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To give speed to the work-was done in a record time of 19 months, the construction was carried out based on prefabricated. Strategic Sports Management (TCG), also was devoted to administration and supervision of the work and was tasked with marketing, image and marketing of this great complex. TCG was founded in 2005 and is a partnership that brings together professionals of different specialties and provide comprehensive advice to companies involved in sport and entertainment. Thanks to their enthusiasm and uniting their efforts with Grupo Modelo and the directive of the Club Santos Laguna realized their dream of creating a large sports complex that will be a landmark in Latin America for its modern facilities. The company that invented the concept and master plan design Territory Santos Modelo, was HKS. HKS is one of the largest firms in the United States and internationally known for the design of modern sports and entertainment, among which include projects such as the New Stadium Dallas Cowboys in Arlington, and the remodeling of the Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles.

HKS was founded in 1939 and according to BD World Architecture magazine, is ranked among the nine largest architectural firms in the world, making it a leader in the field of architecture. This major company has a presence in 25 offices around the world including


Mexico, their experience includes stadiums, hotels and resorts, hospitals and corporate offices, banks, schools, government facilities, airports, religious, residential, commercial and industrial, located in 982 cities in 46 U.S. states and 59 countries.


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