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Dear readers, To put a hand into any venture and come out of it successful, is the best feeling ever. Our inaugural Park Avenue M issue was a colossal achievement and a great motivator for us to move forward and bring out many more glorious issues. The present day world is all about creating impressions and staying upbeat with the latest fashion trends and it gives us immense pleasure to bring out the best of the best, time and again for you. With summers here and the sun on the onset of shining bright upon us, it’s that time of the year to soak ourselves into easy fabrics and comfortable drapes and our latest spring/ summer collection is no far behind. It’s all about summer favourites... linens, natural materials, silk blends and wool blends this season of high octane glitz and glamour. Let your evenings dazzle in style and comfort with the ultimate musthave fashion staples – The ubiquitous linen jackets and the stylised vintage bandhgalas in the summery pastel tones of yellow, green and plum. To further highlight the oomph and glamour quotient of the fairer sex, our spring/summer collection is dominated by colours of the season and luxury of the silhouettes. It is an amalgamation of summer colour palette treated along with the basic white and red. So update yourself with a sharp and strong modern edge of fashion and style and head out this spring/summer as chic fashionistas. Hope you enjoy the issue! Shreyas Joshi President, Raymond Apparel Ltd



STYLE TIPS to go from good to great


Trendsetters from PARK AVENUE


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1. CHEQUERED DELIGHT: Get tartans from the suave collection of Park Avenue to exude comfort this season and become a part of this versatile trend parade.

2. BOXY AFFAIR: Delve into the spirit of spring/ summer with Park Avenue’s latest collection of coloured ties.

Uplift your ensemble the perfect way with these statement pieces.

3. POWER OF STRIPE No dressing is complete without a pair of classy and chic shoes.

Let comfort, amalgamated with style, dominate your ensemble this season. Put your best foot forward with Gucci’s summer shoes.

4. THE TRENDY POCKET: Accentuate your garb with yet another buzzing fashion accessory from the Park Avenue stables. Highlight your basic clothing this spring/summer with these stylishly printed and whimsical patterned pocket squares.

5. STYLISE YOUR WAIST: Get this quirky essential from Park Avenue’s latest collection to complete

your wardrobe in the best possible way. Fashion this timeless and eternal accessory, giving it a touch of your own taste with prominent buckles.



| informed. in STYLE |

The Style




o exhibit fashion in a fresh and exciting way this spring/summer, delve into the spirit of easy fabrics and excellent drapes. The classic stripes have been around forever and have declared themselves as a fashion staple in this day and age. It is an evergreen trend to catch the eye and, if incorporated correctly in one’s dressing up, they definitely enhance the complete personality, while lending to the theory of illusion. Stripes distinctly offer the luxury of variation and can be incorporated according to an individual’s taste, be it the magical horizontal or the flattering vertical.





06 | MARCH 12









07 | MARCH 12

| informed. in STYLE |

The Style



on’t let your spring/summer garb be regular and boring this season. If you thought layering was just for winters, think again. With the unlimited options of summer jackets available, your summer wardrobe will get the needed uplift and give you the chance to carry forward your winter trends to your spring/summer wardrobes in absolute chic avatars. For moments of quick dressing up in chic and classy crispness, what’s better than adding a summer jacket to complete your look and give you an edge? Get the look by incorporating colours and prints while championing the trend.


08 | MARCH 12








09 | MARCH 12


010 | MARCH 12









1. Play it smart and combine different

3. Solid and neutral colours are the best

5. Add instant spice to your tailored

patterns in the same garb. Highlight a blue striped suit with a chequerd blue tie. Keep the the shirt basic to blend all three together.

option to sport this spring/summer. Be it an office look to flaunt or an evening to charm, these basic shades lend the luxury of being combined with a shirt or a tie of any colour.

and smart evening suit of some solid colour. Break the monotony with a basic black pocket square and let your style do all the talking.

2. A classic two-button gives you the best gentleman look along with lending a taste of luxury and style. It also gives you the option of sporting a formal look or a relaxed one.

6. Make sure your look for the evening 4. Adorn an alternate and dominant accessory, the bow-tie. Make heads turn with a crisp white suit complimented by a chequered bow tie.

is well fitted to champion the trend and never miss out on the length. Close attention needs to be given to it, lest it takes the sharpness out of the look.

011 | MARCH 12




FIT: To get the crisp avatar in


COLOURS: This dapper look


a linen suit, make sure to have the perfect fit. When you button up, your jacket must not stretch too much, resulting in wrinkles later. Make sure of the fit from all angles. is best when worn in solid colours, such as the basic blues, whites and nudes. Emphasise the unique textures and subtle patterns in these shades.

POCKET SQUARES: Highlight your linen suit with a dynamic add-on, the pocket square to further enhance your gentleman glam.





The classic and chic linen suit is a quintessential in any man’s wardrobe. It can make up for the opulence in a formal ensemble and create fun and impression in a casual garb.

collar shirt is a hit when it comes to a double button linen suit. Given the broad shoulder profile of this suit, it can be teemed up with this particular style with undoubted ease.

CHEQUERED SHIRTS Add ďŹ nesse to your chic and summery linen suit with the ultimate chequered shirts and further accentuate your garb.

CHEQUERED TIES A check-on-check is a combo to die for, but make sure to incorporate the raging trend in matching tones. Get an instant sophisticated edge with a tartan shirt teemed up with an intriguing chequered tie.

012 | MARCH 12


Any look stands incomplete if not teemed up with the right and matching accessories. Sunshades are the perfect ones to be considered in order to further highlight your sartorial linen ensemble and lend you the dapper trade.

>> Patrick Dempsey Add this effective must- have to your look. Make this particular style work for a square face-cut.

>> Russell Brand Reviving the vintage glam, the brown shades make up for an intricate yet sophisticated accessory, giving you the eyewear of style.

>> George Clooney Make your frames do the talking and lend you the stamp of style and mystery with the silver lining to the dark shades.

>> Sylvester Stallone To raise up your style quotient, add the aviators to your debonair ensemble and get the charismatic look.

HAN HANDBAGS: Carry your world around with you in the most stylised and ingenious carryalls and accentuate mos your ensemble with a comforting and powerful statement. Let convenience and comfort drool over state you in the best form ever.




TOD’S VALET KEY CHAIN: Let comfort and style rule you in this day and age. Don’t fret to hand over your car to the valet anymore because along with being a fantastic fashion accessory, the latest valet key chain is a convenient and enduring must-have in a man’s pocket.



013 | MARCH 12




After his stint in South Korea, the dashing CEO headed for Indian shores a few years back and the result is that BMW is scaling new heights. Andreas Schaaf, President, BMW India, talks about the company’s plans for the year, newly introduced Mini Cooper and who he thinks is the most stylishly dressed man around. Photographs by Anand Gogoi Styling by Dhwani Interview by Ashish Pratap Singh Make-up by Ridhi Matreja Location: Bird Automotive, Gurgaon

It’s been almost two years now since you took over the reigns of BMW in India. How is India faring as a market for luxury cars? In the luxury car market, we would like to think of ourselves as the pioneers. What is happening in India over the last one year is that more and more people are getting interested in buying luxury automobiles. They are asking for quality products. This is not limited to just cars but can be seen in other spheres of luxury as well. What are BMW India’s plans for 2012? We would like to maintain our number one position in India. We have achieved this feat 014 | MARCH 12

three years in row, to be the most successful car manufacturer in India. We have a new product that will hit the Indian market in the second quarter of this year. It’s a phenomenal car and will set the standard in its class. Once introduced, it will be a strong boost for our operations in India. Now that you have introduced Mini in India, how are you expecting the average Indian to embrace this car? We have got a phenomenal response. I was personally surprised at how big the response was when we launched it at the Auto Expo 2012 in Delhi. There was a huge

media interest in the car. What makes Mini so special is that it’s a statement of lifestyle. There is no other car in the world which, given its size, make such a strong connect with the personality of the owner. It immediately puts a smile on the face of anyone who lays eyes upon it. The variety of colours, customisation options are absolutely unique. This makes each car so individual. It’s one of the philosophies that the brand follows and it has played a major role in the success of the car the world over. Last year, BMW launched its financing arm in India to service the credit needs of

pretty stylish. Irrespective of the characters he portrays, he always manages to look dashing. He adds a lot of Italian flavour to his American origins. What does Dr Schaaf like doing in his spare time? I have two small kids, aged two and three, which occupy my free time. Therefore, I come back home to my family and that’s how spend my evenings. I had been away for nearly ten days and I can’t wait to meet all of them in the evening.

retail customers, fleet owners and dealers. What is the potential of this business and how has the response been? The financial business in extremely important to us as 80 per cent of the cars are getting financed. India is a financing market and mostly all people are looking to finance their dream machines. We seek to control all the touch-points with our customers and financing is something we are passionate about as it’s about the right treatment of the customers. The response has been very good. Almost every other car that got financed last year got financed through BMW Financial Services. I think this is an

amazing achievement in such a short time. Does BMW have plans to develop a car just for the Indian market? I think one of the core beliefs in the premium car business for us is to maintain the German pedigree that it has, which is crucial for our customers. We are talking about thinkers and engineers with a global thinking as our customers, including in India, are global customers. Which celebrity, according to you, is the most stylishly dressed? I will have to say George Clooney as he is

Which is your favourite holiday destination and why? There are many that I like and don’t have a clear winner there. I have travelled extensively across the world and have seen some truly phenomenal places. Korea, for instance, is never taken as a typical tourist destination. But it has some of the most scenic places anywhere. Coastal areas of Korea, their Buddhist monasteries, heritage sites are truly amazing. In Europe there a lot of beautiful places to see. I particularly like Italy, which is a paradise for food lovers. Last year I went to southern coast of France, which is gorgeous too. In India a love going to Goa (I go at least four times a year!). In South East Asia I love going to Thailand. What is your favourite business attire? Anything to do with blue. Black is better suited to a darker skin tone. Indians carry black off really well. For paler skin tones, it is blue. 015 | MARCH 12


by Ashish Pratap Singh

Europe in a bite Many eateries would like to believe that they serve authentic continental for connoisseurs and enthusiasts. However, there are a few, like Eurail, which serve exactly that. Enter the world of teak interiors, soft music and fine dining.

The Food

The restaurant is overtly European and it’s no surprise to see some authentic dishes on the menu for one to savour. We started with soup and, must say, Chicken Veloutte with a dash of single malt caught our fancy right away. If a teetotaler, then the classic French Onion Soup is for you. One may find the food a tad bit bland, but that is European food for you. Salads are highly recommended as we went with the classic Caesar Salad and Crispy Duck and Water Cress Salad with Toasted Sesame and both were exquisite. Soups and salads aside, you are here to dig into some heavy-duty delectables. Eurail will not disappoint in this department either as Chef Vipul has handpicked dishes from France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Spain, Switzerland and Portugal. Vegetable Pot Pie, Roasted Duck Breast with Traditional Orange Sauce, Tenderloin Steak Hollandaise Gratin were brilliantly baked and perfectly done. If you must insist on something a little spicier then

016 | MARCH 12

the Traditional Hungarian Goulash should do it for you. Consisting of tenderloin, potatoes and tomatoes it is teasingly spicy and tastes superb with red wine. Seafood stew flavoured with white wine is worth a mention too. Eurail boasts of a fine collection of wines to choose from. The restaurant houses an array of exquisite wines ranging from Torres Atrium to Torres De Casta, Baron Philippe De Rothschild Merlot to Baron Philippe De Rothschild Chardonnay. Fine wines like Pinot Noir, Chianti Classico DOCG, Contrabasso Barolo DOCG are also available. Team up the wine of your choice with accompaniments like Golden Fried Stuffed Mushrooms with Gorgonzolla Dip, Platter of Cold Canapes and Bruchettas, Wasabi Mayo Prawns and you have a winning combo at hand.

The dĂŠcor

Eurail is located in a lazy corner off the main Golf Course Road in Gurgaon. The standalone restaurant has an easy

charm and soft lighting to put your senses to rest. Once inside, its high ceiling and rich woodwork will definitely catch your attention. There is also an in-house band playing classics to help you to work up your appetite. A walk-in, glass, wine cellar greets you as soon as one enters the restaurant. Classy, beautiful, soothing are the adjectives one can use to best describe this eatery. Seating is comfortable and is not at all rushed.

What we say

Service is commendable as you will be forced to feel like royalty. The entire experience is more than just about scrumptious food and the rich wood look, the high glass walls and the old-world music have a lot to do with it. The food is, no doubt, the mainstay. But at the end of the evening, it will be hard for you to decide what you liked most about the restaurant.

CONTACT DETAILS EURAIL, Parsvanath Exotica Complex Sector- 53, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon. Tel - 09810742229, 0124-4231465 Meal for two: `2500 + taxes


AVENTADOR LP700-4 LAMBORGHINI has had a long list of producing sensational supercars as their flagship offerings, beginning with the oh-so-beautiful Miura in 1966. And over the years they’ve continued the tradition, producing more and more outrageous and outlandish cars, which have been benchmarks of style and performance, such as the radical wedge shaped Countach or the even more futuristic Diablo. Needless to say, posters of Lamborghini’s flagship cars have graced the bedroom walls of many a child and adult alike.

by Ishan Raghava

Carrying that legacy forward is the latest beast from Lamborghini, the Aventador LP700-4, which is powered by a brand new 6.5-litre V12 engine producing 691bhp and 510lb ft of torque. Along with the brand new engine, Lamborghini has made a myriad of innovations and changes to the car that ensure that it features technologies used on a Lamborghini for the first time, such as a full carbon fibre monocoque, resulting in lighter weight. Formula 1 style inboard suspension and a semi-automatic gearbox, gears of which can be changed manually via the pedals mounted behind the steering is a superb inclusion too. Drive to the ground is transferred via the standard all-wheel drive system, which ensures that the Aventador has supreme traction

in all conditions and it’s easier for the driver to put the power down effectively. The net result of this gamut of changes is that Lamborghini has produced a car that is lighter, faster and easier to drive than ever before. And combined with the sensational design of the company ensures that for a supercar connoisseur this is the must-have of the moment. The only slight fly in the ointment, which I should point out, is a meagre price tag at `3.69 Crores making it a car that only a few lucky souls of the world can afford to enjoy.

Resorts World MANILA by Meraj Shah

YOU’LL probably ask yourself

why you took the trouble of flying almost 11 hours by the time the shantytown surrounding the Ninoy Aquino airport in the Philippines’ Capital comes into view: Manila is not very impressive at first glance. And there’s not that much you’ll encounter in the city over the ensuing days which will change your mind either. That explains why most travelers only make pit stops in the city en route to tropical island paradises like Boracay and Cebu, which put the Philippines on the tourist map. It’s almost as if Resort World (the global franchise which is known for its megaresorts in Singapore and Genting in Malaysia), built their latest multi-hotel, integrated tourist complex in Manila keeping the city’s lack of charm in mind. The destination then, is not Manila per 018 | MARCH 12

se, but Resorts World Manila. And it’s as much a draw for locals as it is for tourists. Whether you’re a traveler, thrill-seeker, gourmet, shopaholic, or an art and music lover, RWM has gone al the ways to come up with an expansive integrated complex encompassing three hotels, a host of restaurants, a top-end luxury mall, a sprawling casino, theatres, the biggest performing art theatre in the country, cinemas….you get the idea. If you’re flush, and want to splurge, then check into any one of the 172 suites at Maxim’s Tower each of which is decadently furnished and comes with it’s a personal butler. The Marriott is pretty god for a second option while the economy range Remington hotel brings up the rear. There are too many dining options to touch upon, but ‘Passion’ which serves Cantonese and Southeast Asian cuisine, is

probably the one that shouldn’t be missed. Interconnected with the Maxim’s hotel is the flashy Newport Mall – four levels of shopping and entertainment ensconced within a magnificent indoor piazza. But the real draw is the gaming centre: at par with gaming capitals all over the world. RWM’s casino is the largest in the country with 1,000 slot machines and 300 table games. It’s not just about gaming though – Bar 360 in the centre of the Casino hosts live acts every night while the Genting Club is the most upmarket lifestyle club you’re likely to find in the city. By the end of your trip, you may or may not find yourself enticed by Manila enough to want to return one day. If you do, then the odds are that you’ll find yourself going back for that one last spin of the wheel on the roulette tables at RWM. In fact, you can bet on it.



What She


Wear the trend SUMMER SHORTS



Let your wardrobes drench into the spring/ summer air and get the ubiquitous shorts to do all the magic for you this season. Champion the look in basic black and bring out the variations in your own way, be it a casual getaway or a formal evening, this particular trend can never let you down.

Make bodacious fashion statements with these must have add-ons in your ensembles this season. Get bright colours and motifs to upgrade you to just another level of oomph and glam. Extend your fashion know-how further down to your accessories and uplift your entire garb.

It is the perfect time of the year to flaunt easy fabrics and simple silhouettes, so clear away your autumn/winter layers and make way for summery tops and springy shades to stay attuned with the weather demands. A fascinating mix of history and modernity, these fashion staples are here to stay. 019 | MARCH 12

Trendsetters by PARK AVENUE Lifestyle Accessories

Unlike the autumn/winter luxury, the number of spring/summer accessories are few, but the ones that are always top the fashion radar are sunglasses. Regardless of the time of the year, this must-have fashion staple is a definite essential in every man’s pocket because along with being a glamourous accessory, it is an undoubted necessity. Get Park Avenue’s latest range of summer shades and win your ticket to fame this season. STYLE


020 | MARCH 12

Sophisticated yet glamourous is what Park Avenue’s latest range of cufflinks makes of you. Get these diminutive basics to bedazzle your shirts this season of style and glam with utmost ease. Exude plush comfort in your everyday dressing with basic leather belts and do the trick with heavy metaled buckles.


Wear & What

Menswear maverick and fashion expert Raghavendra Rathore’s conundrum counter

I love wearing kurtas when it comes to formal-wear but now want to break the monotony and wear something different. Please suggest. Try a shorter, crisper version in a kurta with stripes and contrast white cuff to emulate a slick feel. Couple it with breeches and it becomes very versatile. Also a waitcoat, combined with a kurta and breeches, looks equally good.


Bandhgalas make for a perfect fashion statement. How can a pocket square further add to the look? A pocket square rich in colour tones always accentuates a bandhgala. Silk, satin, twill, printed or woven dobby and jacquards work very well. It also adds a dash of texture, colour and styling to a classic plain ensemble such as the bandhgala.

With bold colours being really in this season, do you think they make for a good style statement when worn to work? Definitely! As long as there are not too many colour-blocks. A bold colour, complimented with a neutral one, can work beautifully. Certain colours go with certain personalities so be sure not to go wrong with that ever.

022 | MARCH 12

60’s and 70’s trends are making quite a comeback in the current fashion scenario. According to you, are flared pants a good option to sport a casual look? Flared pants usually work as a look for tall and slim people. There should not be too much flare for short people but can work very well if kept in proportion with one’s height. The flared-pant look is not a very classic one. However, when in fashion it makes for a great casual look.


I am a big fan of drop-crotch jeans and trousers, but not sure of how to sport the trend formally. Please help. This look does not work formally. It is difficult to suggest this as a defined look but can work in a casual resort-like setting very well.


Given the current weather, I like layering up my garments. But with my big body frame, I end up looking stuffed. Are there really any norms that should be followed while layering? Do not layer up to the extent that it becomes cumbersome or unflattering in terms of body proportions. It is best to wear inners before putting on a garment. Try wearing a thin layer before you adorn a jacket over it. Keep a check on the chunky clothes or anything that adds too much volume.

I like brocade as a fabric but go clueless when it comes to combining it in my formal dressing. According to you, if I have to wear a brocade sherwani, what fabric lowers should it be combined with? Avoid brocade that is very shiny. Brocade with a dull shine works better than one with a sheen. Buttons should be jewelled and should be chosen in keeping with the colour of the brocade. Rubies, diamonds or any other jewel colour can work well on a cream colour achkan. The fabric of the lowers should always be cotton or a cotton silk combination. Suggested lowers: breeches!

024 | MARCH 12


aaac aaa aaa

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