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Custom First aid kits For Workplace Safety Previously there has been a state by state approach in managing safety in the workplace. NSW used to have the Occupational Health & Safety Act and its regulations setting out what type of kit was required for various workplaces. These laws have now been changed and there is a unified approach across all of Australia under Safe Work Australia’s new Workplace Health & Safety Code of Practices. The new code of practice aims to provide all workers across Australia with a unified approach toward health and safety protection. This helps to provide increased certainty for businesses who work across different state borders, and it provides clarity for employers who are trying to get their heads around the different laws. The new code of practice makes it easier for the consumer as you now know what is the model type of first aid kit required for your workplace. For example, previously people would be confused because South Australia had a different set of requirements from NSW. Victoria may have had different requirements from another state. Now, all of Australia is unified under the new code of practice requiring a standard first aid kit to be kept in all workplaces to ensure you are compliant. The code of practice sets out in the appendix an example of contents that need to be included in your workplace first aid kit, and it also states that medication should not be included in the kits because of their potential to cause adverse health effects. Our Workplace First Aid KIT from WHS has all the items required under the code of practice and more to ensure that you are compliant with the WHS laws. Every workplace should have at least one kit and some work sites will require additional items depending on the different types of hazard experiences. For example, you may need to get additional burns items if you are at risk of burns. If there is a high risk of eye injuries, additional saline and eye wash items will be needed. If you are outdoors and at risk of bites and stings or sunburn, additional items will be needed to make sure you are covered. You need to ensure that you regularly check your kit so that it remains up to date and has the specified number of components that the model code of practice requires. We recommend checking yours after any major emergency or every 3 months. Our Workplace first aid kit makes it easy for you to remain compliant because every individual component is labeled and each label tells you how many items you need to have to remain compliant with the law. This means you never need to buy another first aid kit, instead you can just restock and save money. Because our bags are extremely durable and water resistant, they should last a long time and save your workplace a lot of money in the long run. For more Information check :

Custom first aid kits for workplace  

Previously there has been a state by state approach in managing safety in the workplace. NSW used to have the Occupational Health & Safety A...

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