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If you are not careful, cat litter can give your cat a very painful death.

Manufacturers of cat litter are aware of this, but will tell you that it is your responsibility as owner to see to it that your cats stay safe.

Previously, ash, sand and dirt were primarily used for cat litter.

Today we have a variety of super absorbent litter that

began with Edward Lowe's Kitty Litter that established itself as perhaps the most popular brand by the 1990s.

Lowe used Fuller's Earth, a diverse set of clay minerals capable of absorbing their weight in water.

The clump variety of cat litter, comes as grainy particles

that absorb the liquid from the excreta and also controls

the odour by forming clumps which can then be scooped out and replaced.

The most powerful clumping substance is

Sodium Bentonite, a certain type of clay that swells up to 15 times its volume in the presence of water, and is, therefore, extremely effective as cat litter

Today, more than 50 percent of the cat litter sold in the U.S. is of the clumping variety, and most of it is made from

bentonite clay. We are warned against flushing cat litter that is made of

sodium bentonite as the cement like clumping property can block plumbing.

Cats will lick themselves after using the litter. Every time they visit the litter box, they ingest the litter through inhalation and licking.

The litter accumulate in their stomach and swell, forming a hard lump that renders the stomach to the same state as

blocked plumbing.

Symptoms include yellowish vomiting, diarrhoea, lethargy, anemia, kidney problems, respiratory problems and extreme emaciation,

often leading to a very painful death. Symptoms are too vague to diagnose, and the Cat Litter is not the first thing that comes to mind when seeing the Doctor.

Patients very often die due to lack of proper treatment.

For treatment,

first, remove the cat from the litter. and then to put him on holistic treatment using soothing laxatives to get rid of the poison.

During this time, home made chicken or fish broth or stock is prescribed for diet,

and if the treatment begins early, the patient should recover in a few months time.

The problem lies not in the clumping attribute which, in fact, is quite useful. We only need to replace Sodium Bentonite with various choices of Organic Litter.


If we stop buying, the manufacturers will feel less inclined to produce and market the poison of Bentonite Clay. ---------------------------Please Visit for more information.

Dangers of Sodium Bentonite Cat Litter  
Dangers of Sodium Bentonite Cat Litter  

The wrong cat litter may kill your cat. Sodium Bentonite is the major constituent in the most popular varieties of clump cat litter, yet pet...