכבוד‬ the ‫משגיח‬

Rabbi Elchonon Fishman, ‫שליט"א‬ Just saying "Thank you" or just saying "With much ‫הטוב‬ ‫ "הכרת‬cannot adequately express our appreciation to the Rosh HaYeshiva! The caring and the tireless devotion that the Rosh HaYeshiva has towards both of our sons Chili and E.C. and to all of their Talmidim is beyond words! May Hashem bestow on the Rosh HaYeshiva and his very special Rebbetzin much nachas from all your Talmidim and continuous ‫ ברכה‬and ‫!הצלחה‬ With much respect and admiration, The Birnbaum Family

In honor of

R' Zelig Valis

Yossi and Aviva Hoch

Yeshivas Toras Moshe Journal  
Yeshivas Toras Moshe Journal  

Yeshivas Toras Moshe Journal