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Fashion Bible: The Ultimate Fashion and Style Guide for Men There is no shame in making a fashion flub every now and again even celebrities regularly featured on best-dressed lists have been known to do so. You can, however, drastically reduce the number of fashion mistakes you make by eliminating a few bad style habits and clothes. Keep in mind that silhouette, proportion, and fit should be our close friends in shopping for clothes because they will serve us well in the end. Men all over the nation, it is time to adieu to pleated pants, dad jeans, white socks with dress shoes, oversized sweatshirts and to swear by no means to combine shorts and tube socks ever again. Do not compare women’s fashion to men because women tend to have fervor for fashion, and fashion tends to be more diverse to them. Furthermore, they recognize and identify what they need to be updated their wardrobe, and they are very conscious of what's going on in the fashion world. The problem for most men is that they get a look that they are comfortable with and they basically stay there. As a result, they will make bad decisions and choices of clothes. If a man becomes comfortable with their clothes, he is likely to buy clothes that are too big for him. Men should remember this simple rule of fashion: simplicity is sophistication. Do not over think fashion. Knowing yourself when it comes to style is the most upmost important. Study the good and the bad before you begin this life changing fashion makeover. Complement your body with clothes that will suit your body type and conceal flaws, and garments that look good on you. The Fashion Bible: The Ultimate Fashion and Style Guide for Men is what today's a man needs to dress with confidence and style on a daily basis. Inside you'll get the goods such as the price of

style, how to dress up, and grooming, Read them, adjust your wardrobe accordingly and you'll be that much closer to having a clean style record. The Price of Style What's fair and what's a fashion rip-off? I am a broke college student who is exhausted looking at a flock of boring A&E, Pacsun, and Abercrombie brands that most college students wear in the campus. I'm not against for budget shopping, no matter how deep your pockets may be. Don’t be ashamed on going through the clearance rack first before checking on the regular price tags because that is being mindful on your budget. Being on a budget makes better decision than people who spend recklessly. Men who spend recklessly on clothes will end up having reckless items that really don't work together. Before you go shopping ask yourself these following questions: •

What do you wear with frequency?

What kind of items do you resonate with?

What do you really need?

By following these questions, you will end up with clothes that you can wear on a regular basis without emptying your wallet. How to Dress Up Seize the dos and don'ts of proper garments, so that when the occasion comes, you can decipher different degrees of formality to find the right match. Patterns make you stand out whether it’s on your tie shirt or jacket. It's not about dreary plain shirts anymore. A pattern shirt does not need to be shocking rather it should be intelligent looking and smart matching. Also, do not get crazy with patterns and doesn’t mean that you have to stuff all the colors of the rainbow.

Rather, choosing formal shirts that are not hardcore neutral color with a mixture of basic formal like color such as blue, grey, and brown. This style is the most daring and fun to wear. Don't be frightened to mix and match appropriately. Find the colors that suit your complexion and discover the rules of proper pairings between patterns, jackets, pants, and shoes. This look should be in every man’s closet. Overall, this image surely affirms that you’re a man of adventure. Grooming This section will be dedicated on personal maintenance, from shaving to cologne. Keep your body well-groomed with our body hair removal guide and match your maintained look with the appropriate cologne. Sadly in this world, first appearance is everything. If you don’t make that good first impression, you won’t get a second chance at all. Consequently, most men these days do not have the luxury of not taking care of themselves. Single men should be concern about looking good. Nevertheless, this will take some major effort to pull through. Skin, hair, exercise, and oral hygiene are the most utmost import of a guy. Facial skin is the most evident aspect of a man’s body. Having a good facial skin can good a long way with women. Stocking facial products and moisturizers should be easy. Buy those products that can soften your skin. The Fashion Bible: The Ultimate Fashion and Style Guide for Men is the fashion guide men will ever need. This essential guide is packed with essentials that every man can use to develop his dress sense and lifestyle. The Fashion Bible helps men build resourceful wardrobe. With the Fashion Bible as his guide, he will never again show up dressed inappropriately, whether it's for a job interview, a first date, or a formal event. I’m letting people view the report for free as a PDF on my Twitter account ( I will be using a selection of promotional strategies and campaign to

get the word out about what I think is pretty useful, especially for those men who don’t have fashionable style like me. Everyone can use these “new rules” to brush up on his style–and in this case, construct exciting wardrobe content. So go ahead—dive in and use one of these useful buzz pieces if you haven’t already. And if it’s been a while since you’ve updated your style, clothes, and wardrobe, use my advice and create a new you. I think you’ll like the results you can get from this state-of-the-art fashion tool. I have always been a fashion person in my family. Subscribing to various major fashion magazines such as Vanity Fair, Vogue, Elle, and Marie Claire made me wants to pursue to be a Fashion PR and a stylist. Getting into fashion was not easy for me. I worked different jobs in the healthcare industry just to support myself and pay the bills. I have been working in the healthcare industry for over eight years, and I absolutely love it. My other passion in life aside from fashion is nursing. I have been a Certified Nursing Assistant, ER Monitor Technician, and Administrative Assistant in a well known hospital in southern California. I know that fashion and nursing do not connect but for me it does.

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