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By Maura Taylor

Water Features as Architectural Detailing

Infinity pool with cascade, Ensueños 10, Photo by Maura Taylor.

“A pool is water, made available and useful, and is, as such, infinitely soothing to the western eye.” --Joan Didian, American Essayist, 1934.


Home & Living

Home Building Series, Part VI:

home& living

Water has been used for thousands of years to add beauty and symmetry to architectural design. The simple pleasure we receive gazing upon water, taking a cool refreshing dip or listening to its gentle trickle makes it a desirable element in home design. Whether in the form of a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, fountain, cascade or pond, water gives us a sense of order, control over the uncontrollable.


In Zihuatanejo, the inclusion of water is paramount in local architectural design. Reflective and infinity pools are practically a trademark of exclusive resorts and dramatic private residences that are either beachfront or delicately balanced on precipices overlooking the Pacific. Skillfully crafted and illuminated water gardens, pools, ponds and cascades are all a common theme in Mexican coastal design.

Infinity pools

Probably the most recognizable water feature in Zihuatanejo is the infinity swimming pool. This type of pool has a zero or vanishing edge, which creates an illusion of water extending out to the horizon. Dramatically photographed in countless advertisements, journals and coffee table books, the infinity pool remains a highly

for a refreshing dip and don’t require the amount of maintenance as a full sized swimming pool.

Water features

desired and sought after element of local architectural design. Infinity pools can be designed as both in ground or stand alone structures. Extensive and costly structural and hydraulic engineering is required to create an infinity pool; generally limiting its construction to upscale resorts and private residences. However, the dramatic visual of an infinity pool spectacularly illuminated at sunset makes the cost of construction pale in comparison. Alternative to the infinity swimming pool is the dip pool or jacuzzi which produces a similar visual effect but costs much less to design and construct. Dip pools are ideal for homes with limited exterior space and can easily be added to a deck or terrace. They provide the appearance of water, allow


Overall, architects and designers prefer to use natural materials in their creation of water features. Polished and textured concrete, glass tile, rock, hardened earth and stone are most practical and aesthetically pleasing. Small Venetian tile is probably the most common finish for swimming, dip and jacuzzi pools. Venetian tiles have an iridescent glossy surface which creates an elegant appearance under water. Carved river rock and stone are typically used to create fountains and often used in the creation of salt-water pools. For in ground non-infinity swimming pools, textured concrete may be used as a non-skid surface around the edge of a pool while polished concrete may be used for the pool’s formation.


Infinity Pool, Villa Xiguacan, Photo by Maura Taylor.

Water can also be used as a calming and meditative tool in landscape architecture. Creating water gardens, reflective pools, ponds, fountains and cascades are just a few ways to evoke relaxation and harmony throughout the home. Here, like in most coast regions where the idea of outdoor living is readily embraced, water features can be a way to bring the outside in and vice versa. Clever illumination and creativity in water feature design and construction is limited only to one’s imagination.

home& living


Infinity Pool with bar seating, EnsueĂąos 10, Photo by Maura Taylor.


Artistic illumination, either harnessed from natural daylight or produced by artificial lighting plays a key role in a water feature’s conceptual design. The entire form of water can be altered and enhanced by underwater lighting or the use of contrasting natural illumination such as cast sunlight and shadows.

Swimming pool elements

Swimming pools whether infinity or not can contain within them various elements such as stairs, bench seating, stools, etc. depending on their size and overall purpose. Seating areas close to the edge of a pool with an ocean view may be a consideration, especially for those wanting a front row seat at sunset. Carved out cup and umbrella holders, heating and jacuzzi jets are also useful details to include in pool design. It’s best to carefully plan out the design and installation of your pool as it will be difficult and costly to make changes or modifications later on.



Any and all water features require some degree of ongoing maintenance. Larger swimming pools, especially infinity pools require constant maintenance. Their hydraulic systems are more complex and must be handled and maintained by professionals who are well versed in proper care and servicing. Pool filters, vacuums and pumps must be cleaned regularly, as well as adding the proper mixture of chemicals to keep the water clean and aerated. Even small water features require regular attention. As this area is prone to both wet and dry seasons, both abundant rains and lack thereof can affect the functionality of a water filtration system. If a pool or fountain is left unchecked, filters and pumps can become damaged or clogged with debris. Employing professional technicians is imperative for keeping your pool, fountain or otherwise in tip-top shape.


Jacuzzi, Ensue単os 10, Photo by Maura Taylor.

Salt pools

Salt water pools can be a more eco-friendly alternative to the traditional chlorine treated swimming pools. Chlorine is produced through electrolysis by a chlorine generator, rather than having to treat the water with harsh chlorinated chemicals. Salt water is also softer on the skin and less of an eye irritant. It also tends to feel more refreshing than chemically treated pool water. From an economic standpoint, it can be less costly to own a salt water pool as the chlorine is produced by the salt itself rather than having to buy additional chemicals. Though salt water pools require less ongoing maintenance they are still not totally maintenance free.



This is the 6th article in a series on the elements of home construction and the builder services & materials available here in Zihuatanejo, to read the previous articles, go to

about the author: MAURA TAYLOR is a Zihuatanejo resident who provides highly personalized construction management, property management, interior decorating and consulting services. For further information and to see a full client portfolio, please visit Maura on the web at, by phone (755) 101 9711 or via email,


Buying on the Beach By DaviD Connell

real esTaTe laW



View from Playa Las Gatas, Photo by Paul Curry.

Mexico’s beaches are known as the Federal Maritime Zone. If you are thinking of buying property on the beach in Mexico, it is a good idea to understand what the Federal Maritime Zone is, how it is measured and defined and what you can do with it. 12



real esTaTe laW

Defining and measuring the Federal Maritime Zone The Federal Maritime Zone is legally described as the 20 meter wide strip of land that is transitable and next to the beach (playa mar). Let’s break this down to make sure we are clear on what we are talking about:

1. The Federal Maritime Zone is 20 meters wide. There are several types of Federal Zone. This article is only making reference to the Federal MARITIME Zone. 2. It must be transitable land. We will explain what this means further on. 3. It is measured from what the law considers a beach.

First let’s look at where the 20 meters is measured from and what the legal description of beach is. The law describes a beach (or what is called playa mar) as the land that is “covered and uncovered by the tides,” making the high tide mark the upper limit of the beach. For the effects of measuring the 20 meters of the Federal Maritime Zone the law says to use the mean or average high tide mark as the starting point to measure. The problem is that the average high tide is not a fixed point. Any person that has ever lived on a beach knows that tides vary greatly. Which high tide mark is the average one? To add to this problem we have the fact that the high and low tide lines are greatly dependant on the amount of sand or sediment on the beach. Again we are faced with a


starting point that is a moving target. We have dealt with cases where the physical high tide mark in the sand has moved more than 50 meters (over ½ a football field). We have also had cases where the sand disappears due to a storm and the high tide mark has met or encroached into the property line. Since locating the average high tide mark present certain difficulties, the government now has maps of where they consider they Federal Maritime Zone to be located. These maps are a representation of UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) coordinates and are available to the public in the offices of SEMARNAT (Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources). Any surveyor you hire to locate the Federal Maritime Zone next to your property MUST BE USING THESE MAPS AS REFERENCE. If your surveyor does not express UTM coordinates from these maps, he is not doing his job correctly. MAJOR NOTE.- These UTM coordinates and maps in MANY CASES ARE EXTREMELY INCORRECT. Yes, I did say incorrect. How bad are some of the mistakes? I have seen cases where the location of the Federal Maritime Zone is a good 100 meters (over a football field) off. Some authorities will tell you that these UTM coordinates and maps are the official location of the Federal Maritime Zone, but the rules pertaining to these UTM coordinates and maps only categorize them as references to the location of the Federal Maritime Zone. So if you think the maps of the Federal Maritime Zone that correspond to your land are wrong, you have two legal options:


realestate a) Have SEMARNAT send a Verification Unit (group of appointed experts) to your property to verify that the UTM coordinates and maps are right or wrong. At the present time this is not really an option because there are no Verification Units. This was an option created under the law but until Semarnat creates these Verification Units, it really is not an option.

b) File a legal claim that the UTM coordinates and maps are wrong. When you do this you need to have an expert in the field give an opinion as to: 1) How the Federal Maritime Zone is determined based on the law, 2) How it applies to your property and 3) What errors exist in the UTM coordinate and maps of Semarnat. If there is a clearly visible error in the UTM coordinates and maps of Semarnat (and you have competent legal counsel), you will win this action. Ok, we have gone over what a beach is and the issues of where the 20 meters of the Federal Maritime Zone should start to be measured from. Now we need to look at the other party of the definition of the Federal Maritime Zone and understand what transitable means. We need to remember that the definition of the Federal Maritime Zone says that it is a 20 meter wide strip of transitable land measured from the high tide mark inland. Unfortunately the law did not specifically give us a definition of the word transitable but it did give us some guidelines. To get the general understanding of what transitable means, we first need to look at how a dictionary defines this word. In


accordance with the dictionary of the Real Academia Espanola, transitable is defined as: “a place for which you can pass from one area to another.” In short, an area you can “transit” or move across. So would a nice sandy beach be considered transitable? Of course it is. We all take walks on the beach. But what about a cliff area or rocky shore – is this considered transitable? The answer is no and this concept is backed up Article 4 of the Rules to the Use and Enjoyment of the Federal Maritime Zone, which states: “Article 4.- The Federal Maritime Zone will be only determined in areas in which on a horizontal plane the angle of inclination is of 30 degrees or less.” “In those areas that do not have beaches and where rocky or cliff formation are present, the Secretary (SEMARNAT) will determine the federal maritime land zone within the stretch of land next to the ocean, only when the inclination of such stretch is of 30 degrees or less in a continuous manner…” Article 4 is pretty clear in stating that there is ONLY a Federal Maritime Zone when the land directly adjacent to the high tide mark has an angle of inclination of LESS THAN 30 DEGREES. Please take into consideration that this 30 degree rule has only been around since 1991 and is often ignored by those who measure the Federal Maritime Zone. As a matter of fact the rules regarding how to measure the Federal

For this reason too often the authority argues that the Federal Maritime Zone is 20 meters, without exception – not even recognizing the existence of the 30 degree rule and the exception it creates. The fact of the matter is that the 30 degree rule does exist and must be respected by the authority. Too often the authorities claim that houses and properties on cliffs are in the Federal Maritime Zone because they are within 20 meters of the high tide mark. In accordance with this 30 degree rule this is NOT THE CASE and is a very defendable argument. There is talk of the government modifying the 30 degree rule so that this area would still be considered a type of Federal Zone, but as of the date of this article, nothing has changed in Article 4

of the rules above mentioned and the 30 degree rule it establishes.

So to summarize:

1) the Federal Maritime Zone is 20 meters wide; 2) it is measured from the high tide mark (which in itself is a moving target and debatable); and 3) in areas where the slope of the land is over 30 degrees, currently there is no Federal Maritime Zone per Article 4 of the rules of the Federal Maritime Zone. Now that you know how the Maritime Zone is defined, you need to know what you can do with it and who has the rights to use it. Everyone who has ever thought of buying or has bought beachfront property knows how expensive it is. When you invest in that beach front property in Mexico, do not only make sure the title to the land is in order, and you know where your property begins, but also who has the rights or concession to the Federal Maritime Zone (beach) in front of you. Having a taco stand or beach massage parlor go up in your million dollar view hurts and can be avoided by understanding your rights to the Federal Maritime Zone and making sure the property you own has the exclusive rights to this zone. Following, is a list of some of the most commonly asked questions we get regarding the Federal Maritime Zone. Please let me know if you have any further questions or comments regarding this article.


Maritime Zone do not even make reference to the 30 degree rule. When I asked a very senior staff of SEMARNAT why the rules of measuring the Federal Maritime Zone did not mention anything regarding the 30 degree rule, I was told that there is no point in mentioning the 30 degree rule in the regulations for measuring the Federal Maritime Zone because if the land is of a 30 degree angle or more, there is no Federal Maritime Zone and therefore no need to establish a rule on how to measure something that does not exist. Fair enough, but in practice there needs to be some rule are to how the 30 degrees is calculated or not calculated. Right now we are just stuck with the rule that says: “if the angle is over 30 degrees, there is not Federal Maritime Zone.�

real estate law

Common Questions about the Federal Maritime Zone 1. Can the Federal Maritime Zone be less than 20 meters wide? Yes, but the cases are very rare. 2. Do the rights of the Federal Maritime Zone pass automatically with the transfer of title to the property next to them? No, the government (SEMARNAT) has to approve the transfer and the process takes several months. Do not expect a seller to make closing contingent on the finalization of the transfer of the Federal Zone, however there are ways to insure that your rights are protected to this area prior to a transfer being made. 3. If my lot line is not perpendicular to the Federal Maritime Zone, how do I measure the 20 meters; perpendicularly to the high tide line? Or do I just continue my lot line out until it hits the Federal Maritime Zone limit? This is a major issue and there is no official opinion, however the criteria that we have seen the courts and authority up-hold (in the majority of cases) is the theory of equitable division, where the rights you have to the Federal Zone are those that are perpendicular to your beach front property line and NOT the continuance of your lot lines. Please see the graph on the following page to better understand this point. 4. Can I build in the Federal Maritime Zone? Building in the Federal Maritime Zone can be done as long as the proper Environmental Impact Studies are done,


approved and any conditions that such approval are subject to are properly observed. Never attempt or allow anyone to convince you that you can build in the Federal Maritime Zone and LATER acquire your permits. Building in the Federal Maritime Zone is a Federal Crime if you do not have the correct permits to do so. 5. What happens if I bought a property and later found out that part of the construction was in the Federal Maritime Zone? Always make sure that when you buy beach front property your appraisal and deed contains pictures of what the beach side of the property looks like. If you are unaware of the encroachment of the construction in the Federal Zone and you have pictures of what the property looked like when you bought it as part of your notarized and registered deed, the authority could attempt to fine you but you are not legally responsible for the encroachment and corresponding fines. You will however be obligated to regularize the Federal Zone by getting the corresponding concession. 6. What happens if the authority tells me that my construction is invading the Federal Zone? The authority must notify you in writing of the encroachment and properly document it. If they do not notify you in writing, they are not doing their job properly. Second thing is that you need to get an independent surveyor that does Federal Maritime Zone surveys and get him or her to give you an opinion. Make sure

7. Do I have a legal obligation to get the concession for the Federal Maritime Zone in front of my property? No you do not, but it is recommended as it protects your interest to access to the beach as well as increases the value of your property. 8. How long do Federal Maritime Zone concessions last? Federal Maritime Zone concessions typically are granted for 15 years and renewable as long as the concession holder has not violated the conditions of the concession, which include making the annual of bi-monthly concession fee payment. 9. is there a national registry where i can check if someone has the concession to a certain area of the Federal Maritime Zone? Yes there is and in order to check who has the concession to a certain Federal Maritime Zone area, you will need

the UTM coordinates of the specific area to get an answer. Since Federal Maritime Zone concessions are not property titles, the laws and rules which apply to them are different. Make sure you have good advice on what your rights and obligations are to the Federal Maritime Zone that borders on your beach front property. The present article is property of Connell & Associates and its reproduction of use requires the express written authorization of Mr. Connell, who reserves all rights to this work. Copyright 2010.

about the author: DAVID W. CONNELL is a licensed Mexican attorney and the senior partner of the Mexican law firm of Connell & Associate, with offices in Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta and Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo. More articles and seminars as well as information about Mr. Connell can be seen at


that you get an expert in the area and that they give you a written, signed and dated opinion and survey, which contain photos and physical markers on the land and of the survey. If you verify that your construction is within the Federal Maritime Zone, you need to get a concession for that area which includes the construction.


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Doce Soles. For Sale one of the best appartments in Ixtapa. Spectacular view.Fully equiped with top of the line appliances. 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, TV room, laundry and a huge covered terrace facing the ocean. Info: mobile phone 044 755 1216469. By appointment only.

A wide variety of homes and commercial properties are available in the coastal area of Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa. If you are searching for the perfect home, second home, investment or development property please contact John Murphy at (755) 120 2637 (cell) or email

El Secreto del Mar. For Sale 3 residential and condominial lots on La Ropa Area. 579, 658 and 839 sq mts. Great ocean view. Only 500 steps to the best beach in Zihua. Business opportunities. Info: mobile phone 044 755 1216469. By appointment only.

2011 is opening with excellent values on beachfront property. Troncones lots offered from $200,000. Large Saladita lots offered from $250,000. Owners are anxious and prices are negotiable. Contact John Murphy at (755) 554 0719 or email

El Secreto del Mar. Spectacular house For Sale with a great view, overlooking La Ropa Beach.3 Bedrooms, 2 bath and a huge infinity pool. Reduced price from 750K to 625K for few days only. Info: mobile phone 044 755 1216469. By appointment only.

Must sell! Beautiful Troncones beachfront home on Manzanillo Bay offered at $450,000. 1 br main house with full kitchen and bath. 1 br guest cottage with kitchen. Tropical hardwoods, large lot, good rental. Contact John Murphy at (755) 120 2637 (cell) or email



For sale: Hotel EL Tradicional V V in central Zihuatanejo. Inner courtyard style, 49 rooms, Pool, 12 car gated parking, Reception, 4 commercial shops rented, large maintenance shop, employee’s kitchen, large laundry, 3 office rooms, For Sale by Owner. FMI e-mail

FOR SALE: 4500 sq foot, 4 bed, 4 bath. home on 535 sq meter lot in gated Cerro Del Vigia, spectacular view, palapa bar, great house for personal use or rental. call 044-755-556-3395 or 250-244-6461 agents welcome. See (case sensitive) for a virtual walk-through

IXTAPA GOLFER’S PARADISE b/t hole 1 and 18 of Marina Course. 3 level condo, 3 bed/4bath + service quarters. 3 large covered terraces including soak tub overlooking golf course. Pool, ocean, marina, and tennis are steps away. 40’ boat slip available. $295,000 USD 755-125-0210, or (case sensitive)

2004 Key Largo 23.5 foot Center Console. Twin 115 HP Yamaha Four Strokes, apprx 400 hours, GPS Map, washdown pump, outriggers, marine radio, stereo. 2007 Continental Aluminum Tandem Axle, GVWR 7,000 lbs. with disc brakes. $25,000 USD. phone 250 244 6461 or 044 755 556 3395, see (case sensitive)

Beautifully renovated & appointed panoramic views, and full security make this 2bdrm villa in a prestigious gated community an attractive option to Buy or Rent. Pools, restaurant, tennis courts and lush gardens complete the picture. Cel: 755 100 8329 or email mx (case sensitive)


Beautiful private lot in Playa Larga 1316 m2. 14.33 beach front, access & 2 wellls, more info at, Tel. 755-104-8360, $296,000 USD

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PÁTZCUARO LA CASA ENCANTADA B&B The “Magic Pueblo” For Sale/For Rent – Beachfront Hotel in Troncoof the Old Colonials is so easy to get to! Visit La Casa Ennes. 4 bungalows, 5 king suites, 3 family suites and one cantada B&B. We can arrange door to door transportation. 2 bedroom executive suite, all with great views, steps Come see Pyramids, the Copper Town, Folk Art..history and from the beach. Restaurant, Full gym, Parking $75 US beauty are only a few hours away. www.lacasaencantada. - $150 US / night. For info: com Come let us spoil you in our 17th Century Mansion.

Long/Short-term rental, Ixtapa, Club de Golf Fully furnished, fully equipped, 3 Bdrm, 3 Bath home w/mother-in-law’s apartment in Ixtapa. Jacuzzi tub, beautiful blue tiled pool, large palapa covered entertaining area, washing machine, walled for security and privacy. 18,000 pesos or 1,500 US per month. Contact for more information

Troncones Beach Bungalows, For Rent, from $98.00 per night. Surf Shop, Gourmet Dining, on Pristine Manzanillo Bay. Visit our website at or call 755-553-2884

Absolutely Gorgeous! For Sale Troncones – 8 lots on a small swimmable bay with lagoon, secluded and set apart from the rest of Troncones. Most private and beautiful lots you will find in Troncones, approx. 8-9,000 sq. ft. $175,000 - 295,000 USD. Also, 2 commercial lots on the water in Troncones. for more details.

NEW! Villa Festiva ~ the jewel at the waters edge Brand new beachfront hideaway for RENT. Loose yourself in the luxury and comfort of a resort with the barefoot tranquility and authentic charm of exotic traditional Mexico. Three private and romantic king size suites. Palapa bar and infinity pool. Wifi. Full size kitchens in each villa. A/C. or call 916997-7669 US.


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