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7. After Erin’s CRTDs were finished, campers worked on individual writing before breaking for lunch. Todd also tried to close the AC vents during this time, but was sadly unsuccessful. Brrrr…

6. Erin’s Demo, Growing Writers: Writing Instruction in the Primary Grades, was next & participants learned how carefully planned units “provide an opportunity to meet the needs of [our writers]”.

5. Kristal wrote about her desire to have colleagues with a common goal.

4. Mary wrote about her goal of creating writers’ notebooks. 3. Amanda wrote about 3 goals for her classroom. 2. Next, campers responded to Penny Kittle’s The Greatest Catch in their quickwrites.

1. Julie began the morning with her blog-style daily log presented, of course, via the computer.


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July 19th Daily Log  
July 19th Daily Log  

Flint Hills Writing Project's daily log for July 19th