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The Musicians Wanted Report, KTS 3rd Semester


Quality Assurance One of the techniques we have applied to QA our website prototype is the technical walkthrough. The four members of the group worked with the interface by -


creating new accounts logging in accessing their personal profiles: viewing personal information, editing and modifying certain details (all data barring the username which is unique) opening new collaboration works and responding to open collaboration projects using the mygear interface to input an instrument category (e.g. drums/percussion, bass, string, brass, etc), detail (e.g. electric guitar) and what we call “myGear” , the actual instrument the user owns (e.g. a Yamaha Alt-saxofon YAS-275). Attempting to misuse the application and perform illegal actions, such as typing the URLs of certain pages into the web browser address bar, when not logged in and vice versa. Testing the validation processes – user input validation is present in: o the mail-a-friend functionality (email format validation – applied to “Your friend’s email” field), o the “I forgot my password” option; is the email format valid and is this email in the DB? o the register form: password fields’ strings-comparison, the username DB validation (does this username already exist in the database?) and the Terms and Conditions checkbox.

Testing those input fields where validation has been carried out was one of the tasks by the participants. Constructive criticism was provided in order to improve the UI, and the database model was reviewed (entities, attributes, JOINS, etc) according to those changes that we agreed they should be implemented. In general, the present DB model could handle those changes without having to extend it. The following questions were answered: -

Does it do what I want (correctness)? Is it reliable (reliability)? Is it secure? Does the usability meet our expectations?

With regards to the first three points the results were very positive, but as far as the usability is concerned, we would need to develop and improve some of the input forms drastically, i.e. the “myGear” and profile forms.

The web prototype was easy to test and we believe that it is flexible: changes could be applied with no major difficulties. Regarding the interoperability, the current prototype does not include a mobile device version, with its corresponding CSS, but the idea was to develop this version with, initially, limited functionality.

Technical Walkthrough (QA)  

Code walkthrough, excerpt from the Musicians Wanted school project, by the TAAB group in Copenhagen Technical Academy, 3rd semester, Spring...

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