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Rumors about a mini iPad as old as the iPad itself but they have recently received special impetus – which suggests the conclusion that Apple is indeed planning a 7 x-inch set. There are good reasons for this, but also many arguments that speak against it.

iPad Mini: Steve Jobs in 2010 found clear words One reason would be a iPad Mini at a degree of surprise, are statements of the late Apple boss Steve Jobs from 2010: 7-inch tablets are too small to the competing iPad and too large to represent an alternative to smartphones. The user interface elements are on a 7-inch display is too small to be able to use it properly with your fingers. It is for this reason, appropriate devices are doomed to failure.

Changed situation by e-book reader? Rob Enderle of Digital Trends does these words of former Apple CEO. He believes, however, that times have changed significantly: 7-inch devices were initially established in the form of e-book reader, the customer had fallen exactly this format. Would be as an e-book readers to more of a 7 -. Take as a 10-inch set and found that this size also hear reasonable music, watching movies or browsing the web can Apple appliances now under pressure to act and must respond to the success of small tablets. Enderle believes the meantime also, that Apple needs a bigger iPhone because of smartphones is a larger screen, ultimately practical.

Is there a market? website PC World put together a few more votes for and against an iPad Mini: The Computerworld blogger Jonny Evans, according to Apple would also have to enter the market of smaller tablet to take it further with the many manufacturers of Android devices can . As a buyer would offer to consumers on a tight budget, educational institutions, parents, children, e-book


reader and entrepreneur. Patrick Moorhead of TechPinion believes that Google’s Nexus 7 tablet which could be dangerous iPad 2 that Apple still sold as new iPad next to the cheaper model. A 7-inch Apple iPad could offer for $ 299 and still maintain a good profit margin. The blogger John Gruber even believes that Apple could go down with the price to 199 dollars and offer a version with more flash memory for 249 dollars. Apple should come to the conclusion, with a smaller, cheaper to iPad can still make money, the company will continue to do so. On the other hand talking about nothing.

arguments against the mini-iPad situation is completely different Adrian Hingsley-Hughes from ZDNet: Apple could just sit back and watch it considers how to make war on the individual manufacturer of small tablets each other better and drive the price of Android devices in the basement – and still comfortably The 9.7-inch iPad sell as a quasi-monopoly in this sector with high profits. Joseph Thomas looks like the voices of all: on the one hand, Apple will not break so radically with the strategy of former chief jobs. On the other hand, since there is also no reason: With the current iPad, the company is so successful and had no reason to enter into compromises in terms of profit margin. A low-cost products would not fit anyway to Apple. After all, Apple could sell toilet paper rolls for $ 10, while on them just stick an Apple logo.Latest game, android, gadgets and technology news Read More iPad Mini: What speaks for and against

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iPad Mini: What speaks for and against