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Bruce Venida and Back Kyung-Hoon photography Cenon Norial III styling: Willar Mateo hair and makeup: Jerry Consulta

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editor-in-chief Alyssa Africa creative director Cenon Norial III features editor Mav Bernardo, Adam Seth Teh beauty editor Michiko Mascarinas contributors Kristin Cornejo, Gromyko Semper, Roy Back, AJ Omandac, Paul Jatayna, Nikky Roa, Paolo Crodua, Idris Vicuna, RJ Santos, Ron Ramiro, Lorraine Mendoza, Erka Inciong, Jawi Gregorio, Patti Sunio, Jose Tong, Pam Santos, Shin Oderschvank, Jerry Consulta, Roby Mendoza, Willar Mateo, Manuel Gonzales, Mina Semper, An Estrada, Charles Buenconsejo, Czar Cristoff, Yen Salamoding, Alan Koa x x x Inquiries/ Advertisements/ Submissions x x x


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we love our boys!

What’s with the boys? What’s the WOW factor? What we truly love about them is something we can not exactly point out. It’s some sort of a mystery we have tried to revel ourselves, and this, this is what we came up with. This whole issue will adore them with much bigotry, yes. This will roughly be a chronicle of our love- hate relationship towards boys and everything that has to do with them. Let’s try to avoid all of the general terms and characteristics that comes to our mind for once. For this instance, allow yourself to simply admire them. Ask yourself, what is that thing that makes them special in our society as boys, not men? We both know the big difference. I suggest we have a little bit of interraction, shall we? Tell us what it is about them that you love dearly and admire. Objectively. Subjectively. Tell us. Alyssa Africa Editor-in-chief

Silhouettes Ink & watercolour on paper Alyssa Africa x Erka Inciong 2014

Brute Creation

by Lorraine Marjorie Mendoza

Boys. Boys. Insecure creatures remain as boys, Unmanageable accomplishments of youth. Untamed, frustrated animals. Revolutionary cower and cringe. Men. Men. Unpredictable wild fire; crazy like a moon. Deceivers injustice to woman. Men. Men. Masculinity anguishing and exhilarating. Mediocre, domestic, and imported.


City Lights

by Jose Tong

The cab drove me through EDSA, the light painted my face flourescent white, tungsten yellow, stoplight green and red. Water splashed to the wind breaker I just did break the boy’s heart, Just how all the other guys broke mine. Never tangential, what lonely roads we are on without crossroads. I texted some consolation, a shameful lie. Never meant to offend, but the idea was offensive at the onset. Manila, what a big city. People like stars moving further apart as the universe expands. In two weeks, he’ll move to the sandy part of the world. We both love money.

Mano Gonzales

Name: Manuel Luis Gaspar A. Gonzales Nick Name: Mano Gender: M Birthday: 01 12 1990 Birth Place: Isabela Email:


Hobbies: Making things Sports: Swimming Music: Everything Singer/ Band: A lot! Food: Everything Drinks: Water Colour: Black Friends: My thoughts Deepest fear: The deepest trench Motto: It is a man’s own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways. What is love? Love is the best thing you can submit yourself to wholly. First kiss: A grade school classmate Have you ever been in love? Yes His/ her qualities that you like best: Charming, smart, funny, cute, and sexy all rolled into one.





Portrait by An Estrada







Where is your favorite place to see art? In several parts of the city. Finding art in very unlikely places. Also, in totally unfamiliar places.

technique? I just kept drawing and drawing until I liked it. It was more of a trial and error sort of thing.

Do you make a living off your What international art art? Not fully. destination do you most want to visit? Berlin! Do you collect anything? Movie tickets Who’s your favourite living artist? Gerhard Richter What’s the first artwork you ever sold? An illustration from What’s your art-world pet Bloom arts. peeve? Art may sometimes be intimidating and sometimes very Do you often visit galleries clique-ish. and museums? Yes I do! I love going to exhibits of artists I Where do you get your respect and whose works I love. inspiration? The city and nature. I love shows at Silverlens and But more than that, I get inspired Blanc galleries. by people. Especially their eyes. What work of art do you What techniques do you use? wish you owned? Any work It’s a mix of different drawing by Gerhard Richter and Julian techniques. Schnabel. How did you discover this

Most unforgettable

experience as an artist: Having the courage to actually put myself out there as an artist. Next: A new set of works! I am still trying to discover new things about my technique but I am definitely excited to start working and putting them out! What are the characteristic of a prince? He can be anyone but he has to have a certain kind of charisma and child-like characteristic but has a very mature way of looking at things. Do you consider yourself a prince? Maybe. On some days? Haha You are a Prince of? I am a prince of adventure! Haha





Name: Gromyko Padilla Semper
 Nickname: Myko
 Gender: M Birthday: 01 13 1985
 Birth Place: Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija

Myko Semper

Hobbies: Spreading virginal canvas/paper with my hard pens and ejaculating ink and paint to create what people call ART
 Sports: I suck at badminton, I do like chess 
Music: Classical, emo-modern, hate loud sounds, oldies 60’s-80’s sounds, jazz, rock, hate metal and rap and pop
 Singer/ Band: Enya, Gregorian Monks, Evanescence, Andrea Bocelli, Groban, Elvis,The Beatles, Avril, Gaga, etc...
 Food: Calumpit (blood colored berry), dark chocolate, beef broccoli and lasagna!
 Drinks: Tea, coffee, fruit juices
 Color: Black, red, white, turquoise, neon pink 
Friends: A few trustworthy friends, thousands of online friends from around the globe
 Motto: Wake up and dream

 What is love? Refer to 1 Corinthians 13: 1-13 
Who is your Crush? My wife. But then there’s oranges and lemons, oh, wait, there’s Devon Aoki. 
First kiss: A picture of Pamela Anderson while alone in my bedroom
. Have you ever been in love? Always

Portrait by Mina Semper


His/ her qualities that you like best: The opposite of who I am

. Where is your favorite place to see art? From my bathroom. Especially my toilet. They say that most art today resembles the waste we excrete. I do agree! What international art destination do you most want to visit? Let’s see, there’s Italy, to see the Sistine chapel murals, and also the Uffizzi in Florence. Germany to see Durers and Bocklins. There’s Paris to see the Moureau museum and the Louvre, and in Japan to see actual Takato Yamamotos and Arakis! Who’s your favorite living artist? Living artist would be; Marcel Antonio, Rodel Tapaya, Ray Caesar, Agostino Arrivabene, Nicola Samori, Casey Weldon, Ernst Fuchs, Jana Brike, James Jean, Toshio Saeki And Takato Yamamoto, Daed ones include, Albrecht Durer, Da Vinci, Vermeer, Heironymus Bosch, Giorgio De Chirico, Paul Delvaux, Salvador Dali, Max Ernst, Joan Miro And Andrew Wyeth

What’s your art-world pet peeve? WHAT THE HELL IS AN ART WORLD PET PEEVE? I’m kidding. Well, I am annoyed by much of the contemporary art world’s conceptual idiots. Those who create works without the notion of even knowing that what they did was way been done by duchamp. I also dont like auction stars like Ronald Ventura, who creates pastiches works based on simple photoshop tricks that even my grandmother can do! I am also annoyed by much of the local art scene’s ignorance in global art,the name-callings, blah blah. Where do you get your inspiration? From watching porn :-) Books, other artists’ works, flowers, plants, myths, everyday experiences. They don’t inspire me though they come as regular part of my creative process. If I force inspiration, I tend to do whacky works. Also it is important to let the works grow by themselves, with a bit of play, where one could spit up and be surprised by the things one can create from such a mess. 
What techniques do

you use? Kama Sutra in drawing
. How did you discover this technique? Much practice with virginal and nonvirginal paper/canvas. Do you make a living off your art? Surprisingly, yes. (I think I’m better that way. I suck at other things, dammit I even have 4 huge works to finish while writing this!) 
Do you collect anything? stamps, lots of books, magazines, like, Interiors, Hi Fructose, Juxtapoz. I also collect photographs I download from the internet and printed (used as reference) I also collect plants. Weird ones. And then I’m starting to collect sculptures like mushrooms, odd vases to decorate our little home. 
What’s the last artwork you purchased? None. I have a habit of exchanging my works for another. The latest was from a painter living in France. What’s the first artwork you ever sold? I remember vivdly that it was a watercolour painting of



a Dali’s like mother and child, sold to a Swiss lady who became my friend, in exchange for 50 euros and 40 pcs of brushes, paints, and paper
. Do you have a gallery/ museum-going routine? Only when I get to visit Manila. But I prefer to stay away from museum/gallery shows
. What work of art do you wish you owned? Dali’s

Persistence of Memory and Bosch’ Garden of Earthly Delights, also, Durer’s complete original Woodcuts! Most unforgettable experience as an artist: Having to beg a collector to buy my work because my son got sick and we have no money
. Date: I can’t remember. Not good with numbers. 
Place: My little garden, where I get to caress

my innocent plants after watering them. I get a sense of peace after communing with them
. Person: Marcel Antonio, mentor and friend, Painter Extraordinaire
 What’s next: Let’s see, I have an upcoming show in late July. A group show in NOVa Gallery, then there’s ManilaArt in October, where I get to curate an international bunch of artists as well as local ones


whose works are focused on surrealist/ visionary/ fantastic/ lowbrow/ outsider/ pop surreal art. Then there’s SpotArt Singapore, and my major solo coming November this year in Greenbelt 5’s Posh gallery Altromondo. After that, I let the fate and God decide. 
What is your idea of a prince? Throbbing with

a huge tool, a bit Italianasian, muscular but not buff and heavy, black hair, blue eyes, not too tall... the type you see in soft porn fairy tales. 
What are the characteristics of a prince? Charming, as the most appropriate label goes, oozing with innuendo, machismo, elegant, yet down-to-earth, has a way

with the ladies, respectful, God-fearing. 
Do you consider yourself a Prince? Let’s see if Dra. Belo can transform me based on my descriptions above
. You are a Prince of: Fernalia. The world where there is no good or evil, where love and sex reigns free!














Name: Idris Vicuna
 Nick Name: Eyedress
 Gender: M Birthday: 05 28 1990
 Birth Place: Makati City

 Hobbies: Drawing and skateboarding 
 Sports: Not into sports 
 Music: Bart Davenport, Jesse Lanza, Sean Nicholas Savage, Mac Demarco.
 Singer/ Band: The Velvet Underground and Nico  Food: Tandoori chicken
 Beverage: Tequila
 Colour: Purple 
 Friends: Forever
 Deepest fear: Dying alone
 Motto: Every wall is a door

 What is love? A choice
 Who is your crush? Maya Kibbel
 First kiss: Forgot her face
 Have you ever been in love? Of course
 What are the person’s qualities that you like? A positive attitude








First of all, have you always seen yourself doing this kind of thing? Yeah, I’ve always been making music so it makes sense that I am where I am today. How does it feel to be 
writing songs, making music and playing in front of a crowd? I don’t really write lyrics I just freestyle them and just

choose the best takes to keep the improv spirit alive. Crowds are okay when they aren’t so stiff. 
How does it make you feel, seeing people enjoy your music? It makes me so wet. 
How did it all start? It started with a broken heart. The rest is history

Who are your musical influences? My Bloody Valentine, Josef K, Sonic Youth, Cody Chesnutt, Vincent Gallo.
 Is anyone else in your family as musically inclined as you are? Not really. My dad can play guitar though. 
Where do you get inspiration from writing


Photos included on this feature are stills from Eyedress’ music video, “Everything We Touch Turns Into Gold” Directed by Julius Valledor Produced by Cameron Clark Director of Photography James Go


your songs and creating your music? My life. All the sad things that happened. I try to make them beautiful so I have something nice to look back on.
 How will you describe your music? Psychedelic pop with a dark undertone
. Why did you choose to play this kind of music? It’s what I like. I make what I like
. What makes this kind of music “good” to you? It’s unique and androgynous at times. 
How will you describe the independent music scene in our country? It’s doing pretty good. There are a lot of aspiring artists nowadays who can do it all themselves. 
 What is the one thing you

can’t live without? Weed, maybe
. If you could play in any place in the world, where would it be? The Smell in LA
. What new music are you into? Gesaffelstein 

60’s soul beach vibes kind of shoegaze vibes and 90’s stuff. Google it
Do you consider yourself a Prince? I don’t consider myself a prince. I was named after a king though.

You belong in a band called Bee Eyes? Could you tell us a bit about 
it? How you guys were formed, story behind the name and the kind of
 music you play? We formed back in 2006 but we used to call ourselves The Love Team until this director stole it for his lame ass tv show lol We were always just jamming doing a lot of NOISEY droney psychedelic stoner garage rock, then as we matured we started playing more


OS Accessories

Name: Paul Jatayna Nick Name: Paul Gender: M Birthday: 12 10 1989 Birth Place: Legazpi Email: Hobbies: I don’t really have hobbies. I like doing different things. Sports: Currently, none. Music: Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of Gessafelstein. It makes me more productive when I start working. Singer/ Band: Gwen Stefani / No Doubt Food: AJ’s spicy chicken adobo Drinks: Vitamilk Color: Red Friends: Are weird Deepest fear: Heights, fullypacked elevators Motto: I don’t have a motto. I like changing things up. What is love? Love creates order and disorder. Who is your Crush? Die Antwoord’s Ninja! Who is your first kiss? Some girl from high school. Have you ever been in love? Yes What are the person’s qualities that you like best? Openmindedness












Name: AJ Omandac Nick Name: AJ Gender: M Birthday: 06 22 1985 Birth Place: Davao City Email: Hobbies: Art & design, cuisine Sports: Not at all sporty haha Music: Lilith Fair girls, Dance rock, world music-ish Singer/ Band: Phoenix, MIA, Sia, Lilly Allen Food: Asian, Fusion, Filipino and everything in between. Drinks: Coke zero, Red Horse, lemonade, mojitos, anything lemon spiked Color: White, gray, black, monotone Friends: Paul, Buck, lovely college friends Deepest fear: Simple life, mediocrity Motto: If you want something done do it yourself What is love? Is complicated and a reason to live Who is your Crush? Bradley Cooper, Adrien Brody? haha Who is your first kiss? It was lame/late, played the spin the bottle game with my college friends haha Have you ever been in love? Of course, many times over What are the person’s qualities that you like best? Strength and frailty, off beat attitude with conservatism.

How will you define your personal style? Paul: I always hated this question, but if I have to answer it, I like playing with different styles and making them my own. AJ: I don’t think I have a style in fashion but more in design/art. Natural, effortless, flowing.

bones. AJ: Brainchild! How did it all start? Paul: We wanted to combine real bones and metals together to make unisex accessories. AJ: We thought of something to do together, Paul and I. He was interested in fashion while I love art, so, accessories was a good middle ground.

What is your favorite thing to wear? Paul: My KTZ baggy shorts. It’s so What is it made of? comfortable. Paul: Polyurethane, but now we AJ: Comfy black and white are experimenting with different metals like brass, silver, and Describe your accessories? aluminum. Paul: We make polyurethane

AJ: Individually handcrafted high quality polyurethane. But through the collections we have experimented with leather and metals. What makes your accessories special? Paul: They were specially designed. AJ: You make something that isn’t available. Or is available but totally used in a different context. There are undeniably a lot of people who loves your brand. Is there any circumstance wherein you heard or you’ve known of



any negative comment about your brand or pieces? How did you react about it? Paul: Of course. We treat negative comments as a breakthrough for improvement. AJ: That’s totally normal when you go out there and you present yourself or what you do. if they’ re hating so much it’s either you did a bad job or you’re fishing in the wrong seas.

death, pollution, and ancient mythology to name a few. AJ: I don’t believe in inspiration. I think you create or you don’t. What do you like best about designing accessories? Paul: Getting inspired. AJ: Design is both a logical and creative exercise. The limits of what can be done pushes you to be more creative.

What do you dislike about We believe you have stockists designing accessories? in different shops in different Paul: Editing. Before we release countries around the world, how our collection, we show it to codoes it make you feel? designer friends who have good Paul: Proud and accomplished, taste. but more than that we feel more AJ: Deadlines. motivated to push what we do. AJ: I feel lucky that partners trust Most unforgettable experience and believe in us. Happy, too, that as a designer: what we have worked so hard for Paul is working. Date: 4/8/11 Place: Rockwell Bazaar Where do you get your Person: Everyone. It was our inspiration? first release as a brand. It was a Paul: This I think is a very broad great feeling to meet people who question. But to generalize it, we would bring out their wallets and get inspired from religion, sex,

purchase what you created. AJ Date: Jan 2012 Place: Shibuya, Tokyo Person: We were first stocked at Candy/Faketokyo in Japan. Previously we had no idea what the store was. So when it was launched it was crazy good! It was also our biggest order back then. Great achievements as a fashion accessories designer: Paul: Surviving for three years. AJ: Learning by doing and never giving up on a goal. Future goals for the brand? Paul: I think AJ is more of the person who plans for the future. I enjoy living in the present more than the future. AJ: Learning by doing and never giving up on a goal. What’s next? Paul: OS Volume 5 AJ: Vol 5 41


Portraits by Cenon Norial III Lookbook by Charles Buenconsejo Products by Czar Kristoff


Monster Shoes

Name: Ronald Allan C. Ramiro Nick Name: Ron Gender: M Birthday: 07 24 1981 Birth Place: Manila Email: Hobbies: Right now, my only hobby is my Monster shoes. 24/7, thinking, living and breathing Monster shoes. I love to go shopping, too. I currently have an addiction towards very expensive bags! Sports: I love sports. I grew up playing sports. I was part of our varsity team in volleyball. I also play tennis, table tennis, and billiards. Music: Anything goes, really. Please see below... Singer/ Band:  1.) Right now I am so obsessed with Bjork. It’s on repeat everyday and everywhere. I love all her songs but currently her Vespertine album is my fave.  2.) Spice Girls- classic “go-to” song to cheer me up. I grew up listening to their songs and would you believe that my nickname back in college was “Babyspice?” That’s how obessed I am with them. 3.) Rihanna - LOVE Her! 4.) Lady Gaga 5.) Mariah Carey 6.) Pink Food: I have been doing my diet for years. No rice in the evening. Just grilled chicken breast, steamed sweet potato and eggs for years now. For cheat days, (this is when I lose control) carb loading and sugar bombs: Chocolates, breads, junk foods Drinks: Just good ol’ fashion H2O Color: Black. Or if they invented something darker than black... that will do ;) Friends: Samantha Jones, Miranda Hobbes and Charlotte York. They are all in New York! Deepest fear: To lose my one true love, Monster shoes. Motto: “I’ll do anything and give everything for my business!” This is what I said from the 1st day I launched Monster. Whenever I am feeling down or complaining with too much things to do with it, I go back to this motto and it’s just perfect

Portrait by Yen Salamoding


to give me the boost I need. It’s like my Nicotine! What is love? Love is loving the best trait and the worst trait of someone. Knowing that you love them because they are sweet, kind, generous and loving. Also knowing that you love them even if they push all your buttons to be angry, upset or just plain annoyed. Love is never perfect. With the good comes the bad and the ugly.  Who is your Crush? No one, really. Because I am no longer single, I can say I am “crush-proof” Because for me a “crush” is someone you like, then you tend to start thinking of them every waking moment, that you are “kilig” to see them.   Who is your first kiss? Will not reveal. Because it was with someone I wasn’t romantically involved with. Parang NSA kinda fun. Have you ever been in love? YES! His/ her qualities that you

like best? Good-looking, loving, generous, kind, Godfearing, fashionable but only comes 2nd to me. My Soulmate. Most of all, I can just be myself and not pretend to be someone else when I am with him in this wonderful relationship. How will you define your personal style? Maximalist. This is my formula: all black ensemble + layering + monster shoes (a must!) + tons and tons of accessories. What is your favorite thing to wear? Monster shoes  Describe your shoes? Monster is not your usual footwear.  Monster’s aesthetic is edgy, daring and unusual. Our style ranges from street wear to a classier yet spunky ensemble. Monster shoes are designed for standout men and women who have a distinct sense of style. They are for the unique individuals who are edgy, fashion forward, and carefree. 

What makes your shoes special? First would be the design. I am not the only one designing platform shoes but my styles are so distinct and so unique. Also, another selling point of my shoes is what we call “MonsterTo-Order (MTO)” wherein clients can customise their own shoes. 3rd will be customer service. I make it to a point wherein my clients get the best “Customer Experience” from the start of their order until they receive their shoes. Where do you get your inspiration? I am inspired by anything that is “deviant” or different. May it be in nature, movies, and songs. From there, I express this “deviant” form into designs. People find things that are unusual and different as scary, but I want them to see, that, there is beauty in things that are unusual and different. What are your favorite colors to work with


and why? It would be black. Because I have a maximalist approach, wherein I love piling up maybe 5 design ideas/ concept in 1 shoes but since it’s black, it looks well-put together. What do you like best about designing


shoes? Initially, I design shoes for myself since I have the most difficult time looking for avant-garde footwears. Now, best part of designing shoes is, I get to explore new design concepts on how to make a pair of shoes that is different and unique and I get to share this to all my Monster Cult worldwide. It is like I am already leaving my “foot prints” or “legacy” which makes me so happy. What do you dislike about designing shoes? Whenever I get “designer’s block” meaning you are trying to get new ideas but no new ideas are coming through. Worst part is most of the time, I have a deadline. Most unforgettable experience as a designer:  1.) Red Box Designer for Manila Fame (CITEM)invited to be part of Red Box as a Designer for CITEM’s March 2014 Philippine’s Largest Trade Show MANILA FAME. Was awarded with sponsorship together with other 12 designers to come up with our capsule collection. I have designed 7 piece Capsule Collection entitled

“Summer in Tokyo” 2.) Look of Style Awards 2013- one of the 4 grand winners under the Accessory Design category which includes shoes, bags and jewelleries. Was awarded a scholarship in Sheffield University in London UK. 3.) Philippine Fashion Group- Invited to be part of young, talented designers that will showcase our creations. First project is Runway Show at CanadaPhilippine Fashion Week in June 2014 4.) Collaboration with acclaimed Fashion Designer Noel Crisostomo for his collection at CanadaPhilippine Fashion Week in June 2014 5.) Vancouver Fashion Week S/S 2014- has collaborated with Fashion Designer Kaye Morales and designed men’s footwear for her show at Vancouver Fashion Week S/S 2014 6.) FaDAL Member- proud member of the Fashion Designers Alliance Philippines (2013-2015) Great achievements as a fashion shoe designer Fashion goals? Business Longevity. To expand my business and launch an

empire globally. I cater to all clients worldwide but I want in a much much much bigger scale in 3-5 years. What’s next? I am coming up with a brand new collection that we will be shown in Canada. Philippine Fashion Week on June 2014. I am so excited as this is my very first fashion show. Not a collaboration with a designer, but my very own. (Sorry if I sound “mayabang” but I am super proud of this one.) What is your idea of a prince? Your soulmate. Someone who will love you for your good traits and the not-so-good qualities. It doesn’t hurt if your prince is “good-looking”. What are the characteristic of a prince? TLC- TENDER. LOVING. CARING. Good in bed. Do you consider yourself a Prince? Prince to my partner. You are a Prince of: Monster shoes

Lookbook by Czar Kristoff Styling by Paul Jatayna Products by Ron Ramiro


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45 Minutes Ink & graphite Roby Mendoza 2014


Robust Rex

Lorraine Marjorie Mendoza

Hatred by evil, Obeyed by command. Wise but foolish; Loved. Adored. Wicked and ashamed. Victims for his deceptions. Obligated punishment; Lions and Wolves. Meaningless currency, Crowned head organization. Greedy of grain, Patrimony of excellence. Vulgar crowd; REVENGE! Powerful prisoner, Dominant beast with power.


Name: Kaleb Nicolas C. Roa Nick Name: Nicky Gender: Male Birthday: 09 10 1992 Birth Place: Cebu City Email:

Nikky Roa

Hobbies: Singing, writing, drawing, listening to music and watching movies. I also like browsing for random things on Google. Sports: What’s that? I only played scrabble during intramurals and I always won gold. I never liked getting sweaty. Music: Indie, Jazz, a little Pop, Rock and Hip Hop. I am also a big fan of old music.   Singer/ Band: I like a lot of  bands and artists! Here are a few of my favorites : She & Him, The Carpenters, Fleetwood Mac, Haim, Lykke Li, Marina and the Diamonds, Billie Holiday, Nancy Sinatra, Phoenix, The Drums, Two Door Cinema Club, Arctic Monkeys, Gorillaz, Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey and Frank Ocean. Food: I’m a dessert kinda guy.  Drinks: Coffee, milk tea, 7 Eleven slurpees and Yakult. Color: Subdued, low saturated and powdery colors. Friends: I don’t have a lot of friends. Deepest fear: I don’t know yet. Motto: Lana Del Rey’s monologue from Ride. ‘I was always an unusual girl, my mother told me that I had a chameleon soul. No moral compass pointing me due north, no fixed personality. Just an inner indecisiveness that was as wide and unwavering as the ocean.’ What is love? You’re asking the wrong guy. But I believe what Lana said : ‘When someone else’s happiness is your happiness, that is Love’ Lana Del Rey Who is your Crush? First of all, I like boys. My celebrity crushes would be : Anderson Cooper, Adam Levine, Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, Jake









Gyllenhaal, John Ham, Hugh Jackman, Zachary Quinto, Chris Pine and Alexander Skarsgard. Who is your first kiss? I don’t remember. Have you ever been in love? No, but it felt pretty close. His/ her qualities that you like best: Liked kissing and cuddling, he didn’t mind if I get a little weird and act a bit effeminate, he was smart and funny, he liked to drive around the city, well endowed and good in bed. These are qualities from different guys i’ve encountered. Where is your favorite place to see art? The internet. But I like to

observe everything and anything I see in the places I go to. People always stare and think I’m a weirdo because I have a habit of staring at something for a long time, tilting my head, squinting my eyes and even having a dialogue with myself with regards to what I think about the subject. Sorry, I’m weird. But aren’t we all?

What’s your art-world pet peeve? Hmmm, maybe copying someone’s work and calling it your own. I mean, I think it’s okay to imitate someone’s drawing style but not to the point where your work and the artists’ look almost identical. Try to make the style your own so you can create your own identity.

What international art Where do you get your destination do you most want to inspiration? I get my inspiration visit? New York, Paris and Japan. from the things I’ve seen and remembered. I like observing Who’s your favorite living artist? classical paintings, traditional James Jean, David Downton, japanese art, flowers and fashion Laura Laine, Dilka Bear and Oleg photography. I also find inspiration Dou. Of course, Soleil Ignacio, in music and literature. Tokwap and Mall Licudine. 59

Can you tell us about your creative process? It depends on how I feel actually. But when I think of something or see something and get so inspired by it, I immediately draw it. I don’t like leaving my work for even a second because I tend to get bored real easily. I like to start drawing but whenever I get bored or don’t feel happy about it, I leave it. As a result, most of my works are unfinished.

art is too low. I don’t have the courage to price my work or even bring myself to sell them. But just recently, I sold a few works to Allison Harvard. So I guess that’s a good sign, eh?

What techniques do you use? There are techniques? LOL Seriously though, I just do whatever I can to achieve the image in my head and use whatever medium is available.

What’s the last artwork you purchased? I bought Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84.

How did you discover this technique? It helps to observe other artists’ work. I think that’s how I learned to do the ‘techniques’ that I do now. Always try to learn new things kids. I know I still have heaps to learn! Do you make a living off your art? Not really. Well, not yet I guess. My confidence with my


Do you collect anything? I like old things. When my great grandmother passed away, I kept a few of her dolls, books, cameras, paintings, jewelry and clothes.

What’s the first artwork you ever sold? I think I was 12 when I painted flowers during a lesson. My mom’s old interior designer friend bought it for 500 bucks. I spent it on Digimon toys. Do you have a gallery/museumgoing routine? I’ve always wanted to go to museums and exhibits, but never had the chance to do so. I did go to a fee just recently but I definitely wish I could go to them more often. You know what, I

probably will! What work of art do you wish you owned? Paintings from the Rococo period. Especially Fragonard’s L’Escarpolette and Degas’ ballet themed paintings. Most unforgettable experience as an artist: When Allison Harvard bought my work. Date: Mid- April Place: Manila - Cebu Person: America’s Next Top Model’s Allison Harvard What’s next: I have no idea. What is your idea of a prince? He should have a sexy English accent, slightly hairy with stubble, dreamy eyes and likes giving fancy presents. What are the characteristics of a prince? Being a true gentleman. Do you consider yourself a Prince? Yeah, I guess. You are a Prince of... Nonchalance and procrastination.




Shin Oderschvank

by Act 1: Cross-analysis of the Chiaroscuro

It’s always either you take what I say very seriously or not at all. I don’t know where you got this false idea of who I am. I am not a joke or a priest whose every action is assumed to be observed by god. I am just myself. A human being. I do good and bad things. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail. I am both an introvert and an extrovert. I keep on insisting on you the idea of people being multi-faceted. But no matter how many times you say it’s okay and tell me to “calm down” (when I am actually calm anyways), I know that you are not really listening. You never listen. You have the golden arrogance of

a beast warrior leading a pride of lions. You think everything you know is right. You learn a lesson from all your experiences, which is not exactly an intelligent deed – contrary to popular belief. You have this stupid idea that people can only be either black or white. It’s either they’re really This or That. A or B. You cannot accept that I can’t be both a reader, staying indoors, and a biker, gliding smoothly along the streets. I can’t be both a solemn diarist and a socializing teenager.

Act 2: M eta-mastication

You complain to me that nobody knows who you truly are. I ask you who you really are and you shrug me off, refusing to admit defeat – because, my darling, you don’t know who you truly are, either.

Sometimes I think we’re the most disgusting things on Earth. All of us, you and I.

The physical aspects of our relationship make up for the psychological differences. Instead of shrieking “WHAT THE FUCK?” when you get into these great monologues of your pretentious theories about humanity, I hug you instead. From behind. Where I can feel your heartbeat, the only part of you that goes along with mine. -

In the middle of sleep, I free myself from your embrace. I see again how grotesque people are. That you, my darling, is also a bag of water and

flesh, tissues and bones, just like everyone else. You are the result of a million little cells struggling not to let go of each other. In your belly are tubes filled with shit. In my lungs are the putrefying air you exhaled thirty seconds ago. In our hearts, blood. I hate blood. I am both fascinated and disgusted by us.

reading the microscopic inscriptions, I ask, “If I drink all these at once, will I die?” Pause. You try to think of a witty answer to that. It’s either you take what I say very seriously, or not at all. Pause.

Act 3: A(t)tempt to Conclude. The morning after, you see me sitting at the edge of the bed. You owned it with all your limbs, marking every region as your territory. I am holding your little pink bottle of pills in one hand and a dying cigarette between the tips of the other. While

“There’s no harm in trying,” you tell me. “Fuck you,” I tell you.

Roy Back

Back Kyung-Hoon

Name: Back Kyung-Hoon Nick Name: Roy Back Gender: Male Birthday: 12 14 1989 Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea Email: Hobbies: Listening to music, watching movies, shopping Sports: Football Music: I listen to all types of music :) Singer/ Band: Chemical Brothers, Muse, Dresses, Daft Punk Food: I eat all kinds of foods (except insect) Drinks: Water Colour: Chiaroscuro (black, white, grey) Friends: The universe is my friend  Deepest fear: Losing someone important Motto: You only live once What is love? Love is sacrifice and sharing Who is your Crush? Barbara Palvin, Jessica Stam, Kate Upton, a lot! :) Who is your first kiss? Actually, I don’t remember but I think my first kiss is my parents and my grandparents. Have you ever been in love? Of course, a lot . Since I was born, I’ve been in love with my family and until now. And when I was relationship with my ex-girlfriend.  What are the person’s qualities that you like best? Good listener and understanding. How will you define your personal style? I wear anything that fits me well.





What is your favourite piece in your closet? All of it (I don’t pick favourite piece) ‘cause I love garments. I need all of it for styling and I can do a lot of things for all. Do you have a ‘uniform’? Angle boots (that’s my part of uniform)  How will you describe your

designs? My designs are my life stories. I put the meaning and put in the silhouette that works best to connect with my stories.   There are a lot of designers, labels out there. How will you set yours apart from the rest? I want to put up a label that makes people

understand the design, to make them realize that it’s not just a garment, it’s important. That it is art and part of life and mood. Where do you get your inspiration? My family. I have a lot of sad and happy stories. I’m inspired by all of the things I feel and love about my family. because





they are the once who’s making you feel the way you feel. What are your favourite colours to work with and why? Black and white. Because it’s my family colour and when you mix black with white, you will see perfect lines. What do you like best about designing clothes? Being able to share and inspire people with the way I feel through my creations. What do you dislike about designing clothes? I don’t think I have anything I dislike about designing clothes. Most unforgettable experience as a designer:  Date: April 12, 2011 Place: Avenue (graduation show) For you, what is the greatest achievement a fashion designer can have? Inspiring people. 

Future goals as a designer? For my design to be understood and felt by my clients. What’s next? Make complete collection and showcase to my family and my friends who know my stories. What is your idea of a prince? A prince is clean and an important part of the family (SON) What are the characteristics of a prince? Smart & perfect Do you consider yourself a Prince? Yes You are a Prince of: I’m a Prince to my parents.

Photography Cenon Norial III Model Mav Bernardo



Name: Randolph Santos Jr. Nick Name: RJ Gender: M Birthday: 04 1 1990 Birth Place: Makati Email: Hobbies: Playing with my dogs, eating Sports: I used to swim, I used to play badminton, I used to do capoeira. Also, I had a one-day tennis training aka none.t Music: Anything good. I stopped restricting myself to certain genres. I can go from jazz to acid Singer/ Band: Muse, UTIOG, The Killers, Roisin Murphy, Alanis, Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys, Stevie Wonder, The Beach Boys, Etta James, Lady GaGa (tapos ang usapan lol) Food: Pizza, lasagna, burger, fries Drinks: Pineapple juice Colour: Red Friends: You have your friends, then your first friends, then your second friends. Deepest fear: Separation in any kind lol Motto: Keep off the grass What is love? Love is being able to put up with that person’s loud snoring. Who is your Crush? Boy Abunda Have you ever been in love? No What are the person’s qualities that you like best? Funny and driven, has a plan/goal and goes for it no matter what.


How will you define your personal style? Simple and public.

How will you describe your designs? COUTURE! Haha Joke. Simple and comfortable.

I don’t really mind that aspect as much as I am able to fulfill my “vision”.

What is your favorite piece in your closet? My White Tee with dinosaur origami drawings

There are a lot of designers out there. How will you set yours apart from the rest? I guess my goal is really to just express myself through clothing and explore different techniques, rather than setting myself apart from the ‘rest.’ So

Where do you get your inspiration? I get inspiration from almost anything. Sometimes a song can make my mind travel. I guess when my mood matches a perfect song/setting/event/whatever, then things start to get wild in

Do you have a ‘uniform’? Shirt and pants. Sometimes, shorts. That’s it.

my brain aka I get inspired. What are your favourite colors to work with and why? WHITE because I can print on it lol. I don’t have a particular color that I favor. It just depends on the idea I’m trying to translate into clothing. However, I stay on the neutrals most of the time. What do you like best about designing clothes? Everything! I like the whole process of making clothes, well except fabric sourcing. I like conceptualizing on an idea, constructing the garments and marketing the products. I find fulfillment in being able to be part of every process. Maybe it’s one of the reasons why I am not really that fond of outsourcing production. I need to change that.. Hmmm What do you dislike about designing clothes? Fabric sourcing can be a pain in the ass. Most unforgettable experience as a designer: As of now... I think it would still have to be our graduation show. Even if my clothes 78

weren’t at their best qualitywise, we were able to pull of a successful show given the time constraints, requirements from other subjects, and our thesis (research paper). We were able to plan and organize the show by ourselves and that’s something to be extremely proud of. It was one crazy semester. Date: October 13, 2012 Place: Backstage, Aldaba Hall, UP Diliman Person: Parents, Blockmates, Ma’am Ish

able to experience being an employee so that I would have a deeper knowledge on how things go in the industry.

For you, what is the greatest achievement a fashion designer can have? Personally, I think it’s having your own store. Meaning, you are able to afford paying the bills and employing people.

You are a Prince of: Procrastination

Future goals as a designer? My ultimate goal is to be a creative director of a brand. I want to be able to set the direction of a brand and not just design clothes then have them approved. What’s next? Well, I’m thinking of getting employed HAHA! I think that it is really necessary (at least for me) for me to be

What is your idea of a prince? A prince is someone who is a leader but is still part of doing ‘dirty’ work. What are the characteristics of a prince? Kind, smaller crown than king’s. Do you consider yourself a Prince? I wish!










by Joey Rafal Gregorio

Something to Remember

“You guys are all the same.” That’s how she ended our conversation—by saying the most used argument based on the great fallacy of composition and false myopic attribution. I didn’t give a response; I didn’t defend the masculine side because it’s senseless— I don’t feel the need to. Why? Because if the statement is irrational, illogical, or unreasonable, any form of rational comeback will only be rejected because they already have their belief and beliefs are subjective. And so I let her think what she wants to think about boys. The next morning, we went out for coffee. She’s not talking, her eyes fixed into nothingness, she just keeps on stirring her coffee and I let her. She took a sip from it and realized that it’s already dead cold then she asked: “I’m expecting you to say that you’re not like them but you didn’t, why?” “I know that you know that what you said is not true and you just said it because of your frustrations. I know that all you really want is to have a guy who will never hurt you and will never cheat on you—I know that all you want is a guy who will love you the way you want to feel loved and you know that you’ll find that guy someday. You’re just really upset right now and you just don’t want to feel that awful feeling anymore that’s why you’re too preoccupied on looking for that prince of yours to save you from your own hell.” “Wow, just wow. How did you know all those things? Why didn’t you say that to me when I... ” I didn’t let finish because I don’t want to hear it.


“Because I’m a guy—I am guy who wants to love a girl. I’m a guy who wants to protect every atom of my queen. I’m a guy who wants to marry someone and have kids and have a happy family. Because I’m a guy—I’m a guy who wants to be the knight with shining armor in a girl’s fairytale. Because I’m a guy, do you understand, lonely girl?” She didn’t make a response, and I don’t need to hear it. Instead, she came beside me and gave me a hug, it’s different from her longing and lonely hug— it’s a hug with understanding, hope, and a new perspective from a big realization. Every girl just needs to find their right guy, they just need to be patient and never hurry up. They just need to avoid blaming, making judgment based on their gloomy emotion, generalizing the whole population of masculinity as cheaters, unfaithful, or liars because in the psychological point of view, it’ll only reinforce a guy to really be like those. If a girl is looking for their right guy, guy is also looking for their right girl too. We all need love. We all need someone who will be our companion for the rest of lives— all of us.


Let’s Play, okay?

photography Cenon Norial III styling Willar Mateo hair and makeup Jerry Consulta models Bruce Venida and Back


fur crowns, ANTON BELARDO cloud head dress, WILLAR MATEO


on kyung-hoon horned swimming cap, KEL SAMPAYAN black tank, WILLAR MATEO unicorn shorts, SALAD DAY on bruce hologram cap, FOREVER 21 printed belt bag, VIVIENNE WESTWOOD black sleeveless top, NIXON MARQUEZ metallic silver shorts, SALAD DAY silver bag, ODILE & THE COMPANY

on bruce cat mask, ANTON BELARDO white long sleeves, ROY BACK digital print pants, ERROR 404 on kyung-hoon tassle head dress, KEL SAMPAYAN white long-sleeved polo, FOREVER 21 red snake skin pants, SALAD DAY 85

brown cap, BRIXTON sunglasses, ZARA grey sack shirt, CYREL CHAVEZ


on bruce red mesh hat, I LOVE YOU STORE brown buttondown, CYREL CHAVEZ on kyung-hoon red snake skin pants, SALAD DAY

horned beret, KEL SAMPAYAN digital print long-sleeved shirt, ERROR 404 painted denim shorts, KEL SAMPAYAN


on kyung-hoon marshmallow headband, ZARINA LALUAN on bruce black beanie, BENCH X MITCH DULCE printed short-sleeved shirt, ERROR 404









unicorn short-sleeved shirt, SALAD DAY unicorn shorts, SALAD DAY horned beret, KEL SAMPAYAN



on bruce horned suede shower cap, KEL SAMPAYAN goggles, SPEEDO


on kyung-hoon horned suede shower cap, KEL SAMPAYAN goggles, SPEEDO white shorts, SALAD DAY




on bruce crown, ANTON BELARDO horse print short-sleeved shirt, SALAD DAY on kyung-hoon crown, ANTON BELARDO floral print tank top, CYREL CHAVEZ



Temperament photography Paolo Crodua styling Paul Jatayna makeup Jelly Eugenio model Paulo Deoferio special thanks Austeen Soriano shot in Den Wolves Studio


fringe jacket, BO PARCON rope dress, DARYL RECINA white dress, DARYL RECINA


leather stud choker, MIGUEL AQUILIZAN fur sweater, UNKNOWN wool jacket, STYLIST’S OWN


(opposite page) fur drop-crotch shorts, CUSTOM MADE BY WILLAR MATEO champion metal boots, KTZ



sparkle top, mesh purple oversize shirt, pink sparkle leggings, SALAD DAY sweater, STYLIST’S OWN sneakers, RAF SIMONS X ADIDAS



symbol jacket, PROUD RACE bondage pants, NIXON MARQUEZ platforms, BUFFALO SHOES starbeast face mask, OS ACCESSORIES


batwing top, OHM Spacecrab choker , OS ACCESSORIES fringe intestinenecklace, DARYL RECINA 116 skirt, STYLIST’S OWN


photos by Erka Inciong

back to the future




by Pam Santos & Alyssa Africa

on the loop 122

Glass Animals Zaba Dark, melodic and dreamy. Imagine holding a glittery pineapple while floating on a cloud. TV Girl French Exit Let’s just quote the band. “12 songs about lust, too much love and not enough”. Yup x 1000. Snakadaktal Sleep in the Water A year old album but still gets me everytime. Could be the best soundtrack of your life when you feel like isolating yourself from all the distractions.

Cosmo’s Midnight Surge Waves of atmospheric melodies and a surging synth that consistently comes through to bring you back down to earth. Toro Y Moi Anything in Return “Anything in Return” serves as a tidy synopsis of everywhere Bundick has taken Toro Y Moi to date. So there’s silky R&B, rollerrink pop, bubblegum funk, tasteful chillout music, all unified by a voice that’s grown more confident with time.


beyond the ree

by Kristin Cornejo

ing Rome’s biggest parties with all of the city’s elites. Any person would give almost anything to be where he stands, but Jep sees it differently. The film shows different events leading the main character to his one goal, which is to find the “Great Beauty”. However, he couldn’t seem to find it. As he approaches his sixty-fifth birthday, a shock from the past shakes his extravagant world, and he begins to reminisce everything that has ever happened to him. Several things happen to him that in the end makes him realize that what he thought he had lost was with him all along. “Beyond there is what lies beyond. And I don’t deal with what lies beyond. Therefore, let this novel begin. After all, it’s just a trick. Yes, it’s just a trick.” – Toni Servillo (as Jep Gambardella), La Grande Bellezza 2013

Director Paolo Sorrentino explores the slowly decaying life in the city of Rome, Italy through showcasing the lavish and empty lifestyles of its citizens. Servillo mirrors these qualities as Jep Gambardella, and Sorrentino translates this apparent emptiness into film. The film balances a more pungent satire together with a very melancholic mood. It is a masterpiece of Italian cinema that attempts to show a different side of Rome, where all the upper class people live an empty, egotistical life in contemporary Rome.

What a man has done today, it might not what he could do tomorrow. In a city of beauty, there shouldn’t be much difficulty to find the grandest of them all. Yet here we have Jep Gamberdella (Toni Servillo), a successful one-time novelist who lives a luxurious yet monotonous lifestyle filled with all the excitement and joy The cinematography is gorgeous, that money could buy. Night after the imagery just blows you away. night, he spends his money throw-

Rome, as most of us know, is one of the most historical ancient cities, and it just oozing with art and culture. In the film though, there city is laced with much distastefulness. It is a visual bath of startling sexy images and mind-boggling events. All of these which, string together how the main character might see the world. It takes an artist to be able to take all of the beauty of Rome and turn it into something seemingly repugnant. With all these elitist characters in the film, you can see how they live in a very profane and surreal life. Some of them live in a reality defined by what they own and what they achieve, and put on this façade of perfection. But Jep is strangely attracted to this kind of world. Jep meets with several people who have left such a great impact on him – magician who made a giraffe disappear, a woman on the brink of despair, a friend who decided leave everything, and a hundred year old saintly nun – all of these people have shown him where true beauty really lies. His ‘great beauty’ was never missing, it was where it belonged, in his heart. From then, his illusion of what a good life is all about, was shattered. Even the supporting cast was brilliant, all of them were on-point with their characters, and at some

point you get attached to them. The film’s story is heavily based on the conversations between characters. If you stand up and leave, you wouldn’t be able to understand what was happening in the next scene. That is just how much attention you will need in order to become completely absorbed in this film. There are no wild chases, breathless runs, or cheesy lines, but rather all of it is just a reality of how people have succumbed to a materialistic lifestyle, which in the end all that we become is a meaningless existence without an amount of substance. La Grande Bellezza is a piece of film couture, an artwork of a film. At the end of the movie, you’ll find yourself sitting back and wondering about life and how you’ve lived it. One by one, you’ll begin to recall the memories past and the memories to be, and hope that one day you’ll be able to find the great beauty of your life.


The story is told out of order, all coming in as flashbacks until all the pieces finally fit together. Unlike most killer stories, this started out a year after Kevin’s cruel massacre that he played on the students of his high school. From the flashbacks, you could see Eva and her struggle to understand her difficult son, but at the same time that struggle turned into a bitter relationship between herself and Kevin. This continues throughout the years until he enters his high school years, wherein she still tries her best to be a good mother to Kevin. Even when his father, Franklin (John C. Riley), ruthlessly defends Kevin, he never changed and only showed his true “The youth is no longer a youth, but nature to Eva. Things between Eva a man, when the first of his dreams and Franklin became worse when is dead.” Eva gave birth to Celia, Kevin’s younger sister. WILLIAM HERBERT CARRUTH, Ghosts of Dreams However this story is not told through the eyes of the subject at Of course the tales of a young man hand, but rather his emotionally is never left untold without even unstable mother Eva (Tilda Swina mention of his mother. Towards ton). First of all, Swinton’s perforany child, a mother’s love can cremance was fantastic as usual. Her ate a peculiar impact on our lives, portrayal of a distressed and fruswhether or not we are aware of it. trated mother is eminent and conThe story of Kevin (Ezra Miller), a sistent throughout the entire film, young, strange teenage boy is one which was spot-on brilliant. The story we have heard a lot over the way she would look at her son’s years – a young boy, deprived of abnormal behavior as he grew up some sort of affection decides to was not the look a loving mother take it upon himself to shed blood would give. She would look at him in an attempt to make a statement. with annoyance, almost disgust. At

any moment you would feel that she could break and snap. Miller also delivered a spine-chilling performance that proved his worth as an actor. You could see his shift in moods through the film. What’s funny about this is that Kevin, although showing signs of hatred towards his mother, kept her alive. The only person he probably ever showed real hatred towards was the one person he didn’t murder, and ironically, Eva never left her son either. When Eva asks Kevin why he did it, he simply says “I used to think I knew. Now I’m not so sure.” – Kevin killed several students in an attempt to make a statement, but after a year, all that seemed pointless. Most teenagers have this desire to be able to be different, do something new, “make a statement”, but what does that bring? With the case of Kevin, his misguided life turned into a nightmare. What I personally love about this film is that it doesn’t put too much focus on the massacre or the bloody mess that Kevin had done, but rather what could have been the cause of all his sadistic ways. The film answers questions that some people wonder about after things like this happen “What happens to the killer? How does it affect his family?” In We Need To Talk

About Kevin, we see the total damage of Kevin’s actions and how it affected both him and his mother. Bravo to Lynne Ramsay for this film. It’s a modern take on dramathriller films, it’s a portrait of a deteriorating mind and how we live day by day just to create something for ourselves. We Need To Talk About Kevin puts together the darkest components of contemporary cinema with a great message in the end without the need to succumb to the gruesome details.


“And when I awoke I was alone This bird had flown So I lit a fire Isn’t it good Norwegian wood?” Norwegian Wood (This Bird has Flown) by The Beatles In a world where people do things without certain reason, there’s an unlimited level of hurt one can cause to oneself or even towards others, whether unintentional or not. People pass by our lives every day, and each of them leave some sort of impact in our lives that can touch us in a way we can never understand. By night we sleep, and think about the days to come, but we can never wake up to redo mis- were inseparable, especially Kizuki and Naoko, who always seemed takes that we’ve made. to be perfect for each other. Kizuki The time is set in Japan during the becomes the glue that holds their 1960’s, where cell phones did not emotionally unstable friendship toexist and hand-written letters were gether, and he always seemed to more precious and heartfelt. know what to say and when to say it. However one day, Kizuki comNorwegian Wood is a tragic romits suicide in his house’s garage mance about young Toru Wataby suffocating himself using their nabe (Ken’ichi Matsuyama), a colcar’s exhaust fumes. This triglege student who lives in a world gers something in Watanabe that filled with loss and sadness. Durcauses him to become distant and ing his high school years, he dedisconnected with the world, and veloped a deep friendship with Kiultimately, even his friendship with zuki (Kengo Kôra) and his girlfriend Naoko. Naoko though takes KiNaoko (Rinko Kikuchi) a quiet, shy zuki’s death the hardest and goes and delicate girl. The three of them

further down into a spiraling deep depression. Watanabe continues with his life, moving to the city as he enters his college life, although Kizuki’s death left an incurable scar in his heart. One day, he reunites with Naoko, who seemed to be quite normal. One day he finds out that she ended up in a sanitarium in the mountains because Naoko was unable to cope with the loss of Kizuki and has become unable to deal with the world. Watanabe, along with Reiko (Reika Kirishima), also a patient in the sanitarium, try their best to help Naoko get better. Watanabe and Naoko’s relationship turn from a harmless friendship into a passion-driven one-sided relationship. At the same time, Watanabe meets Midori (Kiko Mizuhara), a cute and out-going girl who is the complete opposite of Naoko. She studies in the same university as Watanabe, and soon they both fall in love with each other. However Watanabe is unable to completely give himself to Midori because of his feelings for Naoko. Along the way, he meets Nagasawa (Tetsuji Tamayama), an intelligent student in the same university whom he goes out with almost every night to have one night stand with random girls. And also his loving and sad girlfriend, Hatsumi

(Eriko Hatsune), who reminds him so much of Naoko. Nagasawa and Hatsumi’s friendship with Watanabe reminds him too much of his past with Kizuki and Naoko, and he doesn’t allow himself to become as close to them as he did with Kizuki and Naoko. All these people enter and exit Watanabe’s life leaving bigger and more painful scars. Now Watanabe has to make a decision between the cheerful Midori and the fragile Naoko, but all turns into a bittersweet tragedy and ends on an unanswered note. Some people may be aware of the author of the novel, the famous Haruki Murakami, who has written other famous titles such as IQ84, Kafka on the Shore, The Wind-up Bird Chronicle, etc. As a reader of the novel, Norwegian Wood is one of the stories that are not like most of Murakami’s works. Norwegian Wood takes you into the heart of a young man who has become an empty, disconnected shell upon this world. The bonds he makes with people are easily cut by the hands of fate, and each moment feels like one beautifully sad elegy after the other. As a film in general, director Tran Anh Hung seems to have failed to execute this wonderfully written ro-


mantic tragedy on screen and ultimately only created a summary of what the book is about and what it says. There is no real connection to the characters, save for who Matsuyama was one of the film’s saving graces. Yet when you look deeper into the story, you will not see the intense sadness that should have been translated into the film. It’s as if the actors just refused to understand their characters. Kikuchi delivers a bland performance as Naoko, who supposedly looked as if she could break at any moment.

turns into one bland flavor after the that Murakami had described in the other. Even at the main character’s novel. turning point, all hope that the story By the end of the movie, you’ll find will make for the better is lost. yourself in a daze, wondering why Is there a story? Yes, there most each event lead to the other, how definitely is. Every heart-breaking, they could have been avoided, and tear-jerking moment that should might even make you question have been the pinnacle of the story your own relationships with other was drowned down by poor line- people. We create so much bonds delivery and soulless acting as that we are sometimes unaware of each actor seemed to be acting in how these bonds create a magical their own separate movies. Yet as it chaos within us. stands, the film has wonderful cinematograph. Each frame seemed All in all the movie will remain as it like a beautiful photograph, inte- is, a summary of the story. There is no real conflict, the movie grating the beautiful poetic imagery


by Patti Sunio

Making Room

a poster of the 1929 Treachery of Images by Rene Margritte. Another one is the Skull with Burning Cigarette by Vincent Van Gogh. He has a fascination for smokers, smokes, and smokYou can hardly find a bare spot on ing things; as well as James Dean the bookshelf. Inside it, on top of it, and Coco Chanel, who both seem to practically every possible space is smoke endlessly. occupied with something. Books are I used to strictly disapprove of him stacked horizontally; spines facing smoking, although he did, for some outwards to reveal the titles: Collin’s time. But I soon learned to brush it French Dictionary, Everything is Iloff. Smoking, after all, doesn’t make luminated, The Herb Book, Social him a bad person. Crimes, Life of Pi, and Care Bears Story Book Treasury, to name a few. His room is the biggest in the house. The walls are a dull mint green. Most There are magazines in there, too. of the furniture, the book shelf, the Back issues of Wallpaper, Nystudy table, and the bed, are painted lon, and GQ, which he’s collected in white. since he could save his allowance, are neatly piled on top of each other. He has a study table, located right in front of the bookshelf, which is DVDs and VCDs—Spongebob Lost neater in comparison. At least, you at Sea, Marie Antoinette, and Funny can actually see more of the study taFace, clean but unfolded clothes, and ble’s surface. There is an abundance a collection of trophies are placed on of glassware on it, most of which top of the bookshelf. There’s a row of aren’t necessarily used for food. A awards he’s gotten from a film-maklittle glass bowl contains miscellaing competition, another for speech neous pocketables—a lollipop, coins, contests he’s won first prize for, and and Biogesic. A Coca-Cola glass a few for his writing contributions. holds together an unopened sachet A cork board is tacked at the right of facial wash and a bottle of body side of the bookshelf. It was once spray. filled with reminders and well-meaning notes from his friends from the school paper staff. Now, it serves as his personal space for good memories, filled with fading concert tickets and childhood photos.

A notebook laptop lies in the middle of the table. Right beside it, there are two differently-framed spectacles— one in silver and one in amber, an aqua-blue bottle of perfume, a black hair brush, a yellow highlighter, a On the other side of the bookshelf is college ID, and white earplugs. At

the far end of the table, there is a low pile of books from the university library, a Bible in a leather case, and a Starbucks planner that’s been used as a notebook. You’ll find more books on top of the closet, which is right beside the book shelf. There’s about ten books, both fiction and non-fiction, and roughly five different versions of the Bible and readings on Theology. At the bottom are canvas bags, carrying statement messages on saving Mother Earth.

mothers and a cousin, looking down at me, with pleasant smiles—hang on the walls of his room. A poster of the WWII slogan that says “Keep Calm and Carry On” is plastered on one corner, perhaps a message to himself.

His bedside table is located right at the foot of his bed. There are two blue dumbbells, a dictionary, and a Tupperware that holds miscellaneous toiletries placed on top it. There’s also a white alarm clock that secretly emits a lonely blue light when you know which button to press. It’s one He has a huge dresser, too, which of the little presents from me when doubles as his work area. It’s made we celebrated our first Christmas toof hard, sturdy wood, and has an gether. oval mirror attached to it, reflecting the bed. There are miniature shelves A black-and-white checkered box, placed on each side of the table, which I thought contained more where he puts in small things like books or DVDs and VCDs, covers black stud earrings, an Instax film of most of the table’s surface. It was only his grandmother’s birthday celebra- on Friday last week, when I spontion last March, and mini clips to seal taneously dropped by, that I found opened cookie packs with. Care prod- out the box’s true contents, after he ucts such as Vitamin C pills, Nivea asked me to open it. There were letsunscreen and moisturizing lotion, ters and cards from me, dating as far and Kiehl’s lip balm are neatly lined back as eight years ago. in between. His room has only one window. Right There’s also a glass jar containing a outside it is a huge cage with a pi12-color marker set that he uses for geon that has interesting black, shiny drawing and writing very organized feathers—a nice distraction from the plans that keep his life in order. His chaotic world. At times, a stray cat to-do lists, or should I call them un- would lurk the window, trying to get intentional works of art, are for me, at it. a fascination to marvel at, and sometimes I sneakily keep some with me A half-full water bottle, some bird food pellets, a pair of swimming for memory’s sake. goggles in a plastic case, and a pair Portraits of relatives—two grand- of flat-nose pliers, which he uses for

DIY projects he does every now and then, are laid on top of the window sill. His bed is king-sized, offering more space than ever for him, who is of a relatively slim and small frame. I’ve been there a million times, falling asleep unwillingly almost two-thirds of the times, and waking to his patient gaze. Sometimes, when you’re lying down there, it’s impossible to stretch to your full potential, because the foot of his bed is filled with stuff, too. There’s his school bag, and more clothes—a varsity jacket, a blue and white striped polo, folded pants, a necktie, and ironed hankies in varying shades of blue. There is another Bible, two pencil cases—one black, one blue, a leather belt made by his dad, and a tissue pack. But still, it’s the comfiest place in the world. And right there, he continues to sleep with a satisfied smile and his legs entangled in the lightweight blanket. I finish the coffee in a little white ceramic cup, which his grandmother has made for me earlier. I sit on his bedside and give him a gentle nudge. He responds by moving and slightly rolling over to make room for me. I give him a smile he doesn’t see.


“You guys are all the same.” That’s how she ended our conversation—by saying the most used argument based on the great fallacy of composition and false myopic attribution. I didn’t give a response; I didn’t defend the masculine side because it’s senseless-- I don’t feel the need to. Why? Because if the statement is irrational, illogical, or unreasonable, any form of rational comeback will only be rejected because they already have their belief and beliefs are subjective. And so I let her think what she wants to think about boys. The next morning, we went out for coffee. She’s not talking, her eyes fixed into nothingness, she just keeps on stirring her coffee and I let her. She took a sip from it and realized that it’s already dead cold then she asked: “I’m expecting you to say that you’re not like them but you didn’t, why?” “I know that you know that what you said is not true and you just said it because of your frustrations. I know that all you really want is to have a guy who will never hurt you and will never cheat on you—I know that all you want is a guy who will love you the way you want to feel loved and you know that you’ll find that guy someday. You’re just really upset right now and you just don’t want to feel that awful feeling anymore that’s why you’re too preoccupied on looking for that prince of yours to save you from your own hell.” “Wow, just wow. How did you know all those things? Why didn’t you say that to me when I... ”

by Joey Rafal Gregorio

I didn’t let finish because I don’t want to hear it.


“Because I’m a guy—I am guy who wants to be love a girl. I’m a guy who wants to protect every atom of my queen. I’m a guy who wants to marry someone and have kids and have a happy family. Because I’m a guy—I’m a guy who wants to be the knight with shining armor in a girl’s fairytale. Because I’m a guy, do you understand, lonely girl?” She didn’t make a response, and I don’t need to hear it. Instead, she came beside me and gave me a hug, it’s different from her longing and lonely hug— it’s a hug with understanding, hope, and a new perspective from a big realization. Every girl just needs to find their right guy, they just need to be patient and never hurry up. They just need to avoid blaming, making judgment based on their gloomy emotion, generalizing the whole population of masculinity as cheaters, unfaithful, or liars because in the psychological point of view, it’ll only reinforce a guy to really be like those. If a girl is looking for their right guy, guy is also looking for their right girl too. We all need love. We all need someone who will be our companion for the rest of lives-- all of us.

Siesta/ Limbo Oil on canvas Jose Tong 2014




ADHD no.6: Princes (The Boys Issue)  
ADHD no.6: Princes (The Boys Issue)