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It seems that the house k x2 was destined

to be what it is today. The owner, a young couple with two daughters, seeking a spacious, full of natural light, gardens and open spaces. Pedregal was the ideal location. This residential area was initially conceived in the mid-40’s, and a division originally planned by Luis Barragån, who became a landmark of modernist style in Latin America. Customers sought from the beginning, a house representative of the original style of the Pedregal and that its condition would require a complete revamp. Not an easy task, since many of these original gems from the fifties have been demolished to make way for private small. Thus, after a few months found that summarized the spirit of the original brightness and lightness of Pedregal. The house is divided by two intersecting volumes. The first rests on a volcanic rock about twenty meters long. It forms a rectangular prism, which are located living room, TV room, kitchen and study of the client’s wife - writer and book lover - The second volume, half below level and contains two bedrooms and game room. On top of this body was designed a large outdoor terrace. The design premise was simple: take the good distribution of the original house to make it in a contemporary style and do it in a responsible manner with the environment. It was also important to create a space in which art played a key role, which operated the lighting qualities of design and friendly atmosphere and generate a consistent specification with quality furnishings and style of the rest of the house. In general, the design emerged in brightly lit open spaces, while allowing the visual to the garden of the house. In the first volume for vestibular dining room and other spaces, we used a stainless steel mesh. The furniture in these two areas was resolved with classical pieces from the time of architects like Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe. In contrast, the coffee table is a packing of stainless steel mesh due to the quality of



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