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Gili Meno - Lombok - Indonesia

Touch Serenity let nature be your partner Where emerald waters kiss sundrenched sand and where mountain peaks like a hand reach up into a clear blue sky, three islands have appeared as pearls on a golden necklace – known as The Gilis, they enchant and sooth the spirit. And, as if to preserve a perfect balance, one island stands out located between the others with a uniqueness of its own: Gili Meno. Gili Meno prides itself on preserving an island getaway feeling – that evening stroll on a quiet beach might become a watercolour of a crimson setting sun; that dive amongst multi coloured fish might mean an encounter with a turtle from the island’s sanctuary, or that gourmet dinner in the moonlight become an invitation to romance. Gili Meno opens the door on experiences and leads you to the Meno Mojo Resort.

Meno Mojo Resort Mojo, in many exotic cultures means magical charm. Meno Mojo Resort has been designed from a passion for the beauty of the island and our association with the community on Gili Meno. The resort comprises of 15 Indonesian style “Lumbung� villas which are luxuriously appointed and air conditioned. WiFi is available throughout the resort. Meno Mojo Resort caters to couples seeking a getaway, families enjoying vacation together and wedding parties seeking a magnificent location for their special day. Gili Meno is for everyone that just needs to recharge their mind and body and discover another part of life...

The location of Meno Mojo is superb. A white sandy beach and pristine waters lead to the best snorkeling location on the island. Our open air restaurant and cocktail bar look over magnificent sunrises and views to Mt. Rinjani and Lombok. All the restaurant furniture is manufactured from old fishing boats which has been recycled to make this magnificent furniture. In fact right throughout the resort either recycled timbers or natural fibre materials will be used for the furniture and ancillary items.

Meno Mojo villas are constructed using a combination of materials. A strong steel and concrete lower level with tropical hardwood for the roof structure. The roofing material is made from ulin shingles. The mix of materials adds a special ambience to the uniqueness of the villa. These buildings are spacious and take advantage of ocean, beach and pool views. All villas are equipped with air conditioning, flat screen televisions with international channels and free WiFi is available throughout the resort. The resort is fully equipped with a fresh water swimming pool and an open terraced restaurant & bar with a sunrise observation deck right on the beachfront.

Ocean View Floor Plan

Villa Ownership At present, strata title ownership is only available to Indonesian Citizens. Foreign Investors are totally protected using a renewable 100-year right of use and occupancy contract. Should the investor decide to sell their villa a new contract and certificate will be issued that provides the new owner with a 100 year Right of Use & Occupancy. PT. Mojo Resort, are the Foreign Investment, PMA Company which owns the land and are the holders of the BPN land certificate. This company is owned and managed by the developers of Meno Mojo Resort. This process allows the villa owner to retain capital growth gains without having constraints (lease agreements) that “run down the clock� on your investment. All contracts are prepared by a public notary and lawyer. Certificates of ownership are issued and notarized which forms a legal and binding agreement between both parties.

Pool View Floor Plan

Return on Investment (R.O.I) It is anticipated that villa owners will generate returns from their investment in two ways: •From rental return •Through capital appreciation of your villa We anticipate the net rental return from your investment will be an average of approximately 10% per year for the first 2 years. By year 5 we anticipate the annual rental R.O.I will have reached 15.5%. These rental returns are after your annual maintenance and operational dues and the 30% marketing and management fees have been deducted from your rental income. In support of our R.O.I predictions, we guarantee a return of 8% nett for the first 2 years of operation. *Purchasers should note that these figures are projections only and whilst every effort has been made to use reasonable and realistic assumptions, purchasers should carry out their own research to confirm R.O.I potential.

 Lombok International Airport

 BioRock® reef restoration

 Great diving experience

 Turtle Sanctuary Success

Why Invest in Gili Meno?  Gili Meno enjoys constant growth through boutique style resort developments while at the same time maintaining and preserving the island's unique beauty and way of life.  The New International Airport in Central Lombok commenced operation on the 1st October 2011. The runway can now accommodate A320 Airbus and Boeing 767 aircraft. Leading airlines from South East Asia and Australia have committed to direct flights to Lombok.  At present, The Gili Islands attract 70% of tourists to Lombok. With the development of new resorts, and better facilities, future growth and notability worldwide is assured.

Purchasing a Villa Meno Mojo has two types of villas, Pool View and Ocean View. There are 11 pool view villas and 4 ocean view villas available for purchase. Pool View Villas are 50,8 sqm, priced at USD 195,000 feature 2 bathrooms, upstairs bedroom and a downstair’s living room that opens out to the swimming pool. The sofa can be converted to a double bed. The downstairs bathroom is spacious and has an open air shower. Ocean View Villas are 62,6 sqm, priced at USD 235,000 these villas have magnificent views from your 2,5 metres balcony. The sunrise is amazing and views over the famous Mt. Rinjani and Lombok are breath taking. All the villas are well appointed with flat screen TV’s, teak and rattan furniture and appropriate decor from Java. There are 11 pool view villas and 4 ocean view villas available for purchase. These prices include all government taxes. Legal and Contractual Fees have been limited to USD 3,500 nett. This fee covers all contract formalities and the issuing of your certificate of ownership.

Thank you for taking the time to review our exciting investment opportunity. If you would like a cd showing the beauty of the island and more information on the future development, please contact

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