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Introduction With the move to digital media, advertisers are wondering how to ensure their digital marketing dollars are being spent effectively. Many advertisers still struggle for a way to reliably evaluate digital advertising, and many have a muddled understanding of online ad effectiveness as a whole. When evaluating digital campaigns, these advertisers often rely on one-size-fits-all measures, such as click-through rates, for a basic understanding of ad performance. However, for many digital ads, such quantitative performance measures are incomplete.


Like TV commercials, online ads use motivating images and visuals to attract attention. Like print ads, online ads are intended to engage consumers' interest while they're reading. Like direct response ads, online ads call for an immediate action—just click the image! But a click does not necessarily reflect an ad's success, and even if clicks and conversions are meaningful for direct response advertisers, brand marketers find these data insufficient. Your ad may be achieving much more than an average click-through rate can measure. There is more than way to create a digital ad, so there should be more than one way to evaluate it.




AdSurvey can help predict ad performance, based on target group feedback and industry benchmarks.


Introduction Through the years, it has been standard practice to copy test advertising creatives for offline campaigns, i.e. magazine ads and TV commercials, but never for digital advertising. Yet, with the vast investments in digital advertising, the need for implementable target group insights has become evident. To this end, Adform has partnered with research company YouGov for the exclusive launch of AdSurvey.

AdSurvey brings a new evaluation aspect to digital marketing campaigns, giving advertisers valuable and implementable target group insights.

AdSurvey presents clients with a detailed report, describing how their ads performed against industry benchmarks and suggesting changes to improve performance.

Copy testing (or “pre-testing�) is a technique of marketing research. It involves the analysis of an advertisement, often a TV or print ad, before it is broadcast or published. Pre-testing indicates whether an ad carries a strong enough message to be deemed useable by the company, and if not, identifies how the ad's effectiveness can be increased. The technique can also be used to change ads, or to extract the best parts of an ad, such as a still frame for use in a combined advertising campaign.


So how does it work? Easy setup Adform has partnered with YouGov to offer an advanced product providing advertisers with clear and implementable results that will prove invaluable when deciding which ads to run, which to discard and which to change.


The setup


The survey

150 surveys Select banner Define target group Country Gender Age

150 target group surveys are conducted Data collection takes 2–3 working days


The results


PDF report setting out the survey results, including implementable graphs and benchmarks

YouGov is a professional market research institute and consultancy organization that has been a frontrunner in using the Internet to gather data for market surveys. The YouGov group has an international head office in London and more than two million panel members worldwide.


What are the benefits? AdSurvey provides advertisers with the competitive advantage of understanding and improving the performance of their digital advertising.

Key product benefits

Is easily set up

Helps advertisers understand the performance of individual advertisements—their strengths and weaknesses—in the context of industry norms

Helps minimize the risk of low advertising ROI by identifying (and eliminating) less effective ads

Helps improve ads by identifying (and suggesting fixes for) potential problems

Can be used as both a pre-campaign tool and a post-campaign evaluation add-on

Provides easily understood output a PDF report with implementable data, graphs and industry benchmarks

Has a short delivery time: 2–3 days


Who uses Adform AdSurvey? Both agencies and advertisers use AdSurvey to gain insights from valuable target groups. All advertisers that want to improve their digital display campaigns can benefit from using AdSurvey.

These advertisers already use AdSurvey to better understand the performance of individual advertisements - their strengths and weaknesses - in the context of industry norms.


Case study: Valuable target group insights The challenge Futatsu Industries is constantly looking for valuable target group insights to deliver even better advertising for their clients. At the same time, Futatsu Industries and their client Subaru wanted to look beyond click-through rates when evaluating campaigns.

The solution Adform's unique AdSurvey product delivery, for: 1 2

valuable qualitative target group insights unique inputs for Subaru's specific advertisements, to identify and suggest fixes to potential problems a significant campaign evaluation add-on

The result 1


Seamless integration between Adform and YouGov delivered a complete AdSurvey report within two days. 150 implementable target group insights and inputs, which: identified and suggested fixes to the campaign's specific advertisements helped Futatsu Industries and Subaru understand the strengths and weaknesses of the specific advertisements in the context of industry norms gave Futatsu Industries and Subaru unique inputs for campaign evaluation

“The AdSurvey product is encouraging—it provides us with valuable campaign inputs and enables us to understand the performance of individual advertisements in the context of industry norms.”

Hågen Pettersen, Strategic Director / Partner, Futatsu Industries

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