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The concepts of Sustainability, Green Architecture and Green Building have permeated the architecture profession all around the world, to refer to those approaches which allow for a fruitful dialogue between architecture and nature, and thus strengthen the controversy on ecology and sustainability with scientific grounds. Some sectors in Mexico are reacting to this world-wide trend and the first architectural complexes are being designed and built based on bioclimatic studies, which apply basic concepts focused on sustainable architecture. The UNITEC Campus Zapopan is one of those precursor complexes in the environmental trend in Mexico. GVA and Associates developed the UNITEC CAMPUS ZAPOPAN for the Universidad TecnolĂłgica de MĂŠxico, with a capacity for 8,000 students, between high-school and 16 higher education degrees. Developed to be a project that is environmentally-friendly and human being-friendly; based on the concepts of Sustainable Architecture, derived from Bioclimatic Studies and Technology, with which the greatest

Adhoc Zet Arquitectos  

Número dedicado a uno de los Despachos de Arquitectos mas importante de Michoacán, dirigido por el Arquitecto Enrique Romero Zozaya

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