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Best Digital Golf Range Finder - Digital Rangefinder __________________________________________ By Alexander Garden -

The New 2012 Leupold GX-4i Digital Golf Range Finder offers you the same unique and superior optics, high quality durable design and latest digital technology as its brother the GX-3i Range Finder, Digital Rangefinder but takes custom distance measurements to a whole new level. The GX-4i Range Finder comes with 2 face templates, a chrome template that basically turns it into the GX-3i, which makes it legal for tournament play and provides you with simple use 2 button operation system and a clear red visual display on the viewfinder that is easy on the eyes.

It also provides Scan Mode so you can sweep across the landscape and benefit from a continuous display of accurate line of site measurements, as well as Leupold's PinHunter Laser Technology, which measures line of sight yardage distances in a split second, that are accurate to 6 inches and with a maximum distance range of up to 800 yards Then you have the yellow face template! This template turns the Leupold GX-4i Digital Golf Range Finder into a whole different animal by adjusting the yardage measurements to take into account your own individual distance potential, slope/elevation, altitude and temperature, and then providing you with the right club to use for each shot. You will have to initially programme the GX-4i with your own individual distance averages when you purchase the unit and then enter the altitude and temperature before you play each course, but this is a very simple process that only takes a few moments to set up.

We all know that hitting 150 yards up hill requires more club than if you were hitting 150 yards down hill. We also know that we need to adjust our clubbing for temperature and altitude variations. But how many of us can confidently say that we always take this into account or know exactly how much compensation is required!

The Leupold GX-4i Digital Range Finder does all the hard work and calculations for you. As long as you have entered your correct personal striking distances and the right temperature and altitude measurements into the unit, then it will feel like having your own professional tour caddy right there by your side.

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Digital rangefinder  

Digital rangefinder

Digital rangefinder  

Digital rangefinder