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How to Get Pregnant With a Baby Boy The Best Natural Gender Selection Methods to Have a Baby Boy! Do you want to get pregnant with a baby boy, using only natural methods? Then, you are at the right place. Natural gender selection is a very old practice. In the past, people used to think that the woman was responsible for the sex of the baby, because they didn't understand that gender determination really lay with the man. Up until a few decades ago, the desire to give birth to boys was so strong that women would try up anything, like sleeping with certain objects under the bed or using odd medicines and poultices.

Today the desire to pick the sex of the baby remains strong. Many studies suggest that up to 90% of people would choose the sex of their baby, if it was easy to do. However, the preference for boys is less intense compared to the past. But, what if you really want to have a baby boy? As you may already know, half of a man's sperm carries the X chromosome (for girls) and the other half carries the Y chromosome (for boys), which means that theoretically the odds of conception for either gender are equal. However, there are a few things that can help you increase the odds in your favour.

Here are a few natural gender selection methods that you need to follow: 

Try The Loose Underpants Technique: The "girl sperm" is tougher and has more chances to survive in a hostile environment. But, what environment is considered hostile for sperm? An overly hot environment. This means that the man should avoid taking many hot baths and saunas or wearing very tight boxer shorts. Certain activities may also reduce the number of spermatozoa and in particular Y spermatozoa. Scuba diving and cycling are among those activities and that's why professional cyclists father significantly more daughters than other men. So wearing loose underpants is very important for anyone who wants to have a male child.


Follow A Specific Diet (For Both Men And Women): The man should not smoke or drink a lot, because smoking and drinking reduce the number of sperm and "boy's sperm" in particular. As for future moms who want to conceive a boy, they should follow these dietary recommendations: Try to eat a lot of salty foods, red meats, figs, apricots, dried prunes, beans, lives, fish, eggs, avocado and fish and drink 2-3 cups of green tea per day. Men should also drink a strong cup of coffee daily.

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How to Get Pregnant With a Baby Boy The Best Natural Gender Selection Methods to Have a Baby Boy!