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What is Values into Practice? Values into Practice is an up to the minute course, which provides essential ‘values’ training for new and existing social care workers. The course is relevant to people working in any social care setting. Current thinking in social care and relevant legislation will be explained, whilst providing some historical perspectives, to enable those taking part to understand the context in which they are working today. Most importantly, the course is designed to promote good practice in our workforce from the outset. Our aim is to ensure all our customers are treated with dignity and respect and that their needs and aspirations are always at the centre of our work. We also want to encourage our staff to have a positive ‘can do’ attitude!

Areas covered include: • Balancing independence with protection/rights with responsibilities • Rights and legislation driving social care • How risk assessment can be a good thing! • Dignity and Respect • Independence • Choice and Control • Social Inclusion

Staff Training


Values into Practise

To set out from the onset the mission and values of Care Dynamics


To cover staff handbook, procedures of the company

Movement and Handling

To ensure safety of you and others

Breakaway Techniques

To learn conflict resolution skills as well as breakaway techniques

First Aid

To learn skills which may be needed when lone working

Food Hygiene

For safety of self and customers

Mental Capacity Act

To gain an understanding of the act and how to implement the guidelines

Deprivation of Liberty

To understand how someone can be deprived

Communication Skills

Gain an understanding of different ways of communication

Person Centred Approaches

Understanding of people being at the centre of what we do, giving real choice freedom and control, enabling them to learn and develop

Equality and Diversity

Learn about equality and diversity in general

Skills for Care

For new staff to understand the basics of care, over a 3 day induction

Health and Safety

To enable staff to keep themselves and others safe, gain an understanding of risk assessment

Why Choose the Care Dynamics Team Person Centred Approach

Promoting Outcomes For You

All About You! Promoting Self Direction

Promote Social Inclusion

Caredynamics Yorkshire April  

Caredynamics Yorkshire April Press Release

Caredynamics Yorkshire April  

Caredynamics Yorkshire April Press Release