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Are you providing ERP? Add TOMAS to your range of products and you will instantly provide more value to your clients and offer them complete management solutions.

Are you a consultant? Use this software for your preparation and work with clients. They will be satisfied and your profits optimized.


TOMAS solution for total management of the efficiency of your organisation through:

 Strategic Planning  Operative planning and budgeting o Process modelling and optimization  Strategic maps, dashboards and scorecards  OLAP analysis  Quality support  KPI monitoring o Document management  Corrective measures o Investments monitoring  Reclamations monitoring

Are you a manager? Use these integrated products for strategic planning, implementation, measurement and evaluation of tools for effective management. Be informed and prepared for action.

TOMAS supports all levels of planning and management in your organisation,

passing through all steps in the Demin cycle (PLAN – DO – CHECK – ACT).

Corporate Performance Management systems software is extremely important for measuring the operational and financial performance of your organization. This process of data collection, analyzes and reports is not only effective, but also easy to use by all levels of the organization. These performance management systems will not only increase the effectiveness of the financial processes across the organization, but also will prepare timely reporting to regulatory bodies as well as show you ways to increase the profits.

For more information on TOMAS atoms read below or go to the website

A big advantage of TOMAS products is our wealth of knowledge and experience gained through working on many projects enabling us to work with over 200 managers from different companies. To be effective Corporate Performance Management systems software should include several integrated modules. A brief description of some of the modules produced by us:

TOMAS.MIS - be informed and alerted. TOMAS.MIS already enables competitive advantages to managements of numerous Slovenian companies. TOMAS.MIS integrates all available information from operational level of business and it is aimed for managers to support their decision making process, reinforce their business judgment and strengthen the company's sensitivity to market signals. Every morning manager can see on screen all key elements of his business – in charts or tables. It enables drill-down to lower level, when and if that is necessary. An advantage of Tomas solutions is that first results are seen and useable in 1-2 months, because we dispose with a white range of standard solution. Click on the link for more information: MIS_OLAP

TOMAS.BSC - transform your strategy into action. Our consultants and our SW cooperate with you by defining mission and vision of the company, defining strategic objectives and set actions to achieve strategic goals. Your strategy is effectively communicated and deployed across the whole company through derived strategic objectives for business units, markets and products. Measurable targets for each business unit are set and linked to strategic objectives. For each strategic objective, we determine tasks, terms, and responsible. Responsible reports about tasks realization. We determine for each strategic objective goals to measure successfulness of task realizations. Successfulness of workers can be measured and rewarded. Click on the links for more information: BSC brochure BSC presentation TOMAS.BP - check and simulate your decisions. Solution can be used for different planning purposes: annual plan, strategic plan, company plan, plan of group of companies etc. You can prepare an optional number of version of plan (optimistic, pessimistic etc). Solution enables to planners total freedom in definition of any number of different input tables for planning .We can define workflow of planning procedures, peoples involved and tasks they need to perform. When all responsible people input their planned data and planners confirm them, we can perform simulations and “What if� analysis. With change of any parameter of the plan, we can immediately see the effect on the success of the whole company, specific BU, market, product or marketing channel. Click on the link for more information: Business plan

TOMAS.Report - Make it easy for yourself and your business reporting. The solution is initially intended the services of the parent company to lay and collect reports affiliates. Others are related to business reporters that by logging on to Internet portal get an overview of all reports to be submitted in the form of Excel, Word, or pre-designed form for entry by the parent company. The module is also useful for reporting services inside the company. Click on the link for more information: Reports of affiliated units

TOMAS.Cons - renew and automate your consolidation procedures. TOMAS.Cons doesn’t demand unique and expensive ERP for all companies in group. Main functions are automation of data loading from different sources, currency conversion, bookkeeping standards conversion, automation of consolidation procedures.

TOMAS.Process - Business process reengineering and ISO support – model your processes and focus them into success and excellence achievement. Our consultants and our SW cooperate with you by modeling and documenting your processes. Critical elements of business processes can be analyzed and goals of optimization and reengineering are determined. Simultaneously processes are described in according to ISO standard methodology, so that judgment can be made simple through computer. Applications is connected with application for document management, every change on document is immediately seen on processes. Click on the link for more information: Process modeling ISO Quality support SW TOMAS.DM - don’t waste your valuable time with document searching. With the help of our SW all documents of the company can be accessed in digital form, whenever and wherever. User friendly application offers only documents, to which certain user has rights. Application enables changes follow up, documents can be reconciliated and confirmed, we can review current and previous versions, document rights. Click on the link for more information: Document management

TOMAS.Invest - check your investment decisions. All companies that want to develop and follow modern trends need to invest. Usually that are big amounts, so they are big also the consequences, that follows the wrong decisions. Don’t let to be surprised, check your investments with our application, which enables you easy simulation of business decision even in pre-investment phase and quality supervising of investment effects. Click on the link for more information: Investment monitoring-assets


TOMAS.Reclaim (Monitoring of complaints) monitor your customer satisfaction. TOMAS.Reclaim allows you to electronically monitor complaints, effectively troubleshoot and prevent the emergence of new and, thereby maintaining customer loyalty. TOMAS.Cori (Corrective action)-act in the event of deviations from the operation of your business objectives. With our solutions define corrective measures to eliminate variations based on measurements, assessments or preventive measures to prevent the occurrence thereof. It's easy to keep track of how the functions of corrective and preventive actions are implemented within the set deadlines. Click on the link for more information: Corrective measures

TOMAS.Meeting – increase on-time and quality task realizations. With permanent review upon the realization of agreed conclusions (tasks) we achieve, that responsible their tasks finish on-time and quality. When company succeeded in increasing the percentage of tasks realization and conclusions, it certainly achieves or exceeds planned goals. Click on the link for more information: Meetings and conclusions management

Do not procrastinate because any acceleration of the processes in your organisation will cut a short way to profitability.

For more information visit the TOMAS website or write to – HIRON Management Consulting Ltd. - partner – General Manager of TOMAS


If you have a management position in your organization, the product range of TOMAS will be of great help. The use of integrated products for...