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The test – LG vs L3. LG L7 first impression Tech, Game And Entertainment – NeomedTECH

were kindly provided to us by LG two test devices available that I can now test for 4 weeks. I know, to pit one against an L3 L7 is unfair, but I think a direct comparison between low-and mid-end fully justified, because it raises the question of which of them the entry-level phone , in which one of the fun is not spoiled immediately.

LG E400 , or L3 with a suggested retail price of € 149.00 an entry-level mobile phone par excellence, especially as there are now even for € 118.00 is to be had. Of course, one should expect for the price not a high performance device. The technical data read accordingly: Qualcomm single-core processor with 800 MHz 3.2 inch TFT with 320 x 240 pixels Internal memory 1 GB expandable with Micro SD up to 32GB 3 megapixel camera (2,048 x 1,536 pixel photo, 640 x 480 pixels video) 1540 mAh battery Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread

The first impression of the LG E400-L3 After has felt the first launch took forever, I could wipe quite fluently by the Home screen. Also, the App Drawer showed no weaknesses. Shortly after I started testing with me an update was announced, from which three were in effect. For a full quarter of an hour had (or could) I install system updates. As a reward, the L3 at the end a little faster. Unfortunately it has not helped but the display. You can see here, which has saved LG . The 320 x 240 pixels making the typeface is particularly noticeable. It is fuzzy and difficult to read, a colleague even started to count the pixels. Maybe I just too spoiled by my Galaxy Note , who knows?


Whether I the LG E400-L3 in good conscience recommend a beginner, I can not and will not say yet. At least I still have some time to test the device.

first impression of the LG-P700 L7 Even when LG-P700 , or L7 took the first launch for some time, unfortunately it did not calm down afterwards. The home screen built up quite slow, and just took some of the App Drawer Bedenksekunden, he wanted me to finally reveal its secrets. Because I like the L3 , was offered immediately after the start of an update, but this calm after the obligatory reboot. You can clearly see that the device with ICS (4.0.3) is running. The higher resolution of 480 x 800 resolution makes itself clearly felt. The specifications are impressive for a cell phone in this price range to 260.00 € Qualcomm single-core processor with 1 GHz 4.3 inch LG Nova display with 480 x 800 pixels 4GB Internal memory, expandable with Micro SD up to 32GB 5 megapixel camera with LED flash (2,560 x 1,920 pixel photo, 640 x 480 pixels video) NFC chip 1700 mAh battery Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich

l, my first impression of the LG-P700 L7 is positive, especially when you consider the competitive price. re must be but not always a model for 700 €. The workmanship is very high, all the parts fit together well e battery cover, plastic does not give me the impression that they break open even after repeated. The cover, among other things, the NFC antenna is housed, which I will show you in more detail later.

eating it now Unpacking my very first video, be merciful to me.

y: Writes in the comments or the forum if you wish you a particular test, but please, not something like: does the district court acts in a fall from the 4th Floor? “ Both devices must again after the end of the test o LG. Too bad, I would like to raffle afterwards.

ay, is planned a kind of video diary in which I share my experiences with both devices with you. Here, ou may like to make suggestions to me.

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The test – LG vs L3. LG L7 first impression