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ADG Organizing Update

April 2014


! Photo: Production Designer Garreth Stover shows John Moffitt one of the many sets for Vampire Diaries"

! BackToCA The bill to put California on a level playing field with other incentive rich states continues to work its way through the State Assembly. " If you are one of the many members who has been forced to take work out of town because of the lack of a good incentive in California, we want to hear from you. We want your personal stories of how this impacts your life and your family. " A page or two is all we are looking for. If you are willing to help us by putting pen to paper in this way, please contact"

4 States, 31 Productions I have spent the past two weeks visiting Art Departments in the distant reaches of the Guild, starting with shows in Philadelphia and Baltimore before joining John Moffitt in Atlanta, Baton Rouge and New Orleans. " We met with Art Directors, Production Designers, Illustrators, Storyboard Artists, Set Designers and Previs Artists.We saw low budget features, giant tent pole productions, and all levels of television. We saw some great work being done by our members in each of the locales. " In Georgia we witnessed the growing infrastructure that will support the Industry there for years to come. Giant studio complexes that rival, and even exceed, the footprints of many of Hollywood's facilities are being built or converted from factory spaces. Abundance of space allows for some of the television productions to have multiple giant standing sets - a luxury not afforded in this scale in Los Angeles."


ADG Organizing Update

April 2014

One of the many "studio" facilities being developed outside Atlanta"

Stamps On our travels we came across several Set Designers who were using their SDMM craft stamps to mark their drawings as Union Made. Unfortunately, we also came across a few who were not. You have the stamp, use it. This helps us identify who is creating drawings on shows because only Local 800 set designers are in possession of these stamps.

! Although we repeatedly met Set Designers who were either traveled from Los Angeles or were members of the local union, it is worth reminding all that being on distant location does not change the contractual job duties of any of our crafts. Whether it is New Mexico or Georgia, Art Directors are still limited to "occasional working drawings." And, no matter if you are in Louisiana or Maryland, Set Designers don't get to perform art direction. The only time this is changed is if you are a member of Local 829 and working under a Local 829 contract. "

Take pride in your work and your craft. Stamp away! ......................................................... Photo: On the Altanta, Georgia set of Being Mary Jane with Production Designer 
 Gary Frutkoff and Art Director Guy Tuttle. ......................................................... ORGANIZE IATSE Local 800 is a publication that will occassionally be utilized to inform you of what is happening in the world of Organizing


ADG Organizing Update

April 2014

A common question we heard was, "When can we come back to California?" And while a few of the shows were in Atlanta for other reasons, such as space or setting, it was apparent that many were simply there for the incentives. A reminder to everyone working out of town who is lamenting the loss of production in California, write those letters asking legislators to support AB1839. Los Angeles might not be able to compete with the vast wide-open spaces of Georgia or Louisiana, but if we are at least on a level playing field in terms of incentives, we can compete for shows that are only there for the rebate. And California still has plenty of undeveloped areas elsewhere in the state if someone really wants to build a new studio complex. "

! Photos: 
 Above - No, this isn't a port or a cargo facility. This is a blue screen setup at one of Atlanta's studio spaces - 9 cargo containers long by 4 containers high.
 Below - Bannering site at USC."

PAC 12 Update We continue with our efforts to educate the public about how Pac 12 Networks treats its broadcast technicians - including members of our own STG craft. The Network continues compensating its people with wage and benefit packages that are below the established area standard." We are constantly increasing pressure and adding to the list of legislators who have spoken out on the issue. " If you are not working and can give some time to help our bannering campaign, contact Members participating in this bannering campaign will earn a $50 credit toward their dues." You can also support the campaign from wherever you are right now. Simply log on to Sign the petition and send a message to the heads of the twelve universities.


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