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Frameworks of Tampa Bay, inc.

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.”

-Steve Jobs

Team Members

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Research Director

Dennise Chinchilla Creative Director

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Public Relations Director


“The mind’s first step to self-awareness must be through the body.” -George Sheehan


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May 1, 2012

Executive Summary Overview:

The general college population is unaware and uneducated about social and emotional intelligence and learning. MAS Strategic Communications has developed a campaign that will meet and potentially exceed the client’s main objectives by creating awareness, educating, and leaving an imprint in the minds of college students (A 18+) about social and emotional intelligence.


Design an SEL educational tool kit with a minimum of five components that appeal to college resident assistants. How will we get there? 1. We will appeal to RAs: By interviewing RAs we have found them to be responsible, friendly, fun and caring. The Sound Project’s tone will be thoughtful and at the same time entertaining. All five tools will be offered in a convenient and user-friendly way. According to, RAs are usually quite busy. Therefore, collateral material and efforts will be easily accessible for the RAs ease.


We chose a unique approach to introducing the five elements of SEL to RAs. We want to provide RAs with materials that make them feel good about what they are accomplishing for the culture of the college community. By doing this, our elements will inspire a sense of ownership which contributes to an appropriate execution. 2. We will find common ground:

3. We will visualize the Sound wave: The five tools that will be covered in this plans book will empower RAs with SEL working knowledge. The provided tools and knowledge will make RAs feel competent to teach and apply social and emotional learning in their everyday lives. The tools developed will be executed in a wavelike manner…

With RAs: - While talking to RAs and students alike, we found them to be avid music lovers. The Sound Project will incorporate dance, songs and other types of sensory noises (as needed). The Sound Project will also help RAs become sound thinkers, and encourage students to be sound thinkers through the elements provided to RAs. With fresh-students (indirect target audience): - Having bases of primary research surveys executed in UT and USF campuses we will target our Campaign’s main elements directly to college students’ main interests. We want to make sure fresh students will be interested in participating in what the RAs have to offer.

We aspire The Sound Project to become part of the UT culture and a ‘style’ for teaching SEL on campuses throughout the nation.

“If you are not touched by others’ pain the name of man is one you cannot rightly claim.”



Research Overview Primary research

The purpose of the research was to: Learn about the challenges our target market (RAs)faces in their daily interactions with fresh students. Identify the best way to address these issues. Understand the ideal learning experience environment and the best way our target market can be reached. Learn the problems students go though as fresh students. Identify the tools that our target market can use to communicate and teach the elements of SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) to fresh students.

Focus group

Members of The National Society of Leadership and Success at University of South Florida agreed to be part of an unstructured focus group. MAS Strategic Communications and our research partner Marcel Van Landingham met four times with the focus group on Fridays from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Ten fresh students participated in this focus group.



Two interviews with university counselors, one from University of Tampa and the other one from University of South Florida. Ten interviews with Resident Assistants (RAs) from University of Tampa and University of South Florida.


120 students from University of Tampa and University of South Florida answered a questionnaire.


Two Q&A sessions, one with Robin Rose the CEO of Frameworks and one with the CFO Jennifer Porter and Sarah Bonnema, Director of Education. We received feedback from Frameworks regarding our campaign elements.


For the purpose of testing the five elements of our campaign we surveyed: Approximately 90 students were surveyed after watching the viral video. 40 students were surveyed after playing the board game. Game board was sent to the Frameworks’ SEL specialist to ensure validity.

Research Overview Secondary Research

We found scholarly articles, governmentreported findings, general websites and non-profit organizations findings. There were also academic journal articles relevant to our research on: Perceived emotional intelligence and eating attitudes among college students. (Pettit, M., et al, 2010, PP. 46-52). Emotional expression and growth following adversity. (Denham, S., & Brown, C.,2012, PP. 653680). Exploration of emotional intelligence of the students of IIUI University in relation to gender, age and academic achievement. (Nasir, M., Masrur, R., 2010, PP. 38-51). Self generated actions during learning objects and sounds create Sensory Motor systems in the developing brain. (Harman, K., & Bose, P., 2011). Sound and sight: the use of song to promote language learning. (Trinick, R., 2012, PP. 5-10). Evidence of sound symbolism in simple vocalization. (Praise, C., & Pavani, F., 2011, PP. 374-380). Sound symbolism as a universal drive to associate sound with meaning. (Oszmianska, A., 2001, PP. 147-155). The effects of guided systematic aerobic dance program on the self-esteem of adults. (Hos, A., 2005, PP. 141-150).

Facts that support our campaign theme and elements: African dance reduces perceived stress. (West, J., et al, 2004, PP. 114-8). Beneficial effects of salsa dancing on people with depression. (Feminine Zone, 2006). Emotional and neurohumoral responses to dancing tango argentino:the effects of music and partner. (Kreutz, G., et al, 2009, PP. 14-21). Dzagbe Cudjoe explores dance movement therapy as an effective therapy for mood disorders and other mental health issues. (Natural Bloom, 2011). Music, neuroscience, and the psychology of wellbeing. (Croom, A., 2012). Music, dance: healing art. (Halpin, A., 2000). The benefit of board games. (Rosenfeld, A., 2012). Reinforcement learning in board games. (Ghory, I., 2004, PP. 1-47). Consulted Frameworks’s website to learn about their mission, values, and goals. Watched Youtube videos on Social and Emotional learning. Looked at other not-for-profit organizations who provide and promote the same benefits as Frameworks

Consulted the UN Data website for statistics. DVD Social and Emotional Learning Volume 1: a documentary that discusses the importance of Emotional Intelligence.


Key Findings


Key Findings


Situational Analysis Frameworks is a not-for-profit organization with the mission to promote social and emotional learning to the community of the Tampa Bay area. Frameworks’s current target segment is youth ages 8 to 18. Their work mainly focuses on promoting and organizing programs such as Girls on the Run, RISE, and Teens in Action benefiting primarily, middle and high school students. (Frameworks, 2012) Frameworks wants to tap a new market by creating a campaign that promotes the five elements of SEL to fresh college students. The main goal is to help RAs teach the five competencies of SEL to a minimum of three hundred fresh students. MAS Strategic Communications developed a campaign called The Sound Project for Frameworks that targets Resident Assistants (RAs).(Frameworks, 2012)


There are many not-for-profit organizations in the Tampa Bay area; however, few work in the same field and do not share the same goals. Some of these not-for-profit organizations are Boys and Girls Clubs, Community Foundation of Tampa Bay, and The Society of Emotional Intelligence (SoEl). The latter, follows a development approach that is similar to Frameworks’s. SoEl aims at promoting the concepts of social and emotional learning through strategies that happen to be different from the ones adopted by Frameworks. (SoEl, 2012).

Literature Analysis Secondary research revealed the importance of social and emotional learning in solving issues such as eating disorders and academic success amongst college students. (Pettit, M., et al, 2010, PP. 46-52 )100,000 youth do not go to school because they fear bullying or harassment and 7,000 students end up choosing to drop out of school (Frameworks, 2012). These numbers show the extent to which students need to learn the competencies of social and emotional learning. Emotional intelligence is also an important factor in growth following adversity (Denham, S., & Brown, C.,2012, PP. 653-680). Many college students start college with an immense luggage of social and emotional problems. Adversity tends to leave scars that are not easily healed over time. Scars tend to restrain students from growth. In cases of helplessness, EQ becomes a key mechanism for improving and positively affecting individuals. Social and emotional learning has also proved to have a significant correlation with academic achievement. In deed, students with a high EQ have the potential to achieve better academically than those with a low one. Today, interpersonal skills are some of the most demanded characteristics in the job market. Sometimes, even more than the job related knowledge. From an employer’s perspective,

training in some cases can completely fulfill the requirements or needs for a certain job; however, they are reluctant to offer interpersonal skills as part of their training. SEL has proven to be a very important tool in solving the problem (Nasir, M., Masrur, R., 2010, PP. 38-51). Empowering college students with the tools to become socially intelligent will provide them with better odds to getting the job of their dreams.

Hall, Smiley Hall, Stadium Center or the Vaughn Center. Resident assistants are considered to be programmers, community builders, policy enforcers, and liaisons between the student body and the Office of Residence Life. Each RA is assigned to a residence hall floor area and is in charge of supervising a floor of 20-40 men and women (University of Tampa, 2012).

Some of the problems that need to be addressed with regards to college students are mainly, depression, home sickness, and time management. Social and emotional learning can help college students overcome these problems by simply learning the five competencies to increase their emotional intelligence.

RAs receive training from professional residence life staff. RAs major duty is to facilitate the personal and social growth of each member of their residential unit. RAs can be friends, administrators, counselors, peacemakers and resource persons.

Secondary research also gave us insight to the structure of the residence halls. In each residence hall, there are area coordinators and assistant directors that supervise trained resident assistants. Head residents manage smaller residence halls and report to area coordinators and assistant directors. The office of residence life staff assist students and promote a climate that supports academic achievement, personal growth and physical well-being. The majority of first-year students live in the Boathouse, Austin Hall, McKay

Secondary research has also provided us with great input concerning the effectiveness of some of our campaign elements and main theme. In fact, there is close association between music and psychological well being. This is one of the reasons we chose “sound� as our campaign theme. In addition, board games have been proven to be a very effective learning tool for students. That is why one of our campaign elements is a board game. We found that it would be an effective tool for learning how to be emotionally intelligent in an entertaining, social setting. 8

Market Analysis For the purpose of our campaign we are targeting Resident Assistants who will be teaching the five competencies of SEL to fresh college students A 17-22. There are about 120 RAs in the University of Tampa campus. Each RA supervises a floor of 20-40 men and women. When conducting our research we interviewed residents assistants from both University of Tampa and University of South Florida. Our findings mainly showed that University of Tampa RAs receive training before each semester. The training is 3 weeks long before fall semester and 1 week before spring. RAs attend different one hour sessions that last from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.. The subjects discussed concern leadership, facilities, work orders, theft, and floor programs. RAs also have to interact in groups, simulate the problem solving process and incorporate it during their daily interactions with residents. Some RAs think that the three weeks training before fall semester is too long. Nevertheless, all RAs interviewed acknowledged the effectiveness of the sessions. Not all RAs get deeply involved in the fresh student orientation because apparently other people are responsible for this task. However, they do need to organize a floor meeting with new students to provide them with information about different yet 9

important aspects needed to know as campus residents and university students. The information varies from transportation to nightlife. Problems RAs witness daily are mainly time management, alcohol, smoking, roommate conflict, and drugs. When discussing problems faced by fresh students with university counselors, the main issues uniquely relevant to fresh students are: depression, home sickness, and time management. The counselors affirmed others issues such as drugs and alcohol are common across all academic standings. The information we got from the interviews were very consistent with the results of the focus group. In addition to all the previously mentioned problems faced by fresh students, the focus group brought two other issues to our attention that fresh students seem to struggle with. The first one is low selfesteem and body image and the second one has to do with establishing connections with other students. Some fresh students seem to struggle to make friends. This significantly contributes to getting depressed. SEL seems to be a very suitable solution for the problems faced by fresh college students. Teaching the five competencies of social and emotional learning will help these students acquire strong emotional intelligence and experience a

smooth transition to college life. MAS Strategic Communications will provide RAs with a kit that contains various tools to help teach and promote the five competencies of SEL.

S.W.O.T. Analysis Strengths


Frameworks of Tampa bay is the only other organization in the Tampa Bay area that deeply focuses on teaching the elements of SEL besides SoEL.

Frameworks’ budget heavily relies on sponsors and donations to offer SEL programs.

SoEL might become a threat if collaboration bonds get broken.

58% of Frameworks’ revenue comes from grants and foundations and 28% from public support.

Possible problems

Some secondary research showed a negative association between “dance” and emotional intelligence.

Low freshmen presence when the mob dance takes place outside Vaughn Center. Weak interest in the coffee kit or lack to low attention to the message of attached. Weak interest on the song competition. Fresh students might not feel comfortable with RAs as a medium to learning SEL. Difficulty in understanding the board game rules.

According to UN Data the percentage of people that are under 18 years old in the city of Tampa is 24.6%. Many academic journal articles confirm the importance of SEL. IQ is no longer sufficient for successfully achieving the demands of our 21 century lives. EQ became equally important and essential to reaching success. Music (an element that has a strong presence in our campaign) has a significant correlation with psychological well being. Board games (one of our campaign elements) have proven to be an important contributing factor to learning reinforcement. Frameworks CEO Robin Rose appeared in the Tampa Bay Business website.

Opportunities College students are an untapped market that would very much benefit from the concepts of SEL. Publicity opportunities. Collaboration with The Society of Emotional Intelligence (SoEI). Involvement with USF and UT. Possible outreach to fresh students via their RAs throughout the nation.

Threats Big Brothers Big Sisters’s work is somewhat close to Frameworks’s, therefore they might constitute a threat for when it comes to keeping sponsors.





Communication Strategies Communication Goal

Create a campaign that helps RAs teach the five competencies of SEL to a minimum of 300 fresh students.

Communication Problem

Society at large faces problems rooting from poor emotional management, which result in humanity’s self-destruction. In general, college students are unaware of Social and Emotional Intelligence and how the five basic skills of SEL can lead to a better life.


The target audience for the sound project are Resident Assistants A 18-24. Traditionally, Resident Assistants have been the ‘gatekeepers’ and the reasoning voice for freshies. According to, “Our emotions impact our behaviors towards ourselves and others, and our abilities to reason, problem solve and form healthy relationships.” Both primary and secondary research showed that most college students lacked social and emotional knowledge. It is why we chose to create tools using an educational approach for Resident Assistants to use with their fresh students. 13


Create an ‘awareness wave’ through developing tools for Resident Assistants to use with their fresh students. Develop tools that incorporate the five skills of SEL to effectively educate and empower students with Social and Emotional intelligence.


Create interest for RAs to teach and encourage freshies to learn SEL. The Sound Project will be a wave amongst college culture Re-word the five components of SEL to appeal to the college culture by using association with sound and catchy language. Develop five mixed media elements that can be used through the course of the college semester. Develop two additional elements that will flow with the program.

Creative Brief Product/Service: The 5 basic skills of emotional intelligence, as taught by Frameworks of Tampa Bay, inc. Background Information of Organization: Frameworks is a non-profit organization with the mission to advance the positive social and emotional development of youth from ages 8 to 18 in the Tampa Bay community. Target Audience: Resident assistants from colleges ( A 18+). Advertising Objective: Create a campaign that helps RA’s teach the 5 competencies of SEL to a minimum of 300 freshmen. Campaign Feel: Elements will have trendy, neon colors that appeal to our audience. Five mian elements: Viral Video: A testimonial video with a dramatic approach portraying the difficult life of a girl with an unexpected twist at the end, demonstrating how social and emotional learning can have a positive effect in one’s life. The genre of the music played in the background will be soul, predominating the sound of a piano.

Song Competition: Give students from each residential hall lyrics pertaining to social and emotional learning. Students have to come up with the music to go along with the lyrics using whatever they have in hands, such as books and pencils to create a sound. The competition will be between all freshmen dorms: Mckay, Smiley, Austin, Vaughn and Boathouse.

Coffee Kit: There will be a free coffee day. Students will be able to get little coffee packets for free at the lobby of their residential halls. Along with the little packets, students will be provided with coffee stirrers that will have a message allusive to SEL. Flyers will be distributed and posters will be strategically placed around campus to promote the event.

Mob Dance: Create a how-to MOB dance kit including choreography contacts. Song choice and movements will be allusive to SEL. We’ll have dancers from UT available to train RA’s and freshies. Props that will be used in the MOB dance, recommended outfits, press release, as well other instructions will also be provided.

Additional Elements:

Game Board: The board of the game will have the shape of the human brain. One card stack will be heart-shaped. These will have scenarios in which students would have to think how to apply SEL to real-life situations. There will also be a dock of squared cards called the “Trauma” cards that will have tips for students to use when they do not chose the best answer. This will help them improve social and emotional skills. Some cards will require students to perform certain activities. “Trauma” cards will also given to players who end up in a “trauma” spot within the board game.

Freshmen Mixer: It will take place at the University of Tampa’s Music Room at Plant Hall. There will be a DJ playing the latest in music. Free snacks and “mockcocktails” will be provided. We’ll also give other free giveaways such as earphones, neon colored water bottles and sunglasses with the campaign’s logo on them. Our board games will also be handed out to those students who don’t enjoy dancing. Speaker: Have CEO of Frameworks address Resident Assistants about the five competencies of social and emotional learning and their importance among college students. This will take place during RA training week. This event will encourage RAs to incorporate The Sound Project kit into the planned semester’s activities. 14

Campaign Theme The Sound Project is a campaign created to provide tools for Resident Assistants to teach fresh students the five competencies of social and emotional learning. Through personal experience, we found college students to be music lovers to some extent. Along with the fact, we also took into consideration a sound mind is crucial to enjoying a successful life. Consequently, we came to realize uniting these two facts would create a double meaning to our campaign and at the same time help solve our client’s communication problem. According to the Advertising Concept Book, “Taglines or headlines with double meaning are significantly cleverer and less contrived than rhyming and sound alike puns”. This double meaning connected our elements with the five competencies of SEL in a way suitable and understandable for college students. In order to make sure the target audience comprehended our campaign name,we informally asked 25 students on The University of Tampa’s campus. A minimum of 20 students related the name to music and about half related the name to soundness of mind. The Sound Project refers to having a sound mind and its association with music. To fulfill the having a “sound mind” concept, we developed tools that incorporate Frameworks’ five skills of social and emotional learning.


As to the association with music and sound, we integrated music and dance to our tools to create impact while portraying the five skills of SEL. According to secondary research, associating SEL and sound will make it easier for students to learn. Since our target audience is young, throughout our campaign we decided to use bright and trendy neon colors. One of our objectives was to create an ‘‘awareness wave’” among college students, so we connected this with sound being a longitudinal wave. A wave with neon colors shown throughout our campaign depicts sound and our awareness objective. Our logo is simple and contains only typography and visual hierarchy. The font used was Baltimore Typewriter because it evokes sound. The fact the logo contains only words, incites a thought process (an SEL principle). The latter permits the viewer to relate it to soundness of mind, music sound and/ or both. We chose it to be white so it would stand out against the black background used throughout our campaign. Since our campaign as a whole has a lot of bright neon colors we wanted to keep something simplistic and unique, but also fun and straightforward.

“The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.�

-Flora Whittemore



Tactics 18

The Mob Dance Objective:



The mob dance will be created as a package of pre-created flyers, music, suggested dance props, and choreographer names. RAs will be given the mob dance package with their kit. A head RA will be delegated as the Mob Dance official coordinator.

Create a tool to promote self-awareness and raise general awareness of the 5 main components of SEL.

Through research we identified dancing as a powerful tool that creates self-awareness. A mob dance package will be given RAs as a tool to create a shock factor among students. The purpose is encourage them to become socially and emotionally intelligent and share the experience with other friends and students.

Dancers can be both RAs and fresh students. This will help improve RA-student relationships. RAs will be encouraged to have the dance take place in the Vaughn Courtyard during the lunch rush hour. Research shows that the Vaughn Courtyard is the most populated area on campus during the lunch hour. Students will take videos and snapshots and share them via social networks. This element is part of the ‘creating awareness’ aspect of the SEL wave.


The Viral Video Objective:

Create a tool to educate about self-management as a life skill while promoting a call-to-action to learn more about social and emotional learning.


Produce a gripping testimonial of a girl recalling her life at young adulthood that will go viral. The tone will allow the audience to emotionally connect with the message.


The production of the viral video started by writing a script and followed by sending the video’s creative brief to the producer. Afterwards, we arranged a photo shoot to include an appropriate picture of the actress in the video. Then we place the video on Youtube, and Facebook. Provided RAs with the link to the video on The Sound Project website, encouraging them to send an e-mail blast to all their fresh residents. When on The Sound Project landing page, students will have the option to share the video with their friends via social media, at the convenience of a click. This is part of the learning aspect of the SEL wave. 20

The Board Game: in.takt Objective:

Create a board game through which students can learn and practice the five competencies of SEL.


According to research, board games have once again become a popular activity among young adults. We want to incorporate a fun and community building activity to encourage students to share ideas and practice the ‘thought process�, benefiting the SEL learning process on college campuses.



This game will be designed as a traditional board game. The board will be a brain, using neon colored game pieces. The goal of the game is to get from one side of the brain to the other by correctly answering strategically thought out scenarios that one must apply SEL to. There will be two stacks of cards, one with the scenarios, and another with life tips. The latter stack will be used if the player lands on a certain spot on the board. If a player gets more than 3 answers to their scenarios inappropriately, the player looses a turn. RAs will be the game moderators. The game will be played during hall meetings as an icebreaker or as the main activity. 21


Song Competition Objective:

Incorporate a competitive edge to learning and adopting the five competencies of SEL by setting up a competition for RAs to monitor.

dorm-to-dorm song competition RA INSTRUCTIONS

Strategy :

Through music and competition, RAs will encourage students to learn, share, and incorporate the five competencies of SEL into their college community and culture.


Up to four students will be able to sign up as a team and come up with a song to teach other students about the five competencies of SEL. RAs will have the sign up sheet, instructions, and rules available. An initial re-wording of the 5 basic competencies of SEL will be available. Students will be encouraged to incorporate music and sound to the lyrics provided. This element is part of the learning aspect of the SEL wave.

1. 2.

4 of your students will be permitted to one group. They must sign up by _________ with all group member names and student ID numbers (sign up sheet will be provided and placed on your door. 3. You must approve the songs before submitting to The Sound Project. 4. Give students these lines that MUST be incorporated into the song: - Make a sound to know yourself - Make a sound to care for all - Make a sound to lend a hand - Make a sound to think it twice - For the sound you make today will make music for your life.


Free Coffee to-go Objective:

Provide a tool for RAs to give an SEL tip.


Quote chosen was meant to find common ground on what fresh students are facing during finals week.

Students will be given a free coffee day, presented by the RAs of their building. By interviewing RAs and through personal experience, we know students love free giveaways. The “free� aspect to this event will draw the students to the area and encourage them to communicate with each other.


The event will be held in the lobby of the residence hall building. Students will be able to chat and mingle with fellow fresh students and RAs. The coffee packets will offer sound advice via a message on the coffee stirrers. Coffee will be used as the free element because it has been proven to reduce depression, which is an inevitable outcome without the skills of SEL. This element is part of the imprinting aspect of the SEL wave.


Stirrer Reads:

Having mixed feelings? Rely on your values, not your emotions to make a sound decision.


Snoring sound and message to catch RAs attention

Additional Elements Freshies Mixer

CEO Speaker



To create an environment in which RAs can improve relationships with fresh- residents to better teach them SEL.


RAs would plan a party including mocktails, karaoke and games, which encourage freshies to gather as a community and share student experiences. This element will take place at raising awareness stage of The Sound Project

To encourage RAs to use the SEL tools in their everyday lives as college ‘gatekeepers’ therefore encouraging them to use The Sound Project kit with fresh-students.


CEO of Frameworks Robin Rose will be invited to speak for a day at the RA training seminar about social and emotional learning and intelligence. This element will encourage RAs to incorporate SEL into their jobs and encourage them to use the provided kits by The Sound Project. This element is part of the learning aspect of the SEL wave.


Advertising & Public Relations Coffee to-go flyer

FREE coffee{to go}

Visit your resident hall front desk for some delicious free coffee to go. And make sure to bring your eco-friendly tumbler!

April 26 @ 11am

Freshies Mixer flyer



Come join us for a night filled with friends, mocktails, karaoke, and FREEBIES! Brought to you by your RA’s.

may 5 @ 9pm

Song Competition flyer



music room

The Sound Project.

Song Competition Facebook banner

dorm-­to-­dorm song  competition  



4 friends  to  a  group   Be  clean  (no  bad  words) See  your  RA  for  detailed   instructions  and  deadline HAVE  FUN  :)

4 friends to a group

(must live in same building)

Be clean (no bad words) See your RA for detailed instructions and deadline HAVE FUN :)


winners will receive 4 tickets to a Rays game and their song will be available for download on The Sound Project website.

The Sound Project.

create a  song  that  portrays  the   5  components  of  social  and   emotional  learning.

create a song that portrays the 5 components of social and emotional learning.


{plant hall}



gather your buds and get your creative juices going

} { WINNER gather your  buds  and  get  your  creative  juices  going

winners will  recieve  $100   worth  of  designer  jewelry   merchandise  and  4  tickets   to  a  Rays  game Sound The Project.

The Sound Project.

Mob Dance flyer

[it’s a  surprise] Come  to  the  Vaughn   courtyard  for  a special  event

May 4 11  am

You don’t  want   to  miss  this


The Sound Project.


Whitney R. Landin P.R. Specialist (772)321-2956


TAMPA, Fla. (February 28, 2012) - Frameworks of Tampa Bay will be hosting a flash mob dance at The University of Tampa’s Vaughn Courtyard on Thursday February 28 at 1 p.m. This event will promote the importance of social and emotional intelligence (SEL) amongst incoming fresh-students. Frameworks’ flash mob will launch its new campaign “The Sound Project” to attract students to become more socially and emotionally intelligent. Frameworks of Tampa Bay is a not-for-profit organization with the mission to create an overall better social environment for students through SEL. “Incoming students often struggle coping in a new college environment. Being socially and emotionally intelligent can help students become more aware of their own and others’ emotions and how to handle them best”, said Robin Rose, CEO of Frameworks of Tampa Bay Inc. The University of Tampa and Frameworks have partnered to create a mandatory course and materials for RAs to implement on all incoming fresh-students. The course will train students on SEL and its benefits in the decision-making process. For more information please visit Frameworks of Tampa Bay at and like us on Facebook.

Mob Dance press release

About Frameworks of Tampa Bay: Frameworks of Tampa Bay is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2002. From its start Frameworks mission has been to advance the positive social and emotional development in the Tampa Bay community. Their goal is to teach a core set of social and emotional attitudes, values, and skills that help children, teens, and adults more effectively handle life challenges to succeed in academic, social, and professional environments. Frameworks specializes in preparing youth and adults with the strong social and emotional intelligence as an avenue to work well and get along with diverse groups of people. ###




Media Recommendations New and Social media Rationale Upload a printable version of the In.takt board game for RA’s from all over the country to download for free. This will allow a broad approach and will get distributed specifically to our target audience. We would upload it to the ‘Social’ tools tab in Provide a link of The Sound Project’s website: Our website has social media links and additional sharing options underneath the video which contribute to a userfriendly sharing experience. This makes it easy and feasible for RA’s to share and for students to continue the chain. Facebook dorm pages: The majority of the freshmen dorms have Facebook pages that freshies have ‘liked’. RA’s can place content here to strategically expose the message to promote each of the five elements of The Sound Project. Viral video will be in-boxed to every freshman by their head RA. It will also get posted on each dorm’s Facebook page while encouraging viewers to share it with their contacts.

Traditional Media Rationale Press Release for Mob Dance: By providing the RA with a News release, other RAs will be encouraged to participate when they know that the option of being broadcasted exists. Bulletin Boards on fresh student halls: This has always been a strategic place to post posters and flyers in an attractive, visual way. Black Box Film Festival: Viral video can be entered as part of the competition or be shown as an ad before the festival starts.

Campaign Element Viral Video

Board Game Coffee to-go kits Mob dance kit Song Competition

New/Social Media

Cost for Traditional Cost for placement Media Placement

Facebook dorm pages, Youtube,, additional sites when shared by users., facebook dorm pages.


Black Box film festival



Hall meeting rooms


Facebook dorm pages.



Create expectancy through Facebook dorm Pages. Facebook dorm pages


Promotional posters. Press release.









Gantt Chart The Sound Project



Element Viral Video Production Coffee to-go Mob Dance how-to In.Takt Board Game Song Competition

Campaign Budget Estimate Cost Fresh students reached $500.00 Unlimited $50.00 100 $500.00 Unlimited $100 (for 5 games) Projected 120-200 $200.00 Projected 50-120


Total: $1350.00


Promotional Estimate CPM

Branded T-shirts Branded Coffee Tumblers

$3000.00 $3400.00

For 300 Fresh Students (100 units of each item) $300.00 $340.00

Branded headphones TOTAL

$2300.00 $8700.00

$230.00 $870.00

Element Viral Video Production Coffee to-go Mob Dance how-to In.Takt Board Game Song Competition Prizes

Sponsorship Frameworks’ expense $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00

Donor SCAD Productions MAS Strategic Comm. Lindsey Goldaper MAS Strategic Comm. Rafael Serje

Suggested Sponsors for Promotional Items Suggested Sponsor Frameworks’ expense (100 units of each item) Branded T-shirts The University of Tampa $0.00 Branded Coffee Tumblers Jazzman’s Coffee or $0.00 Einstein’s Bagels Branded headphones Sam Ash or Best Buy $0.00 Item





Evaluation CEO Speaker Event:

Projected Attendance: 100 % Rationale: The CEO of Frameworks will address RAs during the training weeks RAs receive before each semester. Since it is a mandatory event that all RAs need to attend, the projected attendance is the total number of RAs on the UT campus. There are 120 RAs on the UT campus.

Mob Dance:

Projected Attendance: 50 to 100 students. Rationale: - Since the Vaughn court yard is known to be an area that is very populated with students especially during lunch hour from Monday to Thursday, we found it suitable for a mob dance. Viral Buzz: Over 1000 views.(see note below)

Freshmen Mixer:

Projected attendance: Between 60 to 120 fresh students. Rationale:Since 43% of students found the fresh mixer interesting, another 43% perceived it as very interesting and only 13 % did not find it interesting it is expected for this event to have high attendance rates.

Song competition:

The projected number of students who would participate range from 50-120 students. Rationale: UT counts on music fraternities and other groups that promote musical creativity. The number of the new fresh students for the spring semester is 120 and the university is expecting 120 to 300 new fresh students for the fall semester.

Coffee Kit:

Free coffee was distributed to 60 fresh students: 35 in Smiley and 35 in Austin. 100% of the coffee packets were taken. 35

One of our group members got this mob dance video through her facebook feed. It took place at Bentley University and had been recently uploaded . Within days it became viral. This proves the great impact that a Mob dance can have in our target audience.

Board Game:

40 students were surveyed after playing the board game.

Viral video:

An e-mail with a link to the video and the survey was sent to Gateways students. Additionally the link was sent to fellow college students. 90 students completed a survey after watching the viral video.

66 students were able to relate to the issue presented in the video.

86 respondents are willing to learn more about how to manage their emotions through SEL. Only about 4% are not.



Back Matter


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Jaime Tapias (Savannah College of Art and Design) – Viral video edition. Prof. Paul Hillier- Gateways access to test Board Games Prof. Scott Paine- Gateways access to send viral video and provided incentive for students who completed survey. Giuliana Schiappa – Plans book revisions Lindsey Goldaper & Dance Crew – Mob dance choreography Maria Gazabon – Graphic design assistance Marcel Vanlandingham – Research & technical assistance. Masatoshi Mochizuki (SEL Specialist) – Game question revisions Ryan Lowe – Plans book revisions




Video Questions: 1. Were you able to relate to the video? Please explain. 2. What did you learn from this video? 3. Would you be willing to learn how to manage your emotions through SEL? Please explain.

Post game playing questionnaire: 1. Would you enjoy playing a game like this during your floor meetings? 2. Please mention something learned from the game. 3. Do you think SEL can help someone have a succesful life?


Appendices RAs Interview Questions

Counselor Interview Questions

How long have you been an RA? Did you receive any kind of training for this position? When does the training start and finish? How long does the training sessions last per day? What do you learn in these sessions? How many speakers come to these sessions? Do you find these sessions useful? How many RAs are in each building? What is your duty as an RA? What kind of problems to you come across in this position? Do fresh students come to you when have problems or issues? What kind of problems do fresh students have? How many times do you hold hall meetings/ semester? How many students attend the hall meetings? How many fresh students attend these hall meetings? What factors drive fresh students to attend the meetings? Do you have any activities for the students? What kind of activities? From your experience, what activities appeal the most to fresh students? What type of activities do you prefer as an RA?

Do you receive fresh students in this office? How many/semester? What kind of problems are specific to fresh students? How long does it take for them to get better? Do you think teaching them Social and Emotional will help them solve these issues? What would be the best or most appropriate way to teach them SEL?


Digital Files


Frameworks of Tampa Bay, inc.

Advertising Campaign Plans Book  

Campaign Created by my teamembers and I for Frameworks of Tampa Bay, inc.

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