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Oxynergy Paris Skin Care recomended by the top world anti-ageing doctor, Doctor Claude Chauchard from La Clinique de Paris & Anti-Ageing Asia Pacific Society of Medicine Let Me Help You Live Longer And Better

Claude Chauchard

”As a doctor and a practitioner of anti-ageing therapy I recomend Oxynergy Paris treatments and as daily skin care. We use it in our spa and main clinic since 2003 and we had incredible results on skin ageing” –Doctor

Dr. Claude Chauchard was born on August 27th 1945 in Rodez, France. He obtained his doctorate in Endocrinology, Biology and Sports Medicine from the University of Montpellier, France. The founder of the International Institute for Preventive Antiageing Medicine and a former Assistant Professor at the University of Montpellier (1974-1979), he is one of the world's top specialists in preventive medicine for ageing. Dr. Claude Chauchard spent the last two years teaching as a Clinical Professor of Medical College at the Korea University in Seoul, Korea, and working on a new novel. Over one million copies of his ten books written on the ageing process have been sold. He gives regular lectures and seminars in Paris, Milan, Barcelona, Brussels, Monte Carlo, Rio De Janeiro, Geneva and other major cities around the world. Claude Chauchard, La Clinique de Paris International, was brought to Taipei in 1993, where Dr. Chauchard introduced the anti-ageing concept in Asia. More than a decade later, Claude Chauchard has expanded throughout Asia, clinics spread out in Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, and similar clinics are to appear soon in Malaysia, Singapore and Shanghai. The Institute and the Claude Chauchard are part of the Europe-based Harmony Group, a holding company with interests in companies that are engaged in cancer research, preventive medicine and quality of life. As one the world’s foremost and pioneer specialists in the field, he has helped tens of thousands in the last 15 years through a complete preventive and therapeutic antiaging program. Books from Dr Claude Chauchard Cellullte, a practical guide - Paris Maloine Editions, 1978 (out of print). Looking good throughout your life - Paris, Buchet-Chastel, 1980 (out of print). Live better, live longer, the life-capital method - Paris, Encre Editions, 1986. Chinese Editions, Taiwan, 1996. Low-fat diet, gourmet diet - Paris, Encre Editions, 1988. Cellullte, a forgotten nightmare - Paris, Encre Editions, 1991. Change your stomach; Change your look - Paris, Encre Editions, 1992. Retire? Not Me! - Paris, Filipacchi Editions, 1993. Man to man, how to stay young after 40 - Paris, Michel Lafon Editions, 1995. Chinese Editions, Taiwan 1997 Live longer, live better - New Edition, 1998 Vigara and men’s virility - Paris, Michel Lafon, 1998. Lose weight quickly to get thin - Paris, Michel Lafon Editions, 2000. New medications that will change your life - Paris, Michel Lafon Editions, 2001.

Don’t wait to grow old… to aspire staying young ! - Paris, Michel Lafon Editions, 2003. 30 Days / 10 years Younger without Surgery - Paris, Michel Lafon Editions, 2004. 30 Days / 10 years Younger without Surgery - Chinese Editions, Taiwan Thailand Editions Fabbri Editori, Italy Nikkei BP Editions Japan, 2005. Don't grow old, grow healthy - Basic Health Publication,inc. 2006 Clinics from Dr Claude Chauchard EUROPE & MIDDLE EAST : La Clinique de Paris La Clinique de Paris (Alicante) La Clinique de Paris (Doha – Qatar) ASIA PACIFIC : La clinique de Paris Hong Kong. An-Fa Clinic Taiwan Clinique de Trinite Tokyo Sapho Clinic Tokyo Aino Clinic Tokyo Shin Clinc Seoul Time Peel Clinic Seoul Shilla Hotel Clinic Seoul Beijing Clinic Beijing SPA : Palm Island (Hong Kong) Anti –ageing & Spa GRAN HILTON SEOUL (Korea) The Hurlingham Clinic & Spa (London)

Pressbook Oxynergy Paris  
Pressbook Oxynergy Paris  

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