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ADIRONDACK ART ASSOCIATION MINUTES FOR THE APRIL 2, 2011 BOARD MEETING Gina Brightwell called the AAA Board meeting to order at 9 am. Present were Gina Brightwell, Emily Phillips and Susan Britain. Scottie Ginn was visiting to observe the board. March minutes were presented and corrected by email. Emily moved to accept them. TREASURERS REPORT: Presented by Emily Phillips. 1. MEMBER DUES: Dues income increased $515 to $1125 since March 1 2011. 2. DONATIONS: A $500 member donation was received. Undeposited checks of $7.35. and $24.50 to Matt Durant and $34.55 to Gina Schwizer were all turned into ….donations to the AAA by recipients. 3. ACNA GRANT for $2500 was received to support the 2011 Studio Tour organized by . Emily Phillips. 4. EXPENSES incurred in March were $5460.18. These included; Bankcard services $10 Verizon $70.38 NY Sales Tax $2121.33 Artist Loss Payment: Bill Amadon $367.50; Wendy Miller $45.60 USPS $45.60 ACNA membership $35 Peerless Insurance $178.77 Emily Phillips/Studio Tour $2500 5. AAA BANK BALANCE as of 4/2/11 was $5195.79. (EMILY NOTE wouldn’t ……………………donated checks to artists of $77.25 be an addition not subtraction?? 6. EXPENSES APPROVED: the board approved the following expenses; Rent of $5000 paid in installments of $1000. will begin June 3rd. Peerless Insurance $178 Printing of the Spring Newsletter, invitations and postage for openings $255. Cablecom yearly cost $275. OLD BUSINESS 1. Peerless INSURANCE policy covers AAA’s art and furnishings for $67,000. … It will cost a minimum of $800 to add director’s liability coverage. Gina presented the core volunteer application form and requested suggestions. ….Several items were added; and the form will be ready to send to artists shortly. 2. GRANTS UPDATES: Emily reported that we applied for a $750 Cap Grant. The Honeybee Grant application is due 4/10/11 and will be used to produce workshops with a professional focus for AAA artists (e.g. marketing strategies, framing and presentation). Emily will explore NYS grants available. 3. YOUNG ARTIST SHOW. Following discussion, it was agreed that the young artist show would involve last year’s schools with the possible addition of a few outlying schools. We will request 5-10 pieces of art from each school. We will

form a committee of artists to judge the children’s work and provide prizes or acknowledgement of skill. 4. DONATIONS: Gina will send out letters of acknowledgement for donations. 5. GRANDFATHERING: Gina will send out letters to the few artists who were showing art with the AAA without acceptable residency and who cannot be “grandfathered” into the AAA exhibiting artists. 6. DIRECTOR: A discussion of the rate we would be able to pay for a director brought up the issue of expected income. Gina and Susan agreed to research the issue and present a figure for salary at the next meeting. Issues of new gallery policies will be held until a Director is hired. NEW BUSINESS 1. PUBLICITY: Gina presented publicity images for Ann Pember opening …. invitation. She will take images for James Daly’s invitation from his website. She …..requested any new publicity site information ASAP. 2. GALLERY SPACE: Gina presented a request from Clinton Community College to have the AAA host their Alumni Association meeting this summer. It was decided that we could offer the gallery space for a limited use fee but not provide other services. 3. COMMITTEES: There was a general discussion of the AAA board’s need for committees to help with the burden of work involved with managing the AAA activities. A request for committee members could go out by email, newsletter and be presented at the first 2011 Member Meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 am Respectfully Submitted by Susan D. Britain

April 2011 Meeting Minutes  

Minutes from the April 2011 AAA Board Meeting

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