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ADIRONDACK ART ASSOCIATION MINUTES FROM THE JANUARY 8, 2010 BOARD MEETING SUBMITTED BY SUSAN BRITAIN OPENING The meeting was called to order at 9:30 am. Present were Gina Brightwell, Emily Phillips and Susan Britain. Former board members Sharon Boisen and Rob Ivy were welcomed as guests. The recent resignations of Board members Jim Friday and Nina Favata were acknowledged and accepted with thanks for their participation and contributions. TREASURERS REPORT Emily reported progress in acquiring a Quick Books program for the AAA Computer. It will facilitate our ability to input ongoing gallery sales and expenditures into an automated accounting system. She is also close to acquiring a sales tax exemption number for AAA purchases. Emily presented an update of income and expenses. Our most recent show during Christmas in the Village grossed $1400. in sales and netted $400 for the gallery. Recent bills paid include $100, rent for Tony LesPerance’s Space for a workshop; Donation of $50 to Essex Initiatives for expenses for Christmas in the Village; The AAA phone bill for $65; Donation of $100 to the Crater Club for use of their clubhouse for a dinner meeting; Donation of $75. to St. John’s Episcopal Church for use of space for workshops. Bills outstanding include the 2010 NY State sales tax of approximately $2,500. and an upcoming $65. phone bill. New expenses will be a $70 printing bill, $50 for Postage, and $250 for Quick Books. These expenditures were approved by consensus. The AAA Cable Internet will be cancelled, as it is possible for us to use the Town Of Essex WiFi. Emily reported our approximate current bank balance at $5,500. At this point 7 AAA memberships have been paid for 2011, the result of emailed AAA Newsletters and membership cards. Emily reported that the IRS contacted us by phone during our Christmas in the Village show. Emily and Gina met with an agent thereafter. Discussion centered on the use of 1099 for our contracted workers and shifting our Fiscal year to Jan 1 through December 31 from its current year that ends in September. Our extended schedule makes the new fiscal year more appropriate for our needs. Emily requested that we reinstitute a system of board approval for any expense over $500. This requires a member to present the expense to the board and receive two board members approval signatures on a voucher. The board agreed to this procedure.

The treasurer’s report was approved as were the current needed expenditures. CORE VOLUNTEER PROGRAM The board determined that we would need a group of 10 trained core volunteers who would each tend the AAA gallery an average of 73 volunteer hours during the summer season. These hours are the equivalent of 3 & ½ hours per week for 21 weeks. Volunteer’s hours and scheduling will be overseen. Core hours would cover 5 gallery days each week of 21 weeks of the summer season. A part time employee would cover two day. Core volunteers would receive a benefit of a reduction of 1/3 of the fee the gallery takes from the sale of their artwork. Thus they would receive 80% of the sale price of artwork. The gallery would receive 20% instead of 30%. The membership cards sent to all members request notification of interest in volunteer participation. An application for Core Volunteer will be sent to all interested. GALLERY There was a general discussion of the cost and limitations of the AAA Gallery. The need for a secure door between the side store and the gallery was reaffirmed. The need for a new front door or a secure locking system for that door as well as for the two deck doors was discussed. Gina reported that she will continue to communicate about this security need to the owners to pursue a mutually advantageous security plan. They have agreed to a yearly rather than a two-year lease. Such leases would need to be signed by Jan 1 starting in 2012. An owner’s liability waver was suggested as a way to offset our vulnerability to theft. WORKSHOP REPORT Nick Mueller of the Essex Community Fund gave high praise to Catherine Covert’s report on the AAA Children’s Workshops. NEW BUSINESS Gina will contact the Essex County Youth Bureau (Joe Provoncha) to explore the possibilities of different ways to organize our youth art show. The opening gala fundraiser was discussed. Several artists will be pursued for their participation. A decision needs to be made soon as the gala is scheduled for May. Four artists were selected as featured artist. They are Happy Marsh for the June 10th opening, Jim Friday for the July 8th opening, Nina Favata for the August 5th opening and Anne Pember for the September 2nd opening. Featured artists will be expected to be at their openings and also attend a morning art chat about their work on the morning following their opening. Susan and Emily will follow up with each artist.

Our requirements for an exhibiting membership were stated in the recent newsletter. Several members who have been long term exhibitors but seasonal residents were not clear if they could continue to be AAA exhibitors. Gina moved that members who have exhibited for 5 or more years based on a seasonal residence will be grand fathered into exhibiting membership. Emily seconded and the motion passed. The member’s annual potluck dinner has been planned for June 18th at the Crater Club in Essex. We await a confirmation from Bill Palin. The annual summer member meeting will be planned for September at the Grange in Whallonsburg, Essex. It will be a morning meeting to facilitate the business aspect of the meeting. Refreshments will be provided. The new meeting time for monthly AAA meetings is the first Saturday of each month. The meeting was adjourned at 1pm

Meeting Minutes- 1/8/11  
Meeting Minutes- 1/8/11  

AAA Board meeting minutes for the month of January. The board meets once a month, currently the 1st Saturday of the month.