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adhoc elements nuevo estadio corona - hks

white interiors contrasting with the wooden benches are the faithful who seek spiritual peace in this type of construction. There also is home to the parsonage, chat rooms and offices of the parish. The High Performance Centre is located next to the stadium and is composed by five and half-court training, three and a half are of natural grass that are maintained in good condition by automatic irrigation and the water used is treated water, also have the latest technology drain systems. The other two fields are synthetic grass, one of which is used by the football school and the other FIFA two-star category. The soccer school is located in a building with 132 m2 of construction and serves 450 students, is formed by terraces to accommodate the parents, medical, administrative area, snack shop, and sporting goods store. For the training of goalkeepers it has a pediment and another for the training of shots on goal. The parking lots have 2.450 boxes and internal roadways are asphalt concrete,

feature lighting, sidewalks and walkways of hydraulic concrete. The overall design concept was considered integrating local materials, open spaces, sustainable design and energy saving.


Referring to security, a very important issue these days in our country, the complex is composed of a closed system of video with about 60 high-definition cameras and immediate response that ensures the safety of the event.


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