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Who we are NIVASA is an Architectural NGO

Our vision is for every Indian to have a habitable home.

We enable humane and dignified housing conditions for the urban and rural poor, throughdesign.

We use a design-based thinking approach to solve the housing problem.

The Housing effect… Devastating consequences of poor housing on children’s life chances…. Physical Health

25 per cent higher risk of harsh ill-health & death during childhood. Increased risk of malnutrition, respiratory illness and stunted growth

Mental Health

Increased probability of mental health and behavioural problems


Many fold higher absenteeism in school. Overcrowding linked to delayed cognitive development, and homelessness linked to delayed development in communication skill

Adulthood opportunities

Lower educational attainment, greater likelihood of unemployment, and continued poverty

Human Development Index is directly linked to housing quality

Some Facts 28 50 Million

25 Million

Deficit of rural houses in India

Deficit of urban houses in India

Sq. Ft

38 Percent


Only, per individual per home!

Housing for urban poor vacant

Toilets built, not utilized

No systematic research

India is a vast medley of people.



Lack of end user consideration


Behavior & Lifestyle


We need: •An empathetic & inclusive approach •A palette of solutions

Lack of design


Living conditions

Light & Ventilation

Local Culture

Dreams & Aspirations

Lack of scientific approach

Costeffective technologies


When we think problems, we think numbers. When we think solutions, we have to think people.

What we offer… A Design based thinking approach to solve the housing problem



Visit, Study, Discuss, Analyze



Brainstorm possibilities





Create a palette of options

Arrive at strategies

Our Design solutions are • Cost effective • Culture sensitive • Site specific PROTOTYPE

Our design interventions endeavour to endow the poor with identity, dignity, integration, self-expression and as an ultimate value, self esteem.



Our Areas of Intervention ProjectGriha: The affordable rural house Developing customized design solutions that consider local material, environment, socio-cultural sensitivities & economic activities, and dissemination of template to contractors, skilled workers and the larger community.

Redevelopment ofVillages Supporting redevelopment of villages in a holistic manner where we contribute to design and help in execution of infrastructure and housing needs.

Project Suitcase: A solution for the urban homeless Developing a toolkit of housing components for the urban homeless as a step towards permanent housing solutions.

Construction Labour Communities Encouraging humane and dignified living conditions for construction labourers.

Our five year plan ProjectGriha

Redevelopment of Villages

10,000 People

50 Villages

Project Suitcase

Construction Labour Communities

25,000 People 25,000 People

A Snapshot‌.

Project Griha Cherkady, Udupi

The model house built under Project Griha in Cherkady village for a Koraga family was funded by ITDP, under the leadership of the then DC, Dr. R.Vishal, and immense support from the local panchayat leader.

Redevelopment ofVillages Thimmaiyanadoddi, Anekal

This project was done in partnership with Canara Bank and NGO, YogaKshema, Bangalore

Thimmaiyanadoddi – Before and After

Before 2013

After 2015

Before 2013

After 2015

Redevelopment of Villages Kancheepuram District, Tamil Nadu

From our Thimmaiyanadoddi experience, we have shifted our approach from NEED-BASED to ASSET-BASED- a more empowering approach to participatory development, with our focus on design

Project Suitcase J.P.Nagar, Vimanapura, & Girinagar, Bangalore

Construction Labour Communities RMZ Ecoworld & RMZ Azure, Bangalore

This project is being done in partnership with NGO, Association for Promoting Social Action (APSA), Bangalore

Collaborate with us Village Redevelopment & Project Griha

Partnership with Government/Umbrella NGOs/Organizations/Banks/MFIs

Construction Labour Community

Partnership with Government/Real estate developers/Contractors

Project Suitcase

Partnership with Government/NGOs/ Resident Welfare Associations/Land Owners

Fund our expenses / Fund our projects / Fund our research / Fund our publications

Thank you‌..





Nivasa brochure september 2016  

Designed brochure for Nivasa Ngo on Corel Draw.

Nivasa brochure september 2016  

Designed brochure for Nivasa Ngo on Corel Draw.