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If the Galaxy grade 2 with flexible AMOLED display? Tech, Game And Entertainment – NeomedTECH

Last year was presented at the IFA in Berlin, the Galaxy touch and all are firmly convinced that will be presented at this year’s IFA, the successor to the Notes . Therefore, there is lately more and more rumors about this Smartlet. And in today’s rumor is even talk of a flexible display

Whether in this rumor has some truth or not, I can not tell you logically. I personally do not mind! Anyway, the Galaxy, according to grade 2 with a 5.5 inch large and equipped especially flexible AMOLED display. Specifically, it states:

AMOLED display is the future of the industry highlighting its flexibility and transparency. Samsung’s Galaxy Grade 2, expected to be released next month, uses a 5.5 inch flexible display, a step forward to lead Samsung’s Extending over its rivals. The product Utilizes Unbreakable cover (UBP) and plastic substrates that Reduces thickness by 0.4T (0.4mm), Consequently increasing battery capacity.

is also the display of the Galaxy Grade 2 all 0.4 mm thinner than conventional screens. So shall Samsung be able to build in a battery with higher capacity.

I can not imagine the whole thing yet as I said, and I assume that the grade 2 with a normal AMOLED display will be provided. How do you think?


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If the Galaxy grade 2 with flexible AMOLED display?