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Naivism: A Genre Whose Time Has Come Dan Chill GINA Gallery of International Na誰ve Art

Naivism Defined The genre of Naivism or Naïve Art is characterized by: simple, easily-understandable scenes A refreshing innocence idealized view of everyday life bright, heartwarming colors amazing detail child-like perspective and scale celebrates the ever-changing human narrative timelessness universal, magnetic appeal initial impact: upon the heart [the naïve artist dips her brush in her heart and begins to paint self-taught artist

Naïve Art’s Challenges Part II

The Naive Art World “Looking Out”

location, location, location failure to display, market and promote the genre in an effective manner (lighting, printing etc.) proper funding -- cast your “bread” upon the waters

Don’t Be Naïve; Buy Naïve!


By Dan Chill

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