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Ouya ends on kick and hold talks with Namco Tech, Game And Entertainment – NeomedTECH

night ended today by 1 clock after exactly 29 days, the highly successful kick-project called Ouya. With an amount of money that almost 9 times higher than originally planned, so now it goes into production.

After a few days before the interview with CEO Julie OUYAs Uhrman have done me in the end then packed yet and I just had to put money into more than good sounding projects. Ouya had initially planned to use the platform to generate kickstart $ 950,000 (approx. € 768 000), but now it was ultimately proud $ 8,596,475 (6948 € .892), 63 416 supporters of the have been collected, largely due to the innovative yet simple idea to create a platform for game developers, not just for those who are incredibly money to invest. At the same idea for the players is so interesting, because the console with the equivalent of just under 80 € plus shipping is extremely low.

is really interesting to see, how the whole thing now runs. In one of the last update the company said that the ongoing negotiations with NAMCOBANDAI (for such well-known classics such as Pac-Man is, Galaga, Tekken and Ridge Racer is responsible) to perhaps their game titles in the future on the Ouya to bring. Personally I feel that people do behind the console at the moment really small things right, so I Ouya for an absolute “Game Changer” believe in the console world. As you can see it?

next week I will also talk to my colleague Jens and Flavio common in our new podcast again at some length about the matter.

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Ouya ends on kick and hold talks with Namco  
Ouya ends on kick and hold talks with Namco