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Spain conveyed satisfaction over Morocco’s fisheries conformity The Spanish administration conveyed satisfaction over Morocco’s endorsement of the fisheries conformity with the European Union, emphasizing that this is a sustainable compliance from the economic, community and environmental outlooks that will help both sides. The agreement which implements improved technical situations than the past procedure will let around 90 Spanish ships, typically usual ones and around 715 crew members. The basis went on that this completely sustainable agreement will benefit the coastal populace and contains provisions that guarantee human rights. Last July, the said four-year contract was signed which allows fishing vessels from 11 EU countries to go fishing in Moroccanwaters in return for an yearly compensation of 30 million Euros, together with 14 million earmarked to maintain the Moroccan fisheries division. Mohamed Dekkak

Spain conveyed satisfaction over morocco's fisheries Spain conveyed satisfaction over Morocco’s fisheries conformit...

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