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You have a life choice to make. You can either choose the beaten path of getting a management

degree and securing a job, like millions of others, or you can choose to be one of the distinctive few, who chart their own destinies to become their own masters. You can choose to launch your own business venture ; you

can choose to become an entrepreneur !

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HE’S ON A SEARCH, FIND AND FUND MISSION It’s likely that you’ve never heard of Chenraj Jain. But his unique approach to investing has already helped create over 40 entrepreneurs, and he’s determined to take that number up, to 350 by 2015 BY N.S. RAMNATH Jia Jain was devastated. In his business, either you have it or you don’t — and the judgement comes pretty early. After all, he’d seen so many swanky restaurants come up on busy streets and as many vanish without a trace. Now, his own fine-dining restaurant — idealistically named 1947 — seemed to be headed towards a painful closure: People didn’t come. He didn’t turn to his parents or brothers for solace. They were in far-away Assam and he was trying to make it big in Bangalore. In fact, he hadn’t even told them he was starting a

restaurant — he was planning on surprising them. Instead he went to Chenraj Jain. Jain — no relation to Jia Jain — is 50 and an investor in the restaurant. Jia Jain had gone to a university run by Chenraj Jain, and after completing his studies there, he was encouraged by Jain to start his own business. He funded, advised and supported him. With his own parents far away, Chenraj Jain was like a father-figure to Jia Jain. When Jia Jain approached him with his problems, Jain listened with patience. And

01 § Source: Forbes India September 9, 2011

then he spoke about the nature of restaurant business, and the need for patience and perseverance. Jia Jain, however, was worried about the mounting losses. Wouldn’t it be wiser to close the restaurant down, cut the losses, and move on? Chenraj Jain told him not to worry about losses. “The losses are all mine, the profit is yours. Just go for it Jia,” he said. In the world of Indian entrepreneurs, there is a yawning gap between the traditional and the modern. In small towns across the country, young entrepreneurs depend on a

mentor-mentee relationship with seniors of their community while setting up businesses. They look up to them for motivation, guidance, support and funding. The seniors are happy to provide the same, in part because they too benefited from such help during their early years and in part as an obligation to their community. For instance, in Sivakasi, a printing and fireworks hub in Tamil Nadu, the first major order for a new entrepreneur who sets up a printing press typically comes from a senior businessman from whom the entrepreneur learned the trade.

Image: Gireesh GV for Forbes India

This is in contrast to the venture capital model made popular by Silicon Valley where valuation, due diligence and business models are everything. The investors have definite ideas about return on investments and they never enter without an exit strategy. For their part, the entrepreneurs are happy to take help from a venture capitalist (VC) and tap into his network. But they usually don’t appreciate too much intrusion. Many second-time entrepreneurs refuse to have anything to do with VCs. Hurt by the cold formality of their approach, once is one time too many for them.

Chenraj Jain is trying to fill the gap between the traditional and the modern approaches. In the past six to seven years, he’s incubated over 40 businesses, guided by instinct rather than valuation models. He is paternalistic towards his entrepreneurs and provides support through his social and business networks. Together, the businesses he helped create make over Rs. 147 crore in revenues every year and employ 3,500 people. Now, he wants to scale up and take the number up to 350 businesses by 2015. In many ways, Jain, who lives in a joint family of 11 in Bangalore’s Cox Town, is like the senior of a community.

He’s propelled by a sense of loyalty and obligation to support young enterpreneurs; except that his ‘mentees’ are drawn from a diverse background, cutting across religions, castes, regions and languages. For Jain, a philanthropist involved with charitable institutions like the Mahaveer Jain Hospital in Bangalore, angel investing is where his family, social and business values converge. Mohandas Pai, till recently a member of the Infosys board, says, “He is the Indian version

of an angel investor with a lot of mentoring and support, where you treat it as a family business and the entrepreneur becomes part of the family. It is not like the Western model of high growth and high return. Here, the person who is mentoring is more important than the investment.”

The Early Days

Chenraj Jain learned the basics of business as a distributor for Dhirubhai Ambani’s Reliance Industries. He dropped out of school in his teens, joined his family business and worked in a shop in Basavangudi, Bangalore. Later, he

Source: Forbes India September 9, 2011

§ 02

moved to a Bombay Dyeing showroom as a sales executive. In April 1976, Devraj Ranka, a distributor of Reliance for Karnataka and a family friend took Jain to Ahmedabad and introduced him to Ambani. Jain was very impressed by Ambani’s energy and still remembers the firm handshake he received the first time they met. Some years later, Ambani said he was impressed with Jain’s enthusiasm and business skills. (Jain used to take a lot of interest in organising dealers’ meetings and once achieved a three-year target of setting up a retail network of 300 outlets in Andhra Pradesh in just three months.) He also learned from Ambani that the key to success was to set a big goal and work

backwards. While working with Reliance, he realised that the best way to get more retailers to sell Reliance products was to create more entrepreneurs — by convincing good salesmen to start their own outlets. Many were reluctant initially. Jain encouraged them to start small, and display bits (not the full length dress material). In a matter of months, he set up a network of 800 bits’ showrooms. He travelled all over the south, and over time, was dealing with 8,000 customers. Looking at how Ambani operated taught him to look ahead and plan big. “I remember they [Reliance] used to think about 2020 in 1980. And I knew if I have to grow big, I have to look far ahead,” Jain says.

When he looked ahead, the school dropout saw a huge demand for education and wanted to set up institutions. But obstacles came in the form of bureaucracy. When he wanted a government permission and found that the ministry was reluctant to give it for no particular reason, he stood outside the minister’s house everyday waiting for his car. “I used to simply stand in front of his house it was my own Satyagraha. Eighteen days passed, and he signed the order out of frustration,” Jain says. Today, Jain Group of Institutions includes 59 schools and colleges, employs over 3,000 people and has taught over 30,000 students in the past 20 years.

As someone who works 18-20 hours a day, Jain resumed his education, got a Ph.D from Mysore University, and started teaching entrepreneurship to commerce and MBA students. It soon dawned on him that he could do more. “I came across these really intelligent, hardworking students when I walked around the campus. And I knew instinctively some of them will make great entrepreneurs. They were too young to realise it themselves. They needed some push, encouragement. That is all,” he says. Jain’s approach to his investments is simple. He looks for passion and ability to work hard. (“In India, ideas are not in short supply,” he says.) He believes in aiming high, but scaling



BUSINESSMAN When the Avatar was born: 1978. What He Did: Dealership with Reliance, initially for Vimal, and eventually for other Reliance businesses. Promoted the concept of bit-piece showroom. Guiding Principle: Best way to expand your retail network is to create small businessmen. Idol: Dhirubhai Ambani

03 § Source: Forbes India September 9, 2011


EDUCATION ENTREPRENUER When the Avatar Was Born:1990 What He Did: Started with 36 students, six teachers. Jain Group now has 59 institutions — including schools, colleges and centres of excellence—spread across 25 campuses. Guiding Principle: keeping teachers motivated is the best way to provide quality education. Idol: Swami Vivekananda

up gradually. The companies span technology, BPO, retail, consulting, financial services but he suggests education, healthcare and hospitality to those who dither. (“They are recession proof”.) He typically takes 30-50 percent stake in a venture, and doesn’t have a fixed time-frame for an exit. What makes this approach stand out further is Jain’s personality. Those who worked with him say he is a motivator, an empathiser, patient to a fault and always generous with his money and with his network. Abdul Sait, who runs a financial services firm called Basket Options and one of the early entrepreneurs Jain funded, says it took just two minutes for Jain to okay his project. As a student, Sait was inspired by a lecture on entrepreneurship by Jain. So, he met Jain after


class one day and told him he wanted to start a brokerage. Pat came the reply with the promise of support. Of course, he doesn’t say yes to everyone. He goes by his instincts. Mythili P. Rao, principal of Jain College’s J.C. Road campus in Bangalore, says Jain is exceptional at identifying talent. “He gives the responsibility, and that pushes the person to discover his or her own strength,” she says. Billiards world champion Pankaj Advani agrees. An alumnus of Jain College, he says Jain has an uncanny knack of identifying talent and making them think big. Once, on seeing Advani in the campus, Jain asked him about his billiards practice. At that time, Advani was thinking of making it big at the national level. Jain told him, “You should aim for world

ANGEL INVESTOR When the Avatar was Born: About 2004/05. What He Did: has incubated 46 companies, which have a combined turnover of Rs. 147 Crore, and employ about 3,500 People.Plans to scale it up to 350 businesses by 2015. Guiding Principle: If you have the capability to become an entrepreneur, you must.

championship.... in two years.” Though it looked like a distant dream then, Advani felt inspired. “What strikes you most about him is his empathy. You always feel here’s a person who understands your aspirations.” In some cases, Jain uses his own educational institutions as a captive market. If a school comes up in a new place, it creates demand for uniform, shoes, books, notebooks and even transport and an opportunity for an entrepreneur. That’s how Saket Jalan, who now runs a bouquet of businesses including hospitality and financial services, took his second step into entrepreneurship: Building and running hostels for Jain colleges. Earlier, he’d tried to run a restaurant in Mumbai and ended up in losses. Eventually, he shifted to Bangalore, chanced to meet Chenraj Jain and was so impressed by him that Jalan wanted to do nothing but be around him and learn. Jain suggested he start hostels for the students of his colleges. Jalan started small — with just 35 students — but that was enough to give him the confidence to scale up and then diversify. His businesses now employ 300 people, and have a combined turnover of Rs. 16 crore.

“He is the Indian version of an angel investor with a lot of mentoring and support...It is not like the Western model of high growth and high return.” — Mohandas Pai

Illustration: Vidyanand Kamat Source: Forbes India September 9, 2011

§ 04

Time To Scale UP Jain is no longer happy to let chance meetings determine his portfolio. He wants to scale up and has committed Rs. 500 crore to incubate 350 businesses by 2015. To this end, he brought all his investments under an umbrella called JGI Ventures, and appointed Hemachandran Seshadri, a chartered accountant, as its CEO this year. Seshadri has worked for Hindustan Unilever, DCM Group, Reliance and most recently the Tatas. “What impressed me most about Chenraj

Jain was the free education he was providing to the poor through some of the institutions that he has been running for profit. That said something about the man,” Seshadri says. Seshadri’s agenda is clear. He has to drive JGI Ventures, find good use for the money Jain has committed and spot entrepreneurs. While some of the lessons that Jain learned so far would guide the new investments, Seshadri will also be required to put in processes that will help scale up faster. Now, Jain has launched a

THE ‘CHENRAJ SUTRAS’ People matter most “At the end of the day, it’s about people. It’s their hard work, enthusiasm and passion that will make the difference.” Start small, aim big “We all came into the world as babies, and grew up slowly.” It’s okay to fail “We cannot always succeed.We sometimes fall down. that’s why we need mentors.”

Try to make use of the existing network “In India, we can use our friends and families. they will be the source of funds, they can also be our market.” Create a pool of mentors “I was inspired by Dhirubhai Ambani’s vision. In the same way. JGI entrepreneurs will inspire more entrepreneurs.”

05 § Source: Forbes India September 9, 2011



Founder: Basket Options Sector: Financial Services, Insurance Claims Met Chenraj as student in 1998; as enterpreneur in 2004 Best Advice from Jain: Never run after money; run after business, innovation and value addition

30-month entrepreneurship programme (iDEA - Incubation & Development of Entreprenurial Ability) to increase the conversion rate. The programme includes a mix of classroom training and seminar, and travel to six countries, culminating in the incubation and launch of businesses. He expects to have about 100 students in the first year. While these two might help JGI Ventures scale up, the missing

element could be his personal touch. He nurtured the first 40-odd ventures by being generous with his time and ideas. But that model works only as long as the numbers are limited. Jain is aware of it, and says the scale of his ambition came with its own solution. He doesn’t want to stop at 350 entrepreneurs, but wants to create over 8,800. It’s just a number he came up with. The only way to make that happen is to make his own entrepreneurs inspire others. “I have at best 10 to 15 years of active life ahead of me. I am a man in a hurry. And if I have to create 8,800 entrepreneurs I know the only way to do that is through my network,” he says. That will be a lot tougher than setting up an angel fund, or starting an entrepreneurship course. But he’s trying. When Abdul Sait wanted to move to a bigger office, Jain did not involve himself in the negotiations, instead he asked Jia Jain to help Sait. The negotiations went well, and Sait got a good deal. In the same spirit, Jain hopes JGI entrepreneurs will help the younger generation.

Saket Jalan says he is always on the lookout for both prospective entrepreneurs and opportunities, and when he finds someone promising, he tries to bring him in. Both Jalan and Sait are in the management team of JGI Ventures. “He expects us to inspire others to take up entrepreneurship, he wants us to help our juniors and support them as he helped us and supported us,” Sait says.l (Additional reporting by Nilofer D’Souza) Please visit to read more press mentions.

Inspirational Visits

Dr. Veerendra Heggade Dharmadhikari, Dharmastala

Sanath Teran Jayasuriya Member, Sri Lanka Cricket Team

Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam Former President of India

Dr. Kumar Mangalam Birla Chairman, Birla Group

Kapil Dev Former, Indian Cricket team Captain

Steve Waugh Former, Australian Cricket team Captain

Narendra damodardas Modi Chief Minister, Gujarat

Mahesh Bhupathi International Tennis Player

Paul Kagame President of Rwanda

Azim H Premji Chairman, Wipro Technologies Inspirational Visits ยง 06

01 ยง Our History - Our Histor y

Our History - JGI Group Milestones... 1990 Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College (SBMJC),

2007 Jain Heritage School, Bangalore

Jain Public School, Ratlam

V V Puram

Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain Evening College,

Jain Public School, Barnagar

1998 Genohelix Biolabs, Bangalore

J C Road

Jain Public School, Jhabua

2008 Jain Public School, Davanagere

Jain Vidyaniketan, Amethi

1999 Jain International Residential School, Kanakapura

Jain Toddlers, Kanpur

Jain College of Engineering, Belgaum

Jain College, Kanakapura

School For Leadership Excellence

V V Puram

Jain Toddlers, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

2011 Jain College, R R Nagar, Bangalore

2000 Jain Vidyaniketan, Kanakapura

2009 Jain Heritage a Cambridge School, Hyderabad

Jain Public School, Tumkur

2001 MATS Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship,

Jain Academy for Sporting Excellence, Hyderabad

Jain Public School, Kadri


Jain University, Bangalore

Jain Public School, Secunderabad

Human Networking Academy, Bangalore

The Jain International School, Bangarpet

The Jain International School, Hubli

International Academy for Creative Teaching,

Centre for Research in Social Sciences and

The Jain International School, Mulbagal

Centre for Design Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain Evening College,


Education, Bangalore

Jain Heritage School, Secunderabad

2002 Center for Management Studies, Bangalore

Jain Heritage School, Belgaum


Jain Heritage School, Tirupathi

2003 Jain Academy for Sporting Excellence, Kanakapura

Jain Toddlers, Hubli

Jain College of MCA & MBA

The Jain International School, Kanpur

Jain College, Hubli

Jain College of Engineering, Belgaum

The Jain International School, Bilaspur

Jain Toddlers, Mahindra Hills, Secunderabad

Jain College, Jamshedpur

2004 Sri BhagawanMahaveer Jain College, J C Road,

Jain Toddlers, Aurangabad

Jain Toddlers, BITS Pilani, Secunderabad


Indian Institute of Aerospace Engineering &

Jain Toddlers, Kondapur, Hyderabad, Andhra

Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College, K.G.F



Jain School of Business, Belgaum

2010 The Jain International School, Krishnapuram

Jain Institute of Technology, Davanagere

2005 School of Engineering & Technology, Kanakapura

Jain Heritage a Cambridge School, Visakhapatnam

Centre for Ancient Indian History, Bangalore,

2006 Jain College, Belgaum

Jain Heritage School, Nagpur


Jain College, Bangalore

Center for Post Graduate Studies, Bangalore

Jain Public School, Kanakapura

Centre for Research in Emerging Technologies,

Our History - JGI Group Milestones

ยง 08

Our Alum presence With the JGI group celebrating it’s 20 years of existence with an average

With sports now being a part of your curriculum, you will get a once in

of more than 15,000 students per annum, you now get once in a lifetime

a lifetime unique opportunity to get coached by international standard

opportunity to network with more than 3 lakhs students of JGI.

coaches and hone your personality.

The Jain Group of Institutions has always focused on creating

The JGI Alumni has spread to almost all parts of India and hosts students

Champions, Leaders and Entrepreneurs. Robin Uthappa - the youth

from different nationalities like Afghanistan, Africa, Germany, Japan,

Icon of Indian Cricket, Pankaj Advani - World Billiards Champion and

Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Ukraine & USA. By joining the

ShikaTandon - Swimming Champion have one thing in common – they

revolutionary and dynamic iDEA program, you will get to network with

are all alumni of JGI.

young achievers. Many of our students hail from entrepreneurial family backgrounds.

09 § Our Alum Presence

Shika Tandon

International Swimmer & Arjuna Awardee

Pankaj Advani

World Snooker & Billiards Champion & Padma Shri Awardee

Tanvi singla

The Winner of Wadhawan Lifestyle I AM She 2011, Miss Asia Pacific World India

Anup Sridhar

International Badminton Player & Arjuna Awardee

Robin Uthappa International Cricketer Team India

Our Alum Presence

ยง 10

BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR Quotes from a few of our business mentors

Dr. Dinesh Awasthi Director EDI - Ahmedabad

The objective of EDI is to foster globally competitive and competent first generation entrepreneurs who could write new economic history of the country. Subsequently we experimented with rural entrepreneurship development successfully and institutionalised entrepreneurship development strategy among about 650 NGOs, with the support of NABARD and SIDBI. We are very happy to be associated with the JGI iDEA program and look forward to engaging budding entrepreneurial talent.

11 ยง Become an Entrepreneur

Dr. Easwaran Iyer

Dean & Director, Commerce & Management, Jain University I am delighted that a prestigious institution such as EDI (Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India) is partnering with us to establish the iDEA program. This will herald a new era of collaboration and propel entrepreneurship to the next level in India.

Hemachandran Seshadri CEO, JGI Ventures

We are excited to initiate this program to identify and support entrepreneurs who are passionate about building businesses of excellence on par with global corporations. This program has a special recipe and a commitment from JGI Ventures for success.

Karthik Prabhakar Senior Analyst IDG Ventures India Advisors

iDEA program is an excellent initiative towards nurturing and growing the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India. The concept of offering a thorough and practical training program followed by potential incubation facilities is very unique and encouraging for budding entrepreneurs!

Nandini Vaidyanathan Visiting Faculty at Princeton, London School of Economics, National University of Singapore, IIMA, IIMB, IIML & ISB An IDEA whose time has come!

Nimesh Shah

Shyam Viswanathan

S. Sriraman

Sudha Raju

M.A. Mukund

It is indeed exciting to anticipate a revolution in entrepreneurship that the JGI iDEA program promises to usher in, and we are eagerly looking forward to be part of this revolution with the Jain Group of Institutions which is launching this program.

iDEA is a special program that has been designed specifically to build and develop entrepreneurs as well as managers with an entrepreneurial approach to business. I am sure that a student of this program will find it to be a stepping stone to a very successful future.

JGI iDEA Program offers young entrepreneurs a unique experience that combines entrepreneurship education with entrepreneurial activity. This would definitely contribute to entrepreneurial development as well as the economic activity in the country.

The JGI iDEA program is a revolutionary concept and a boon to those aspiring to be entrepreneurs. Combining incubation and mentoring with entrepreneurship education will create a nurturing ecosystem that will add tremendous value and increase the chances of success for those with passion to launch their own ventures.

iDEA is truly a differentiated best-inclass business-enabling program that aspiring entrepreneurs will certainly derive tremendous value from.

Director Equirus Capital (P) Limited

(Ex.) Associate Dean Executive Education ISB

Director Bee-Hive Ventures


JGI iDEA Program Director

Become an Entrepreneurr

ยง 12

Become a

Global Entrepreneur... The iDEA experience started with us in the year 2004. Over the years we have interacted with a huge cross section of entrepreneurs, employees, venture capitalists, high net worth individuals

To succeed, you must be willing to ask questions, remain curious, interested and open to new knowledge. - Yeshasvini R, Anchor

who are keen to invest on the next big idea, diverse people with different expectations across different cultures. The experience and learning has been rich and has helped us create a viable model to make entrepreneurship work for India. We had set ourselves a vision of creating a cross trading eco-system of entrepreneurs and I am delighted to share with you our progress and our resultant program aptly named JGI iDEA. We were keen that our creation be a nurturing platform for budding entrepreneurs where ideas can be debated, entrepreneurial skills enhanced in an international setting, where creation and innovation becomes the name of the game and that is precisely what the iDEA platform brings to you. This unique program combines entrepreneurial pedagogy and guaranteed funding for students who pass out with a viable business plan.

13 ยง Become a Global Entrepreneur

A lot people ask me how do we know whether we can be a successful entrepreneur or if we

with PG curriculum. You can learn more about this in the coming pages.

are better off as a salaried employee? While there is no sure fire formula for success, we have

The current batch in a formal avatar has been launched successfully and we are excited to be

found that these essential characteristics make the difference. I have listed a few of them for

working with passionate entrepreneurs in the making with unique ideas of organic products,

your ready reference. These are – a mindset of thinking success, being passionate with what

energy, nterior designs, health city, education and IT solutions for a better world.For us it has

we do and not giving up, focusing on one’s strengths, working hard, a positive bent of mind,

become a never ending journey with new ideas being discussed almost every day! It will be

willingness to learn and a very high degree of self-discipline.

worth your while to visit us at our campus and interact with our emerging talent.

We have at JGI built our En-CAT assessments and psychometric tests around these critical

To succeed, you must be willing to ask questions, remain curious, interested and open to

abilities to ensure that the right kind of talents selected through our panel of Bankers and VCs

new knowledge. The willingness to learn becomes more crucial given the rapid changes in

and CEOs of established companies.

technologies and ways of doing business. I would encourage you to keenly understand our

Our student entrepreneurs are groomed in a vibrant environment and strong foundations are

iDEA model to ascertain your motivation to start the company of your dreams and enable your

laid to start, grow and scale successful companies.

existing companies to grow rapidly with the help of our Shared Services Center and become

I am also thankful to our faculty team who being practicing entrepreneurs themselves hailing

an Entrepreneur. To be able to create jobs instead of seeking one is an exciting adventure and

from strong business backgrounds have for the first time put together a curriculum framework

the time has come to create your own destiny…

that is totally focused on entrepreneurship to ‘jump start’ companies and have successfully

All the best!

managed making entrepreneurial learning mainstream rather than just an elective option. The JGI Ventures team has innovated an experiential Bi 2 Bp learning methodology that co-exists

- Yeshasvini R, Anchor

Become a Global Entrepreneurr

§ 14


at a glance

15 ยง iDEA at a Glancer

JGI iDEA is an novel entrepreneurship development program anchored by the School for Leadership Excellence (SLE) that effectively blends entrepreneurship education and capability building with funding and incubation support such that a student who enrolls in the program graduates with a certificate and simultaneously becomes the proud owner of their business.

The program has variants from which you can select the one that suits your expectations and financial profile. It has been created keeping the interests of students from family business, working professionals & emerging entrepreneurs seeking to scale and expand their businesses. You can specifically make choices on availing funding, incubation and shared services support.

* Terms & Conditions Apply iDEA at a Glancer

ยง 16



17 ยง iDEA Outlook

One Global program across continents making you ready to take on the world

learn experience create iDEA Outlook

ยง 18

Learn: Real Time Education

Golf will enable you to develop specific social nuances that will help you network with high-flying CEOs and business persons, the game itself being the sport of choice for the corporate elite . 19 ยง iDEA Outlook - Learn

Academic Excellence

Real Time Education

Faculty Engagement

iDEA Outlook - Learn

ยง 20

ACADEMIC Excellence 21 ยง iDEA Outlook -Learn

The rigorous course at iDEA will be completely experiential & students will get to work on indigenously developed “practical case books”. The iDEA team has developed unique methodologies to help you jump start your careers. As they say the “proof of the pudding is in eating” and hence the total focus of your learning at iDEA will be on appreciating your concept and filling it individually to the business to ensure they are practical and usable in the real world. The pedagogy has been specially designed to enable the student to reap the benefits of experiential learning, with significant emphasis on case studies. For example, the distribution of the pedagogy mix for a couple of subjects in the program, in terms of the number of hours (illustrative only) :


Subjects LECTURES CASES ROLE PLAYS TOOLS VIDEO SELF-LEARNING Entrepreneur Finance 15 30 2 12 3 3 Strategies for growing start-ups 7 15 6 7 2 6

Our core subjects like operational methodologies & Entrepreneurial Finance have been benchmarked against syllabi similar to those running currently avaliable in institutions such as Stanford, Harvard, Chicago University, Babson & other similar reputed institutes ranked among the top 10 entrepreneurial institutes in the world.

iDEA Outlook -Learn

§ 22

Subjects PILLAR SUBJECTS PILLAR SUBJECTS Business Fundamentals (“Boot Camp”) Fundamentals in Strategy, Marketing, HR, Finance, Operations & Supply Chain, IT and Research Methodology Entrepreneurship Foundations Introduction to Entrepreneurship Identifying and evaluating business opportunities Business laws* Legal aspects and statutory compliance for business* Creation of new enterprises* Family business dynamics* Business communication & etiquette Risk management Human Resources Organizational behavior Leadership and change management Creating and nurturing a learning organization Performance management Balanced scorecard Conflict management and Industrial Relations Organization design and structure * This subject will be taught in the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDI) in Ahmedabad


Business innovation Role of technology in business** Strategies for growing start-ups Indian and global business environment


Advanced marketing and sales for entrepreneurs – I Advanced marketing and sales for entrepreneurs – II


Financial reporting, control & management accounting Entrepreneurial finance Financing start-ups


Operations management for entrepreneurs** Project management

Bi 2 Bp Developing the baseline business idea into a business plan (Action Learning) Sports Customised individual development plans to improve entrepreneurial (Real Time Education) ability through - Golf, Swimming & Archery **This subject will be taught at the Heimerer School in Germany

All subjects in this program will be dealt within the context of entrepreneurship. For instance, in finance, in a regular management program, the student would be expected to prepare a balance sheet, whereas in the JGI iDEA program, the emphasis would be the interpretation of a balance sheet and its correlation and implication on business performance. In business taxation, in any other program, a student will learn the theoretical concepts of taxation, but here, you will learn how to apply the taxation concepts to your business with a view to maximizing profits and reducing the tax burden. We will coach you more on your ability to identify & hire talent to your company rather than making your resume and seeking a job. 23 § iDEA Outlook -Learn

REAL TIME EDUCATION An Entrepreneurial perspective of subjects

iDEA Outlook -Learn

ยง 24

The curriculum has been structured in alignment with the theme of entrepreneurship. Subjects and modules have been selected and designed with a laser-sharp focus on this theme. The pedagogy is highly experiential and is intended to impart skills and concepts from theoretical, practical and experiential perspectives across the subject pillars and modules. Here is a snapshot of our curriculum which is organised by pillars Strategy


apply in the context of start-up ventures. Building skills and


Entrepreneurship is all about risks and managing them in a

capabilities in negotiations is also part of this module.

Innovation plays an important role in evolving and enhancing

volatile business environment. Aspiring entrepreneurs need to

an entrepreneurial business model towards creating competi-

understand the concept of business risk and techniques for

enterpreneurship foundation

tive advantage to a start-up venture. This subject aims to help

mitigating the same at a conceptual level, in the context of a


the student understand how they can apply these concepts


navigated skillfully. His module focuses on the absorption of


Growth is vital for a newborn! Budding entrepreneurs need to

Entrepreneurs today cannot afford to be confined to their local

learn how to apply strategies to grow the start-up ventures

context. They need to develop global perspectives. In this

and scale their businesses. This subject will help them think

regard, this subject will present a holistic picture of the Indian

through such growth strategies.

can think of positioning their business idea appropriately for maximum impact.

Marketing ADVANCED MARKETING & SALES FOR ENTREPRENEURS I & II The budding student of entrepreneurship will imbibe a strategic decision-making perspective in entrepreneurial marketing and specific aspects of sales that entrepreneurs need to

25 ยง iDEA Outlook -Learn

the basic principles and processes to manage new ventures including l Role of entrepreneurial ventures in a global economy l Processes involved in starting a new venture l Processes involved in funding and investing in a new

and global business environment, in terms of the economic, social, political and technology dimensions, so that they

The entrepreneurial landscape is complex and needs to be

or growing entrepreneurial venture

l Understand methods of organizing and managing an

entrepreneurial venture


Human Resources

survival! The aspiring entrepreneur needs to understand how



to instill a performance culture in the new venture, set goals

Laws are universally existent! An entrepreneur needs to ap-

Organizations are structured collective communities of peo-

and objectives, measuring and evaluation systems for the

preciate the laws and statutory issues that will regulate the

ple, whose behaviors are highly dynamic. This module aims

enterprise and staff, along with consequence frameworks.

context of any new business venture;in this module s/he will

to educate the student on the human side of the enterprise

learn how to adapt to these concepts to ensure legal compli-


and how human dynamics in an organizational context affects

A budding entrepreneur will, in this module be able to grasp

ance of their business.

the functioning of an enterprise. The module will examine the

the techniques and nuances of communicating with stake-


interactions of individuals, teams and networks in organiza-

holders and customers, as well as understand the various


tions and will also touch upon the dimensions of leadership in

media, along with subtle elements of body language, posture,

Business opportunities are born out of needs and ideas. In

action and career management.

verbal and non-verbal communication etc., towards becom-

this module, a student will learn how to identify business opportunities and assess their feasibility and value, to be able to apply these concepts while starting a new venture.

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT AND BALANCED SCORECARD Performance of an enterprise is critical to its success and

ing conscious about the subtle rules of business etiquette and personal grooming.

CREATION OF NEW ENTERPRISES The world always expects a new phenomenon! The key elements in this module are the study of the factors, involved in the creation of a new business venture from multiple perspectives, with emphasis on the theoretical role of capitalizing on opportunities towards converting them into business models. FAMILY BUSINESS DYNAMICS This module will explore the distinctive leadership strategies, structures and skills required to lead closely-held and familyled firms through change and growth. This subject is important from the perspective that such firms have idiosyncratic dynamics and strategic challenges during the growth phase. iDEA Outlook -Learn

ยง 26


dian labor context, as well as how IR can influence the fortunes

their business and therefore position the finances of the new

Today’s business environment only allows those organiza-

of any conventional manufacturing-oriented business.

venture to become tax efficient as well as compliant to the tax

tions that are able to learn and adapt to changes to survive


and thrive. An entrepreneur experiencing this module, will


understand how an organization, through the collective capa-



bilities of its people and talent can adapt to changing busi-

The cornerstone of any entrepreneurial organization is Fi-

Entrepreneurs need to be conscious of costs and make deci-

ness dynamics towards adopting a culture of learning and

nance. Ensuring and maintaining a robust financial discipline

sions on investments. This module will focus on differentsets

continuous improvement, to compete in the long term.

is critical to the health of the enterprise. Hence this module

of managerial decisions, spanning dimensions such as evalu-

aims at helping the student understand the concepts and

ation of complex investments, financial policies, integration of


language of accounting, the vocabulary of financial state-

financial decisions in a start-up context, evaluating potential

Any business venture needs strong leadership in the context

ments and accounting reports towards evaluating economic

high-growth opportunities and financial benchmarking.

of perennial change, in order to succeed! Entrepreneurs

conditions and decision-making, techniques of analysis

need to become leaders, and this module will help them

including capital budgeting, discounted cash-flow valuation

understand the importance of leadership styles, leadership

and risk analysis.

dilemmas and change management concepts, in the context of a startup and during the growth phase of an enterprise in


an ever-changing dynamic business environment.

No venture can be nurtured without money! Methods, strate-

CONFLICT MANAGEMENT & INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS As enterprises grow, conflicts emerge that need to be managed and resolved. After undergoing this module, an entrepreneur is

gies and techniques to raise funds and capital for a start-up business venture, as well as positioning the business idea to attract finance are key focus areas for this important module.

expected to understand and apply strategies and techniques to


manage or resolve conflicts between people and ideas, as well

Death and taxes are unavoidable! A budding entrepreneur

as understand the philosophy of industrial relations and the In-

is expected to understand tax laws and rules that apply to

27 § iDEA Outlook -Learn

operations PROJECT MANAGEMENT Setting up a new venture demands a disciplined approach. This module on Project Management focuses on the application of project management while starting up and expanding the venture, so as to follow a structured and organized methodology.

FACULTY engagement iDEA Outlook -Learnยง 28

Faculty for the JGI iDEA program has been handpicked with great care. The faculty will consist of experienced and accomplished individuals from the academic and corporate worlds, as well as successful entrepreneurs. They will be experts in their respective domains with several years of rich professional experience. Experienced professionals who have worked with corporate houses like: Reliance, Infosys, Intel, Wipro, SBI, UB Group, Velankani, TCS, Sobha Developers, Acumac Machines, The Leela, Narayana Hrudyalaya, Avalon, Polo, Asipac, Wizcraft, KPMG, N18, Ernst & Young, IBM, Goldman Sachs, Mindtree etc. Academia from institutions like London Business School, Harvard, Babson, Heimerer, Xi’an International University etc. and entrepreneurial circles. Some of the faculties are practicing CEOs operating their own successful business ventures in areas such as financial services, information technology and consulting.

Profiles of a few of our esteemed faculty Hemachandran Seshadri (Faculty : Business iDEA 2 Business plan)

Hemachandran Seshadri is the CEO of JGI Ventures & a 29 § iDEA Outlook -Learn

Certified Internal Auditor from The

Financial Planning as well as Cost

for Shriram Foods & Fertilizers,

cost effectiveness/ rationalisation

Institute of Internal Auditors and


Chemicals & Plastics India Ltd.,

programs resulting in significant

a qualified Chartered Accountant

He started his career with

Chief Internal Auditor in TATA oil

financial savings. His work with

from the Institute of Chartered

Hindustan Unilever as a

mills, Vice President Commercial

not for profit organization, Plan

Accountants of India. He is an

management trainee. He has

for Reliance Retail & CFO for Latin

International has led him to believe

accomplished leader with over 3

served in leadership positions

America of TATA consultancy

that contributing to sustainable

decades distinctive experience in

like Regional manager for Asia,


community development is a

managing the finance functions

Country Co-ordinator for East

He has streamlined systems and

necessary part of what one can

involving Strategic Management,

Timor, Country support manager

processes involving policies,

give back to communities and

Accounts / MIS, Fund Management

for Honduras, Central America with

procedures and manuals. He

promote entrepreneurship.

/ Budgeting, Auditing / Compliance,

Plan International, Finance Head

has contributed significantly in

JOHN MATHEW (Faculty : IT fundamentals, Information technology for startups)

John Mathew is a Ph.D in Business Administration from Washington State University, USA, and has extensive teaching experience in the areas of information security, database management, programming and software project management. He is currently a visiting Professor at the Cochin University of Science & Technology, Kerala and has taught in the College of Business, Washington

State University, Colorado

Currently the CEO and founder of

awards for ideas, branding &

PES Institutions, Bangalore and

State University and at Seagate

Assurance Consulting, Madhavan


Former Dean and Campus Head,

Technology LLC, USA. He is a

Rao has experience of over 2

member of various international

decades in Industry in providing

bodies such as the United Nations

Leadership for delivery, Business

Solutions Exchange for India and

Performance Management, Project

the Association of Information

Management Competencies and

Systems. He is also a Reviewer

Innovation Enablers businesses.

and has published extensively

for the Journal of Information

He has been the project manager

and presented papers in National

Architecture. His research interests

for several companies in the USA

and International Journals and

are knowledge management,

and for Volkswagen Germany. With

Conferences. She has also won

human computer interactions and

over 15 + years of IT services at

Best Teacher award from Bangalore

mobile commerce.

Mahindra Satyam, he has written

Madhavan S Rao

a book on project management,

(Faculty : Project Management)

“Steering Project Success” published by McGraw Hill, 2007. He has also authored and presented conference papers regarding to new Project Management trends and other topics across the globe and has received prestigious

Dr. Manasa Nagabhushan (Faculty : Enterprise strategy fundamentals, Strategies for growing start-ups, Indian & Global business environment)

Amity Global Business School Bangalore. She is currently a Syndicate Member of the Bangalore University. Has the experience of teaching both in India and USA

Center for Education in 2007 and Dr. Manasa Nagabhushan is a Professor in Strategy and Marketing has an experience of 22 years in

the Best Ph.D Thesis Award at National level from Prestige Group of Institutions, MP.

Academics, Research and Training, known for use of unique and innovative pedagogy in classrooms. She has been the Director of International MBA program at

iDEA Outlook -Learn

§ 30

Pamela Ramalingam (Faculty : Operations Management Fundamentals, Risk Management)

Pamela Ramalingam, CEO Assymetrix is a senior level executive with a 24-year

eFunds - USA, Standard Chartered

has consulted with leading

Knowledge Commission on their

Bank- UK, Tata Consultancy

organizations on Innovation and

innovation charter and with the

S. Sriraman (Faculty : Preparing & presenting

Services – India and iSoft PLC -

Creativity and has been a sought

Bangalore Chamber of Industry

business plans)

UK. Her core competencies include

after speaker at various innovation

and Commerce on innovation

Training, Strategic Management,

forums. Some of his marquee

and process excellence. As for

Program Management, Outsourcing

clients include Dell, Ericsson,

research, Pavan has over 21 papers

& Change Management, Human

Future Group, GlaxoSmithKline,

and articles published at various

Resource Management, Process

Infosys, Mahindra, Marico,

national and international journals,

Engineering, etc.

Tanishq, Tata Steel, Thermax,

and has co-authored two books on

Titan, and Wipro. Pavan’s work

management and innovation. He is

on innovation bagged him the

a Gold Medalist in Engineering from

S. Sriraman has about 28 years

‘On-the-job Achiever’ ward by CII

JNVU Jodhpur and did his Post

of experience in Investment

at Lakshya in 2007 and he has

Graduation from NITIE Mumbai. He

Management & Research,

been an invited speaker at TEDx.

is currently pursuing his Doctoral

Corporate Banking and

Pavan is a Mentor for Power of

Studies from IIM Bangalore with a

Consultancy. Sriraman has wide

Ideas, a CIIE and Economic Times

focus on Innovation Management.

experience in investing in listed

Pavan Soni (Faculty : Business Innovation)

management career providing operating, strategic and business leadership. She was the Head of Operations for Thales Software India R & D Centre, a wholly

Initiative and is associated with

as well as unlisted companies –

the Entrepreneurship Development

from post IPO stage to seed stage

Pavan Soni is an Innovation

Cells of various engineering and

investments. He has been involved

Evangelist by profession and

management institutions. He

in growing business across various

a teacher by passion. He

works closely with the Karnataka

sectors, across various stages of

owned ODC of the 12.7 billion dollar Euros Thales Group, a MNC headquartered in France. She has worked in leading American, British and Indian institutions such as 31 § iDEA Outlook -Learn

of knowledge on Accounting

a company and across various

Administration (DBA) degree from

geographies. He started his career

University of South Australia,

in Canara Bank, and had been

Adelaide on the early stage venture

part of Canbank Mutual Fund and

funding in India, he is an alumnus

has set up the fund management

of Department of Management

ICSI and three premier business

operations for Chescor, one of the

Studies, Madurai Kamaraj

schools on a variety of topics.

first Foreign Institutional Investors

University. He is also a Certified

He has conducted programs for

(FII) in India. He was involved in

Associate of the Indian Institute of

corporate entities like Infosys,

setting up various other VC funds

Bankers. He is Director of Bee Hive

Carborundum, Vestas, Ford etc.

in India. He has been involved in

Ventures P Ltd., a company involved

on specific subjects addressed to

fostering entrepreneurship and

in Venture Capital Fund Management,

is one of the Charter Members

Mergers & Acquisitions, Strategic

of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE)

& Financial Advisory Services and

and has been a past President of

Business Incubation & Mentoring.

TiE, Chennai. He is involved in Entrepreneurship Development Programme of TiE Chennai, designed to help the entrepreneurs grow their enterprises. Currently working on a Research Project towards earning Doctor of Business

Shyam Vishwanathan (Faculty : Creating and nurturing a learning organization, Leadership & Change management)

V.S. Kumar (Faculty : Financial reporting and control, Business taxation, Entrepreneurial Finance, Financing start-ups)

Shyam Viswanathan’s experience

V.S. Kumar is a finance professional

spans more than 28 years. He was

with several years of professional

the Dean of Executive Education

experience across many

at the Indian School of Business,

companies that cut across industry

Hyderabad (set up jointly by

verticals such as BPO, engineering,

Kellogg, Wharton and the London

chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Business School). He has led the

The domains of Finance,

design and delivery of Leadership

Financial Accounting, Reporting,

Development initiatives for more

Disclosure and Decision Support

than 50 different organizations in

Systems are his specialist fields.

the United States, Europe and Asia.

He has developed a repertoire

Standards & Conventions, Costing Systems and Financial Planning & Analysis. He has taught at ICWAI,

niche target audiences.

iDEA Outlook -Learn

§ 32

Experience: Real time Education

Energy and stamina that are so important for an entrepreneur from a physical fitness perspective will be built up through swimming. 33 ยง iDEA Outlook - Experience

Education In A Global Economy

Winning In The Flat World

Business idea 2 Business plan

iDEA Outlook - Expereince

ยง 34

EDUCATION IN a GLOBAL ECONOMY 35 ยง iDEA Outlook - Experience

The JGI iDEA course offers a truly global focus. It’s not just marketing, but global marketing. Not just business strategy, but global strategy. Every single course serves the dual function of preparing you not just for business — but for business on an international scale. Experience international business, international government and international culture firsthand. Develop cross-cultural sensitivities and soft skills you never would have considered.

The true iDEA differentiators and our core beliefs:

iDEA Global Mindset » iDEA Global Entrepreneurship » Successful global entrepreneurs must be resourceful. You must be innovative and capable of pursuing new opportunities in uncertain environments. iDEA teaches you both the skills of entrepreneurship and the ability to apply entrepreneurial management knowledge in a

Developing global leadership capability is a key to business success in today’s globalized business market. iDEA has developed assessment tools to help determine which students might be better at communicating, doing business with and influencing other people who are unlike themselves.

global setting. JGI encourages student innovation and entrepreneurship through the creation of global business plans and through our Global course — where you learn to formulate, plan and implement a new venture.

iDEA Outlook - Expereince

§ 36

iDEA The Global Experience » During your semesters at iDEA, you

iDEA Global Learning Network »

have the opportunity to study in different

The JGI community is, in and of itself,

addition to taking core classes, you will

a network for global entrepreneurs

visit local companies and participate

iDEA Global Citizenship »

and managers who wish to share

in cultural events. Together all our core

As a good global entrepreneur, you

professional knowledge and advance

beliefs add up to the iDEA difference. A

understand how your decisions affect

their skills through interactions with

curriculum that continues to evolve to

others. You realize you have the power

peers around the globe. The school’s

meet today’s global business challenges.

to create wealth or destroy it. And you

curriculum also provides you with the

It will change how you view your future,

exercise that power responsibly.

opportunity to network and experience

your career, your world.

iDEA educates you to create more than

the world through a variety of hands-on

just economic value. As a good global

global learning opportunities.

citizen, you manage to contribute to human peace and development. We will help you learn to create not just a better business world, but a better world.


§ iDEA Outlook - Experience

countries at a partner institution. In

ASIA Shanghai skyline

EUROPE iDEA Outlook - Experience Brandenberg Gate Berlin

ยง 38

Heimerer Campus, Germany

The German Parliament Building

Dr. Fredrich Heimerer Director Heimerer School, Germany


“We are extremely pleased to be partnering with JGI iDEA Program. We believe this is a huge platform for Student Entrepreneurs who are passionate about building businesses of excellence. We are looking forward to the students coming to Germany where we will have specifically designed program for them. This program will add great value on their entrepreneurial view of the global market.”

Management. In collaboration with ICGC, we will facilitate meetings for the student entrepreneurs with international Ventures Capitalists and

JGI iDEA has established working relationship with ICGC Consulting, Germany, to provide hands-on experience of International Business businesses which are planning to expand to India. It will also attempt to enable student entrepreneurs to get Incubation support in Germany, JGI has tied up with the Hiemerer School in Germany to facilitate a “student-visit” program, wherein you will undergo short courses in a few additional niche subjects such as “Interconnected thinking” and “Communication in crisis”, as well as get an opportunity to network with German industry bodies and entrepreneurs. The Hiemerer School is one of the highly ranked private schools in Germany, being ranked amongst the top 3 schools in Germany for further education. There are 10 locations of the school in Germany, In the field of Business Administration/Management, the Heimerer School has about 30 years of experience and offers the highest level study program and curriculum, which is highly appreciated for its novelty. The Hiemerer School has established excellent relationships with the German Industry of chamber and commerce and works very closely with world renowned companies. For more information please visit

39 § iDEA Outlook - Experience

Xi’an International University, China

Asian Institute of Management, Philippines

Asia In today’s globalized world, if you have not factored for China in your business plan, you may have no significant business going for you in the future. It has been predicted that India and China will be the epicenters of business growth for the next 100 years. In past few decades China has witnessed phenomenal growth in services and industry and is second largest economy with GDP of $ 5.8 trillion. You will visit China and Hong Kong, where you will visit industrial hubs and special economic zones, interact with Chinese business people and learn the nuances in supply chain and logistics, which China is well known for, as well as visit an ongoing trade fair or business exhibition. You will have a unique opportunity to visit Tianjin Economic - Technological Development Area (TEDA) supported by the Chinese Ministry of Economy and Foreign trade and meet senior business persons there. You will learn about international trade and shipping rules and regulations as well as logistics and gain insights into China’s global trade and EXIM policies. You will also attend seminars at Xi’an University. You will also visit the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) in the Philippines, a special course called the “Asian Immersion Course on Entrepreneurship”, has been designed which will complement the international exposure component of the JGI iDEA program. AIM is the pioneer of management education in Asia. Since 2001, it has consistently ranked among the Top 100 business schools and a partner of Harvard, for integrating social, environmental and ethical issues into its educational programs.

Gracia S. Ugut Dean Asian Institute of Management, Philippines “Our collaboration with JGI is intended not just to develop entrepreneurial abilities amongst students but also to transform them as business leaders in the making. The students will be exposed to the Asian context of entrepreneurship, business practices and governance as well as discover entrepreneurial practices in the region through networking with the Chamber of Commerce, Asian entrepreneurs, and potential suppliers and customers. They will also visit small and medium scale enterprises in the region, and participate in niche courses in the premiere institute, that will give them the entrepreneurial edge.” iDEA Outlook - Expereince

§ 40

AIM has been awarded ISO 14001 Certification, for environmental management, a global first for a graduate school of management. It has also received the Ramon Magsaysay Award - this award is often considered as Asia’s Nobel Prize. For more information on AIM, please visit

The course at AIM will prepare you to become a global CEO by: • Understanding the Asian context of entrepreneurship, doing business and governance • Discovering entrepreneurial practices in Asia through networking with the

Chamber of Commerce, successful entrepreneurs, potential suppliers, buyers and SMEs in the region

At AIM, you will undergo a few classroom subject sessions such as “Identifying adaptive business and entrepreneurship challenges in Asia”, “Valuation for Venture Capital/ Understanding the Venture Capital method”, “Systems thinking” and “Chaos theory and Scenario Planning”. In addition, you will visit the Asian Development Bank, the Philippines Chamber of Commerce and the Philippine Venture Capital Association, among other visits.

Domain Clubs across ecomonies During the program, depending on the number of students, you will be invited to create or join clubs that can be segmented industry-sector wise, for example, depending on your business area interest, you could become a member of the “Retail Industry” club or “Insurance Services” club. JGI Ventures will identify specific industry sectors which will be prime areas of business interest, in which you can consider starting your business venture. The industry domain club will serve as a platform for you to share and exchange ideas with your peers and also forge links and associations with like-minded students who may share a similar passion as yours. These clubs have been designed to make it cross cultural across developed and developing economies.

41 § iDEA Outlook - Experience


Business plan competition

Entrepreneurship Conclave

If you are a high achiever in the program, you will get an opportunity to surpass yourself by

The unique feature of the iDEA program is a mega-event, a conclave on entrepreneurship,

participating in a business plan competition in one of the leading international management

where you will witness a series of talks on the subject as well as presentations on business

schools in the US such as Babson, Harvard or Kellogg. Typically, these competitions are open

plans. This will be the platform where you will present your business plans that are fleshed out

for registrations in the first quarter of a calendar year. This will be an experience that which will

of the action learning phase to expert panels. Established entrepreneurs and leading profession-

add tremendous value to your confidence in launching your business. You would also get an

als from the industry will speak in the conclave and share their experiences with you that will

opportunity to travel to UK & Australia to participate in entrepreneurship programs.

illustrate various perspectives on the subject. This will be a unique opportunity for you to meet and network with business leaders, funding agencies, High Net-worth Individuals, banks and established entrepreneurs across various industry sectors. iDEA Outlook - Expereince

ยง 42

Business idea 2 Business Plan 43 ยง iDEA Outlook - Experience

JGI iDEA’s “Business idea to Business plan – Bi 2 Bp” is a hands-on approach to learning that is at the heart of our curriculum, culminating in a presentation to Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists & Bankers of reputed organisations. No other business school offers such high-level exposure, or such an invaluable opportunity to convert your business idea into a business plan. What is “Business idea 2 business Plan” and how does it work? We believe that no other MBA curriculum graduates better business leaders than ours. We have indigenously developed the “Business Adaption Method” by carefully refining the action learning component based on the feedback of both participating communities and students. Such a program is very difficult to execute, requiring a new level of integration between traditional faculty, career services, and corporate executives.

Our program aims to facilitate the evolution of embryonic business ideas into robust business plans that can pass muster, through the concept of “Bi 2 Bp” (“Business idea to Business plan”), which is a series of structured interventions at defined time points during the phase of the experiential coursework. This structured intervention spanning several months will hone your skills as an entrepreneur in real-time, where you can track your own progress and evolution in this journey. We offer to mentor the entrepreneur beyond the academic phase of the program as well, in one of the program variants that is associated with incubation.

iDEA Outlook - expereince

§ 44

Our Bi 2 Bp curriculum is divided into three distinct stages:

Stage 3

iDEA Pilot: With a small team of classmates and a mentor

Stage 2 Stage 1

iDEA Generation:

iDEA Refinement:

(typically a management consultant or senior entrepreneur), students compete against other teams to develop a growth plan for a reputed company. Over a period of six to nine weeks, each team work

Through discussions with entrepreneurs,

with the company to develop an idea and busi-

industry experts and company visits, the

ness case. You present your recommendations to

Entrepreneurs start by learning theory and

realities of executing classroom theory are

the senior leadership of that company (typically a

business fundamentals. Like most top busi-

brought to life. Meaningful dialogue with

C-level executive, often including board members).

ness schools, JGI iDEA faculty extensively

active business leaders helps students

No other school offers such senior-level access

employs the case study methodology to help

appreciate how real-world executives make

to the world’s leading companies especially in the

students understand the theory in the context

decisions in a fast-moving, competitive

area of entrepreneurship.

of a business problem. Mentors encourage

environment with imperfect information.

thought-provoking debate, giving students the chance to benefit from the wealth of experience and perspectives that diverse classmates bring. However, unlike other top business schools, the learning continues into their Business.

45 § iDEA Outlook - Experience

Bi 2 Bp in greater detail

Having had your grounding in the fundamental essentials of entrepreneurship, throughout the program, you will apply concepts learnt and integrate them into your own business ideas, as concrete steps towards becoming actual entrepreneurs. In this journey,

will need to prepare your business plan, for evaluation by a

out the regulatory framework, organizing funding, designing

Business ideas are articulated as a baseline & the ideas are

reviewing panel, if you are seeking funding and incubation

and finalizing marketing plans etc., you will be ready to launch

sharpened by an iterative process over 12 months, towards

support from JGI. The business plans that get approved will

your own venture. You will be guided, mentored and coached

the creation of a full-fledged robust business plan, by deriv-

then advance to the next stage, where JGI Ventures will invest

by a group of highly experienced and accomplished people –

ing and applying concepts and techniques learnt during the

in the business by providing seed capital – or alternatively,

subject-matter experts, experienced industry professionals,

course of the program.

help you get funding from banks other financial institutions.

successful entrepreneurs etc. during the program, depending

Depending on the variant of the program you select, you

After the groundwork for launching the business is done i.e.

on the program variant that you select.

an approved business plan, forming partnerships, figuring

iDEA Outlook - Experience

§ 46

Create: Real time education

Archery will help you develop concentration and focus, which are important towards achieving specific business goals and targets that you will set for your venture. 47 ยง iDEA Outlook - Create

Create & Manage Your Own Company

Join the JGI Network

iDEA Outlook - Create

42 ยง 48

Create & MANAGE YOUR OWN COMPANY 49 ยง iDEA Outlook - Create

At JGI iDEA you get the unique opportunity to create something of your own that you own ! The unique platform provided by JGI iDEA enables you to start and manage your company. To start your own will mean you start with incubation

Incubation - Engaging the JGI Ventures Community Once you fulfill the academic rigor and requirements of the program, which will enable you to be ready with your finalized and approved business plan, JGI Ventures will offer to facilitate the incubation of your business and appropriately provide seed capital or growth capital, depending on your business plan. However, this is again, an option for you to consider and decide, while choosing the program variant. Incubation Elements 1. Business plan due diligence 2. Business plan validation by JGI Ventures 3. Business plan validated and funds sanctioned 4. Shared services center support a.

Allocation of office space

Shared Services option Another option for you to consider, while choosing the program from the menu of options is the choice of availing the services of the Shared Services center. This unit offers the nascent venture and the associated emerging entrepreneur, functional services that enable the business operations, such as HR, Administration, Legal, Accounts, etc. so that the entrepreneur can focus on developing and scaling his /

b. Materials for communicating services & products to customers

her business. These services will be available to the entrepreneur for a period of 12 months from the time

c. Legal structuring for compliance and taxation

the business is launched, depending on the option of the program variant chosen end.


For more information about incubation and question you may have on investments, stake & business

Hiring of the core team

5. Generation of sales & realization of expenses

ideas please refer to our booklet on “Business Incubation & Funding”

6. Monthly monitoring & tracking by JGI Ventures 7. Profits accrued for the annum is reported

iDEA Outlook - Create

§ 50

Join the JGI Network 51 ยง iDEA Outlook - Create

List of incubates of the JGI Group:

The JGI Ventures has set up an Incubation Centre exclusively to help you incubate your new business ideas. We will mentor you for lifetime and provide a DEDICATED TEAM OF EXPERTS to work alongside with you to achieve success during your startup phase. JGI Ventures India Pvt Ltd has invested in the startup of many small to mid-sized companies. It started with one enterprise in the year 2004 and today it has a total of 46 successful running enterprises. The businesses which are part of the

Consolidated View

JGI Ventures India Pvt Ltd operate in various sectors such as Education, IT, Infrastructure, Financial services, Technology, Hospitality, etc. employing more than 2300 people. The current cumulative total turnover (2011) of the enterprises is estimated to be more than Rs. 147 crores.

iDEA Outlook - Create

ยง 52



Diversity in classroom Networking with Entrepreneurs & Investors Global Incubation Certifications Captivating Global Campus Enabling Logistics Get Recognised Demonstrated ROI

53 ยง iDEA Advantage


Diversity has many faces: race, ethnicity, religion, creed, culture, gender, age, nationality, socio-economic backgrounds. Here at the JGI iDEA program, diversity goes beyond the traditional definition of race and gender. We define diversity as embracing and encouraging a community of unique individuals. By bringing together people with diverse backgrounds and a variety of experiences, we are able to create a unique learning environment that leads to actionable ideas in the classroom which then translates to a more productive and innovative global workforce of entrepreneurial talent.

NETWORKING WITH ENTREPRENEURS AND INVESTORS Our program provides you an enabling ecosystem where you will get

Diversity Inside the Classroom: The JGI iDEA programs take full advantage of our diverse community

to meet established and experienced entrepreneurs, business persons,

of students. Although the professors utilize many teaching methods, the team-based learning approach fully

venture capitalists, financiers, experts and professionals across different

encourages animated discussions, innovative solutions and global perspectives. The result is a learning en-

industry verticals and domains. You will also interact with senior profes-

vironment that merges unique work experiences, various cultural backgrounds and different life perspectives.

sionals who will coach and mentor you while preparing and finalizing your

Diversity in the classroom opens the doors for the future leaders of this world.

business plans. You will also have the opportunity to learn from established entrepreneurs during the stage of project fieldwork, in which you will

Diversity Outside the Classroom: We believe that displays of diversity should not be limited to the

work in entrepreneurial establishments. In addition, during the international

classroom. JGI iDEA professors and staff have an open-door policy that truly creates a sense of commu-

visits, you will be able to network with European and / or Asian business

nity. The school hosts a vast array of guest speakers and networking events, which are social gatherings to

persons, as well as with potential investors.

encourage the various groups to interact outside of the classroom.

iDEA Advantage

ยง 54

Global Incubation With our relationships with various universities and agencies in Australia, China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Philippines, United Kingdom, USA we can connect you to our partners to explore business opportunities. JGI will play the role of an advisor to identify and gain access to foreign agencies. These agencies can potentially help you through your business cycles towards new customer acquisitions, exports & imports or identification of new business opportunities and business partners.

Certifications With the JGI iDEA program you not only get to graduate with a joint certificate from JGI & EDI titled PGP-BL (Postgraduate Program in Business Leadership) but also have the opportunity to get awarded international certificates from top institutes across countries.

1. Asian Institute of Management (AIM) 2. Xi’an International university 3. Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDI) 4. Hiemerer SCHOOL 5. Participating companies (Can be more than one) 6. Seminars & forums 7. Open Programs 8. Business plan competitions Note: The number of certifications will vary from the program variants you have opted for.

55 § iDEA Advantage - Global Incubation, Certifications

Captivating Global Campus This is where your life changes Facilities within the Jain Global Campus The Jain Global Campus is a 350 acre pristine “educational township” with its own accommodation, food, sports arena, bakery, medical clinic etc. It is about 45 Kms from Bangalore, 10 Kms from Kanakapura. The campus has a sprawling Admin Block flanked by a large stadium, colosseum, meditation centre, hockey field, indoor stadium etc. The campus provides and grooms enthusiasts with a varied learning in fields like cultural activities (singing, dancing, drama etc.), sports health and fitness etc. The campus boasts of an international residential school, a public school, an engineering college, an aerospace department and finally the iDEA block. The iDEAtees will reside in this very campus through the duration of the program in Bangalore. This is the place where they discover themselves, their strengths, their improvement areas their ideas and their future. The Jain Global Campus (JGC) has strict rules against smoking, drinking and consuming non-vegetarian food within the campus. iDEA Advantage - Captivating Global Campus

§ 56

classroom Academic Block

Dining Dining

The academic block is furnished with state of the art

Hostel Rooms

classrooms, cabins, conference room & workstations.

An iDEAtee will occupy a fully furnished room equipped

hall. The breakfast, lunch and dinner menus includes a variety

with an LCD TV with digital high-definition set top box, an

of mouth-watering dishes that are served on rotation spanning


ergonomically designed study table and chair, a spacious

north Indian, south Indian, continental and chinese cuisines

The classrooms are air conditioned & equipped with

cupboard and a comfortable bed with a blanket. The room

followed by an elaborate spread of deserts. The food served is

state of the art technology wi-fi enabled, “Bose” audio visual

is also internet-enabled with a cable broadband Internet

purely vegetarian. The timings of the cafeteria are regulated.

system, microphones, projectors, screens, etc.

service. It has an attached bathroom with hot-water & shower

Dining Hall Timings

Hours of Operation*

The classrooms have been prepared keeping into view a


Morning Tea/Coffee

6:30 am – 7:00 am


7:30 am – 8:30 am

cluster seating style & the stepped permanent seating style.

There is a gracious and orderly atmosphere pervading the dining

The cluster seating room is equipped with 60 convertible



1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

chairs which can be easily folded and displaced to create

The hostel facilities are supported by an efficient


6:30 pm to 7:00 pm

room for activities, discussions, debates etc.

housekeeping service that is responsible for the upkeep and


8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

The stepped permanent seating is equipped with comfortable

cleanliness of the rooms, including periodic changing of linen.

*Subject to change

hydraulic chairs with permanent tables set up in a stepped formation to ensure maximum visibility to the screens 57 §

Captivating Global Campus

Note: All meals are strictly vegetarian on the campus.

swimming pool

cricket field

Sports Facilities Swimming Aquatic Complex


aspirants. Eminent coaches and trainers are called upon to

The JGC has an archery practice area fit for Olympians to

train our iDEAtees.

Top class training venue ‘AQUA’ for swimmers to realize

practice. The iDEAtees will learn & practice this art under the

their potential to that fullest. The ‘AQUA’, state-of-art aquatic

watchful eyes of coaches who have trained National teams

Cricket Field The 2 lakh sq. ft. lush green ‘OVAL’,a well-designed

complex comprises a 25 meter 08 lane short course swimming pool, a 50 meter 10 lane competition pool with

Indoor Stadium ‘SPRINTOOR’

international standard cricket ground with 5 strips of turf

water-polo facilities and a separate diving pool with standard

Jain Global Campus has a 25 crore multipurpose indoor

wicket in the center is fit enough to host any international or

fixed and spring diving boards, enabling it to host any

stadium SPRINTOOR’ with seating capacity of 2,000 people.

national cricket tournament. The ground has played host to a

international swimming competition including water polo,

This sporting complex with wooden flooring has 4 badminton

number of important matches that include NCA tournament,

diving and synchronized swimming.

courts, volleyball courts, basketball courts, 2 squash courts,

MRF tournament, under - 19 Ghulam Ahmed trophy & Asia

table tennis hall, 4 lane bowling alley, billiards, yoga, Jacuzzi

cup under - 17.

Golf Course

steam, sauna, media room, VIP rooms dormitories.

Table Tennis & Badminton hall

The 06 hole Golf course is one the first and exclusive for any educational facility in the country. IDEAtees pride their

Tennis courts

An exclusive Table Tennis and Badminton hall with 16 tables

time in this truly serene landscaped setting, training under

Excellent Tennis Court facilities that include 4 plexi - cushion

and 4 badminton courts with wooden flooring are also a part

professional coaches.

courts and one clay court are available to all the tennis

of the “Sprintoor”. Captivating Global Campus

§ 58

Bowling alley

multi - gym

Basketball and Volleyball

Athletic Arena

to their cultural heritage and should be provided with an

Throughout the world, basketball and volleyball are two

Jain Academy of Sporting Excellence has an International

opportunity to develop their talents in a creative atmosphere

hugely popular games. To encourage our iDEAtees’ interests

Association of Athletics Federation 08 lane 400 meter

through study of art, music, drama and speech. With this in

in these games, Jain Global Campus has built to perfection,

synthetic track & field facility for the hugely popular athletic

view, JGI has constructed the Arts and Fine Arts studio that

seven volleyball& seven basketball courts with exclusive


enables iDEAtees to find a new meaning of expression in an environment that challenges them to develop their artistic

lighting facilities.

Bowling Alley


Hockey and Football

Jain Global Campus has 04 lane bowling alley. IDEAtees

Jain Global Campus has natural turf hockey and football

unwind themselves whilst playing friendly matches with their

Health Centre

grounds which are extensively used for training and

peers. Those desirous of pursuing the sport seriously are

The Health Centre comprises of well qualified doctors &

competing by the enthusiasts.

trained under specialist supervision.

nurses along with consultation room, minor Operation Theatre, Intensive Care Unit and separate male and female

Multi - gym The Multi - gym has some of the best & the latest equipments

Other Facilities Arts & Fine Arts Studio

for maintaining the right body kinaesthetic.

We believe that iDEAtees should have extensive exposure

59 § Captivating Global Campus

wards with equipped pathology lab and dental clinic.

sports facilities

football Laundry Services

Uninterrupted power supply

Laundry Services including steam washing, drying and

With a total captive power of 1760 KVA, the residents enjoy a

pressing in sanitized conditions are extended to the iDEAtees

24 hour uninterrupted power supply.


and members of staff twice a week.

Hygienic refectory Safety & Security

The Jain global campus has a sterile vegetarian hygienic

A reliable security system with professional security

refectory with specialist chefs catering to nutritional needs of

personnel, a completely fenced campus, 24/7 guard duty and

the iDEAtees. They are served with a bewildering assortment

watch dogs are in place to safeguard the sprawling campus.

of dishes – Pan Indian, Chinese, Italian, Mexican & other

Softener Plant and Reverse Osmosis Plant

Continental Cuisines.

Softener Plant and Reverse Osmosis Plant helps in providing safe and non-contaminated water to the residents on



A modern library with the latest books, journals and online resources is being set-up on the campus for the benefit of the iDEAtees.

Captivating Global Campus

§ 60


At JGI iDEA program, atmost care is taken to create an entrepreneurial friendly environment for all JGI iDEA students. Enablement at JGI takes the shape of online platforms, internet facility, access to world class entrepreneurs & faculty through video conferencing facilities customised learning management systems, etc. Below are a few details to give a bird’s eye view of some of the few things that the iDEATees will have access to: l All hostel rooms are networked to access the

l The entire academic part of the program will be

internet and classes are enabled with Wi-Fi, to ensure

managed through an online learning management

connectivity round the clock.

system that will enable stakeholders to access content,

l The library is equipped with online systems and

administer the operations as well as generate and

databases that enable access to the latest articles and

interpret reports to enable decision-making. Students

online journals of interest.

will be able to connect with faculty and mentors online

l All iDEAtee will have access to an internal site specially

for coaching and mentoring sessions.

meant for them, which will host the student handbook,


Memberships access to JGI Institution’s network can

rules and regulations, policies and general information.

be enabled on a case to case basis.

A forum called “I-connect” will also be part of this site. A few of our membership associations are: l All India Management Association

l National Association for the Education of Young Children

l Indian Institute of Management

l British Association for Early childhood

l National Aeronautical Laboratory

l Confederation of Indian industry

l Association for childhood

l ASME Online

l Bangalore Management Association

l Pre- School Learning Alliance, UK

l IEEE Online

l National Human Resource Development Network

l National Children’s Bureau

l Delnet – Developing Library Network

l National Institute of Personnel Management

l Scholastic India

l National Law School of Indian University

l Indian society for technical Education

l Indian institute of Science

l British library


Association of Indian Management Schools

61 § iDEA Advantage - Enabling Logistics


Through this unique and novel program, you will have the opportunity to showcase your business idea to potential investors and venture-capitalists. Some of you in this program will have the opportunity to participate in business plan competitions in different countries. Once selected to the iDEA program, a student of the iDEA program will have an array of opportunities to get exposed to global and local platforms, networks and associations pertaining to entrepreneurship. The international markets study tour offers the budding entrepreneur a range of possibilities and will open new avenues to expand a business idea across international borders. You will also automatically get a membership into “CEO Satang�, a mentoring platform for heads of businesses. A select few, based on merit, will have the opportunity to also participate in business plan competitions overseas. Our program has been acknowledged by the media. Students of our program will have the opportunity to interact with the press and other media channels to showcase their talent.

iDEA Advantage - Get Recognized

§ 62

Demonstrated ROI

Less Said… More Done… The JGI iDEA program’s uniqueness stems from the fact that it combines entrepreneurship education and capability building with the promise of funding and incubation. If one were to compare the costs of an international management program in top ranking international schools, in terms of the sum total of tution fees, accommodation, boarding and lodging and other infrastructure, travel and resources costs, one would easily estimate a figure of INR 4.5 million. Further, post such a program, if the student intends to start his / her own business venture, the cost of such a start-up would on an average be about INR 0.25 million per month, roughly aggregating to about INR 3 million per annum, considering factors such as cost of acquiring funds, preparing and validating business plans, marketing expenses, resource costs, costs of value creation and delivery, travel expenses, infrastructure costs etc. One can conclude therefore that the combined costs of approx.. INR 7.5 million represents high risk with no assurance of returns. Our program’s promise is to significantly mitigate this risk for an aspiring entrepreneur at an affordable cost by providing the student the tools for building entrepreneurial capabilities, blended with international business exposure and certification, along with a supporting ecosystem that enables a nurturing environment through funding, incubation, access to mentor networks and domain experts, to help

63 § iDEA Advantage - Demonstrated ROI

launch and grow start-ups and existing entrepreneurial ventures. In essence, our program aims to facilitate individuals with passion and commitment to be the masters of their own destinies and organizations. By joining iDEA you will not only gain skills to become a global entrepreneur and have the capability to manage global business enterprises but also become a true leader as this unique experience will expose you to multi-cultural business environments. l Best-in-class experiential coursework with experienced faculty who are industry professionals and entrepreneurs themselves, l International exposure to the business environment and changing economies not limited to Germany China, Hong Kong, Australia, United Kingdom and

the United States of America.

l Guidance under expert coaches and mentors to prepare and refine business plans, prior to launch of the same l Launch of the business and incubation (seed-funding, start-up support, scale-funding)* l Office-space with starting infrastructure to facilitate launch and establishment of the business, invested on your behalf by JGI Ventures for 12 months

post launch*

l Shared Services support for the launched businesses provided by JGI Ventures (back-office support in terms of Finance, HR, Legal, Administration and Marketing)* l Access to business mentors, venture capitalists and coaches as well as participation in business operations reviews, guidance and advice post the

launch for 12 months, invested by JGI Ventures*

l Participation in a mentoring intervention for entrepreneur-CEOs, the “CEO Satsang�, which is a well established platform for development of business leadership* *These benefits are available depending on the program option selected. Please do schedule an appointment with our Counselor or feel free to mail us at iDEA Advantage - Demonstrated ROI

§ 64

“Success is always some combination of luck and skill. JGI iDEA helps minimize our reliance on luck and maximize the part that we can control. It is a must for anyone venturing out on their own and a valuable refresher for those already there” Rohit M

“As a JGI iDEATEE, I have entered into a home of learning, experiencing a rich life of vitality, opportunity, trust and, importantly, positive vibes in the atmosphere. It is a place where every aspect of my need to be successful entrepreneur is attended to with utmost care and sincerity, providing the very best mentoring at every step with world class expertise and infrastructure. The organization works like clockwork. Here, I am on my way.” Dr. Poornima Kavadi

65 § iDEAtees

“Multi-faceted real time training…. wholesome learning for a budding entrepreneur. Forever in debt to JGI iDEA for this priceless experience” Angshuman Das

“JGI iDEA is a paradigm where indulgence is bliss. The program creates a vision and mission to life. Here you learn values and to value life.

“When you reach an obstacle, JGI iDEA makes you turn it into an opportunity. With iDEA I can overcome all obstacles and be a winner”

VALUE IDEA VALUE LIFE.” Rishi Pransukhka

Mitesh Kothari

“As a part of the wonderful program i am more confident of living my entrepreneurial dream successfully and make my loved ones proud. I really thank iDEA program because it has dared me to dream above reality.” Dhavall Thakrar “In idea I am going to live my 18 months which most of the students won’t, so that I can spend rest of my life like most people can’t.” So iDEA has taught me one important thing:you live your dream, we are there to support you.”

“iDEA teaches us how to keep our names alive for centuries. It is not about experience, it is about getting expertise. We are enabled to think big with insight. “

Pratik Gundecha

Amandeep Singh Anand


§ 66

JOIN 67 ยง Join

How to Apply

acceptance onto the program, and will hold the student’s

place. • The remaining balance of the total fees is payable 30

days before the start of class.

• The school reserves the right to assess a late payment

surchargeon all outstanding accounts.

Methods of Payment The Deposit and Fees can be paid: • By bank transfer/wire transfer Requirements The Admission process • First, an aspiring applicant shall download the application 1. The applicant submits a completed application form with

• Bank check, DD drawn in School for Leadership Excellence

To apply to the program, applicants need to complete and

2. S/he is required to participate in an online questionnaire

Payment Instructions Any and all transaction and bank fees are the responsibility

submit the following:

of the customer. SLE will credit the customer’s account with

• Application form

3. She will face a panel interview conducted by an institu

funds received only.

• Statement of purpose

l Beneficiary name: School for Leadership Excellence

• Two letters of recommendation

4. Based on the recommendation of the interview panel,

• Official transcripts and / or degree certificate of any

s/he will meet the Chairman of the Jain Group of Institu

l IFSC Code: SYNB0000440

-tions for the final interview.

l Beneficiary bank: Syndicate Bank

form from the website :

recognized bachelor’s degree program

• Application fees Applicants with work experience generally: • Have at least two years of work experience

all the applicable annexures and application fees (“En-CAT”) to guage his/her entrepreneurial orientation tional panel

l A/C No: 04402010068050

5. If selected for the program, the applicant will receive a

l Branch: Vishveshwarapuram

l City: Bangalore

selection letter with instructions for on-boarding

l State: Karnataka

• Possess a Bachelor degree or equivalent

Payment Terms & Deadlines • An application fee is payable at the time of the application

Processing fee will be charged accordingly, if applicable

• Have leadership potential


Once the payment is completed please mail the details to

• A non-refundable Confirmation Deposit which contributes

towards the tuition price, is payable within 14 days of

Join - How to Apply


Financial Aid & Insurance Making it easy to be a part of JGI iDEA Our one-year program is very cost-effective relative to other programs, since most other

Bank loan

programs take two years. JGI iDEA students save a year of tuition fees, living expenses, and

Financial institutions in many countries offer education financing specifically to local citizens

the opportunity cost of being out of the workforce. Nonetheless, we understand that financing

wishing to pursue their education. These loans are typically repayable after completion of the

can be challenging, particularly for international students. Further more, because the course

course, although terms vary widely. We are happy to work with our students to help them

is so intense, it is not possible for students to work in parallel with their studies. Therefore, we

identify suitable financial institutions to apply for these loans. Please note that any document

work with you to help find the most beneficial funding options to cover your education-related

from the institution to help the student avail loans will be issued only after the initial deposit

costs. These options include scholarships, fellowships, and education loans.

to reserve seats post issuance of our letter of admission. The process of loan typically in India takes 6 weeks to 8 weeks and hence students wanting to avail loan to fund the JGI iDEA


program, are encouraged to apply early. If not processed in time, the student runs the risk of

SLE offers a range of merit-based and need based scholarships to reduce the tuition cost bur-

losing admission in the respective academic year applied for.

den. These are available to all students regardless of citizenship. To be considered for these scholarships we encourage you to apply early. Decisions on scholarships are made only after an offer of admission has been made.

Student Travel (Health, Interruption, Baggage, Property) Insurance Travel Insurance is a comprehensive student insurance policy designed for students attending


the JGI iDEA program. The insurance is designed to provide international students and their

A limited number of fellowships are available to accepted students. These fellowships offer

families with peace of mind throughout their studies at SLE. Students attending the JGI iDEA

students the opportunity to work with faculty and staff members at SLE for approximately

program will be invoiced and charged unless they demonstrate alternative adequate insurance

eight hours per week. The number of fellowships varies from year to year and from campus

coverage. The key advantage of Insurance:

to campus. The fellowships available each year are communicated to students at the time of

• Offers medical coverage

application. All accepted students may apply for any fellowship position for which they feel

• Baggage and property coverage including valuables and cash.


• SLE staff and its partner representatives are fully briefed on Insurance enabling

Education loans The majority of our students utilize some form of education loan. Students requiring financing for their tuition costs normally avail bank loans. 69 §

Join - Financial Aid & Insurance

students to get help on the spot *More details are available at

TERMS & CONDITIONS ADMISSIONS POLICY The admissions policy of the JGI School for Leadership Excellence is intended to assess how an applicant might contribute to and benefit from an intensive graduate business education in a culturally diverse institutional environment. It reflects a “holistic approach” to application review based on (1) Basic Admissions Criteria, (2) Primary Personal Factors, and (3) Secondary Personal Factors, as set forth below: BASIC ADMISSIONS CRITERIA 1. Substantial business experience and satisfactory En-CAT score 2. Undergraduate degree 3. Two letters of recommendation 4. English language proficiency

PRIMARY PERSONAL FACTORS 1. National origin, ethnicity, gender (to ensure diversity) 2. Career goals 3. Entrepreneurial skills 4. Evidence of : a. Leadership b. Professional promise c. Motivation and drive d. Overcoming adversity, including disabilities SECONDARY PERSONAL FACTORS 1. Professional certifications 2. Honors and awards 3. Publications 4. Membership in professional or business associations 5. Community or national service 6. Extracurricular activities The above factors are not exhaustive. They may be weighed differently. They may not, however, be assumed to a standard formula or ranking. They will be considered in conjunction with all other admissions criteria and factors, in light of the School’s mission and purpose.

Laptops Our intention is that all students receive a laptop as part of their JGI IDEA program. We cannot, however, be responsible for availability and the supply of them will therefore be subject to availability. GRADING PROCEDURE Grading Standards Course instructors will evaluate and assess participant performance. Grades are assigned according to the Instructor’s assessment of performance on the intellectual and professional criteria established for the course. The Instructor has full authority and responsibility to establish performance criteria, evaluate participant performance, and award grades. The Faculty uses the following grading system to evaluate participant performance: Marks range Grade Performance 80% to 100% A+ Outstanding /Excellent 60% to 79% A Very Good 40% to 59% B Acceptable 35% to 49% C Marginal 0% to 34% D Unsatisfactory / Fail Acceptable performance in the program is a B or better. The Academic Section releases official final course grades at the end of each trimester in the form of a transcript. Individual grade breakdowns (participation, homework, and exam grades, for example) are available only from Instructors. Every iDEAtee is entitled to know the manner in which his or her course grade was calculated. GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS 1. Basic Requirements Students must complete the required credit hours of course work to be eligible for their respective certificionat. Course credit is awarded for achieving a grade equal to or better than B on a course. All courses must be completed with a satisfactory grade. Should a student receive a “C” on a required course, this course must be re-taken at SLE or an approved institution within a period of three years from the student’s original enrollment date and the student must achieve a satisfactory grade. Those who satisfy all program

requirements (including: participation in all courses, payment of all financial obligations, return of all library materials, and completion of all evaluations), who receive a grade other than “Incomplete” for each course, who have no outstanding disciplinary or ethical violation issues, and who have a final grade of “B” or better are granted the “Post-graduate Diploma in Business Leadership”. In addition, for visa purposes, the student must meet full-time student residency requirements of the campus host country. 2. Program Director’s List Students who earn a grade of “A” or above or above for any subject are formally named to the JGI iDEA Program Director’s and the CEO of JGI Ventures’ List for that subject. Qualifying students receive notification from the Program Director with appropriate recording in the participant’s permanent academic file. With the student’s approval, formal announcement of this scholastic achievement will be made to respective sponsors and agencies. The School is very pleased to offer this achievement award and hopes this award will serve as added incentive for all students. 3. Graduation with Honors Students graduating with a grade of “A+” and who are in the top 10% of the class will be designated as an “Outstanding JGI iDEA Scholar” and will receive their certification “with Distinction” indicating the highest honor. Those whose grades are “A+” but who are not in the top 10% of the class will receive their degree “with Excellence,” as recommended to the Faculty and Board of Trustees by the Program Director. However, the final award of these honors will depend on the actual performance distribution of the class year-on year and will be subject to review and its appropriate final decision by the Academic Council. DISMISSAL FROM THE PROGRAM The School reserves the right to dismiss any student at any time whose academic performance is unsatisfactory or whose conduct constitutes unacceptable professional behavior, or whose legal or medical problems hinder satisfactory performance. In such cases, the Program Director will notify the student in writing, a certification will not be awarded to the student, and, as appropriate, the student’s sponsor will be notified.

Corporate Offices:

Stay Connected on

JGI iDEA, School for Leadership Excellence No 34. 1st Cross, JC Road, Bangalore 560027 Ph: 91 80 4343 0174 /75 Š All rights reserved The JGI Group. Design: Disclaimer: This brochure is only for the purpose of providing information to the reader on the JGI iDEA Program. JGI iDEA reserves the right to change and modify these details at any time. The Brochure does not result in any binding contract between the JGI iDEA and the reader.

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