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Sir, guide?

By sumit ray



Sir, guide?

Sir, i tell you all the histories about the qutb minar.

What? No, thanks.i have a book.

Sir, i will tell you the full stories. The histories...the romances...

No, no, thank you. I am quite okay.


Anyway, wasn't that in agra?

* Contrary to popular belief, the iron pillar at qutb minar was not built by ashoka.

Where iron pillar of ashoka is, i will show you.*

Sir! Only i can show you where shah jahan kissed mumtaz mahal.

Yes, yes, delhi, agra. Sister cities, sir, ditto history. All mughal.

No, i think i will just stick with my book.

Aye, mumtaz!

Where've you been, you dog?

You just come when you need your biscuit atm, don't ya?

Man, i thought dogs' love was unconditional.

I could become famous as the doggie tourist guide.

Here you go, girl.

Hey, when're you going to show me places you hang out?

Hey, speaking of business, here comes one.

Ma'am, taxi? Ma'am!!

Pashmina shawl?

ÂŁ~@$ Marble taj?

What did you say?

Oh yes? Don't i know you?!

Huh? Oh, nothing. I was just cursing didi for not caring about her own safety.

Of course you know me...i am your bablu!

Ha ha, very funny.

Didn't go to school, janoo?

Saturday. Half day.

Going home?

Hmm. Got to go to sadar with ammi.

That far? Why?

Arrey, didi's clothes for the wedding.

Hee hee. Oh janoo, just prepared for success to come find me.

Oh yes, guess that's a big thing for you girls.

Uh hun? For girls? Who's wearing shades in the shade?


No, don't like cola. Banta?

Anything you desire.

See dedication to you. "New launch. London walk. Ready to occupy."

New housing in Dwarka. We will stay there. Our own home.

Ah, that so?

What? What are you saying?

350 square metres. Fully modern.


No? We don't need all that. Something small will do.

No. I'll build you a house, with my own hands.

Right here.

I'll build a house next to qutb for you.

New qutb! 20 floors, like the ambani house.

New history. This is neither hindu temples nor muslim mosque.

I'll use the spare stones in this compound and build it.

It will be our monument...and i will be the guide.

Ma'am guide?

Oh, yes, please.

Ma'am this is shahi banta. From royal kitchen.

And that is the royal car park, for mercedes chariots.


Yes, and 20 on weekends.

And we will paint our walls like ajanta!

Ah, beauty! beauty! Bodhisattva padmapani.


Fee 10 rupees?

Arrey, the famous painting at ajanta.

How do you know?

Oh wow, miss-first-inclass got a wrong answer

I get many answers wrong. I just don't repeat my mistakes.

Ah, that's why i love you.

Shhh! Not so loudly.

I worked as a guide at ajanta before delhi, remember?

Oh, that's right.

Uff ho! Attitude

Yes, and lot's of it.

Don't worry, janoo. No one is here.

Still...don't want to take a chance.

It's getting late. I should go.


Yes. They'll be waiting.

When's the wedding?


Will you call me?

It's getting late, i have to go.


Sumit ray 2013

Dream Guide  

by Sumit Ray. Part of the New Delhi 24 hour Comics Muqabla held on 20th-21st July, 2013.

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